Pentney in 1851

Here we have a fascinating snapshot of a moment in time. In one house, a Farmer of many acres, and in another, the wife whose husband is in Jail!  We see the farm labourer with his 10 children, and wonder how they all managed to survive.
Pentney was a good, working community, with a school master, watermen, a tailor, a Master cordwainer, several dress makers, 2 butcher dealers, 2 malsters and four Inns and Public Houses.  There were thatchers and shepherds, shop keepers,  bakers and blacksmiths.  We see as well, the beginning of a new era, with Charles Key, a Railway Clerk, living at Narborough Station. It was after this time that life would really begin to change as people found they could travel so much more easily.
However, the Census shows that most inhabitants of Pentney were still born in nearby villages.  William Kerry, the wheelwright and Joseph Bobbet, a cordwainer, were both born in Suffolk; James Waters, a bone boiler, came from Cambridgeshire, but they were the exceptions.

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