Pentney on the Map

Where is Pentney?

Pentney is not the sort of village you travel through on your way journeying from A to B. It is easier to show you where it is, rather than to tell you - as with many Norfolk Villages!

On this sketch map of England 
the County of Norfolk is marked in red.

This is a map of Norfolk, with a circle showing the area around the
Market Town of Swaffham

Poppies growing on the field bank, opposite to St Mary's Church, Pentney

(These images produced from the Ordnance Survey
Get-a-map service.
Images reproduced with kind permission of
Ordnance Survey   and
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland)

Today, the main road from Kings Lynn to
Norwich, bypasses Swaffham, as can be seen on this map.
Driving out north west  from Swaffham, towards Kings Lynn, you must turn off to the village of Narborough, and another left turn then, will take you to Pentney.

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Rita Sheridan,