Pentney Abbey

When you look at the signpost of Pentney, you will at once notice the imposing structure, pictured there.  This building, was the Gatehouse of what is locally known as Pentney Abbey, an Augustinian Priory for nearly 500 years, from 1075, in the time of William of Normandy, to its Suppression by King Henry VIII in 1534.

The signpost, being in plain view, you may think

that the Abbey itself would also be easy to find.  However, it took us a few visits to the village, and a large scale map, before we managed to locate it.  Pentney is not the sort of village where there are lots of people about to ask directions!

Make your way past the Church and down a narrow winding lane, noticing the old stone Cross on the way. Then, when you turn a corner you will see this impressive sight.  If this was just the Gatehouse, what must the whole have been like!

The Gate House, is now the only obvious sign of a once great complex of buildings.

Rita Sheridan, Warwickshire, England

The Abbey Story