Section 7 - 2 My Family

My Great grandmother

The Story of
Mary O'Sullivan, Luker, Theoballs, Dixon, Callow.

Just a look at her names will give a clue that Mary had an adventurous life!  She was probably the child of Laurence O'Sullivan and Mary O'Brien. 
Mary O'Sullivan was born in Fermoy, in County Cork about 1827.  Many years later she dictated some facts about her life to her grand daughter, Maud Winkfield, so we can hear from her, the story how she came from Fermoy, in the West of Ireland, to Pentney, on the East coast of England, by way of India and Africa! She was to live in Pentney for the rest of her life, and is buried somewhere in the Churchyard there.

"Mary - Born at Fermoy Ireland 20th April 1830.

Private James Luker 1st 60th Rifles, 7th May 1845.
Left Fermoy for Cork, 4th July 1845 to embark on board sailing vessal
Forfarshire for Bombay, which took 3 months. He had a brother William in the same Reg't. 
While at Gelonda India a Girl came from Fermoy and he got married.
I believe they belonged to Habington Berkshire.
Arrived in
India Oct 1845. We went to Poona.  The married People were left there and the Reg't went on active service somewhere Cabul way.  Jan 1846 After a while the Reg't went to Karrachee and the married people had to join them - but on the march Cholera broken out and we lost 9 women so we were detained in the Bombay forts [sic] 9 months.
Soon after joining my husband at Karrachi he died of applexy July 1847 -
In Feb 1848 my first son
James was born at Karachee -

In 1848 I married
Serg't Charles Theoballs at Karrachee.  He was killed in Battle at Mooltan in June 1849.

In 1851 I married
Serg't Dixon, 22nd Reg't afterwards transferred to 32nd Reg't.
He died at Dover England 1859. - By him
Harriet      born at Duckohy  [sic]  29th Feb 1852
William  (died Dropsy)
John, born at  Kasoula 4 Dec 1854
Charlie, born  at Chatham, 20th Nov 1858
Came from India 1857 on board sailing ship Vernor, which took 3 months & 12 days

In March 1860 I married
Private Thomas Callow, had by him
Mary, born Aldershot, 4 Dec 1860 
Tom , born Devonport 11 Dec 1862 
Willie, born Mauritius, 4th July 1867"  [Census for 1881 states Mauritius.]
Added at bottom of sheet
Grannies Brother
Laurence O'Sullivan, enlisted before she left home in the Artillery.  Then she had a sister married a captain of a ship and a sister married a man named Dewy in London." [Note - We have found this family in the 1881 Census]

Rita Sheridan,

Note. None of Mary's children remained in Pentney, so they pass out of this story. However, her daughter, Mary married Robert Winkfield, who was born in Pentney, and whose own story you can read.