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Firths and Peeks

The family of John Firth and Mary Peek,
married at Pentney in 1770

The Family of Peek Firth and Elizabeth
(surname not known)

I have not been able to find the origins of the family of Mary Peek, though there are others of this name in Pentney around the same time.  The name is variously written as PEEK and PECK, sometimes PEAK or PEAKE.  I think it is therefore more likely pronounced PEEK than PECK.  The spelling in the parish records can be taken either way, as the "e" and "c" look practically the same when faded.

The family of William Firth and Ann Bell, (widow of William Peek)

Link To Robert Firth
Martha Chapman

Jane Firth and
William Aylmer  1843

Rita Sheridan, Warwickshire, England