In  Conclusion - Thoughts of the Author.
The Story of the Pentney Site.

The years passed, bringing my retirement from teaching and the death of my Mother, aged 97.  Other Norfolk holidays proved some stories were true and some, wildly false.  I
acquired my own computer, and later, took the first steps in linking to the Internet.  New worlds opened!  New friendships were forged and distant relatives discovered. However, Pentney always seemed the key to the next step forward, and eventually I decided to buy the records as a set of 16 Microfiches, so I could use them at home, more easily. 

As I looked through the entries, I became more and more fascinated by the stories told in them, and I wanted to follow other people's lives as well as those of my own family.  The only way I could really appreciate the records, was to make my own copy, typed for easy reading, and so the labour began.

I had looked at bits of the Pentney Census, in my earlier research, but now, the 1851 Census for Norfolk, Warwickshire and Devon, became available on CD Rom, and so another chunk of Pentney history was laid bare.  The names I had seen in the Parish Records, became
families, with occupations and places to live.  I was getting hooked on Pentney!

Not long after this, the 1881 Census was published, and I was able to read another chapter in Pentney History.  The families from 1851, now grown up and themselves married, changing occupations, bettering themselves, or not; all these facets began to grow into something which needed to be assembled properly. I had offered my transcription of the records to the Norfolk Transcription Site, but I wanted to share my other finds, such as the story of the Pentney brooches and the history of
Pentney Abbey, with the world, so the idea of designing a Web Site was born. 

With no experience of making web pages, or of HTML  I read magazines and tried out
various programmes.  In January 2001 I wrote an article for the Swaffham Herald, asking for help in the project. I had some response and decided to have a go, taking my courage in both hands. The first words were written, the first picture scanned, the first page previewed with the same awe as when I saw the original Baptismal records all those years ago!

I have learnt a great deal during the last 6 months: much history, much about
Pentney, and even more about what not to do, when making Web Pages!  The first, prototype Site was put up in May 2001, and I invited some of my Internet friends to comment.  Since then, the site has developed and evolved greatly, until I became conscious that it was a Beast that would never stop growing!

It is now, July 2001, and I have decided to call a halt.  I have trimmed my grandiose ideas somewhat, as I realised they were impractical for someone living 130 miles away from Pentney and not able to travel easily any more.  Hopefully, someone with nearer connections will, one day, take up the project and continue it in their own way.  I have very much
enjoyed learning about the village and its history, and hope that you will get as much
pleasure from looking at the Site as I have from constructing it.

I welcome your comments, but, please, be gentle!


Rita Sheridan, Warwickshire, England