Memories of Pentney

Maud Winkfield

Maud,(seated) with her sisters, Gladys and Melita

Maud Winkfield was just 10 years old, when she  returned to England with her family in 1903, to settle in Swaffham, but she retained happy memories of her visits to Pentney, until her death aged 97 in 1990.

Her father's mother, Jemima Winkfield lived there and in another part of the village lived her mother's parents, Thomas and Mary Callow.  She remembered going there on the train from Swaffham and walking over duckboards which ran across water, to get out of the Station. Then there was a long walk down the lane to the village, to visit one or the other of her grandparents. 

Her clearest memories were of visiting Thomas and Mary Callow. They had at one time kept the bakery in Pentney, but must have retired by now, as in Maud's memories, they lived in a cottage approached across a ditch by a little bridge. It had thick walls and deep window seats, where Maud could curl up and read one of the little advertising booklets, so often posted through the doors then, filled with odd facts and usually backed with the Multiplication Tables. Upstairs the bedroom had sloping walls to a tiny dormer window. On the side in the kitchen stood a small jug, which we still have.  Her grandmother, Mary used the jug to measure out the one glass of Porter, which she enjoyed each day. She would amuse Maud by singing "Little Brown Jug" as she did so!

Mary Callow's Little Brown Jug


Rita Sheridan, Warwickshire,