The King of the Norfolk Poachers. 1.

These short quotations are taken from the book, "I Walked By Night".  The book was edited by Lilias Rider Haggard, from notes the

author had made in an old notebook and from interviews Lilias had with him in his old age. It was first published in 1935. In her introduction to the book, she  says, 

"I was very lately in Pentney--the author's home for so many years.  It is still a place of wide fields, great gorse-covered commons and stretches of fen, full bosomed with reed and black water, lying desolate and stirless under the sky.  The Pound and the poacher's old cottage are gone; only the apple trees remain to mark where it once stood."
The identity of "The Poacher" has always remained a secret to the world, (but I suppose not to many of the older inhabitants of Pentney!)

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