Announcing the


UK Jimmie Allen Contests

sponsored by

This year’s UK Jimmie Allen events will take place on

11th August

at Old Warden, during the SAM 35 Gala/Vintage Weekend, and 18th August

at Middle Wallop during the SAM 1066 Eurochamps.

Winners will receive excellent prizes of Jimmie Allen laser cut kits and CAD plans, generously donated by Bob Holman Plans in the USA, and framed Jimmie Allen certificates.

Plans for the whole range of JA designs are available from Graham Knight, E-mail or Tel. 01932 565433 Mon.- Fri. daytime for a copy of the list and rules. Many are also available as kits from

B.H.Plans, P.O. Box 741
San Bernardino CA 92402,

Tel: (909) 885-3959 Fax:  (909) 889-9307


If you have no idea what the models look like, you can see some of them on the Raynes Park MAC website, and follow the link from the homepage.