Reivers Sub-Aqua Club

Last Updated: 27 December 2006

Based in Dumfries near the Solway estuary, providing easy access to various dive sites in South West Scotland and around the Clyde Estuary.  We are also in close proximity to the English Lakes, which prove a very popular alternative sheltered dive site.

Members of the branch organise dives every week throughout the year. There is no 'closed' season with divers active all year round. Weekend diving usually takes place on a Sunday.


Club members have access to all the latest equipment at competitive prices - Contact the 'The Dive Seller' . Special Offers every month with substantial discounts and Easy payments for club members!

New and existing divers are always made welcome. Details of our "come and try" sessions are available by contacting the Branch Diving Officer.

The club organise several come-and-try sessions throughout the year to provide complete beginners with a chance to experience diving and snorkelling in a safe, one-to-one pool environment. These will be advertised through these pages.

Scuba Diving is an adventure sport which is physiologically invasive. A thorough regime of training is necessary even before a Diver can enter open water. This training continues for several years as the Diver becomes more experienced.

Training is carried out in the pool at a pace to suit the trainee. There is no pressure to complete training within a set timescale. Before aqualung training starts you are asked to pass the swimming test and complete a medical declaration form. You will not be expected to join the club immediately, so visit for a few weeks before you decide. The training is designed to promote self confidence and self reliance at each level whilst sharing the experience with others in a social Club environment. Safety is the key word throughout training and all diving activities. Diving is fun and exhilarating. Safe and competent diver training ensures this.


When you begin training the Club you can borrow a Cylinder; Regulator and Buoyancy Jacket. There is no charge for this. You will, however, be asked to provide the more personal items of fins; mask and snorkel. As training progresses you will need a dry suit for your first open water dives. This can either be hired from a dive shop or other members may be happy to lend a suit to enable you to decide which type is best for you. As you become a regular diver you will then need to purchase the essential equipment as the Club equipment is required for newer trainees. A membrane Dry Suit costs from 300, a neoprene Suit somewhat more. Other essentials would be a Regulator (150); Instrument Console and Octopus (150); Buoyancy Jacket (270); Cylinder (130); Knife (20); Weight Belt (25). However there is usually a supply of good second-hand equipment available which can reduce the start-up cost considerably.

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