St. Patrick's Church – Salesian Institute – Sliema


St. Patrick's is not a parish in the usual sense of the word, although one of the Salesian Brothers carries out the duties of a Parish Priest. It has no boundary, and does not come under the direct control of the Curia. His correct title is Chaplain to St. Patrick's School, which was built in the early 20th century. In the beginning the baptisms, burials, and marriages had to be officially recorded in the Registers of Stella Maris Parish Church, Sliema, then from 1966 they were recorded in the Registers of St. Gregory's Parish Church, Sliema.  


The English language has always been used at St. Patrick’s, so apart from Malta residents, many British servicemen and women chose to get married in St. Patrick’s.

Entrance to St. Patrick’s Church


Don Bosco received the first request from Malta in 1883 for the Salesians to establish themselves on the island, but nothing happened. Several years later Alphonse Maria Galea a resident of Siema took up the campaign. Fr. John Bosco died in 1888, and his successor as head of the Salesians was Fr. Michael Rua.


Apart from contacting Fr. Michael Rua, Alphonse Galea made an approach to the Governor Sir Arthur Fremantle. His letter dated 21st April 1897 reads:


'For some time I have been turning over in my mind an idea which, if realised, would be of great benefit to the poorer classes of these islands especially if the Government should deem it fit to join forces with me and bring it all about. So I proposed to offer one thousand pounds and the land necessary for the building and playgrounds, etc., for establishing the Salesian Industrial and Charitable Institution which should be entrusted to the Salesian Fathers.

The idea of this Institute would not be just to teach children of the poorer classes a trade so that they could have the means later on to earn an honest living, but also to provide an education for delinquent youth by simply keeping them away from being contaminated. Otherwise, by keeping them in close contact with hardened delinquents they could only become worse as so often happens. Keeping these two types of youngsters apart would be carried out by the Salesian Fathers to whom this Institute would be entrusted to run in the way they would think fit and proper.'


Sir Arthur had been a Magistrate in Middlesex and was connected with the Feltham Industrial School, so had some experience of dealing with delinquent youths. Galea further sweetened the offer by suggesting that such an Institution would be highly suitable in 1897 which was the Diamond Jubilee Year of Queen Victoria.


Galea was prepared to donate the land and provide £ 1,000 towards the building costs. He suggested to the Government that it should acquire two plots of land adjacent to his so that that it would form a large free standing site, bounded by a street on all four sides.


Discussions between the Government of Malta and the Salesian Fathers progressed well.


The Governor, Sir Arthur Fremantle's, term in office was due to finish at the end of December 1898, and it was felt appropriate that he should lay the foundation stone, so the date was fixed for Saturday 17th December 1898.


In spite of the bad weather that afternoon a number of VIP's and the public gathered to see him lay the Foundation Stone for the Salesian Reformatory and Home for Boys, as it was originally called.


The following year Alphonse Galea received letter from the Vatican confirming the feelings of His Holiness Pope Leo XIII for the project, which included the sentence:


' Moreover, he is even more pleased on learning that there is the intention of building a chapel for the use of the public and that is should be entrusted to the Salesian Fathers. '


The mention of a chapel by Pope Leo XIII came as a surprise to the Government since at no time had a chapel been included in the discussions or proposed building plans. A Miss Giovanna Pullicino of Valletta came forward and offered the Government the sum of £ 1,000 pounds on condition that this chapel should be built within two years and be accessible to the public. The Government accepted her offer.


A year later the projected building was almost complete and work on the chapel had also started and was progressing well. The first Rector was Father Patrick J. O'Grady, an Irishman from Sligo, who had previously worked in South America and the Falkland Islands. He had arrived in Malta on 12th November 1903.


The Salesian brothers settled in the new building and the first boys were admitted in March 1904. The formal opening of the Salesian Institute in Sliema, also known as the Salesian Industrial School took place on Monday afternoon 16th May 1904, attended by the Governor, Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke.

On the same occasion the Archbishop blessed the Corner Stone of the Chapel.


It was explained that the building was no longer considered to be a Reformatory but an Industrial School and emphasised the need for education for poor youths so that they would learn a trade and be able to support themselves and a family and take their place in society.


Sunday 31st July 1905 was an important day in the life of the Salesian Institute, the Chapel was inaugurated by Monsignor Canon E. Grech in the presence of the Provincial of the Salesians, Fr. Lovisolo. It was named St. Patrick’s. The Chapel would also be used by the local population once the main entrance to the Institute was complete.


Fr. O'Grady left Malta 23rd September 1920, and later worked in Australia. His successor was another Irishman Fr. Thomas John Giltinan. Earlier in his career he had spent about ten years in South Africa, before returning to work in England, from where he was sent to Malta, arriving on 7th November 1920.


For six years he was at St. Patrick’s, and left Malta on 26th October 1926, and later moved to England where he was appointed Parish Priest at the Salesian Church in Farnborough.


 The Salesian Institute


Alphonse M. Galea later gave financial assistance with the building of the Zammit Clapp Hospital and the Good Shepherd Convent in Balzan where he died on 30th July 1941.


Today, St. Patrick's Salesian School caters for about 150 boys of which about 50 boys are full time boarders. Continued contact with their families is an important element, and often boys return to their own families after some time and continue their education at St. Patrick's by attending as day pupils.


The bust of Alphonse Maria Galea outside St. Patrick’s Church


The following are some of the marriages that took place at St. Patrick’s. This list has been gathered from several sources but it is not the complete record. The local newspapers often carried reports of marriages sometimes with photographs.


Lilian ABDILLA married Arthur George MANCHE, in 1951


Robert Gregson ABRAM, of Fleetwood, Lancashire, married Theresa RIMMER, in 1959


Monica Elizabeth AGNEW married John Cecil Wallace JACOB, in 1943


Robert James AGNEW, of Belfast, married Evelyn Teresa WOODWARD, in 1919


John ALAMANGO married Doris AQUILINA, in 1954


Denis Lesley ALDERSON, Royal Navy, HMS Jamaica, married Mary Teresa RODDY, in 1956


Violet TAYLOR, nee ALVISIO, married Harry WILLIAMS, in 1952


Christine AMATO married Andrew SEARLE, in 1964


John AMATO married Iris TASLAER, in 1952


Victor Paul AMATO married Erminia ARRIGO, in 1948


Edgar Joseph AMATO GAUCI married Marie Rona CAMILLERI, in 1958


Mr. ANASTASI married Miss. DECOUTROS, in 1938


Mr.ANASTASI married Miss BIANCHI, in 1943


Aida ANASTASI married Edward GINGELL LITTLEJOHN, in 1943


James ANDERSON, of Scotland, married Ann HUSK, in 1964


Mary Rose ANGUS married Jeffrey BEVAN, in 1955


Edwin APS married Bee Hiang SIM, of Singapore, in 1976


Doris AQUILINA married John ALAMANGO, in 1954


Hilda AQUILINA married Stanislaus CAUCHI, in 1955


Joseph AQUILINA married Marion Agius GILBERT, in 1955


Susanna AQUILINA married Ronald Alexander CHEESEBROUGH, in 1962


Maureen ARCHER married Winston URPANI, in 1966


Wendy ARCHER married Joseph DEGUARA, in 1967


Carmel Lino ARPA married Laura Christine DAVIES, in 1972


Anna ARRIGO married Eric PACE BONELLO, in 1954


Erminia ARRIGO married Victor Paul AMATO, in 1948


Gina ARRIGO married Silvio MERCIECA, in 1937


Peter ARRIGO married Mary BLACKMAN, in 1974


Gillian V. ARTON married Peter Hervey EUSTACE, Royal Air Force, in 1965


Marion Terese ASHCROFT married John FORSHAW, in 1956


Alfreda ATTARD married Alan CASE, R.E.M.E., in 1963


Alice ATTARD married Wilfred RIZZO, in 1956


Helen ATTARD married Douglas Charles BIGGS, Royal Air Force, in 1959


Mary Anne ATTARD married Raymond Douglas TIDESWELL, HM Forces, in 1971


Mary Celine ATTARD married Christopher DANDRIDGE, in 1965


Mary Doris ATTARD married Cyril John TAPP, in 1955


Paul ATTARD married Josephine SACCASAN, in 1954


Paul ATTARD married Mary Grace MICALLEF, in 1952


Richard William George AUSTIN married Barbara Mary BLANE, in 1950


Robert Campbell AUSTIN, R.N.A.S., married Maureen Elizabeth McCABE, in 1955


Mr. AZZOPARDI married Miss. TABONE, in 1935


Angelo AZZOPARDI married Violet Mary GRECH, in 1949


Henry AZZOPARDI married Judith CARBONE, in 1960


Joseph AZZOPARDI married Mary Magdalen FALZON, in 1952


Mary Rose AZZOPARDI married Eric R. JONES, D.E.R.R., in 1966


Vincent Victor AZZOPARDI married Janetha ONSLOW, in 1963


Keith BAAL, Lieut-Commander, R.N.V.R., married Anne SCICLUNA, in 1945


Malvina Patricia BAILEY, W.R.N.S., married William John LIVESEY, Royal Navy, in 1957


Margaret Joan BAILEY married Ernest Joseph Martin KRAMER-HARRIS, in 1969


Sylvia BAILEY married Patrick McMAHON, in 1950


Cecil BAKER married Marie Louise GERA, in 1947


Colin BAKER, Royal Air Force, married Carmela ZAMMIT, in 1972


David BALDWIN, of London, married Ursula PENZA, in 1959


Edwina BARBARO of St. GEORGE married David Urquhart POLLITT, in 1956


John Blair BARNARD, Royal Air Force, in Germany, married Vivien Mary VELLA, in 1959


Dennis John BARNES, of Reading, Berkshire, married Maria CALIGARI, in 1965


Frederick BARNES, Staff Sergeant, R.A.O.C., married Evelina MICALLEF, in 1944


Mary BARNES married John DYER, in 1951


Patricia Ellen BARNHAM married Paul John GRIXTI, in 1957


Peter J.H. BARRATT, of Ottawa, Canada, married Isabella DELIA, in 1961


Rosalie BARRON married Mario MESSINA, in 1978


William BARRON, of Belfast, married Mary Ann MICALLEF, in 1965


Joan Marion Creagh BARRY married John Wellington HALL, in 1932


Patrick BARRY married Joan Patricia BURKE, in 1954


Carmen BARTOLO married A.J. GILFILLAN, in 1960


Elizabeth BARTOLO married Thomas HOLMES, in 1962


Marcella BARTOLO married Peter Donald DINNER, in 1964


Maurice BARTOLO PARNIS married Miss. CAMILLERI, in 1942


Phyllis BARTOLO PARNIS married C.L. BORG, in 1942


Kathleen BARTON/BARKER married Emanuel GERMAN, in 1936


George Frederick BASFORD, of Gosport, Hampshire, married Salvina CACHIA, in 1960


Margaret Mary BATTARBEE married Robert Bernard COOMBS, in 1954


David John BEALE, of Cambridge, married Carmen TABONE, in 1964


Michael James BEANE, of Barking, Essex, married Margaret CRAIG, in 1964


Patricia Doris BEARDMORE married Robert MIFSUD, in 1953


John BEATTIE, of Selkirk, Scotland, married Winifred NAUDI, in 1963


John BEAUMONT married Irene A. SACCASAN, in 1961


Raymond BEDFORD, HMS St. Angelo, married Pearl REED, W.R.N.S., in 1965


Edwin David BEEDELL, of Hove, Sussex, married Winifred CORDWELL, in 1959


John O. BELL married Cecelia DUDMAN, in 1942


Roy Sydney BENNELLICK, of Plymouth, Royal Air Force, married Mary Iris SALERNO, in 1962


Barry R. BENNETT married Irene Ann SEGUNA, in 1965


Catherine St.Clair BENNETT married Robert Arthur WILSON, in 1959


Patrick Francis A. BENTLEY, of Witham, Essex, married Concetta MERCIECA, of Tarxien,  in 1957


Cecilia BERGMANN married Thomas Arthur TIPPETS, in 1951


Mary Magdalen BERNARD married John Dudley SYMES, in 1947


Paul Ludwig BERNARD married Mary Felicity MICALLEF EYNAUD, in 1947


Rose Helen BETTS married Edward McEWAN, Royal Air Force, in 1960


Jeffrey BEVAN married Mary Rose ANGUS, in 1955


Agnes M. BEZZINA married Ronald J. LAMBERT, in 1965


Joan Mary BEZZINA married Keith John HERRIDGE, in 1960


Josephine BEZZINA married Raymond Charles KING, in 1965


Miss BIANCHI married ANASTASI, in 1943


Douglas Charles BIGGS, of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, Royal Air Force, married Helen ATTARD, in 1959


William Frederick BILES, of Little Sutton, Cheshire, married Agatha Emma EBEJER, in 1959


Maria BILOCCA married James Christopher THORNTON, in 1967


Peter Stanley BIRCH, Royal Navy, HMS Diamond, married Marie Theresa CACHIA, in 1962


Anne Thelma BIRD married Stanley Ernest BULFORD, in 1949


John Angus BIRNIE, of Gosforth, married Elizabeth WILSON, of Whitehaven, in 1959


Gladys BISHOP married Alfred G. KINGSTON, in 1954


Thomas BISHOP, of Avonmouth, Bristol, Royal Navy, married Carmen SCHEMBRI, in 1960


Andrew Charles BLACKLOCK married Dorothy Frances Carmen BORG, in 1973


David BLACKWOOD, Royal Navy, married Elizabeth BUHAGIAR, in 1958


Raymond Frederick BLAKEY married Josephine MIFSUD, in 1971


Barbara Mary BLANE married Richard William George AUSTIN, in 1950


Olive BOARDMAN married John DUNN, in 1954


Violetta Mary BOLAND married Alexander WATT, in 1949


Winifred BONACI married Joseph La ROSA, in 1959


Maria Doris Dolores BONAVIA married Frank Leslie SAMMUT, in 1937


Lieutenant Robert BONAVIA married Barbara SALAMONE, in 1954


Richard G. BOND married Josephine ZAMMIT, in 1965


Cristina BONELLO married David WILLIAMS, Royal Air Force, in 1964


Edward BONELLO married Mary COLE, in 1949


James BONELLO married Josephine LEAVER, in 1973


Mary Maria BONELLO married Alan L. WOTTON, in 1967


Lilian BONNICI married Robert RENDLE, in 1960


Maria A. BONNICI married Anthony GITTINS, in 1965


Alexander BOOKER married Josephine CILIA, in 1962


Catherine BORDA married David SCOTT YOST, of USA, in 1973


C.L. BORG married Phyllis BARTOLO PARNIS, in 1942


Dolores BORG married Edward VASSALLO, in 1955


Dorothy Frances Carmen BORG married Andrew Charles BLACKLOCK, in 1973


Edmea BORG married John Arthur CARRINGTON, in 1959


Frances Carmen BORG married Brian Alan MORLEY, in 1968


Jeanne D’Arc BORG married Edwin John MORLEY, Royal Air Force, in 1960


Maria Carmela BORG married Colin George Arthur DENNY, in 1961


Marie Dolores BORG married Hugh S. HOSELDER, in 1967


Miriam BORG married Derek LINES, Royal Navy, in 1959


Austin John BORG CARDONA married Adelaide GALEA, in 1956


Lilian BORG CARDONA married Alexander SERGE, in 1947


Marie BORG CORDONA married Peter Kevin HOLWILL, in 1948


May BORG CARDONA married Alfred CURMI, in 1935


Victoria BORG CARDONA married Charles HOULTON, in 1973


Teresa Rose BOTTERIL married Kenneth Patrick HUDSON, Royal Air Force, in 1958


Norman BOYLE married Hylda FARRUGIA-JONES, in 1969


Patrick BOYLE, Royal Navy, married Helen NISBET, in 1958


Margaret BRADBURY married Eugene Lindsay HOWARD, in 1956


Geraldine BRADFORD, of Sidcup, Kent, married Arthur Henry WILKINS, Royal Navy, HMS Hickleton, in 1958


Daisy Theresa BRADSHAW married Kenneth John WHITHAM, in 1959


Helen Mary BRADSTOCK married Thomas CORK, in 1949


Patrick BRANNEN married Lilian POWER, in 1951


Sarah Ann BREEN married Ronald CUTTER, in 1958


Sean Pelham BRENNAND/BREMMAND married Ann Christine HARDING, in 1956


Margaret BRIFFA married John Edward THOMPSON, in 1958


Mary Doris BRIFFA married Victor Arthur JARVIS, in 1955


Thomas Owen BRIGSTOCKE married Lillian PACE, in 1949


Emmanuela BRINCAT married Roger Charles CROPLEY, in 1961


Mary Nicola BRINCAT married Peter Robert WHITLEY, in 1971


Desmond BRINKWORTH married Gillian BROWN, in 1973


Gerald BRISCOE, of Gobowen, Shropshire, married Helen VASSALLO, in 1959


Frederick O’Brien BROOKER married Helen MARCODE, in 1965


Maurice William BROOKS married Margaret MIFSUD, in 1955


Gillian BROWN married Desmond BRINKWORTH, in 1973


John Malcolm BROWN, of Fleet, Hampshire, married Maud Lily RICHARDSON, in 1958


Monica BROWN married Grenville L. JONES, Royal Air Force, in 1965


Colin Patrick BRUCE, of Cranford, Middx, married Mary MILLER, in 1969


Teodora BRUNO married Louis CAMILLERI, in 1948


Richard W. BRYANT married Emmanuela L. SAID, in 1966


Albert Leslie BUCHANAN, of Bristol, married Rose TRIGANZA, in 1965


Edward BUGEJA married Rose BUGELI, in 1959


Vincent Mario BUGEJA married Pamela Janet KEMP, in 1969


Rose BUGELI married Edward BUGEJA, in 1959


Beatrice BUHAGIAR married George MASON, HMS President, in 1961


Elizabeth BUHAGIAR married David BLACKWOOD, Royal Navy, in 1958


Stanley Ernest BULFORD married Anne Thelma BIRD, in 1949


Philip M’Donald BUNCE married Veronica PORTELLI, in 1959


Brian BURDETT, of Rugby, Royal Air Force, married Angela Mary DANIELS, in 1963


Joan Patricia BURKE married Patrick BARRY, in 1954


Mary Alys BURKE (?), married Mervyn JOHNSTONE, Royal Navy, Lieutenant, HMS Arethusa, in 1938


David BURNAGE married Kathleen SIMBLETT, in 1968


William Alfred BURROWS, of Belfast, married Alfreda PORTELLI, in 1961


Patricia Miriam Ann BURTON married Alan John STEVENS, Royal Navy, in 1963


Rosemary BUSUTTIL married Louis LUPI, in 1956


Barry William BUTLER married Lucinda Maria DALLI, in 1962


Barbara BUTTERWORTH married John PLATTS, in 1977


David BUTTERY married Sharon WEBB, in 1978


Margaret Mary BYRNE married Carmelino DE BONO, in 1966


Alfred CACHIA married Marie Louise GATT, in 1955


Carmelo CACHIA married Mary MIFSUD, in 1958


Marie Theresa CACHIA married Peter Stanley BIRCH, Royal Navy, HMS Diamond, in 1962


Mary CACHIA married Albert CURTIS, in 1951


Mary Theresa CACHIA married Bryan Alan PATTERSON, in 1959


Salvina CACHIA married George Frederick BASFORD, in 1960


Margaret CACHIA-ZAMMIT married John Elleridge CULLEY, in 1962


 Catherine CALAMATTA married Malcolm Charles COOPER, in 1958


Madeleine Sophie CALASCIONE married Gilbert Richard HILL, in 1959


Yvonne CALASCIONE married Mr. MARTIN, in 1943


Wilfred J. CALCATEIRA married Rose Marie MICALEFF, in 1955


Miss L.M. CALI married Lieutenant David WELLS, R.N.V.R., in 1944


Maria CALIGARI married Dennis John BARNES, in 1965


Carmela CALLEJA married Ronald JONES, in 1959


Cynthia CALLEJA married Granville HOUGHTON, in 1977


Frances CALLEJA married Graham Edward YOUNG, in 1962


Francis CALLEJA married Antoinette MILLER, in 1967


Jessie CALLEJA married Rodney THORPE, in 1956


Stephanie CALLEJA married Edward George SULLIVAN, in 1979


Carmela CALLEJA CORTIS married Leslie Ronald TURNER, in 1953


David J. CALNAN, Lieutenant, Royal Navy, married Patricia MARCHANT, in 1947


Nellie CALNAN married Mr. TURNER, of H.M. Dockyard, in 1938


Carmen CAMILLERI married David GREEN, in 1963


Joan Cecilia CAMILLERI married Denis Peter MUSCAT, in 1955


Josephine CAMILLERI married Udo JACOBS, in 1976


Louis CAMILLERI married Teodora BRUNO, in 1948


Lucy CAMILLERI married James Arthur WARNER, Sergeant Major, in 1953


Margaret CAMILLERI married John MURRISH, in 1959


Mary CAMILLERI married John A. DOUGHTY, in 1964


Miss. CAMILLERI married Maurice BARTOLO PARNIS, in 1942


Philma CAMILLERI married L. SANSONE, in 1936


Richard Robert CAMILLERI married Sophia Anastasi PACE, in 1958


Louis A. CAMILLERI-PREZIOSI married Susan L. PEACOCK, in 1965


May Dorothy CAMOZZI married Robert Elphinstone CAMPBELL, Lieutenant, Royal Navy, in 1937


Robert Elphinstone CAMPBELL, Lieutenant, Royal Navy, married May Dorothy CAMOZZI, in 1937


Richard CANNATACI married Doris CATANIA, in 1957


Maurice CAPTUR married Thelma CRAIG, in 1956


Gabriella CARABOT married Gaylord STEVENSON, of U.S.A., in 1964


Marie Patricia CARBERY married Raphael ZERAFA, in 1970


Rose C. CARBONARO married Owen A. KING, in 1965


Blanche Margaret CARBONE married John Davidson MILLER, in 1959


Sylvia CARBONE married William J. COBBETT, HMS St. Angelo, in 1965


Mary Georgina CARDEW, W.R.N.S., married Kenneth COOK, Royal Navy, in 1958


John CARDONA married Diana Margaret SCOTT, in 1975


Benjamin Walter CARDWELL married Violet MUSCAT, in 1913


Kenneth Arthur CARR married Antoinette in DIMECH, in 1971


John Arthur CARRINGTON, of Shirley, Warwicks, married Edmea BORG, in 1959


Carmen CARUANA married Edward J. MANGION, in 1959


Harriet Mary CARUANA married Michael Francis PARKER, Lieutenant, Lincolnshire Regiment, in 1939


Imelda CARUANA married William E. JONES, in 1977


Lieutenant CARUANA married Muriel CORDWELL, in 1943


May Ann CARUANA married James Granville DIXON, Lieutenant, R.N.V.R., in 1943


Mary Odette CARUANA married Henry Joseph Dunbar VELLA, in 1947


Rose CARUANA married Louis DARMANIN, in 1950


Anthony CARUANA COLOMBO married Jessie VELLA, in 1948


Emmanuela CARUANA DINGLI married Michael John SINEL, in 1969


Margaret Teresa CARUANA DINGLI married Frank David MEDLEY, Royal Navy, in 1957


Maria Carmela CASAPINTA married Charles GIBBS, in 1942


Jean CASARA married Anthony John LANGDOWN, in 1965


Alan CASE, R.E.M.E., of Bedford, married Alfreda ATTARD, in 1963


Carmela CASHA married Keith S. CHAMBERS, in 1965


Carmela CASHA married James Brown JOHNSTONE, in 1960


Evelyn Gertrude CASSAR married Reginald Charles George MORSLEY, in 1962


Gerald CASSAR married Josephine PISCOPO, in 1954


Inez CASSAR married Gerald GRIFFITHS, in 1955


Mary Pauline CASSAR married Neville George HEEKS, in 1959


Phyllis CASSAR married John Henry Newman HARDING, in 1955


Juliet CASSAR TORREGIANI married Roland COMFORT, in 1960


Elizabeth Frances CASTALDI married Eric Geoffrey GODDARD, in 1958


Doris CATANIA married Richard CANNATACI, in 1957


Carmen CAUCHI married Ralph GRATTON, Royal Air Force, in 1965


Mary Connie CAUCHI married Keith Frank POPE, in 1960


Stanislaus CAUCHI married Hilda AQUILINA, in 1955


Laura CAVARRA married Lieutenant STEVENSON, in 1943


Mary CEFAI married Joseph NAUDI, in 1949


Fortunata CERAVOLO married Charles HALL, in 1961


David CHAMBERS married Mary Patricia O’DRISCOLL, in 1954


Irene CHAMBERS married Thomas Hogan ROLLARD, Chief Petty Officer, Royal Navy, in 1952


Keith S. CHAMBERS, of Swindon, married Carmela CASHA, in 1965


Ronald Hugh de Renzy CHANNER married Esme Elizabeth FLANNERY, in 1962


Ronald Alexander CHEESEBROUGH, of Leeds, married Susanna AQUILINA, in 1962


Kathleen Clara CHERRY, W.R.N.S., married John Christopher STAPLETON, Royal Marine, HMS Reggio, in 1959


Elizabeth Norah CHESHIRE married Joseph GRAY, Royal Navy, in 1935


Elizabeth CHETCUTI married Edwin SKAER, Royal Naval Air Station Hal Far, in 1961


Nanette CHEYNE married Geoffrey Bede KELLY, Staff Sergeant, Royal Engineers, in 1953


Mary Anne CHITTENDEN married Richard Matthew COOLEY, in 1955


Josephine CILIA married Alexander BOOKER, in 1962


Richard Peard CLARKE, Royal Navy, Lieut-Commander, HMS Shropshire, married Mary NUNAN, in 1938


Francis William CLEARY, of South Wales, Royal Marine, married Ann Margaret WILLIAMS, in 1958


Alastair CLIBREK GUNN married Marcelle Marie VASSALLO-GATT, in 1961


Richard CLOUGH married Ann DARMANIN, in 1978


William J. COBBETT, Royal Navy, HMS St. Angelo, married Sylvia CARBONE, in 1965


Anne COKE married Colin TAYLOR, in 1955


Margaret M. COLBERT married James M. FRAZER, Royal Air Force, in 1965


Mary COLE married Edward BONELLO, in 1949


John Frederick COLEMAN married Elizabeth Mary CROWSON, in 1954


Roland C.E.A.J. COMFORT, of Sunbury, Middx, married Juliet CASSAR-TORREGIANI, in 1960


Clare COMPTON married William G.A. THOMAS, in 1962


Alice CONSIGLIO married Basil LEWIS, in 1947


Desmond CONWAY, of Scotland, married Patricia GREEN, in 1960


G. COOK married Miss J. PSAILA, in 1946


Kenneth COOK, Royal Navy, married Catherine Mary Georgina CARDEW, W.R.N.S., in 1958


Richard Matthew COOLEY married Mary Anne CHITTENDEN, in 1955


Robert Bernard COOMBS married Margaret Mary BATTARBEE, in 1954


Mary Agnes COONEY married John William ROBINSON, Royal Navy, HMS Blackpool, in 1958


Malcolm Charles COOPER married Catherine CALAMATTA, in 1958


William COOPER, Royal Air Force, married Teresa COZZO, in 1961


Roger Charles COPLEY married Emmanuela BRINCAT, in 1961


Josephine CORDINA married David HALLAS, in 1970


Muriel CORDWELL married Lieutenant CARUANA, in 1943


Winifred CORDWELL married Edwin David BEEDELL, in 1959


Thomas CORK married Helen Mary BRADSTOCK, in 1949


Trevor Ian COURTNELL, British Army, in Germany, married Dorothy Ann D’ANCONA, in 1963


Richard COVINGTON married Margaret ROACH, in 1953


Alan L. COX married Margaret ELLUL, in 1966


John Christopher COX married Elizabeth Jane DONALDSON, in 1956


Teresa COZZO married William COOPER, Royal Air Force, in 1961


Jeffrey CRAIG married Julie MUSCAT, in 1974


Margaret CRAIG married Michael James BEANE, in 1964


Thelma CRAIG married Maurice CAPTUR, in 1956


Peter CREERY, British Army, in Germany, married Jane HORNE, in 1962


Godfrey Rae CRITIEN, Royal Navy, Surgeon, Commander, married Ann MICALLEF, in 1942


Layla Veronica CRITIEN married Lelio (sic) Kingsley McKEE in 1952


Michael Robert Rae CRITIEN married Jill Mary PEACOCK, in 1973


Brian A. CROOK, Royal Air Force, married Frances M. FENECH, in 1966


Roger Charles CROPLEY, of Norwich, married Emmanuela BRINCAT, in 1961


Nicholas CROSBY, of London, Royal Marine, married Agnes ZAMMIT, in 1960


James CROSS married Josephine MANGION, in 1979


Elizabeth Mary CROWSON married John Frederick COLEMAN, in 1954


Elizabeth Mary CRUNELS married Charles William WHITE, in 1948


Frederick Arthur CUCKBILL married Margaret Beatrice DRAYCOTT, in 1954


Kenneth F.D. CULLEN married Mary Carmel DE BONO, in 1966


John Elleridge CULLEY, of Blandford, Dorset, married Margaret CACHIA-ZAMMIT, in 1962


Eric CUMMINGS, of Spalding, Lincolnshire, married Teresa SANT, in 1960


Andrew James CUNNINGHAM, of Kirkwall, married Mary Concetta GRECH, in 1961


Alfred CURMI married May BORG CARDONA, in 1935


Margaret Rose CURMI married Michael Frederick GREEN, in 1959


Albert CURTIS married Mary CACHIA, in 1951


Paul CUTAJAR married Rhoda FLORENCE, in 1979


Rachel Mary CUTLER married Alain Justin MARENGO, in 1960


Ronald CUTTER, of Goole, Yorkshire, married Sarah Ann BREEN, in 1958


Dorothy Ann D’ANCONA married Trevor Ian COURTNELL, British Army, in Germany, in 1963


Marilyn D’ANDREA married Cecil Tancred PARIS, in 1961


Josephine DALLI married Colin DOWELL, Royal Air Force, in 1964


Lucinda Maria DALLI married Barry William BUTLER, in 1962


Christopher DANDRIDGE, of Swindon, married Mary Celine ATTARD, in 1965


Angela Mary DANIELS married Brian BURDETT, Royal Air Force, in 1963


Ann DARMANIN married Richard CLOUGH, in 1978


Louis DARMANIN married Rose CARUANA, in 1950


Margaret DARMANIN married Michael GREGORY, in 1968


David DARRACH, of Rhodesia, married Alice MIFSUD, in 1966


Miriam DATE married Michael KENNY, in 1966


Anthony Gerald DAVEY married Mary Carmel MORGAN, in 1959


Laura Christine DAVIES married Carmel Lino ARPA, in 1972


Myrndin Edward DAVIES, Royal Navy, Surgeon Lieutenant, married Mary DILLEY, in 1949


Paul Lincoln DAVIES married Rosemary SYKES, in 1973


Roger Malcolm DEAN married Jane MIFSUD, in 1972


Edmund DEAR, Royal Navy, married Stella XUEREB, in 1941


Carmelino DE BONO married Margaret Mary BYRNE, in 1966


Mary Carmel DE BONO married Kenneth F.D. CULLEN, in 1966


Rita DeBONO married Colin ROWLEY, Royal Air Force, in 1962


Dr.Salvatore DEBONO married Rita NAUDI, in 1947


Joanna Diane De CESARE married Michael Rex McNAMARA, of South Africa, in 1963


Tanya De CESARE married John David HODDER, in 1965


Kathleen De DOMENICO married Norbert KNOPP, of Germany, in 1970


Margaret De DOMENICO married Roger WHISKER, in 1972


Beatrice DEGIORGIO married Alan Sydney JONES, Sergeant, Royal Air Force, in 1944


Josephine De GIORGIO married Ian C. ROBERTSON, in 1965


Lucy De GIORGIO married Leslie Clifford Joseph DRABBLE, Royal Air Force, in 1958


Victoria DEGIORGIO, married Anthony WETZ, in 1977


Joseph DEGUARA married Wendy ARCHER, in 1967


Isabella DELIA married Peter J.H. BARRATT, of Canada, in 1961


Colin George Arthur DENNY, of Herne Bay, Kent, married Maria Carmela BORG, in 1961


Colin Francis DEVINE, of Roscommon, Ireland, married Mary Patricia FITZGERALD, of Carlow, Ireland, in 1959


Ives DEYT-ASAGE married Christiane STELL, in 1963


Beatrice Catherine DILLEY married John HOPKINS, in 1944


Doreen Winefride DILLEY married Robert Chester SPENCER Jr., Captain, United States Air Force, in 1943


Mary DILLEY married Myrndin Edward DAVIES, Royal Navy, Surgeon Lieutenant, in 1949


Vivian Albert DILLON married Maria TABONE, in 1947


Antoinette DIMECH married Kenneth Arthur CARR, in 1971


Mary DIMECH married William WILD, in 1960


Paul DIMECH married Marie Bernadette WELLMAN, in 1974


Teresa Mary DIMECH married Ronald Reginald NEWCOMBE, in 1943


Winefride DIMECH married Gavin Edgar Alan RALSTON, in 1943


Mary Victoria DINGLI married Kenneth Edward ROWLAND, in 1959


Peter Donald DINNER married Marcella BARTOLO, in 1964


Hugh Allan DIXON married Jessie Anne WESTWOOD, in 1949


James Granville DIXON, of Wellingborough, Lieutenant, R.N.V.R., married May Ann CARUANA, in 1943


Brian Anthony DOLMAN, Royal Navy, married Vera Marie POWER, in 1957


Elizabeth June DONALDSON married John Christopher COX, in 1956


Alan DONN married Rita MUSCAT, in 1974


Margaret DORIN married Colin Thomas PERCIVAL, in 1955


John A. DOUGHTY married Mary CAMILLERI, in 1964


Louisanne DOWDALL married Philip A. MERCIECA, in 1978


Colin DOWELL, Royal Air Force, married Josephine DALLI, in 1964


Brigitte DOWLING married Scott SMITHUD, of USA, in 1978


Catherine DOWLING married Kenneth FOY, Royal Air Force, in 1964


Leslie Clifford Joseph DRABBLE, Royal Air Force, married Lucy De GIORGIO, in 1958


Margaret Beatrice DRAYCOTT married Frederick Arthur CUCKBILL, in 1954


Eileen DRENNAN married Alfred SHUKER, in 1951


George Kenneth DRUMMOND, of Fife, Scotland, Royal Navy, married Kathleen MORAN in 1957


Frances Catharine DRURY married Arthur ELLUL SULLIVAN, in 1940


Eric DUDLEY married Frances PISANI, in 1957


Cecelia DUDMAN married John O. BELL, in 1942


Elizabeth Maud DUFFY married Alfred Edward FLANNERY, Royal Navy, Surgeon, Lieut-Commander, HMS Active, in 1937


Kathleen DUFFY married Terence GARTY, in 1955


Mary Constance DUFFY married Paul Edmund JONES, Royal Air Force, in 1962


Phyllis Maria DUKES married Terence QUIRE, in 1961


John DUNN married Olive BOARDMAN, in 1954


Keith Henry DURBIN, of Bristol, married Josephine GATT, in 1963


Keith DURRANT married Mary Ann YOUNG, in 1954


Kenneth DURWARD, Royal Air Force, married Mary LIGHTFOOT, in 1962


Miss. DWAIN married Mr. HITCHCOCK, Royal Navy, in 1939


John DYER married Mary BARNES, in 1951


Carol Ann EASTMAN married John Joseph LIVERSAGE, in 1963


David EASTWOOD, of Fleetwood, Lancashire, Royal Navy, HMS Scorpion, married Emmanuela GATT, in 1963


Michael William EASTWOOD married Mary OLIVIERI, in 1944


Agatha Emma EBEJER married William Frederick BILES, in 1959


Floyd Slayton ECHOLS married Lucinda Naomi MATACERI, of Buenos Aires, in 1969


May Alice EDWARDS married Thomas Henry WATERHOUSE, Royal Navy, in 1943


Patrick EGAN married Jennifer GAUCI, in 1976


Ruth M. ELDRIDGE married William J. WHITE, Royal Navy, HMS Cyclops, in 1937


Lillian Anne ELESON married Henry MAKING, in 1928 (?)


Magdalene Gloria ELLIS married Albert Percy SMEEDEN, in 1948


Winifred ELLIS married James WARDELL, in 1963


Carmelina ELLUL married Rashid SAYED, in 1954


Margaret ELLUL married Alan L. COX, in 1966


Arthur ELLUL SULLIVAN married Frances Catharine DRURY, in 1940


Paul Walter ELLUL SULLIVAN married Elizabeth HAIN, in 1955


Vincent ELLUL SULLIVAN married Monica XUEREB, in 1953


Rose-Marie Alice EMBERLEY married David Herbert RIXON, Royal Marine, in 1958


Robert ENGERER married Patricia SWAIN, in 1978


Porcu ERCELIA married Michael Cornelius GREANEY, in 1956


Peter Hervey EUSTACE, Royal Air Force, married Gillian V. ARTON, in 1965


David EVANS, of Glamorgan, South Wales, Royal Navy, HMS Diane, married Helen STEELE, W.R.N.S., in 1962


Jane EVANS married George William GREGORY, in 1950


Mavis Joan EVANS married Douglas Patrick GRIFFEITS, Royal Navy, in 1958


John David EVERSHED, Royal Air Force, married Antonia PACE, in 1962


William James EWEN, of Aberdeen, Royal Air Force, married Antonia MIFSUD, in 1963


Elaine EYRE married Maximillian ZERAFA, in 1967


Mary Carmel FALZON married Joseph QUINN, in 1963


Mary Carmen FALZON married John Edward MONK, Royal Marine, in 1962


Mary Magdalen FALZON married Joseph AZZOPARDI, in 1952


Theresa FALZON married Malcolm HODGSON, Royal Air Force, in 1960


David Leslie FARLEY-HILLS married Marlene MUSCAT-MANDUCA, in 1962


Ines Rose FARRUGIA married Harold Robert FLOWERS, of U.S.A., in 1960


Maria FARRUGIA married John McDONOUGH, Royal Navy, HMS Ranpura , in 1958


Vincenza FARRUGIA married Robert J.W. REEVES, in 1966


Hylda FARRUGIA-JONES married Norman BOYLE, in 1969


Josephine FEAKES, of Woolwich, Kent, married Joseph SAMMUT, in 1964


Frances M. FENECH married Brian A. CROOK, Royal Air Force, in 1966


Josephine FENECH married Bernard Meaney KILFORD, Royal Navy, in 1960


Josephine FENECH married John R. HUGHES, in 1968


Mary Phyllis FENECH married Clifford William STEVENS/STEPHENS, in 1961


Michael FENECH married Carolyn KERSEL, in 1967


Rita FENECH married Gerald REDSTONE, in 1971


Teresa FENECH married Raymond John HOWARD, in 1965


Antonia Rita FERRANTE married Alan Patrick FLETCHER, in 1953


Joan Josephine FERRO married John Henry HURLE-HOBBS, in 1972


Helga FIGGE, of Germany, married Francis BONELLO, in 1963


Ada Mary FINTIMAN married Arthur Edward TREBY, Royal Army Service Corps, in 1943


Mary Patricia FITZGERALD married Colin Francis DEVINE, in 1959


John FLANAGAN, Royal NAVY, HMS Rodington, married Jean McGILL, in 1955


Alfred Edward FLANNERY, Royal Navy, Surgeon, Lieut-Commander, HMS Active, married Elizabeth Maud DUFFY, in 1937


Esme Elizabeth FLANNERY married Ronald Hugh de Renzy CHANNER, in 1962


Alan Patrick FLETCHER married Antonia Rita FERRANTE, in 1953


Rhoda FLORENCE married Paul CUTAJAR, in 1979


Stephen FLORES married Patricia FALZON, in 1979


Harold Robert FLOWERS, of U.S.A., married Ines Rose FARRUGIA, in 1960


Margaret Rose FLOWERS, Women's Royal Naval Service, married Lionel Francis FRY, Royal Air Force, in 1960


John FORSHAW married Marion Teresa ASHCROFT, in 1956


Kenneth John FORSYTH married Catherine HEGGIE, in 1954


Kenneth FOY, Royal Air Force, married Catherine DOWLING, in 1964


James M. FRAZER, of Limerick, Ireland, Royal Air Force, married Margaret M. COLBERT, of Limerick, Ireland, in 1965


Lionel Francis FRY, Royal Air Force, married Margaret Rose FLOWERS, Women's Royal Naval Service, in 1960


Victor Reginald FURNEAUX married Norah WESTON, in 1949


Antoinette GAFA married Robert LYCETT, in 1959


Felica GALEA married Colin KAYE, in 1959


Maria Christine GALEA married John David HARDISTY, in 1960


Marie Louise GALEA married Neil Stewart MARSHALL, in 1967


Joseph GALEA LUPI married Mary Doris BOTTERILL, in 1961


Brian Colin GALLAGHER, Royal Navy, married Muriel K.G. WINCKLEY, in 1956


Dennis Louis GARRETT married Lilian May LOWELL, in 1951


Terence GARTY married Kathleen DUFFY, in 1955


Walter GASCOYNE, of Tripoli, married Frances ZAMMIT, in 1964


Stanley GATRELL married Angela Mary JOYCE, in 1938


Emmanuela GATT married David EASTWOOD, Royal Navy, HMS Scorpion, in 1963


Josephine GATT married Keith Henry DURBIN, in 1963


Josephine GATT married Wilfred SHEEN, in 1965


Lucy GATT married Kenneth HUDSONT, in 1966


Jennifer GAUCI married Patrick EGAN, in 1976


Josephine GAUCI married David Spence HOLLOWAY, in 1966


Natalie GENUIS married Donald Albert HILLMAN, United States Navy, in 1959


Marie Louise GERA married Cecil BAKER, in 1947


Emanuel GERMAN married Kathleen BARTON/BARKER, in 1936


Charles GIBBS married Maria Carmela CASAPINTA, in 1942


Marion Agius GILBERT married Joseph AQUILINA, in 1955


Andrew James GILFILLAN, of Derry, Ireland, married Carmen BARTOLO, in 1960


John Neil GILMOUR, of Holbury, Hampshire, married Judith Esther LYDDON, in 1957


Eileen GINGELL married Christopher MAYE, in 1964


Edward GINGELL LITTLEJOHN married Aida ANASTASI, in 1943


Anthony GITTINS married Maria A. BONNICI, in 1965


Eric Geoffrey GODDARD, of Leicester, married Elisabeth Frances CASTALDI, in 1958


Amabile GOLAN married Freda PARNIS, in 1970


James GOLLOGLY married Elizabeth OWEN, in 1969


Richard Frank GOODMAN married Patricia Margaret McALISTER, in 1956


Maxine GRALAW, Women's Royal Army Corps, married Carmel ZAMMIT, in 1964


Ralph GRATTON, Royal Air Force, married Carmen CAUCHI, in 1965


Joseph GRAY, of Liverpool, Royal Navy, married Elizabeth Norah CHESHIRE, in 1935


Lydia Mansfield GRAY, of Waterford, Ireland, married Gerald MATTEI, in 1957


Ernest GRAYSTON married Patricia McKELLAR, in 1953


Michael Cornelius GREANEY married Porcu ERCELIA, in 1956


Michael John GRENHAM married Carmen WYLIE, in 1961


George Emmanuel GRECH married Jennifer Ann HOWELLS, in 1963


Mary Carmela GRECH married Donald SHANE, in 1963


Mary Concetta GRECH married Andrew James CUNNINGHAM, in 1961


Philip Cecil GRECH married Eileen Anne RUDKIN, in 1958/1959


David GREEN, of Windsor, married Carmen CAMILLERI, in 1963


John Tennant GREEN married Laurence MORNU, in 1955


Michael Frederick GREEN, of Hull, married Margaret Rose CURMI, in 1959


Patricia GREEN married Desmond CONWAY, in 1960


Richard Thomas GREEST married Valerie Anne Josephine HIGHETT, in 1954


George William GREGORY married Jane EVANS, in 1950


Michael GREGORY married Margaret DARMANIN, in 1968


Michael John GRENHAM,of Islington, London, married Carmen WYLIE, in 1961


Douglas Patrick GRIFFEITS, Royal Navy, married Mavis Joan EVANS, in 1958


Sheila Agatha GRIFFIN married John Joseph WEDICK, in 1939


Gerald GRIFFITHS married Inez CASSAR, in 1955


Joan GRIMA married Victor Malcolm STONE, in 1965


Paul John GRIXTI married Patricia Ellen BARNHAM, in 1957


Rose GRIXTI married Raymond ROSE, in 1965


Carlos GUIDO, of New Mexico, married Rose Marie FORMOSA, in 1960


Jennifer GUISE-TUCKER married Peter Simon KERR-SMILEY, in 1960


Dairmid GUNN, Royal Navy, Lieut-Commander, married June NAUDI, in 1960


Elizabeth HAIN married Paul Walter ELLUL SULLIVAN, in 1955


Charles HALL married Fortunata CERAVOLO, in 1961


John Wellington HALL married Joan Marion Creagh BARRY, in 1932


Michael HALL, Royal Air Force, married Teresa SCERRI, in 1964


David HALLAS, 3 Parachute Regiment, married Josephine CORDINA, in 1970


Philip Windsor HAMPTON, of Manchester, married Ann WILLIAMS, in 1963


Christina Mary HARAN married Robert James SMALLMAN, in 1952


Ann Christine HARDING married Sean Pelham BRENNAND, in 1956


Roy Stanley HARVEY married Carmela Mary VASSALLO, in 1960


Dr. Henry A. HARDING married Lea STILON DE PIRO, in 1953


John Henry Newman HARDING married Phyllis CASSAR, in 1955


John David HARDISTY married Maria Christine GALEA, in 1960


Barry R.W. HARDY, Royal Air Force, married Carmen SCIBERRAS, in 1966


Roy Stanley HARVEY, of Leigh on Sea, Essex, Royal Air Force, married Carmela Mary VASSALLO, in 1960


David Anthony HAVARD married Monica SOLER, in 1972


Robin HAYDEN married Violet MUSCAT, in 1964


Violet Rose Barker HAYES married Gerald Farn HUGGINS, in 1918


Ian HEASMAN, of Kidlington, Oxfordshire, married Patricia JONES, in 1964


Lieutenant HEBBLETHWAITE, Royal Navy, married Rita MICALLEF, in 1939


Neville George HEEKS married Mary Pauline CASSAR, in 1959


Catherine HEGGIE married Kenneth John FORSYTH, in 1954


Reginald HELLYER, Royal Navy, married Veronica Ellen O’FLAHERTY, in 1939


Alfred Patrick Edward HEMSLEY, Lieutenant, Royal Navy, HMS Glorious, married Daphne Jennie HEMSLEY, in 1937


Keith John HERRIDGE, of Odiham, Hampshire, married Joan Mary BEZZINA, in 1960


Valerie Anne Josephine HIGHETT married Richard Thomas GREEST, in 1954


Mary Rose HILI married Bernard David KINSELLA, in 1979


Gilbert Richard HILL, of Fernhurst, Sussex, married Madeleine Sophie CALASCIONE, in 1959


Jennifer Susan HILL married Roger SHELLARD, Royal Navy, HMS Forth, in 1959


Donald Albert HILLMAN, United States Navy, married Natalie GENUIS, in 1959


David C. HILLS, of Southampton, Royal Navy, HMS St. Angelo, married Sheila McMILLAN, W.R.N.S., in 1965


John HINSON married Carmen SCIBERRAS, in 1966


Royston Harold HOARE married Eve Claire REYNOLDS, in 1954


John David HODDER, of London, married Tanya De CESARE, in 1965


Malcolm HODGSON, Royal Air Force, married Theresa FALZON, in 1960


David Spence HOLLOWAY married Josephine GAUCI, in 1966


Thomas HOLMES married Elizabeth BARTOLO, in 1962


Margaret Ann HOLROYD, W.R.N.S., married Richard Walter SPEARS, Royal Navy, in 1958


Peter Kevin HOLWILL married Marie BORG CORDONA, in 1948


John HOPKINS, Captain, married Beatrice Catherine DILLEY, in 1944


Jane HORNE married Peter CREERY, in 1962


Joan Mary HORTON married Cecil Edward Kirby SPELLER, Major, in 1960


Hugh S. HOSELDER married Marie Dolores BORG, in 1967


Granville HOUGHTON married Cynthia CALLEJA, in 1977


Charles HOULTON married Victoria BORG-CARDONA, in 1973


Eugene Lindsay HOWARD married Margaret BRADBURY, in 1956


Herbert Stewart HOWARD married Edith PODESTA, in 1948


Raymond John HOWARD, of Macclesfield, Cheshire, married Teresa FENECH, in 1965


Kenneth Patrick HUDSON, of Sheffield, Royal Air Force, married Theresa Rose BOTTERIL, in 1958


Walter HUDSON married Sarah Jane HUTCHINSON, in 1954


Kenneth HUDSONT married Lucy GATT, in 1966


Moira HUGGAN married Norman Bertram PALMER, in 1959


Gerald Farn HUGGINS married Violet Rose Barker HAYES, in 1918


John R. HUGHES married Josephine FENECH, in 1968


Percival Tryfan Maurice HUGHES married Rose Mary SAMMUT, in 1953


Terence Michael HUGHES, of Southern Rhodesia, married Mary Gemma MICALLEF, in 1958


John Henry HURLE-HOBBS married Joan Josephine FERRO, in 1972


Ann HUSK married James ANDERSON, in 1964


Sarah Jane HUTCHINSON married Walter HUDSON, in 1954


John BARRY HYSLOP married Felicity Ann Kate MARLTELOW, in 1963


Robert INCH married Maureen BARTOLO-PARNIS, in 1980


Elizabeth Ann INGLIS married Brian Thomas WILLIAMS, in 1965


Arthur Leo ISBERG married Patricia Enid PARKER, in 1954


David ISTED, of Worthing, Sussex, married Marianne Pauline SCIORTINO, in 1959


Joseph IZZO married Bernadette KERRIDGE, in 1972


Norman JACKSON, of Durham, married Mary Philomena QUINN, of Cookstown, Northern Ireland, in 1962


John Cecil Wallace JACOB married Monica Elizabeth AGNEW, in 1943


Udo JACOBS married Josephine CAMILLERI, in 1976


Henry William JARMAN married Mary Josephine SCALLAN, in 1952


Victor Arthur JARVIS married Mary Doris BRIFFA, in 1955


Joanne JEFFRIES married Michael MANGION, in 1966


Cynthia Grace JENKINS married Roger SATARIANO, in 1959


P.F. JENRICK, Lieutenant, Royal Irish Fusiliers, married Lydia Mary PHILLIPS, in 1942


Douglas JOHNSON, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, HMS Falcon, married Anni MROSOWSKI, of Dusseldorf, Germany, in 1955


James Brown JOHNSTONE, Royal Marine, married Carmela CASHA, in 1960


Mervyn JOHNSTONE, Royal Navy, Lieutenant, HMS Arethusa, married Mary Alys BURKE (?), in 1938


Mary Milne JOLLY married Charles Patrick Joseph REYNOLDS, in 1956


Alan Sydney JONES, Sergeant, Royal Air Force, married Beatrice DEGIORGIO, in 1944


David JONES, Royal Air Force, married Kathleen Ann KEMP, Royal Air Force, in 1963


Eric R. JONES married Mary Rose AZZOPARDI, in 1966


Greville L. JONES, of Blackpool, Royal Air Force, married Monica BROWN, in 1965


Norman Henry JONES married Antonia MULJETT, in 1960


Patricia JONES married Ian KEASMAN, in 1964


Paul Edmund JONES, of Bristol, Royal Air Force, married Mary Constance DUFFY, in 1962


Robert Marshal JONES, of Bromley, Kent, married Lucia Victoria PACE, in 1960


Roger Nigel JONES, Royal Navy, HMS Forth, married Theresa PISANI, in 1959


Ronald JONES, of Halifax, Yorkshire, married Carmela CALLEJA, in 1959


William E. JONES, married Imelda CARUANA, in 1977


Angela Mary JOYCE, married Stanley GATRELL, in 1938


Colin KAYE, of Huddersfield, married Felica GALEA in 1958


Ian KEASMAN married Patricia JONES, in 1964


Geoffrey Bede KELLY, Staff Sergeant, Royal Engineers, married Nanette CHEYNE, in 1953


Mervyn Philip KELLY married Olive Grace REEVES, in 1950


Kathleen Ann KEMP, Royal Air Force, married David JONES, Royal Air Force, in 1963


Pamela Janet KEMP married Vincent Mario BUGEJA, in 1969


Cornelius KEMPER married Carmen De BATTISTA, in 1964


Michael KENNY married Miriam DATE, in 1966


Mary Grace KENT married Ronald SMITH, in 1964


Patrick KEOPANE, Chief Airman, Royal Navy, married Doris SAKELLAIDIS, in 1948


Peter Simon KERR-SMILEY married Jennifer GUISE-TUCKER, in 1960


Bernard Meaney KILFORD, Royal Navy, married Josephine FENECH, in 1960


Josette Madelyn KIND married Stanley John TURNBULL, in 1976


Owen A. KING, of London, married Rose C. CARBONARO, in 1965


Raymond Charles KING married Josephine BEZZINA, in 1965


Alfred G. KINGSTON married Gladys BISHOP, in 1954


Miss. KIRKOP KIND married Lieutenant SCICLUNA, in 1943


Michael Gunn KIRWAN married Margaret Rosemary McATEER, in 1976


Nadya KISSAUN married Robert McQUEEN, in 1962


Norbert KNOPP, of Germany, married Kathleen De DOMENICO, in 1970


Ernest Joseph Martin KRAMER-HARRIS married Margaret Joan BAILEY, in 1969


Halina (Kay) KUBISZYN married Sean O’CALLAGHAN, in 1967


Lieutenant A.W. La VIERGE married Stella PACE of Sliema, in 1919


Lieutenant LAIVIERA married Connie ZARB MIZZI, in 1943


Ronald J. LAMBERT married Agnes M. BEZZINA, in 1965


Anthony John LANGDOWN, of Walton, Berkshire, married Jean CASARA, in 1965


Winifred LANZON married Joseph SCIORTINO, in 1936


Evelyn Winifred Dorothea LAWIE married John Robert SCOTT,  in 1971


Shirley Ann LAWRENCE married Laurence RICCARDI, in 1962


Josephine LEAVER married James BONELLO, in 1973


Averil Anne LEE, of Dublin, married in 1956 to John McGRATH


Nicholas LEE married Mercedes MARTINEZ, in 1964


Basil LEWIS, of Thornton Heath, married Alice CONSIGLIO, in 1947


Dorothy Beatrice LEWIS married Donald John MOCK, in 1952


Mary LIGHTFOOT, married Kenneth DURWARD, Royal Air Force, in 1962


Derek LINES, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Royal Navy, married Miriam BORG in 1959


John Joseph LIVERSAGE married Carol Ann EASTMAN, Royal Air Force, in 1963


William John LIVESEY, Royal Navy, married Malvina Patricia BAILEY, W.R.N.S.,in 1957


Phyllis Ethel LIVINGS married Norman David H. SMITH, Royal Navy, in 1939


Josephine Mary LOMBARDI married Eric Roy MYERS, Royal Air Force, in 1965


Lilian May LOWELL married Dennis Louis GARRETT, in 1951


Alan Edward LUCKWELL, of Swindon, married Doris May MUSCAT, in 1963


Robert LYCETT married Antoinette GAFA, in 1959


Judith Esther LYDDON married John Neil GILMOUR, in 1957


Patricia Margaret McALISTER married Richard Frank GOODMAN, in 1956


Margaret Rosemary McATEER married Michael Gunn KIRWAN, in 1976


Maureen Elizabeth McCABE, of Fulham, London, married Robert Campbell AUSTIN, in 1955


Anna McCAULEY, M.M.D.N.A., married Peter MURRAY, in 1960


Dermot McDERMOTT married Kitty MORGAN, in 1963


John McDONOUGH, Royal Navy, HMS Ranpura, married Maria FARRUGIA, in 1958


Edward McEWAN, Royal Air Force, married Rose Helen BETTS, in 1960


Jean McGILL, of Newcastle upon Tyne, married John FLANAGAN, Royal Navy, HMS Rodington, in 1955


John McGRATH married Averil Anne LEE, in 1956


Una Norah McGRATH married Edward ROONEY, in 1957


Ian McKEE married Eileen RANDON, in 1980


Lelio (sic) Kingsley McKEE married Layla Veronica CRITIEN, in 1952


Patricia McKELLAR married Ernest GRAYSTON, in 1953


Edmond McKENNA married Carmen SCICLUNA, in 1976


Stuart Alexander McLAGHLAN married Elaine Judith MILEHAM, in 1978


David Edward MacLEAN, of Edinburgh, Royal Navy, married Deirdre Ann WILSON, Women's Royal Naval Service, in 1959


Patrick McMAHON married Sylvia BAILEY in 1950


Sheila McMILLAN, W.R.N.S., married David C. HILLS, HMS St. Angelo, in 1965


Michael Rex McNAMARA, of Johannesburg, South Africa, married Joanna Diane De CESARE, in 1963


Robert McQUEEN, of Renfrew, Scotland, married Nadya KISSAUN, in 1962


Anthony MAHONEY, Royal Navy, married Jean SHAW, in 1958


Keith MAIDMENT, of Moseley, Birmingham, Sergeant, married Rosaria RAPINET, in 1960


Henry MAKING, of Londonderry, Ireland, married Lillian Anne ELESON, in 1928 (?)


Mary MALLAMATA married Prince Charles STRATFULL, Royal Navy, in 1929


Arthur George MANCHE married Lilian ABDILLA, in 1951


Josephine MANGION married James CROSS, in 1979


Michael MANGION married Yvonne/Joanne JEFFRIES, in 1966


David MARCHAM married Helen PISANI, in 1971


Patricia MARCHANT, married David J. CALNAN, Lieutenant, Royal Navy, in 1947


Helen MARCODE married Frederick O’Brien BROOKER, in 1965


Alain Justin MARENGO-ROWE, of Whitechapel, London, married Rachel Mary CUTLER, of Bow, London, in 1960


Elizabeth MARKHAM married Raymond Edwin STANNETT, in 1957


Felicity Ann Kate MARLTELOW married John BARRY HYSLOP,  in 1963


Neil Stewart MARSHALL married Marie Louise GALEA, in 1967


David Alan MARTIN, of Plymouth, Royal Navy, married Theresa SPITERI, of Tarxien, in 1960


Mercedes MARTINEZ married Nicholas LEE, in 1964


George MASON, Royal Navy, married Beatrice BUHAGIAR, in 1961


Lucinda Naomi MATACERI, of Buenos Aires, married Floyd Slayton ECHOLS, in 1969


Gerald MATTEI married Lydia Mansfield GRAY, in 1957


Alan MATTHEWS, of Sheffield, married Paula PACE, in 1958


Christopher MAYE married Eileen GINGELL, in 1964


Frank David MEDLEY, Royal Navy, HMS Forth, married Margaret Teresa CARUANA-DINGLI, in 1957


Concetta MERCIECA married Patrick Francis BENTLEY, in 1957


Josephine MERCIECA married Robert SLIPPER, Royal Air Force, in 1963


Philip A. MERCIECA married Louisanne DOWDALL, in 1978


Mario MESSINA married Rosalie BARRON, in 1978


Agnes J. MICALLEF married Michael C. UPTON, in 1965


Ann MICALLEF married Godfrey Rae CRITIEN, Royal Navy, Surgeon, Commander, in 1942


Evelina MICALLEF married Frederick BARNES, Royal Army Ordinance Corps, in 1944


Mary Ann MICALLEF married William BARRON, in 1965


Mary Gemma MICALLEF married Terence Michael HUGHES, in 1958


Rita MICALLEF, married Lieut. HEBBLETHWAITE, Royal Navy, in 1939


Diane MICALLEF-BUSUTTIL married Douglas Hugh TRANN, of Canada, in 1978


Mary Felicity MICALLEF EYNAUD married Paul Ludwig BERNARD, in 1947


Alfred John MIFSUD married Carol Anne PARKER, in 1976


Alice MIFSUD married David DARRACH, of Rhodesia, in 1966


Antonia (Linette) MIFSUD married Joseph FARRUGIA, in 1953


Antonia MIFSUD married William James EWEN, Royal Air Force, in 1963


Carmela MIFSUD married Roger TICKNER, in 1970


Jane MIFSUD married Roger Malcolm DEAN, in 1972


Josephine MIFSUD married Raymond Frederick BLAKEY, in 1971


Margaret MIFSUD married Maurice William BROOKS, in 1955


Robert MIFSUD married Patricia Doris BEARDMORE, in 1953


Elaine Judith MILEHAM married Stuart Alexander McLAGHLAN, in 1978


Peter MILEHAM married Carol PUGLIESEVICH, in 1948


Antoinette MILLER married Francis CALLEJA, in 1967


John Davidson MILLER, of Dundee, Scotland, married Blanche Margaret CARBONE, in 1959


Mary MILLER married Colin Patrick BRUCE, in 1959


Geoffrey MITCHELL, Royal Navy, HMS St.Angelo, married Sheila TOWNSEND, Royal Navy, W.R.N.S., in 1958


Donald John MOCK married Dorothy Beatrice LEWIS, in 1952


Jan R. MOLENAAR, of Holland, married Ingrid SERGE, in 1978


John Edward MONK, Royal Marine, married Mary Carmen FALZON, in 1962


Thelma Margaret MONK married James WILLIAMS, in 1953


Taylor N. MONTGOMERY, of USA, married Maureen G. WATLING, in 1968


Carol Edith Anne MOORE, of Gosport, married Brian William THEOBALD, in 1957


Joseph Henry MOORE married Pauline TONNA, in 1943


Sarah Edith MOORE married Brian William THEOBALD, in 1957


Kathleen MORAN married George Kenneth DRUMMOND, Royal Navy, in 1957


Kitty MORGAN married Dermot McDERMOTT, in 1963


Mary Carmel MORGAN married Anthony Gerald DAVEY, in 1959


Brian Alan MORLEY married Frances Carmen BORG, in 1968


Edwin John MORLEY, Royal Air Force, married Jeanne D’Arc BORG, in 1960


Laurence MORNU married John Tennant GREEN, in 1955


Charles Anthony MORRIS, of Herne Bay, Kent, married Carmela PISANI, in 1959


Reginald Charles George MORSLEY, of Newcastle upon Tyne, married Evelyn Gertrude CASSAR, in 1962


Anni MROSOWSKI, of Germany, married Douglas JOHNSON, HMS Falcon, in 1955


Frances Joy MULFORD married Richard TODD, Royal Navy, in 1956


Antonia MULJETT married Norman Henry JONES, in 1960


Marcella MULLIGAN, of Port Talbot, Wales, married Edwin John QUIRK, in 1957


Peter MURRAY, of Carlisle, married Anna McCAULEY,in 1960


Stephen William MURRAY married Rosanna MANGION, in 1980


John MURRISH, of Warmley, Bristol, married Margaret CAMILLERI, in 1959


Doris May MUSCAT married Alan Edward LUCKWELL, in 1963


Joseph Anthony MUSCAT married Joan Isabel PHILLIPS, in 1958


Julie MUSCAT married Jeffrey CRAIG, in 1974


Rita MUSCAT married Alan DONN, in 1974


Victor George MUSCAT married Hildegrunde BRUNS, of Germany, in 1957


Violet MUSCAT married Benjamin Walter CARDWELL, in 1913


Violet MUSCAT married Robin HAYDEN, in 1964


Vivian MUSCAT married Daniel Michael RAYNES, Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps, in 1941


Marlene MUSCAT-MANDUCA married David Leslie FARLEY-HILLS, in 1962


Ramon Bernie MYCOCK, of Leek, Staffordshire, married Mary SAMMUT, in 1960


Eric Roy MYERS, Royal Air Force, married Josephine Mary LOMBARDI, in 1965


Elizabeth NAPLES, Royal Air Force, married Peter TABONE, in 1963


June NAUDI married Dairmid GUNN, Lieut-Commander, Royal Navy, in 1960


Rita NAUDI married Dr.Salvatore DEBONO,in 1947


Winifred NAUDI married John BEATTIE, in 1963


Kenneth John NEATH married Catherine VELLA, in 1962


Ronald Reginald NEWCOMBE, of Portsmouth, married Teresa Mary DIMECH, in 1943


Dr. NEWMANN/NEUMANN married Lydia ZAHRA, in 1938


Helen NISBET married Patrick BOYLE, Royal Navy, in 1958


Mary NUNAN married Richard Peard CLARKE, Royal Navy, Lieut-Commander, HMS Shropshire, in 1938


Sean O’CALLAGHAN married Halina (Kay) KUBISZYN, in 1967


Mary Patricia O’DRISCOLL, married David CHAMBERS, in 1954


Veronica Ellen O’FLAHERTY married Reginald HELLYER, Royal Navy, in 1939


Desmond Joseph O’LEARY married Stella Grace SHEPPERD, in 1956


Francis Brian O’MARA married Margaret Joan RICHARDS, in 1953


Mary OLIVIERI married Michael William EASTWOOD, in 1944


Janetha ONSLOW married Vincent Victor AZZOPARDI, in 1963


Elizabeth OWEN married James GOLLOGLY, in 1969


Antonia PACE, married John David EVERSHED, R.A.F. Officer, in 1962


Anthony PACE married Jeannette JACQUET, of France in 1979


Lillian PACE married Thomas Owen BRIGSTOCKE, in 1949


Lucia Victoria PACE married Robert JONES, in 1960


Paula PACE married Alan MATTHEWS, in 1958


Stella PACE married Lieutenant A.W. La VIERGE, in 1919


Sylvia PACE married Robert W. RICE, in 1967


Edward PACE BALZAN married Mary PACE, in 1948


Eric PACE BONELLO married Anna ARRIGO, in 1954


Norman Bertram PALMER, of Witham, Essex, married Moira HUGGAN, of Stanley,  Co.Durham, in 1959


Carol Anne PARKER married Alfred John MIFSUD, in 1976


G. PARKER married May TRAPANI, in 1935


Michael Francis PARKER, Lieutenant, Lincolnshire Regiment, married Harriet Mary CARUANA, in 1939


Patricia Enid PARKER married Arthur Leo ISBERG, in 1954


Frances PARNIS married Douglas WEBB, in 1964


Norma Nancy PARSONS married J. WEAVER, in 1965


Bryan Alan PATTERSON, of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, married Mary Theresa CACHIA, in 1959


John PAYNE married Victoria STEVENS, in 1960


Jill Mary PEACOCK married Michael Robert Rae CRITIEN, in 1973


Susan L. PEACOCK married Louis A. CAMILLERI-PREZIOSI, in 1965


Ursula PENZA married David BALDWIN, in 1959


Colin Thomas PERCIVAL married Margaret DORIN, in 1955


Joan Isabel PHILLIPS, of Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, married Joseph Anthony MUSCAT, in 1958


Lydia Mary PHILLIPS married P.F. JENRICK, Lieutenant, Royal Irish Fusiliers, in 1942


Joseph PILLOW married Jane MORRIS, in 1980


Alfred PISANI married Margaret VAN DER GRAAF, in 1963


Carmel PISANI married Rhona May WOODLEY, in 1964


Carmela PISANI married Charles Anthony MORRIS, in 1959


Frances PISANI married Eric DUDLEY, in 1957


Helen PISANI married David MARCHAM, in 1971


Mary Victoria PISANI married Joseph WALSH, in 1970


Theresa PISANI married Roger Nigel JONES, Royal Navy, HMS  Forth, in 1959


Josephine PISCOPO married Gerald CASSAR, in 1954


John PLATTS married Barbara BUTTERWORTH, in 1977


Anthony Roy PLAYER, of Bristol, married Josephine ZERAFA, in 1963


Edith PODESTA married Herbert Stewart HOWARD, in 1948


David Urquhart POLLITT married Edwina BARBARO of St.GEORGE, in 1956


Keith Frank POPE, of Rye, Sussex, married Mary Connie CAUCHI, in 1960


Alfreda PORTELLI married William Alfred BURROWS, in 1961


Patricia PORTELLI married Thierry MERLINI, of France, in 1978


Veronica PORTELLI married Philip M’Donald BUNCE, in 1959


Ian POTTS married Mary Ann BORG-COSTANZI, in 1979


Elsie POWELL married Edward SHOULTS, in 1955


Lilian POWER married Patrick BRANNEN, in 1951


Vera Marie POWER, of Staines, Surrey, married Brian Anthony DOLMAN, Royal Navy, in 1957


Miss J. PSAILA married G. COOK, in 1946


Pauline PSAILA married Edwin SAMMUT, in 1959


Carol PUGLIESEVICH married Peter MILEHAM, in 1948


Antonia PULIS married James Raymond TURNER, in 1965


Janette PULLICINO married Peter David RYALLS, Royal Air Force, in 1963


Marian PULLICINO married Anthony SANDERSON, in 1955


John Norman PULLIN married Antoinette ZAMMIT, in 1956


Joseph QUINN married Mary Carmel FALZON, in 1963


Mary Philomena QUINN married Norman JACKSON, in 1962


Nicholas Plunkett QUINN, Royal Navy, HMS Forth, married Janet Steele SPOONER, in 1960


Terence QUIRE, of Didcot, married Phyllis Maria DUKES, in 1961


Edwin John QUIRK married Marcella MULLIGAN, in 1957


Gavin Edgar Alan RALSTON married Winefride DIMECH, in 1943


Rosaria RAPINET married Keith MAIDMENT, Sergeant, in 1960


Ronald Ernest RAPLEY married Elizabeth STORK, in 1951


Daniel Michael RAYNES, Lieutenant, Royal Army Medical Corps, married Vivian MUSCAT, in 1941


Francis READ married Dorothy SULLIVAN, in 1955


Joseph Ebejer REDMEN, of Paola, married Josephine SCICLUNA, of Paola, in 1957


Gerald REDSTONE married Rita FENECH, in 1971


Pearl REED, Women's Royal Naval Service, married Raymond BEDFORD, HMS St. Angelo, in 1965


Olive Grace REEVES married Mervyn Philip KELLY, in 1950


Robert J.W. REEVES married Vincenza FARRUGIA, in 1966


Robert RENDLE, of Ashtead, Surrey, married Lillian BONNICI, in 1960


Philip REOCH, of Glasgow, married Catherine ROGERS, in 1961


Charles Patrick REYNOLDS married Mary Milne JOLLY, in 1956


Eve Claire REYNOLDS married Royston Harold HOARE, in 1954


Laurence Carmelo RICCARDI married Shirley Ann LAWRENCE, in 1962


Robert W. RICE married Sylvia PACE, in 1967


Margaret Joan RICHARDS married Francis Brian O’MARA, in 1953


John RICHARDSON married Jacqueline Elise THEWISSEN, of Belgium, in 1960


Maud Lily RICHARDSON married John Malcolm BROWN, in 1958


Allan RIDDELL married Helen BAMBER, in 1979


Theresa RIMMER married Robert G. ABRAM, in 1959


Walter RITCHIE married Mary Margaret RYAN, in 1970


David Herbert RIXON, of Poole, Dorset, Royal Marine, married Rose-Marie Alice EMBERLEY, in 1958


Anthony RIZZO married Marion RIZZO, in 1958


Liliana RIZZO married Patrick Gerald STAINES, in 1961


Wilfred RIZZO married Alice ATTARD, in 1956


Margaret ROACH married Richard COVINGTON, in 1953


Noreen Isabella ROBERTS married Charles John MANCHE, in 1960


Douglas Colson Brown ROBERTSON, Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, married Mary Concetta (Connie) STAGNO NAVARRA, in 1941


Ian C. ROBERTSON married Josephine De GIORGIO, in 1965


John William ROBINSON, Royal Navy, HMS Blackpool, married Mary Agnes COONEY, in 1958


Mary Teresa RODDY, of Liverpool, married Denis Lesley ALDERSON, Royal Navy, HMS Jamaica, in 1956


Robin Allen ROFFE married Giovanna (Jean) VASSALLO, in 1973


Catherine ROGERS married Philip REOCH, in 1961


Thomas Hogan ROLLARD, Royal Navy, Chief Petty Officer, married Irene CHAMBERS, in 1952


Felicity Anne ROOME married Thomas ANASTASI-PACE, in 1969


Edward ROONEY married Una Norah McGRATH, in 1957


Raymond ROSE married Rose GRIXTI, in 1965


Clothar ROTH, of Dusseldorf, Germany, married Vincentia VELLA, in 1958


Kenneth Edward ROWLAND, of Sale, Cheshire, married Mary Victoria DINGLI, in 1959


Colin ROWLEY, of Stoke on Trent, Royal Air Force, married Rita De BONO, in 1962


Eileen Anne RUDKIN, of Peterborough, married Philip Cecil GRECH, in 1958


Peter David RYALLS, of Sheffield, Royal Air Force, married Janette PULLICINO, in 1963


Mary Margaret RYAN married Walter RITCHIE, in 1970


Irene A. SACCASAN married John BEAUMONT, in 1961


Emmanuela L. SAID married Richard W. BRYANT, in 1966


Doris SAKELLAIDIS married Patrick KEOPANE, Chief Airman, Royal Navy, in 1948


Barbara SALAMONE married Lieutenant Robert BONAVIA, in 1954


Mary Iris SALERNO married Roy Sydney BENNELLICK, Royal Air Force, in 1962


Lieutenant Hubert Steed SALISBURY, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, married Rose Cecilia TOMLIN, in 1945


Iris Mary SAMMUT married James Robert WEATHERITT, in 1959


Joseph SAMMUT married Josephine FEAKES, in 1964


Mary SAMMUT married Ramon Bernie MYCOCK, in 1960


Rose Mary SAMMUT married Percival Tryfan Maurice HUGHES,in 1953


Anthony Bell SANDERSON married Marian PULLICINO, in 1955


L. SANSONE married Philma CAMILLERI, in 1936


Teresa SANT married Eric CUMMINGS, in 1960


Roger SATARIANO married Cynthia Grace JENKINS, in 1959


Joseph Vincent SAVONA married Joan SIMPSON, in 1964


Rashid SAYED married Carmelina ELLUL, in 1954


Mary Josephine SCALLAN married Henry William JARMAN, in 1952


Noel Anthony SCERRI married Wendy M. TURNER, in 1965


Teresa SCERRI married Michael HALL, Royal Air Force, in 1964


Carmen SCHEMBRI married Thomas BISHOP, Royal Navy, in 1960


Carmen SCIBERRAS married Barry R.W. HARDY, Royal Air Force, in 1966


Carmen SCIBERRAS married John HINSON, in 1966


Giselle Geneve SCIBERRAS married Roy Meredith WORLEY, in 1959


Anne SCICLUNA married Keith BAAL, Lieut-Commander, R.N.V.R., in 1945


Carmen SCICLUNA married Edmond McKENNA, in 1976


Josephine SCICLUNA married Joseph E. REDMEN, in 1957


Lieutenant SCICLUNA married Miss. KIRKOP KIND, in 1943


Joseph SCIORTINO married Winifred LANZON, in 1936


Marianne Pauline SCIORTINO married David ISTED, in 1959


Diana Margaret SCOTT married John CARDONA, in 1975


John Robert SCOTT married Evelyn Winifred Dorothea LAWIE, in 1971


David SCOTT YOST, of USA, married Catherine BORDA, in 1973


Andrew SEARLE, of Plymouth, married Christine AMATO, in 1964


Irene Ann SEGUNA married Barry R. BENNETT, in 1965


George Francis SENTER, of Barbourne, Worcester, married Beatrice WHITEFERRELL, in 1962


Alexander SERGE married Lilian BORG CARDONA, in 1947


Donald SHANE married Mary Carmela GRECH, in 1963


Leonard G. SHARP married Janet N. SHARPE, in 1966


Janet N. SHARPE married Leonard G. SHARP, in 1966


Jean SHAW married Anthony MAHONEY, Royal Navy, in 1958


Wilfred SHEEN married Josephine GATT, in 1965


Roger SHELLARD, Royal Navy, HMS Forth, married Jennifer Susan HILL, in 1959


Stella Grace SHEPPERD married Desmond Joseph O’LEARY, in 1956


Arthur Francis SHORE married Patricia May Edith TILLETT, in 1952


Edward SHOULTS married Elsie POWELL, in 1955


Alfred SHUKER married Eileen DRENNAN, in 1951


Bee Hiang SIM, of Singapore, married Edwin APS, in 1976


Kathleen SIMBLETT married David BURNAGE, in 1948


David SIMMONS, Royal Navy, married Mary STEELE, in 1957


Joan SIMPSON married Joseph SAVONA, in 1964


Michael John SINEL married Emmanuela CARUANA-DINGLI, in 1969


Edwin SKAER, of Leek, Staffordshire, married Elizabeth CHETCUTI, in 1961


Robert SLIPPER, Royal Air Force, married Josephine MERCIECA, in 1963


Robert James SMALLMAN married Christina Mary HARAN, in 1952


Albert Percy SMEEDEN married Magdalene Gloria ELLIS, in 1948


John SMITH married Pamela STOKES, in 1955


Michael SMITH, of Rotherham, Royal Air Force, married Maria Melita SULTANA, of Luqa, in  1958


Norman David H. SMITH, Royal Navy, married Phyllis Ethel LIVINGS, in 1939


Robin Lindsay SMITH, Royal Navy, married Jean WILKS, in 1958


Ronald SMITH, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, married Mary Grace KENT, in 1964


Thelma Patricia SMITH married Derek WILKINSON, in 1952


Scott SMITHUD, of USA, married Brigitte DOWLING, in 1978


Monica SOLER married David Anthony HAVARD, in 1972


Vera Marie SOLER married Brian Anthony DOLMAN, Royal Navy, in 1957


Carol Ann SPARKS married Michael Andrew ZAMMIT CUTAJAR, in 1963


Richard Walter SPEARS, Royal Navy, HMS Forth, married Margaret Anne HOLROYD, W.R.N.S., in 1958


Cecil Edward Kirby SPELLER, Major, married Joan Mary HORTON, in 1960


Robert Chester SPENCER Jr., of Philadelphia,  Captain, United States Air Force, married Doreen Winefride DILLEY, of Sliema, in 1943


Theresa SPITERI married David Alan MARTIN, Royal Navy, in 1960


Janet Steele SPOONER married Nicholas Plunkett QUINN, Royal Navy, HMS Forth, in 1960


Mary Concetta (Connie) STAGNO NAVARRA married Douglas Colson Brown ROBERTSON, Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, in 1941


Patrick Gerald STAINES married Liliana RIZZO, in 1961


Raymond Edwin STANNETT, of Reading, Berkshire, married Elizabeth MARKHAM, in 1957


John Christopher STAPLETON, Royal Marine, HMS Reggio, married Kathleen Clara CHERRY, W.R.N.S., in 1959


Helen STEELE, Women's Royal Naval Service, married David EVANS, Royal Navy, HMS Diane, in 1962


Mary STEELE married David SIMMONS, Royal Navy, in 1957


Christiane STELL married Ives DEYT-ASAGE, in 1963


Alan John STEVENS, of Gosport, Hampshire, Royal Navy, married Patricia Miriam Ann BURTON, in 1963


Clifford William STEVENS/STEPHENS married Mary Phyllis FENECH, in 1961


Victoria STEVENS married John PAYNE, in 1960


Gaylord STEVENSON, of U.S.A., married Gabriella CARABOT, in 1964


Lieutenant STEVENSON married Laura CAVARRA, in 1943


James Henry STEWART married Mary Josephine WESTWOOD,  in 1949


Lea STILON DE PIRO married Dr. Henry A. HARDING, in 1953


Pamela STOKES married John SMITH, in 1955


Victor Malcolm STONE, of Portsmouth, married Joan GRIMA, in 1965


Robert James STOOPMAN married Anne Burnett TAYLOR, in 1954


Elizabeth STORK married Ronald Ernest RAPLEY, in 1951


Prince Charles STRATFULL, Royal Navy, married Mary MALLAMATA, in 1929


Dorothy SULLIVAN married Francis READ, in 1955


Edward George SULLIVAN married Stephanie CALLEJA, in 1979


Paul E. Walter SULLIVAN married Elizabeth HAIN, in 1955


Maria Melita SULTANA married Michael SMITH, Royal Air Force, in 1958


Seppo Atto SUOKAS, of Norway, married Josephine MIFSUD, in 1959


Patricia SWAIN married Robert ENGERER, in 1978


Rosemary SYKES married Paul Lincoln DAVIES, in 1973


John Dudley SYMES married Mary Magdalen BERNARD, in 1947


Carmen TABONE married David John BEALE, in 1964


Maria TABONE married Vivian Albert DILLON, in 1947


Peter TABONE, married Elizabeth NAPLES, in 1963


Cyril John TAPP married Mary Doris ATTARD, in 1955


Iris TASLAER married John AMATO, in 1952


Anne Burnett TAYLOR married Robert James STOOPMAN, in 1954


Anthony Thomas Robert TAYLOR, of Cambridge, Royal Air Force, married Doreen Freda YOUNG, in 1960


Colin TAYLOR married Anne COKE, in 1955


Brian William THEOBALD married Carol Edith Anne MOORE, in 1957


Jacqueline Elise THEWISSEN, of Belgium, married John RICHARDSON, in 1960


William G.A. THOMAS married Clare COMPTON, in 1962


John Edward THOMPSON married Margaret BRIFFA, in 1958


James Christopher THORNTON married Maria BILOCCA, in 1967


Rodney THORPE married Jessie CALLEJA, in 1956


Roger TICKNER married Carmela MIFSUD, in 1970


Raymond Douglas TIDESWELL, HM Forces, married Mary Anne ATTARD, in 1971


Patricia May Edith TILLETT married Arthur Francis SHORE, in 1952


Leslie John TIMMS married Joan SELL, in 1979


Thomas Arthur TIPPETS married Cecilia BERGMANN, in 1951


Richard TODD, Royal Navy, married Frances Joy MULFORD, in 1956


Rose Cecilia TOMLIN, married Lieutenant Hubert Steed SALISBURY, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, in 1945


Pauline TONNA married Joseph Henry MOORE, in 1943


Louis TORTELL, of Canada, married Katherine BLACKWELL, of Canada, in 1980


Sheila TOWNSEND, Royal Navy, W.R.N.S. married Geoffrey MITCHELL, Royal Navy, HMS St.Angelo, in 1958


Ronald L. TRAINER, Royal Air Force, married Antoinette ZAHRA, in 1965


Douglas Hugh TRANN, of Canada, married Diane MICALLEF-BUSUTTIL, in 1978


May TRAPANI married G. PARKER, in 1935


Arthur Edward TREBY, R.A.S.C., married Ada Mary FINTIMAN, in 1943


Rose TRIGANZA married Albert Leslie BUCHANAN, in 1965


Albert Edward TRUESDALE married Antoinette VISANICHE, in 1971


Stanley John TURNBULL married Josette Madelyn KIND, in 1976


James Raymond TURNER married Antonia PULIS, in 1965


Leslie Ronald TURNER married Carmela CALLEJA CORTIS in 1953


Wendy M. TURNER, of Warwick, married Noel Anthony SCERRI, in 1965


Mr. TURNER, of H.M. Dockyard, married Nellie CALNAN, in 1938


Michael C. UPTON married Agnes J. MICALLEF, in 1965


Winston URPANI married Maureen ARCHER, in 1966


Margaret VAN DER GRAAF married Alfred PISANI, in 1963


Herman VAN DER WEERDEN, of Holland, married Carmen FENECH, in 1976


Carmela Mary VASSALLO married Roy Stanley HARVEY, Royal Air Force, in 1960


Caroline VASSALLO married Reginald Abel Pearce WHITE, Royal Navy, HMS Afridi, in 1938


Giovanna (Jean) VASSALLO married Robin Allen ROFFE, in 1973


Helen VASSALLO married Gerald BRISCOE, in 1959


Maria Carmel VASSALLO married Victor John WEST, Royal Air Force, in 1964


Marcelle Marie VASSALLO-GATT married Alastair CLIBREK GUNN, in 1961


Catherine VELLA married Kenneth John NEATH,  in 1962


Vincentia VELLA married C. ROTH, in 1958


Vivian Mary VELLA married John BARNARD, Royal Air Force, in 1959


Antoinette VISANICHE married Albert Edward TRUESDALE, in 1971


Joseph WALSH married Mary Victoria PISANI, in 1970


James WARDELL married Winifred ELLIS, in 1963


James Arthur WARNER, Sergeant Major, married Lucy CAMILLERI, in 1953


Thomas Henry WATERHOUSE, of Sandwich, Kent, Royal Navy, married May Alice EDWARDS of Gzira, in 1943


Maureen G. WATLING married Taylor N. MONTGOMERY, of USA, in 1968


Alexander WATT married Violetta Mary BOLAND, in 1949


James Robert WEATHERITT, of Alnwick, Northumberland, married Iris Mary SAMMUT, in 1959


Jack WEAVER, of Leicester, British Army, married Norma Nancy PARSONS, in 1945


Douglas WEBB married Frances PARNIS, in 1964


Sharon WEBB married David BUTTERY, in 1978


John Joseph WEDICK married Sheila Agatha GRIFFIN, in 1939


Peter George WEECH, of London, married Patricia WILLIAMSON, in 1962


John David WELFORD married Carmen ZAMMIT, in 1976


Lieutenant David WELLS, of Bristol, R.N.V.R., married Miss L.M. CALI, in 1944


Marie Bernadette WELLMAN married Paul DIMECH, in 1974


Victor John WEST, of Bournmouth, Royal Air Force, married Maria Carmel VASSALLO, in 1964


Norah WESTON married Victor Reginald FURNEAUX, in 1949


Jessie Anne WESTWOOD married Hugh Allan DIXON, in 1949


Mary Josephine WESTWOOD  married James Henry STEWART, in 1949


Roger WHISKER married Margaret De DOMENICO, in 1972


Charles William WHITE married Elizabeth Mary CRUNELS, in 1948


Reginald Abel Pearce WHITE, Royal Navy, HMS Afridi, married Caroline VASSALLO, in 1938


William J. WHITE, Royal Navy, HMS Cyclops, married Ruth M. ELDRIDGE, in 1937


Beatrice WHITEFERRELL married George Francis SENTER, in 1962


Kenneth John WHITHAM, of Bristol, married Daisy Theresa BRADSHAW, in 1959


Peter Robert WHITLEY, HM Forces, married Mary Nicola BRINCAT, in 1971


William WILD, of South Shields, married Mary DIMECH, in 1960


Arthur Henry WILKINS, Royal Navy, HMS Hickleton , married Geraldine BRADFORD, in 1958


Derek WILKINSON married Thelma Patricia SMITH, in 1952


Jean WILKS married Robin Lindsay SMITH, Royal Navy, in 1958


Ann WILLIAMS married Philip Windsor HAMPTON, in 1963


Ann Margaret WILLIAMS married Francis William CLEARY, in 1958


Brian Thomas WILLIAMS, of Abingdon, married Elizabeth Ann INGLIS, in 1965


David WILLIAMS, of London, Royal Air Force, married Cristina BONELLO, in 1964


Harry WILLIAMS married Violet TAYLOR, nee ALVISIO, in 1952


James WILLIAMS married Thelma Margaret MONK, in 1953


Patricia WILLIAMSON married Peter George WEECH, in 1962


Deirdre Ann WILSON, Women's Royal Naval Service, married David Edward MacLEAN, Royal Navy, in 1959


Elizabeth WILSON married John Angus BIRNIE, in 1959


Robert Arthur WILSON married Catherine St.Clair BENNETT, in 1959


Muriel WINCKLEY married Brian Colin GALLAGHER, Royal Navy,in 1956


Rhona May WOODLEY married Carmel PISANI, in 1964


Evelyn Teresa WOODWARD married Robert James AGNEW, in 1919


Roy Meredith WORLEY, of Staines, Middlesex, married Giselle Geneve SCIBERRAS, in 1959


Alan L. WOTTON married Mary Maria BONELLO, in 1967


Carmen WYLIE married Michael John GRENHAM, in 1961


Edwin XUEREB married Gladys GALEA, in 1938


Monica XUEREB married Vincent ELLUL SULLIVAN, in 1953


Stella XUEREB married Edmund DEAR, Royal Navy, in 1941


Doreen Freda YOUNG married Anthony Thomas Robert TAYLOR, Royal Air Force, in 1960


Graham Edward YOUNG married Frances/Joanne CALLEJA, in 1962


Mary Ann YOUNG married Keith DURRANT, in 1954


Antoinette ZAHRA married Ronald L. TRAINER, Royal Air Force, in 1965


Lydia ZAHRA married Dr. NEWMANN/NEUMANN, in 1938


Agnes ZAMMIT married Nicholas CROSBY, Royal Marine, in 1960


Antoinette ZAMMIT married John Norman PULLIN, in 1956


Carmel ZAMMIT, married Maxine GRALAW, W.R.A.C., in 1964


Carmela ZAMMIT married Colin BAKER, J8000520, Royal Air Force, in 1972


Carmen ZAMMIT married John David WELFORD, in 1976


Frances ZAMMIT married Walter GASCOYNE, in 1964


Josephine ZAMMIT, married Richard G. BOND, in 1965


Michael Andrew ZAMMIT CUTAJAR married Carol Ann SPARKS, in 1963


Rowland Peter ZARB married Erika SCOTT, in 1974


Connie ZARB MIZZI married Lieutenant LAIVIERA, in 1943


Josephine ZERAFA married Anthony Roy PLAYER, in 1963


Maximillian ZERAFA married Elaine Mary EYRE, in 1967


Noel ZERAFA married Olivia CORTIS, in 1979


Raphel ZERAFA married Marie Patricia CARBERY, in 1970

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