Launched 30th May 1874 by Doxford of Sunderland. 1st Class Composite Gun Boat, screw, 455 tons.




Commander: Hugh C.D. RYDER, aged 38 years, married, born Hitchin, Hertfordshire.


Surgeon: Henry W.D. WALSH, aged 26 years, born Taunton, Somerset.


Engineer: Edward WILLIAMS, married, aged 41 years, born Deptford, Kent.


Other officers and men:


ADDICOTT, James, aged 22 years, born Devonport, Private, Royal Marines Light Infantry.


ALDRIDGE, Charles R., Quarter Master, married, aged 30 years, born Portsmouth.


ALLUM, Frederick, Able Seaman, aged 20 years, born Bedford.


AMATO, Carmino, aged 24 years, born Malta, Stoker.


BAKER, Thomas, aged 25 years, born Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Private, Royal Marines Light Infantry.


BERRY, James, aged 20 years, born Marylebone, London, Able Seaman.


BLACKBURN, Lewis F., Sub Lieutenant, aged 25 years, born London.


BLANFIELD, Charles, Shipís Cook, married, aged 35 years, born St. Martins, Jersey, Channel Islands.


BOLDER, James, aged 17 years, born Lancaster, Boy.


BROWN, John, Carpenterís Mate, married, aged 37 years, born New Passage, Devon.


BROWN, Robert, Shipís Gunner, married, aged 22 years, born Strathaven, Scotland.


BURROWS, Henry, aged 18 years, born Newington, Surrey, Ordinary Seaman.


CAR, Richard, aged 23 years, born Malta, Stoker.


CARMENA, Antonio, aged 30 years, married, born Malta.


CATT, Richard, aged 30 years, born Woolwich, Kent, Corporal, Royal Marines.


CAUSLEY, Lewis, Ordinary Seaman, aged 19 years, born Bradninch, Devon.


COLWILL, Samuel K., Armourerís Crew, aged 22 years, born Stoke Damerel, Devon.


COOPER, William, born Malta, Ordinary seaman, aged 20 years.


COPPING, Samuel, aged 26 years, married, born Ely, Cambridgeshire.


COPPERSTONE, John, aged 22 years, born Malta, Stoker.


CRAWFORD, Henry, aged 20 years, born Kensington, London, Ordinary Seaman.


CUMMING, George, aged 18 years, born London, Ordinary Seaman.


CUTBUSH, Charles, aged 21 years, born London, Private, Royal Marines Light Infantry.


DARMANIN, Caledonis, married, aged 29 years, born Malta, Carpenterís Crew.


DEBONS, Ruggiero, aged 24 years, born Malta, Ward Room Steward.


DODRIDGE, William Reid, aged 27 years, born Portsmouth, Assistant Paymaster.


DONNIEY, John, aged 20 years, born Heworth, Durham, Ordinary Seaman.


DONOVAN, Richard, Gunnerís Mate, married, aged 26 years, born Ireland.


DOWN, Samuel, Quarter Master, aged 31 years, born Plymouth.


DUCK, Henry, Stoker, aged 22 years, born Portsmouth.


ELLIOT, John G., aged 23 years, born Liverpool, Shipís Steward.


EVANS, David, Ordinary Seaman, aged 20 years, born Lewisham, Kent.


FRIENDS, Carmino, aged 23 years, born Malta, Ward Room Servant.


GILLARD, Henry, Stoker, aged 23 years, born Hull.


GOULD, Arthur, aged 22 years, born Bath, Private, Royal Marines Light Infantry.


HOBBS, William R., Ordinary Seaman, aged 19 years, born Dorset.


HOUNSON, George, Able Seaman, aged 21 years, born Portsea, Hampshire.


JAMES, Joseph, aged 47 years, born Penrith, Cumberland, Private, Royal Marines Light Infantry.


KENDRICK, John, Chief Engine Room Artificer, married, aged 42 years, born Ireland.


KEVEREN, Arthur G., aged 24 years, born St.Johns, Gloucester, Private, Royal Marines Light Infantry.


LEVETT, Arthur R., aged 21 years, born Petersfield, Hampshire, Able Seaman.


MACKENZIE, William T., aged 20 years, born Rotherhithe, Surrey, Able Seaman.


MALLIA, Salvo, aged 27 years, married, born Malta, Ward Room Cook.


MANTON, Carlo, aged 20 years, born Malta, Warrant Officerís Servant.


MITCHELL, William H., Stoker, aged 26 years, born Australia.


MORGAN, James, Able Seaman, aged 19 years, born Newport, Monmouthshire.


PAYNE, Thomas W., Ships Steward, aged 22 years, born Ireland.


PINTILL, James, Leading Seaman, aged 25 years, born Ireland.


ROUS, Samuel, aged 19 years, born Weybridge, Surrey, Ordinary Seaman.


SHAPLAND, John, aged 17 years, born Braunton, Devon, Boy.


SMITH, William, aged 31 years, born Chatham, Kent, Private, Royal Marines Light  Infantry.


SQUIBB, George, Leading Stoker, married, aged 36 years, born Stowborough, Dorset.


SUTTON, Walter, Stoker, aged 23 years, born Blofield, Norfolk.


TANNER, Edward B., aged 36 years, married, born Portsmouth, Engine Room Artificer.


TATNELL, Charles W., aged 22 years, born London, Private, Royal Marines Light Infantry.


TUFNELL, Lionel G., Sub-Lieutenant, aged 23 years, born Northfleet, Kent.


VILLA ( ? VELLA), Frank, aged 35 years, born Malta, Captainís Steward.


WEBB, William H., aged 22 years, married, born Portsmouth, Signalman.


WRIGHT, Charles, Sailmakerís Crew, aged 32 years, born London.

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