After Malta came under the protection of the English crown in the early 1800's, the Mediterranean Fleet of the Royal Navy made the unique harbours of Malta their home base. Together with shore establishments, a few thousand young men were involved.


The Army based Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers on Malta as defence forces, but to curb other European powers expansion in the Mediterranean, five infantry battalions were stationed on the island. These totalled around five thousand men.


There were also a growing number of civilians settling down in Malta as it became an important trading port in the Mediterranean.


Needless to say such a large number of fit and healthy young men needed company and local girls were soon being sought and in many cases marriages followed.


All the marriages in this file took place in Malta and the bulk of them were Maltese girls. If they were still young women when they were widowed many re-married.


Francisca ABDILLA married to Thomas RAFTERY


Angelina ABELA married 1874 to Alfred LODGE


Catarina ABELA married 1878 to Thomas Frank ELDRIDGE


Maria Carmela ABELA married 1873 to Frederick PUSEY


Maria C. ABELA married 1926 to Daniel J. McG. STIRLING


Christina AGIUS married 1928 to John SEWARD


Dolores AGIUS married 1929 to Francis H.C. HERD


Domitilla AGIUS married 1918 to Alfred WICKS


Elizabeth AGIUS married 1856 to Thomas TURNBULL


Elizabeth AGIUS, married 1882 to David RUDLAND


Emmanuela AGIUS married 1925 to Charles C. CLARK


Francesca AGIUS married 1916 to Charles W.S. POCKNELL


Grazia G. AGIUS married 1916 to Henry HOLT


Laurentia AGIUS married to Francis HOWARD


Lutgarda Maria Carmella AGIUS married 1903 to Charles Frederick SMITH


Mary AGIUS married 1887 to Augustus Wesley KIMBER


Michaelina AGIUS married to William THOMPSON


Nazzarena AGIUS married 1924 to William V. PERRY


Paolina AGIUS married 1864 to Robert NIXON


Rose AGIUS married 1833 to Thomas RADCLIFFE


Theresa AGIUS married 1880 to Alfred READ


Maria ALBANESE married to Albert LEWIS


Caterina ALESSI married 1832 to Frederick SEDLEY


Anne Valetta ALLEN married 1847 to Pietro LEONINI


Carmela AMAIRA married 1928 to Leslie A. HOMER


Mary Ramsay ANDERSON married 1838 to Ettore Maria Ciriaco Annetto Paolo Giacomo Francesco TESTAFERRATA ABELA


Aime ANDREWS married 1891 to Edmund W. GIFFON


Adelaide ANESCHI married 1872 to James CONROY


Carmela APAP married to Thomas GILLIGAN


Giovanna APAP married 1879 to James ANDISON/AUDISON


Maria APAP married to James LAVEY


Antonia AQUILINA married 1879 to John GRAINGER


Carmela AQUILINA married 1925 to William R. BREWER


Carmela AQUILINA married 1926 to Thomas WILDMAN


Emmanuela AQUILINA married 1916 to Lawrence J.A. TANNER


Luisa A. AQUILINA married 1929 to James W. HUBBARD


Margherita AQUILINA married 1925 to Samuel H. BROWN


Maria A. AQUILINA married 1929 to Frederick P. COLEMAN


Vincenza AQUILINA married 1843 to Giovanni di Nicolo PAPPAFFY


Maria Amelia ARCIDIACONI married 1832 to John HOWARD


Louisa BARNES, nee ARENA married 1882 to William WILLIAMS


Maria Isabella ARENA married 1890 to John WALLACE


Matilde ARNAUD married 1832 to James SIMPSON


Maria Anna ARPA married 1878 to Alfred BARTLETT


Elizabeth ASHLEY married 1807 to Philip SANTOVITO


Giovanna ASSENZA married 1805 to William STEVENS


Anna ATTARD married to George NICHOLSON


Anne ATTARD married 1860 to Charles WOOD


Antonia ATTARD married 1929 to Leslie A. DAVIS


Antonia ATTARD married 1870 to Pantaleone FRICAS


Carmela ATTARD married 1886 to Albert Clement Owen HUNT


Concetta ATTARD married 1927 to John T. PEET


Francesca ATTARD married 1928 to Thornton E. SPRINGETT


Maria C. ATTARD married 1919 to William CADDICK


Maria M. ATTARD married 1926 to William H. BENNETT


Mary ATTARD married 1815 to Thomas JOHNS


Mary ATTARD married 1928 to Robert HALL


Rosina ATTARD married 1925 to Llewellyn JONES


Ursola ATTARD married 1840 to Michael SAROTO


Antonia AXIAK married 1918 to Thomas BURKE


Egyptia AXISA married to Eugene HOURST


Maria Concetta AXISA married 1881 to William WOODROW


Anna M. AZZOPARDI married 1916 to Edward BARBER


Antonia AZZOPARDI married 1867 to Edward Kelly ROBERTS


Carmela AZZOPARDI married 1875 to Samuel MERCER


Carolina AZZOPARDI married 1867/1868 to Salvatore BERNARD


Catarina AZZOPARDI married 1878 to William GUDMAN


Concetta AZZOPARDI married 1927 to Alfred T. BOON


Gaetana AZZOPARDI married 1875 to Jonathan BOOTH


Giovanna AZZOPARDI married 1880 to John BURKE


Giovanna B. AZZOPARDI married 1917 to Harry BOWERS


Giuseppa AZZOPARDI married 1880 to John BROWN


Giuseppa AZZOPARDI married 1883 to Samuel BULLOCK


Giuseppa AZZOPARDI married 1891 to Giovanni PANAJETOPOLO


Jessie AZZOPARDI married 1892 to Robert PETCHING


Joanna AZZOPARDI married to John BOND


Lorenza AZZOPARDI married 1887 to Thomas FARREL


Maria AZZOPARDI married 1860/1863 to James GOFFEY


Maria AZZOPARDI married to George LEWIS


Maria AZZOPARDI married 1867/1868 to Charles PLAIN


Maria C. AZZOPARDI married 1875 to William SHEPERD


Maria C. AZZOPARDI married 1928 to Charles J.R. ROGERS


Rosa AZZOPARDI married to James McCOY


Rosaria AZZOPARDI married 1914 to Charles H. ASTON


Teresa Chiara Givachina Gertrude BACCANI married 1851 to Ferdinand Temple Palmer LOSACK


Luisa Celestina BAGLIETTO married 1889 to William Henry COTTRELL


Antonia BAJADA married 1914 to James GORREY


Anna BAJLE married 1829 to John LAW


Helena Maria BAKER married 1853 to Robert Simford WARBURTON


Mary Anne BAKER married 1841 to Stephen WALES


Giovanna Francesca Benvenuta Cajetana Maria Teresa Satariano BALBI married 1847 to John Boon STOCKER


Matilda BALBI married 1846 to Octavius Peter Lowe WATSON


Teresa BALBI married 1837 to Shuttleworth Myers WATSON


Antonia GAYLARD, nee BALDACCHINO married 1870 to Henry KREUZBERG


Carmela BALDACCHINO married 1921 to Harry A. KNOWLES


Genoviffe BALDACCHINO married 1923 to John R. LANCE


Giulia BALDACCHINO married 1922 to Achille HARDLEY


Johanna BALDACCHINO married 1882 to William FLEETWOOD


Maria BALDACCHINO married 1875 to Edward LEE


Mary BALDACCHINO married 1927 to Ernest March HASWELL


Mary Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, nee BALDACCHINO, married 1881 to Alfred George MARRIAGE


Olivia BALDACCHINO married 1926 to John GOWER


Giuditta/Judith BALZAN married 1877 to John FREEMOUTH/FREEMANTLE


Mary BALZAN married 1867 to Lewis KELLY


Carmela BARBAR married 1844 to Thomas CORNER


Anna BARBARA married 1874 to Robert GREENAWAY


Antonia BARBARA married 1917 to Francis G. BAINBRIDGE


Ariadne BARBARA married 1870 to John TOWNROW


Josephine BARBER married 1890 to Arthur YOUNG


Jemima BARKER, nee FILLERI, married 1849 to Charles SPROUL


Giovanna BARNES married 1825 to Giuseppe MULINARI


Louisa BARNES, nee ARENA married 1882 to William WILLIAMS


Maria BARRIT married 1889 to Francis HOARE


Giorgina BARTOLO married 1928 to Charles B. ABBOTT


Giuseppa BARTOLO married 1890 to James DIGBY


Margarita BARTOLO married to George PARKER


Maria A. BARTOLO married 1918 to George SEARLE


Rosina BARTOLO married 1917 to John G.D. MAVIN


Victoria Lucy BARTUELLO married 1888 to William McLEAN


Emily C. BASS married 1891 to Michele CINI


M.C. BATIANINI married 1880 to George FROSTE


Elizabeth BELL married 1854 to Edmund CARUANA


Filomena BELLA married 1865 to John WILSON


Benedetta BELLOPARDO married 1885 to Demetrio ENCOME


Lucia BELTUELO married 1878 to George WALLER


Joanna BERNARD married 1845/1846 to Philippo STAGNO NAVARRA


Lucia BERTI married 1833 to Nicola ATALIOTTI


Teresa BERTUELLO married 1884 to Alfred HARVER


Rose BEVAN, nee ZAMMIT married 1864 to Robert McCARTNEY


Maria C. BEZZINA married 1891 to George W. STEVENS


Mathildes BEZZINA married to Francis PARKINSON


Michelina BEZZINA married 1881 to Riccardo VERCOI


Caroline BIRCH married 1855 to Alfred MONTANARO


Anne Thelma BIRD, married 1949 to Stanley Ernest BULFORD


Josephine BISCONTI married 1891 to Albert URRY


Emilia BISHOP married 1879 to Alfred DEANE


Carmela BLACK-MOORE married to Richard BUTTIGIEG


Mary Ann BLACKLEY married 1858 to Paolo MALLIA


Barbara Mary BLANE married 1950 to Richard William George AUSTIN


Grazia BOHM nee COPPLA married 1886 to Richard Cramer GORDON


Catherine BONAVIA married to Ferdinand Vincent INGLOTT


Giuseppa BONAVIA married 1882 to Charles FLUX


Maria Anna Josepha Aloysia Antonia Rosalia Carmela BONAVIA married to William HUNT


Caroline BONDI married 1855 to Eustachio MANUSSI


Margaret BONELLO married 1917 to Reginald G. MARTIN


Mary BONELLO married 1926 to James E. HEWITT


Elvira BONGIOVANNI married 1889 to William COWLEY


Francisca BONGIOVANNI married to John FISHLER


Antonia Caterina BONNICI married 1877 to Richard BARNSLEY


Elizabeth BONNICI married 1866 to Demetrio Lambio SCALZA


Maria BONNICI married 1916 to Sydney HAZELTON


Maria Grazia BONNICI married 1879 to Stephen PAINE


Teresa BONNICI married 1866 to Edward McGUIRE


Teresa BONNICI married 1871 to Edward REES


Elizabeth BONNIFACIO married 1918 to William R. COOK


Elizabeth BONSILI married 1841 to William MUSKET


Angiolina BORG married 1879 to Joseph GREEN


Anna BORG married 1863 to Henry HALL


Annie BORG married 1879 to Walter Henry WOOTON


Annuntiata BORG married to Patrick LOFTUS


Antonia BORG married 1920 to Thomas A. MARSHALL


Carmela BORG married 1852/1855 to Joachim HEALY


Carmela BORG married 1860/1863 to Charles BARN


Carmela BORG married 1852 to Andrea CALVOCORESSI


Carmela BORG married 1867 to William WILSHIRE


Carmela BORG married 1874 to John REID


Carmela BORG married 1879 to Frederick PAINE


Carmela BORG, nee ZAMMIT married 1897 to David MORRIS


Carmela BORG married 1917 to Frederick S. HERRING


Carmela BORG married 1929 to Frederick G.W.S. ELBOURNE


Carmela M. BORG married 1924 to Alexander COHEN


Catarina BORG married 1882 to Adolfo DIEDRICH


Catharina BORG married 1856/1859 to James ALLEN


Elvira BORG married 1875 to Andrew CRIGHTON


Elvira Emily CRIGHTON, nee BORG married 1877 to Joshua Lines COOPER


Emmanuela BORG married 1918 to James H. HARRILD


Emmanuela BORG married 1927 to Clifford A. SHIPP


Francesca BORG married 1889 to Joachim LITTLETON


Giovanna BORG married 1873 to John RADFORD


Giovanna BORG married 1921 to Wilfred H. SOUTHERNWOOD


Giuseppa BORG married 1923 to Sidney HEATON


Giuseppa BORG married 1929 to Thomas W. JOHNSON


Graziana BORG married 1865 to Charles ROGERS


Maria A. BORG married 1915 to Albert E. KITE


Maria Carmela BORG, nee MAMO, married 1856 to Robert TURNER


Maria Carmela BORG married 1878 to Thomas SATERNLY


Maria Concetta BORG married 1886 to Enoch HARTLEY


Maria C. BORG married 1916 to Sydney T. WILLIAMS


Maria C. BORG married 1924 to Ernest W. PHILLIPS


Maria Dolores BORG married 1875 to John THOMPSON


Maria S. BORG married 1929 to Edward BROGAN


Marianna BORG married 1879 to Henry KOVACHICH


Marianna KOVACHICH, nee BORG, married 1891 to George Frederick HERD


Mary BORG married 1875 to John THOMPSON


Mary Ann BORG married 1876 to James GRAHAM


Mary Josepha BORG married 1880 to William THOMAS


Michelina BORG married 1902 to Edmund John LERPINIERE


Paola Anna BORG married 1835 to George GRANT


Rosaria BORG married 1880 to Samuel HISCOCK


Rosaria HISCOCK, nee BORG, married 1883 to William BRODIE


Rosina BORG married 1876 to John CARTWRIGHT


Vincenza BORG married 1917 to Henry TODD


Violet Doris BORG married 1941 to Henry James DOSELL


Marie BORG CORDONA married 1948 to Peter Kevin HOLWILL


Teresa BORITE married 1834 to Peter SMITH


Calcedonia BOSCO married 1860/1863 to Henry DAVISON


Helen Mary BRADSTOCK married 1949 to Thomas CORK


Rosa BRENNAN married to Alexander SMITH TAYLOR


Serafina BRESCIANI married 1880 to William John MANNING


Giuseppa BRIFFA married 1877 to Edward FARMILO


Giuseppa BRIFFA married 1927 to George AINSWORTH


Maria Anna BRIFFA married 1865 to Richard EMMETT


Mary BRIFFA married 1926 to Henry GILES


Paola BRIFFA married 1879 to Robert PILOL


Rosina BRIFFA married 1926 to Herbert F. MILLER


Antonia BRINCAT married 1918 to John A. BEALE


Giorgina BRINCAT married 1926 to Thomas W. SMITH


Josepha BRINCAT married to Joseph STAPLETON


Maria Carmela BRINCAT married 1878 to Charles Elijah JARVIS


Mary BRINCAT married 1916 to Frederick J. KITELEY


Mary KITELEY, nee BRINCAT, married 1926 to Alfred John WORT


Teresa BRINCAT married 1925 to John S.W. SMITH


Theresa BRINCAT married to Thomas DURANT


Paolina BRINSCO, (? BRIASCO) married 1813 to John PONSONBY


Mary Anne BRON married 1840 to Francis CHANCE


M. Rabla BROWN married 1883 to Charles STEEL


Vincenza BRUNO married 1853 to Olof Frederick GOLLCHER


Carmela M.C. BUGEJA married 1878 to Henry HOWE


Emilia BUGEJA married 1887 to Albert Victor DUFF


Evangelista BUGEJA married 1851 to Richard McCLEOD


Mary BUGEJA married 1884 to Daniel BELL


Paula Virginia BUHAGIAR married to James CARROLL


Elvira BUONGIOVANNI married 1889 to William COWLEY


Mary BURNS married 1866 to John HUGHES


Maria Rosaria BUSIETTA married 1879 to James John WILKINS


Carmela BUSUTTIL married Patrick SHERIDAN


Carmela BUSUTTIL married 1865 to Patrick HEYWARD


Carmela BUSUTTIL married 1870 to John WICKS


Carmela BUSUTTIL married 1890 to Albert Joseph KING


Giuseppa WILLIS, nee BUSUTTIL, married 1887 to Frederick KEITCH


Marianna BUSUTTIL married 1886 to George CHAMPION


Teresa BUSITTIL married 1918 to William N. HANDS


Catherine BUTLER married 1885 to Frederick WILLINGTON


Antonia BUTTIGIEG married 1856/1859 to Edward Higone Hammer MOSES


Giulia Maria BYZON married 1857 to Thomas PATERSON


Anna CACHIA married 1876 to Peter HETCHER


Carmela CACHIA married 1882 to Frederick BRACON


Concetta CACHIA married 1875 to John McMILLAN


Concetta CACHIA married 1884 to Edward EVANS


Elizabeth CACHIA married 1887 to Charles BIGNALL


Maria CACHIA married 1863 to James WILLIAMS


Maria Carmela CACHIA married 1880 to James RICHARD


Teresa CACHIA married 1888 to Charles BIGNALL


Victoria CACHIA married 1866 to George STREETON


Maria Rachele Candia CAFAGGI married 1842 to Thomas STIBBERD


Giovanna CAFFRA, widow, married 1815 to William Edward BARNES


L.M. CALI married 1944 to David WELLS


Adelaide CALLEJA married 1878 to Robert Salisbury COATES


Anna CALLEJA married to James CUTTERIDGE


Anna Maria CALLEJA married 1884 to Richard FINCH


Antonia CALLEJA married 1921 to Richard TATTERSALL


Beatrice CALLEJA married 1890 to George BOSHIER


Carmela CALLEJA married 1872 to Edward WALTER


Cecilia CALLEJA married 1924 to Robert BROADWAY


Elena CALLEJA married 1924 to Francis TIPPING


Francesca CALLEJA married 1925 to Edmond J. DOYLE


Gerarda CALLEJA married 1925 to Sidney HILL


Giovanna CALLEJA married 1839 to Augustus C.H. MAEMPEL


Josepha CALLEJA married to John BROOMHALL


Mansulta CALLEJA married 1925 to Walter E. PERKS


Maria CALLEJA, married 1881 to William FUTTER


Maria Concetta CALLEJA married 1835 to Joseph ROBERTS


Maria Giuditta Carmela Giovanna CALLEJA married 1837 to Carlo Enrico Augusto MAEMPEL


Raphaela CALLEJA married to Joseph SHELLY


Rosa CALLEJA married to John WRIGHT


Teresa CALLEJA married 1881 to John Thomas CARTER


Vincenza CALLEJA married 1852 to John WRIGHT


Gertrude CAMENZULA married 1925 to Charles F. CORNISH


Carmela CAMENZULI married to Richard JOHNSON


Mary Anne CINI, nee CAMENZULI married 1860 to Simon BURROWS


Virginia CAMENZULI married 1915 to William E. HASLAM


Aloysia CAMILLERI married to Francis HOUSWIN


Anna CAMILLERI married 1853 to Abraham HEAVENS


Antonia CAMILLERI married 1927 to Stanley PEARSON


Carmela CAMILLERI married 1833 to William MARTIN


Dorothy (Dolores) CAMILLERI, married 1928 to Joseph Robert ARNO


Elisabetta CAMILLERI married 1843 to Alexander STICKLEY


Emmanuela CAMILLERI married 1880 to Giovanni CARINE


Giovanna CAMILLERI married 1890 to Henry THOMSON


Giovanna CAMILLERI married 1918 to Adam E.C. BUCHANAN


Judith M. CAMILLERI married 1927 to Bruce F. BURLTON


Lucy CAMILLERI married 1953 to James Arthur WARNER


Margherita CAMILLERI married 1885 to John POTTS


Maria CAMILLERI married 1848 to John GRIFFITHS


Maria D. CAMILLERI married 1917 to David LAGDEN


Marianna CAMILLERI married 1917 to William A.J. ARNOLD


Mary CAMILLERI married 1868 to Ralph WILMOTT


Rosaria CAMILLERI married 1847 to Thomas BREMNER


Rosaria CAMILLERI married 1850 to Edward GRESHOM


Susanna Antonietta CAMILLERI, nee SCHEMBRI, married 1856 to Charles John SCARGALL


Teresa CAMILLERI married 1864 to Samuel GRIMASON


Vincenza CAMILLERI married 1839 to R. Mark BENTOTILE


May Dorothy CAMOZZI married 1937 to Robert Elphinstone CAMPBELL


Margaret CANE married 1859 to John CONNETY


Giuseppa CARABOTT married 1926 to John E.J. FURSMAN


Mary CARACACHIAN married 1921 to William DIXON


Caterina CARBONARO married 1843 to Robert BLACKIE


Josepha CARBONARO married George Maria HUTCHINGS


Maria CARBONE married Richard John CLEAVE


Elisabetta CARCAS married 1834 to Benjamin DUNBAR


Giuseppa CARDONA married 1883 to Thomas JONES


Margarita CARDONA married 1879 to Joseph GODWARD


Maria Concetta CARDONA married 1882 to Henry DIPROSE


Mary Ann CARLETON married 1834 to Robert Douglas MACDONALD


Catherine CARNY married 1856/1859 to Samuel HEALY


Anna M. CARUANA married 1912 to Arthur H. STAFF


Anne CARUANA married 1856 to William LEISHMAN


Antonia CARUANA married William Maria STEVENSON


Antonio CARUANA married 1926 to Alexander GREEN


Concetta CARUANA married 1886 to Henry FURNISS


Concetta FURNISS, nee CARUANA, married 1891 to Walter Charles HUNTER


Eleonora CARUANA married to Jack BOWER


Georgia CARUANA married 1915 to Robert MALCOLM


Giuditta CARUANA married 1888 to Richard William NAYLOR


Harriet Mary CARUANA married 1939 to Michael Francis PARKER


Maria CARUANA married 1863 to James BROWN


Maria CARUANA married to John LAMSDON


Maria CARUANA married 1881 to George PEPLOW


Maria A. CARUANA married 1921 to Henry E. LAYTON


Maria C. CARUANA married 1912 to Patrick MURRAY


Maria Dolores CARUANA, married 1860 to James MARTIN


Maria Teresa CARUANA married 1882 to Harry HUGHES


Marianna CARUANA married 1848/1850 to Joseph MORAN


Mary CARUANA married 1917 to Edward O’TOOLE


May Ann CARUANA married 1943 to James Granville DIXON


Raffaela CARUANA married 1876 to Thomas TANSLY


Rose CARUANA married 1920 to William John EMERY


Susanna CARUANA married 1878 to Francis McDONALD


Susanna CARUANA married 1891 to William George EVELEIGH


Maria Concetta CASCIO married 1884 to Thomas HEGGS


Carmela CASHA married 1864 to John DAVISON


Maria CASHA married 1877 to Reuben BULLOCK


Maria CASHA married 1880 to John PERRY


Susanna CASHA married to Henry BLACKMAN


Laurentia CASSAR married to Carolo HUMPHRIES


Rosa CASSAR married 1859 to William MARTIN


Giovanna M.C.P.J.A. CASSAR-TORREGGIANI married to William J.R. BURRIDGE



Adelaide CASTAGNA married 1867 to William HOOVE


Amelia Victoria CASTAGNA married 1863 to John MILLARD


Clementina CASTAGNA married 1880 to John O’NEIL


Elise Hilda CASTAGNA married 1862 to Henry Wright ANDREWS


Momina CASTELLO married 1817 to Thomas FORSYTH


Catarina CATSON married 1891 to Aug. ROBERTS


Adelaide CAUCHI married 1920 to John M. FOLEY


Carmela CAUCHI married 1842 to William GRIFFITHS


Elena CAUCHI married 1871 to William BALL


Theresa CAUCHI married 1860/1863 to Thomas IBBOTSON


Laura CAVARRA married 1943 to Lieutenant STEVENSON


Vittoria CECY married 1891 to Giovanni PADALIDES


Maria CEFAI married 1863 to William GILDING


Mary GILDING, nee CEFAI, married 17th April 1866 to John WARNER


Jane CESARE married 1924 to Percy F. SELL


Angiolina CESARIO married 1866 to Henry WALLIS


Mary Vincenza CESARIO married 1879 to John Gardiner WILLIS


Mary Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, nee BALDACCHINO, married 1881 to Alfred George MARRIAGE


Elizabeth Norah CHESHIRE married 1935 to Joseph GRAY


Concepta CHETCUTI married 1866/1867 to Thomas SARCHWELL


Rosa CHETCUTI married 9th June 1864 to James MEAKIN


Vincenza CHICACE married 1885 to Arturo TOLEDANO


Frances CHILIA married 1894 to Richard PUDDLE


Generosa CHIRCOP married James MADDISON


Giuseppa CHIRCOP married 1886 to John BLEASE


Marianna CHIRCOP married Mark Anthony BALDON/BARDON


Sophia CHIVLOW married 1878 to Joshua THOMPSON


Martina CHRICIOLA married 1879 to Joseph LACEY


Vincentia CIANQUIA married 1925 to Walter HALLIDAY


Mary CIANTAR married 1883 to Matthew LYONS


Giorgia CIAPPARA married 1924 to Thomas E. FRENCH


Maria Dolores CIAPPARA married Artemus BARRETT


Antonia CILIA married 1887 to John GREENAWAY


Carmela CILIA married 1920 to William H. BROWN


Emily CILIA married 1919 to Joseph J. SCOREY


Giuditta CILIA married 1888 to Giovanni ARNES


Josephine CILIA married 1920 to Dennis LEE


Margaret CILIA married 1863 to Evan JONES


Maria Carmela CILIA married 1872 to Edward BETTS


Paola CILIA married 1927 to Cyril SCOTT


Maggie CINI married 1917 to Charles LUCAS


Mary Anne CINI, nee CAMENZULI married 1860 to Simon BURROWS


Antonia CIRIFESITA married William HOLLER


Amelia COLEIRO married 1864 to William HAYES


Amelia HAYES, nee COLEIRO, 1868 to John WADSWORTH


Emily COLEIRO married to Charles WILSON


Emily WILSON, nee COLEIRO, married 1872 to Samuel COOPER


Julia COLEIRO married 1863 to Eli WADSWORTH


Mary Ann COLEIRO married 1871 to William LOOKER


Madeleine COLEIRO married 1860 to Thomas BLACKBURN


Marianna COLEIRO married 1891 to Thomas BATTOCK


Mary COLLAFORD nee DELEHO, married 1863 to John JEMISON


Antonia COMERCHO married 1865 to George WILSON


Maria CONOSCENTI married 1818 to Samuel STAMMERS


Carmela CONSOLE married 1874 to Giorgio BUCCIA


Carmela CONTI married 1886 to George Henry GREGORY


Anne COOTS married 1889 to John HARRIS


Grazia BOHM, nee COPPLA, married 1886 to Richard Cramer GORDON


Margarita CORBETT married to William HOYDEN


Antonia CORDINA married 1873 to William CROKER


Giuseppa CORDINA married 1890 to Arthur William REID


Rosa CORDINA married 1884 to Harry KEENE


Irene CORVAJA married 1854 to James Scotton MILLAR


Francesca COSSARI married 1819 to James HOBBS


Josepha COSTA married Robert SLYTHE


Teresa COSTA married 1817 to Robert KEMP


Mary COTTON married 1885 to Ernesto NAUDI


Vincentia COURZIANI married William Henry STOCH


Giuseppa COUSINS, nee MICALLEF, married 1886 to John LAWTON


Florence Edith COWLEY married 1889 to Antonio Giuseppe DE PIRO


Carmela COX married to Antonio PORTELLA


Jane CRAWFORD married 1867 to Samuel MERCER


Michaela CREMONA married John FOSTER


Elvira Emily CRIGHTON, nee BORG married 1877 to Joshua Lines COOPER


Carmela CRISTIANO/ CUSTIANO married 1887 to Alexander ANDERWOOD/ UNDERWOOD


Rosaria CRISTINI married 1919 to Henry COOPER


Esther S. CRISTODOLO married 1916 to William O. HOPEWELL


Helen CRONER married 1851 to Henry M. GEORGE


Maria Carroule CUAVOLO married to Joseph HOWARD


Saveria M. CUMBO married to Timothy COLLINS


Carmela CUPPOLA married 1891 to W. McIBROY


Isabella Alice CUPPY married 1884 to Charles SHEPPARD


Elena CURTIS married 1851 to Patrick W. McMAHON


Angelica CUSCHIERI married 1886 to Henry HETCHER


Calcedonia CUSCHIERI married 1849 to James William HUMPHREY


Rosa CUSCHIERI married 1886 to Alfred Albert DOGGETT


Carmela CUTAJAR married 1876 to William DEER


Carmela CUTAJAR married 1868/1870 to Antonio GILIBERTI


Elisa CUTAJAR married Henry FIELD


Elvira CUTAJAR married 1880 to Herbert AYLING


Gratia CUTAJAR married 1852/1855 John BARDON


Lugarda CUTAJAR married 1928 to Thomas PRATT


Angiolina DALLI married 1875 to William TOWNSEND


Antonia DALLI married 1850/1853 to Henry WALLER


Frances DALLI married 1927 to James A. BERRY


Francesca DALLI married 1877 to Adam FAIRBROTHER


Marianna DALLI married 1878 to John MANSFIELDS


Ursula DAMATO married to James MACOMBER


Caroline DARMANIN married 1861 to David LUCAS


Caterina DARMANIN married 1877 to William WILSON


Maria Carmela DARMANIN married 1882 to George FOX


Marianna DARMANIN married 1876 to George Charles HOPKINS


Vincenza DARMANIN married 1928 to Walter R. YARKER


Emma August Juliana DAWKINS married 1871 to Paolo Giustino SIMONETTI


Giovanna DAY, nee SANT CASSIA, married 1855 to Thomas WILLIAMS


Annie DEBATTISTA married 1925 to William A. HYDE


Elisa DEBBAIS married 1880 to William GEMMEL


Teresa DE BONN married 1828 to Edward MILLER


Anna DEBONO married 1915 to John FLATTLEY


Annunziata DEBONO married 1924 to Peter SPEAKMAN


Catherine DEBONO married 1918 to George LYTTLETON


Lutgarda DEBONO married to Thomas HOLMES


Paula DEBONO married to James FLEMING


Maria C. DE CARLO married 1926 to Henry CHIVERS


Marriana DECESARE married 1911 to Joseph E.S. SANKEY


Maddalena DECLARO married 1856 to Edward MAIN


A. Bouges DE CORDEILLE married 1833 to John FRASER


Virginia DEDOMENICO married to Alfred HARE


Beatrice DEGIORGIO, married 1944 to Alan Sydney JONES


Liberata DEGIOVANNI married 1878 to Robert BURNETT


Salvina DEGUARA married 1927 to John P. WALTON


Anne Elizabeth DELAINEY married 1889 to James Henry REDSTONE


Mary DELEO married 1827 to William HUGHES


Mary DELIA married 1867 to William CORRIS


Emilia DELICATA married 1866 to William THOMPSON


Mary J. DELNERO married 1928 to William B. EAGLE


Marie S. DEMANUELE married 1926 to Thomas H. CUMMINGS


Carmela DERMAN married 1856/1859 to Fortunato AGIUS


Carmela DIAMANTI married 1848 to Thomas MILLET


Helen DICKSON married 1848 to Giovanni Battista GAGLIUFFI


Beatrice Catherine DILLEY, married 1944 to John HOPKINS


Doreen Winefride DILLEY married 1943 to Robert Chester SPENCER Jr.


Mary DILLEY, married 1949 to Myrndin Edward DAVIES


Dolores DINGLI married 1866 to John Augustus CLIFTON


Teresa Mary DIMECH married 1943 to Ronald Reginald NEWCOMBE


Vincenza DIMECH married 1916 to William ANDREWS


Aloysia DINGLI married to Henry Laurent GOODENOUGH


Dolores DINGLI married 1866 to John Augustus CLIFTON


Maria Anna DONNE married 1852 to Michael LONG


Catharina DOYLE married 1856/1859 to Patrizio DONNELL


Matilde DREOSSI married 1843 to Ludovico VON DER PFORDTEN


Elizabeth Maud DUFFY, married 1937 to Alfred Edward FLANNERY


Maria Giovanna EDWARDS married 1883 to William Edward HASLEDEN


May Alice EDWARDS married 1943 to Thomas Henry WATERHOUSE


Ruth M. ELDRIDGE married 1937 to William J. WHITE


Marie Antionette Judith ELENA married 1857 to Frederick Arthur MAGENIS


Elisa ELIMS married 1852 to John TOOL


Magdalene Gloria ELLIS married 1948 to Albert Percy SMEEDEN


Brigida ELLUL married 1879 to William ROWE


Maria ELLUL married to William HUMPHREYS/HUMPHRIES


Mary HUMPHRIES, nee ELLUL, married 1871 to William BANKS


Veneranda ELLUL married 1926 to Frederick A. GREEN


Vincentia ELLUL married to Osmano WARRINGTON


Albina ERRANI married to Edward MURRAY


Susan Hannah Mary EVANS married 1868 to William HINCHCLIFFE


Carmela EYNAUD married 1865 to Francis Edward EYNAUD


Georgina Anne EYNAUD married 1848 to Gabriel JOHNSON


Rosina FABRESCHI married 1848 to Thomas John KERBY


Mary May Beacon FALCON nee FOREST married 1855 to Filiberto GOUDER


Carolina FALZON married 1864 to Christopher JEFFERY


Caroline JEFFRIES, nee FALZON, married 1870 to Robert BOND


Maria FALZON married 1929 to Lewis SHARP


Maria D. FALZON married 1916 to William J. RAYNER


Marianna FALZON married 1814 to Charles COOMBS


Margaret FAREMOUTH, nee LATUCCI married 1868 to Edward Lee SQUIRE


Amy FARRUGIA married October 1943 to Alfred HUNT


Angela FARRUGIA married 1855/1856 to Ambile BENNETT


Antonia FARRUGIA married 1873 to John Hawkshaw ABBOTT


Antonia FARRUGIA married 1876 to Andrew CAMPBELL


Calcedonia FARRUGIA married 1880 to Martin STEWARD


Carmela FARRUGIA married James GEORGE


Carmela FARRUGIA married 1915 to William SULLIVAN


Carmela FARRUGIA married 1916 to Arthur J.J. BUCKNER


Catharina FARRUGIA married 1837/1838 to Michael HAINS


Egizia Eugenia FARRUGIA married 1879 to James Henry WYATT


Esther FARRUGIA married 1866 to Robert Kidd GORDON


Filomena FARRUGIA married 1867 to Stefano BUCCIA


Georgina FARRUGIA married 1927 to James Henry CHURCHER


Giovanna FARRUGIA married 1816 to Edward TAYLOR


Giuseppa FARRUGIA married 1886 to Thomas Sarret PEARSON


Jennie FARRUGIA married 1920 to Alfred W. STEVENS


Josepha FARRUGIA married 1915 to Francis J. SNOW


Josephine FARRUGIA married 1930 to Stanley W. GREENBANK


Maria A. FARRUGIA married 1926 to Donald G. WATERMAN


Maria C. FARRUGIA married 1917 to Frederick GALE


Maria D. FARRUGIA married 1916 to Alexander G. STUART


Maria Teresa FARRUGIA married 1891 to Simeon GARRET


Mary FARRUGIA married 1849 to William FRYER


Mary FARRUGIA married 1925 to Charles F. STURTON


Rosalia FARRUGIA married 1840/1842 to Paul DONEN


Rosa Maria FARRUGIA married to Carolo Jacobo LOWELL


Rosina FARRUGIA married 1877 to John HUNT


Teresa FARRUGIA married 1927 to Thomas W. BANKS


Vincentia M. FARRUGIA married to Patrick HILLY


Vincentia FARRUGIA married 1843/1845 to Paul BENETT ROBERTS


Vincenza HYZLER, nee FARRUGIA, married 1844 to Paul Roberts BENNETT


Maria FAVA married 1888 to Frederick KELLEY


Melita FAVA married 1921 to Richard KING


Catharina FAY married to William HALLORAN


Maria Joanna FAY married to Michael MADDEN


Maria FEELEY married 1863 to Henry R. WESTTOY


Maria S. FELICE married 1921 to Frederick STEVENS


Antonia FELLERI married 1840/1842 to Joseph BARKER


Maria Concetta FEMBI married 1869 to William VITEY


Angela FENECH married to John MILLMAN


Anna FENECH married 1848/1850 to James GORDON


Carmela FENECH married 1867 to William THAKE


Elvira FENECH married 1915 to William WAKEFORD


Emily Lena FENECH married 1908 to William Henry CASTELL


Fortunata FENECH married 1884 to William EVANS


Frances FENECH married 1874 to John JACK


Marianna FENECH married 1886 to John RAILEY


Mary FENECH married 1847 to Richard GILBERT


Mary FENECH married 1922 to Cecil W. BOND


May I. FENECH married 1913 to Henry C. LEONARD


Michaela Vincentia Paula Josephia Gratia FENECH married 1879 to Henry HILL


Rosaria FENECH married to Joseph HALL


Virginia FENECH married to H. George SHARPE


Giuseppina FERNANDES married 1862 to George Allan Dudley WARD


Maria FERRERI married 1879 to Henry G. SPENSER


Maria Carmela FERRIS married 1867 to Peter BAKER


Jemima BARKER, nee FILLERI, married 1849 to Charles SPROUL


Jemima SPROUL, nee FILLERI, married 1851 to Henry CALVERT


Ada Mary FINTIMAN, married 1943 to Arthur Edward TREBY


Victoria J. FIORENTINO married 1912 to David H. JONATHAN


Elizabeth FISHER married 1883 to Edward FEELING


Carmela FITENI married 1883 to Robert NORTHMORE


Teodora FITENI married 1869 to Francis Howe Stephen WERRY


Catherine FITZGERALD married 1858 to William HORROCKS


Maria FITZGERALD married 1875 to William LEONARD


Luigia FLORA married 1883 to William PHILIPS


Emmanuela FONTANI married 1810 to Richard STEVENS


Carmina FORACI married 1862 to William Thomas ENTECOTT


Antonia FORMOSA married 1820 to John Rom. DISTON


Carmela FORMOSA married 1876 to Thomas COSSER


Carmela FORMOSA married Anthony COSTER


Emilia FORMOSA married 1873 to Henry STEPHENS


Giorgina FORMOSA married 1875 to John M’DOWALL


Giovanna FORMOSA married 1873 to Henry EVANS


Grazia FORMOSA married 1868 to Jesse STEPTOW


Helen FORMOSA married 1945 to George John MADDEN


Maria Rosa FORMOSA married 1881 to David SLOPER


Mariam FORMOSA married 1917 to William T.A. JOHNSTONE


Mary FORMOSA married 1873 to Henry GRANT


Mary FORMOSA married 1918 to Rowland WASNIDGE


Rita R.P. FORMOSA married 1928 to William L. BUIST


Rosaria FORMOSA married 1917 to Robert W. GRESHAM


Rosaria FRAGATA married 1841 to William THOREZ (? THOVEY)


Maria FRASER married 1865 to William Edward HUNT


Carmela FRENDO married 1840/1842 to Vincent BENNETT


Giovanna FRENDO married 1879 to Alfred PECKHAM


Josepha FRENDO married 1843/1845 to Joseph BENNETT


Margaret FRIGGIERI married 1852 to John OVEREND


Paola FRIGGIERI married 1918 to Percy W. GOSLING


Rose FRIGGIERI married 1929 to Norman W. BUDD


Anne FRISK married 1848 to Joseph CAMILLERI


Eliza FRISK married 1846 to Giacomo GRECH


Carmela FSADNI married to Joseph MAIDEN


Carmela FUGALLO married 1848 to William WARRINGTON


Concetta FURNISS, nee CARUANA, married 1891 to Walter Charles HUNTER


Elizabeth FURSE married 1851 to Eugene ARCHARD


Elizabeth GAFFIERO married 1892 to Robert Humphrey SQUIBBS


Giovanna GAFFIERO married 1878 to William BEAUMONT


Marianna GAFFIERO married 1888 to Charles Thomas ASHCROFT


Doris GALDES married 1925 to William GOULD


Giovanna GALDES married 1911 to William John MILLER


Anna GALEA married 1880 to Robert Ernest UPTON


Antonia GALEA married 1927 to Samuel K. AINSWORTH


Carmela GALEA married to Joseph BARNETT


Elizabetta GALEA married 1801 to William McKENZIE


Emmanuela GALEA married 1868 Frederick Alfred TAYLOR


Emmanuela GALEA married 1917 to Alfred PETHER


Ersilia GALEA married to James ST.JOHN


Francesca GALEA married to Thomas Maria PEACE


Jane GALEA married 1930 to Walter J. BICKMORE


Josepha GALEA married 1926 to William E. MOCK


Laurentia GALEA married 1837/1838 to Thomas HARRIS


Lucy GALEA married 1888 to Philip LOVELL


Maria GALEA married 1881 to John DICKSON


Maria A. GALEA married 1912 to George H. DYER


Maria Carmela GALEA married 1882 to John WILLIAMS


Maria S. GALEA married 1926 to William HARGRAVES


Mary GALEA married 1872 to Josiah LEWIS


Mary GALEA married 1916 to William JOHNSTONE


Melita M. GALEA married 1924 to Joseph HARTLEY


Netta GALEA married 1894 to Samuel BENIFIELD


Marianna GALIZIA married 1818 to Nicholas J. ASPINALL


Giannina GALLIBERTI married 1803 to John HAMMERTON


Marianna GANDOLFI married to B. Francis SERGEANT


Giuseppa GARDNER married 1871 to Thomas John WANSTALL


Helen GARDNER married 1850 to Robert WILLIAMS


Maria GARDNER married 1844 to Samuel DAVIS


Marta GARDNER married 1848 to John BURTON


Caterina GARGIANI married 1864 to John KEMP


Annie GATT married 1915 to Joseph COSTIGAN


Carmela GATT married 1833 to Alexander DAVIDSON


Carmela GATT married 1886 to Robert STOKER


Camilla GATT married 1833 to William Davenport HUMPHREYS


Concetta GATT married in 1878 to Robert WOODHOUSE


Emmanuela GATT married 1883 to Albert Edward HARRIS


Francesca GATT married 1876 to James WATSON


Jane GATT married 1925 to Charles H. CHAMBERLAIN


Maria GATT married 1849/1842 to Benjamin WHITTINGTON


Maria A. GATT married 1921 to Herbert T. OWEN


Rosina GATT married 1872 to Robert Finlay KING


Teresa GATT married 1881 to Henry WILLARD


Anna GAUCI married 1918 to James MURRAY


Giuseppa GAUCI married 1889 to Charles CARINTY


Josephine GAUCI nee SMITH, married 1880 to Thomas BEDDOW


Julia TAYLOR, nee GAUCI, married 1889 to John PICKUP


Maria Anna GAUCHI married George William SHUTLER


Mary Anne GAUCI married 1865 to James LINGARD


Antonia GAYLARD, nee BALDACCHINO married 1870 to Henry KREUZBERG


Carmela GELLEL married 1880 to Frederick LONG


Maria T. GELLEL married 1926 to Herbert V. SMITH


Calcedonia GENOVESE married 1889 to Frederick DILLOW/DILLON


Susan GENTILE married 1912 to Charles S.J. HENRY


Mary V. GERADA married 1925 to Herbert F.T. WHITE


Marta GHATES married 1843 to Emmanuele IMBER


Margaret GIAPPONE married 1864 to John RUTTER


Maria Eugenia GILBERT married 1888 to George SUTTON


Mary GILDING, nee CEFAI, married 1866 to John WARNER


Maria GILIBERT married 1860/1863 to Nicolas AGIUS


Marianna GIRROY married 1876 to John HILL


Louisa Mary Frances GLOVER married 1855 to Geronimo SPECIALE


Rosa Maria GOLLCHER married to Hamilton STILON


Adelaide GONZALES married 1838 to Robert ALLEN


Eliza GOORLEY married 1874 to Alexander EATON


Mary Anne GORDON married 1839 to John CROKEN


Natalie Felicie GOUBAN married 1843 to Edward LE DUC


Vincenza GOUDER married 1930 to Percy CROMBIE


E. Meahorn GRAHAM married 1844 to Giovanni MAHON


Ursula GRAHAM nee CREIK married 1868 to Josiah BARNES


Caterina GRAVAGNA married 1878 to William JONES


Mary GRAY married 1867 to John COLE


Carmela GRECH married 1869 to Giorgio DUJAND


Maria GRECH married 1884 to Demetrio PIPI


Maria Antonia GRECH married 1868 to Robert HAMILTON


Maria C. GRECH married 1916 to Sidney A. GARROD


Mary Ann O’BRIEN, nee GRECH, married 1892 to John PALMER


Raffaela GRECH married 1880 to Andrew WOOLCOCK


Teresa GRECH married 1928 to Archibald J. PARSONS


Vincentia GRECH married to John MAGARITY


Carolina GREGORI married 1861 to Kirby NEALE


Caterina GREGORY married 1842 to Edward BAKER


Sheila Agatha GRIFFIN, married 1939 to John Joseph WEDICK


Antonia GRIMA married 1927 to John J. NAYLOR


Josephina GRIMA married 1911 to George W. CLARE


Margarita GRIMA married 1885 to Thomas STEEL


Maria GRIMA married 1877 to Thomas MORRIS


Maria Carmela GRIMA married 1878 to Henry REDMAN


Providenza GRIMA married 1818 to Charles BETTS


Vincenza GRIMA married 1916 to Charles E. HUTTON


Anna GRISCTI married to John Andrew TREVISAN


Magdalena GRISCTI married to Henry MILLER


Aloysia GRUNGO married to John ANDERSON


Ellen Louisa GRUNGO married 1878 to Francis Thomas BARR


Gaetana GRUNGO married 1860 to William GRANT


Louisa Mary GRUNGO married 1876 to John Anderson DOUGHERTY


Caterina GUELBERTA married 1890 to Edward Henry WALLACE


Mariana GUERIBALDI married 1833 to William Beck HILL


Maria GUERIN married to Thomas MORRIS


Nicolina Theresa GULIA married 1860 to John C. ASPINALL


Giuseppa GUSMAN married 1922 to William R. OWEN


Elena HALES married 1883 to William EDWIN


Michelina HALL married 1839 to Charles JOHNSON


Elizabetta HANRAHAN married 1874 to Thomas HENDERSON


Helena HARDING married to Patrick Frances FITY


Mary Ann HARRIS married 1883 to George CLEWS


Virginia HARRIS married 1883 to George MYATT


Amelia HAYES, nee COLEIRO, married 1868 to John WADSWORTH


Maria Rosa HEART married 1876 to William Henry TOZER


Caroline HENDRY married 1838 to Thomas HOGAN


Anna HERBERT married 1884 to Thomas ETOCK


Maria Carmela HERBERT married 1880 to William LAWRENCE


Elena HERRIS married 1876 to Thomas BLACK


Helen HERWITH married 1880 to Edward MURRAY


Attilia HEYROTH married 1869 to Carlo AJACCIA


Michaela V.P.J.Justice HILL married 1887 to William John Manson SMART


Rosaria HISCOCK, nee BORG, married 1883 to William BRODIE


Caterina HOLLAND married to Anthony BOZZANCA


Maria Carmela HOORTEN married 1890 to Robert SCOTT


Giuseppa HUGHES married 1877 to Thomas COOPER


Mary HUGHES married 1852 to John GOLLIFER


Mary HUMPHRIES, nee ELLUL, married 1871 to William BANKS


Vincenza HYZLER, nee FARRUGIA, married 1844 to Paul Roberts BENNETT


Philomena IMBROLL married to John ELLIS


Agnes Henrietta Susan IRVING nee SAMMUT married 1894 to Thomas Carlyle SKINNER


Carmela ISOARD married 1885 to George WILKES


Aloysia IZZO HOULL married to Camillo STELLAY


Mary JACOBS nee PUGLIESE, married 1883 to Henry HOWARD


Caroline JEFFRIES nee FALZON, married 1870 to Robert BOND


Margaret JOHNSON married 1849 to Louis SOFIO


Maria Anne JOHNSON married 1889 to John VARMINGTON


Maria Anne JONES married 1891 to B. M. HARVEY


Angela Mary JOYCE married 1938 to Stanley GATRELL


Margarita KENNEDY married 1889 to Henry BAKER


Rebecca KERR married 1884 to William BINFORD


Amilia KEYS ZARB married to Salvatore GALEA


Mary KITELEY, nee BRINCAT, married 1926 to Alfred John WORT


Marianna KOVACHICH, nee BORG, married 1891 to George Frederick HERD


Evelyn LAFERLA married 1899 to G.P. HAYES


Gugliemina LAMPIER married 1879 to John PHILLIPS


Anne LANGDON, nee ZAMMIT married 1872 to Edward WORSLEY


Maria LANZON married 1851 to Lucio PARIGI


Margarita LATUCCI married 1849 to Samuel FAREMOUTH


Margaret FAREMOUTH, nee LATUCCI, married 1868 to Edward Lee SQUIRE


Catharina LAURO married 1840/1842 to George CASTEN


Catarina LAUS married 1884 to George MURELL


Frances Louisa LAZZARETTI married 1870 to Artemas Thomas AGLEN


Margarita LEPERDEVI married 1881 to William PORONEY


Antonia LICARI married 1942 to Samuel James KILL


Mary LINCH, nee STORACE married 1866 to John DACK


Statira LIVIDOSTRO married 1835 to George HOPE


Phyllis Ethel LIVINGS married 1939 to Norman David H. SMITH


Vincenza LONGLEY nee ZAHRA, married 1873 to George CLARK


Teresa LOPEZ married 1844 to William BALLS


Maria Anna LUCAS married 1879 to John BURRAGE


Maria Margarita LYNHAM married to George William CORBITT


Mary McDERMOTT married 1859 to William WALSH


Elizabetta MacKEAN married 1838 to Patrick Hamilton GARDNER


Margaret McKEAN married 1854 to James HARFORD


Flora MACKENZIE, married 1877 to Charles John BANNISTER


Anne McLEUGHLIN married 1862 to John BARRAT


Aloysia MAEMPEL married to William BECK


Maria Victoria MAEMPEL, married 1877 to Baron Maximillian VON TUCHER


Antonia MAFRA married 1853 to Charles GINGELL


Catharina MAGRI married to Edward EAST


Marianna MAGRI married 1879 to Robert MILLER


Philomena MAGRI married to William FULLEN


Maria Concetta MAGRO married 1878 to William GRIMES


Maria Teresa MAGRO married 1871 to William WARD


Ursola MAGRO married 1870 to James CRAIG


Margarita MAGUIRE married 1848/1850 to Laurentio DOOLEY


Maria MAHANNIE married 1886 to Joseph CONNORVILLE


Francesca MAILLE married 1883 to James HOWARD


Agnes C. MAISTRE married 1926 to Maurice A. SMITH


Mary MALLAMATA married 1929 Prince Charles STRATFULL


Carolina MALLIA married 1849 to James Nelson PURDIE


Elizabeth MALLIA married 1856 to Charles John PURDIE


Emmanuela MALLIA married 1916 to David J.P. BALLAN


Giovanna MALLIA married 1898 to Edward James CLARKE


Ursola MALLIA married 1881 to James GRESCELL


Maria C. MALLIA TABONE married 1821 to Charles CURRY


Agnes MAMO married to George SKINNER


Calcidonia MAMO married 1790 to William ENGLAND


Caroline MAMO married 1864 to James MARTIN


Elizabeth Jacqueline MAMO married 1880 to Edmund Grindall FESTING


Giuseppa MAMO married 1844 to Thomas Blades MOLYNEAUX


Josephine MOLYNEUX, nee MAMO, married 1861 to St. John EDWARDS M.D.


Marianna MAMO married 1891 to George SIDNELL


Mary MAMO nee SULLIVAN, married 1868 to Thomas James ANSON


Mary Louise MAMO married 1879 to Frederick George PRESTON


Paola MAMO married 1929 to Horace J. BROWN


Rosa MAMO married 1878 to William CHANCE


Teresa MAMO married 1875 to Robert COPELAND


Maria Teresa MANFIELD married 1839 to George James HAYES


Antonia MANFORD married 1891 to Christopher WARREN


M.C. MANFORT married 1888 to Edward H. Revens SKY


Maria Anna MANGION married 1833 to James PONTON


Michaelina MANGION married to George SHORT


Patricia MARCHANT married 1947 to David J. CALNAN


Caterina MARIGOT married 1863 to Edward BOSLEY


Carmela MARMARA married to George BEAUMONT


Victoria MASTERS, nee PISCOPO, married 1882 to Josiah PACKMAN


Catherine Sutton MATTOCKS married 1879 to William Isaac LAND


Margherita MAVA married 1856 to James McFIRTH


Rachele MEINO married 1838 to Alexander DAVIDSON


Rosaria MELI married Joseph HALL


Margarita MESSINA married 1888 to George ASH


Alice V. MICALLEF married 1916 to John S. WILLIAMSON


Ann MICALLEF married 1942 to Godfrey Rae CRITIEN


Antonia MICALEFF married to Frederick BERNARD


Carmela MICALLEF married 1867 to Edwin ROBERTS


Carmela MICALLEF married 1894 to Ernest John Ward READER


Carmela MICALLEF married 1918 to Giovanni HARMSWORTH


Caroline MICALLEF married 1883 to James CLAPSHAW


Concetta MICALLEF married 1851 to George KINGSWELL


Elisabetta MICALLEF married 1863 to Thomas Manfred BROUGHTON


Emilia MICALLEF married 1868 to Thomas TAYLOR


Emmanuela MICALLEF married 1924 to Edward R.H. MATTHEWS


Evelina MICALLEF married 1944 to Frederick BARNES


Fortunata Maria Carmela MICALLEF married 1869 to William George THOMPSON


Giuseppa MICALLEF married 1876 to Hugh COUSIN


Giuseppa COUSIN, nee MICALLEF, married 1886 to John LAWTON


Grace MICALLEF married 1872 to Benjamin GRANT


Gratia Anna Maria STEVENSON, nee MICALLEF, married 1882 to Henry KING


Josepha MICALLEF married 1883 to David John DAY


Judith MICALLEF married 1915 to George W. LENNARD


Lauretia MICALLEF married to William THORN


Maria Carmela MICALLEF married 1878 to James REID


Maria Grazia MICALLEF married 1878 to Joseph STEVENSON


Marianna MICALLEF married 1866 to David James LOW


Mary MICALLEF married 1873, to James WORLEY


Mary C. MICALLEF married 1927 to Sydney C. HEALEY


Paolina MICALLEF married 1912 to James W. ANNETTS


Rita MICALLEF married 1939 to Lieut. HEBBLETHWAITE


Vincentia MICALLEF married to James WATSON


Sarah MIDDLEMASS married 1881 to Edward PERCY


Clara MIFSUD married 1925 to Thomas Giles WALKER


Costantina MIFSUD married 1883 to Archibald HANCOCK


Giovanna MIFSUD married 1884 to Robert BANKS


Giuseppa MIFSUD married 1921 to William ADAMS


Giuseppa MIFSUD married 1928 to George W. SHARPLES


Guilia MIFSUD married 1918 to Ernest Henrik HENRIKSEN


Lavinia/Laura MIFSUD married 1918 to William Owen HOPEWELL


Lorenza MIFSUD married 1840 to Duncan McARTHUR


Maddalena MIFSUD married 1879 to John SEMMEL


Maria MIFSUD, nee ERITZA, married 1943 John William WILKINSON


Maria Carmela MIFSUD married to John CUDLIPP


Mary MIFSUD married 1895 to George SAUNDERS


Paola MIFSUD married 1889 to William IVES


Mary MILES widow, married 1811 to Marcello MENNELLO


Gaspara MINAURA married 1841 to Paolo Gaetano BELFIORE


Elia Angiolina MIZZI, married 1869 to Elia GIOCOVICH


Filomena Carolina Matilda MIZZI married 1868 to James George Winlo RICKCORD


Maria Antonia MIZZI married to John George PINCKNEY


Minnie MIZZI married 1874 to Gavin ANDERSON


Rosa MIZZI married 1879 to William PEIRCE


Virginia MIZZI married to James BERRY


Maria MOLINARI married 1867 to Francis BOWELL


Clorinda MOLINELLI married 1866 to William SHIELDS


Josephine MOLYNEUX, nee MAMO, married 1861 to St. John EDWARDS M.D.


Agata MONREAL married 1839 to James SOMERVILLE


Gaetana MONREAL married 1857 to Stephen NOEL


Maria MONTALDO married 1817 to Richard James STOCKER


Venerando MONTANARO married to Alfred EVERY


Vincenza MONTEBELLO married 1886 to William WATTS


Charlotte Camilla Theresa MONTI, married 1841 to Henry Crichton AGNEW


Jane MONTJUNIE married 1872 to William SHARPE


Agneta MOORE married to Laurentius PICCALO


Carmela M. MOORE married to Vincent FENECH


Mary Rose MORENO married 1873 to Alfred George GRIFFIN


Catalina MOTTA married 1815 to Richard LAW


Margaret MUCKLE married 1841 to Patrick RYDER


Gerolama MULA married 1927 to William F. HAINES


Grazia MULA married 1928 to William J. BULL


Francesca MULIETT married to Richard TAYLOR


Carmena MULVENEY nee BIRCH married 1872 to John KAY


Giuseppa M. MUNRO married 1886 to Arthur/Alfred MOORE


Antonia MUSCAT married 1917 to Edward A. KNIGHT


Carmela E. MUSCAT married 1930 to Arthur J. NICHOLLS


Clara MUSCAT married 1850 to William NOCKLES


Emmanuela MUSCAT married 1879 to John TURNER


Francesca MUSCAT married 1927 to James KELLY


G.M. Concetta MUSCAT married 1877 to John DAVIS


Josephine MUSCAT married 1927/1928 to Arthur A. GREENWOOD


Maria C. MUSCAT married 1927 to Basil P.J. DORE


Maria C. MUSCAT married 1930 to Henry F. SMITH


Valentina MUSCAT married 1925 to William E. BROOKS


Violet MUSCAT married 1913 to Benjamin Walter CARDWELL


Vivian MUSCAT married 1941 to Daniel Michael RAYNES


M. Concepta NICEFORD married to Cornelius FARRUGIA


Teresa NIZZARI married 1815 to Gabriel WACHTER


Maria NORRIS married 1884 to Giuseppe BLINTT


Antonia NORRISH married 1841 to Charles MASSEY


Mary NUNAN married 1938 to Richard Peard CLARKE


Mary Ann O’BRIEN nee GRECH married 1892 to John PALMER


Ellen O’CONNOR married 1868 to George Benham STACEY


Veronica Ellen O’FLAHERTY married 1939 to Reginald HELLYER


Maria O’HANLON married 1854 to William WAINMAN


Bridget O’NEIL married 1856 to James M. HARD


Maria O’NEIL married 1888 to James SERVIS


Carlotta O’REILLY married 1847 to Nathaniel Charles BUTLER


Catherine OAKSHOTT married 1824 to Gaetano AMABILINO


Jane OLDREY married 1874 to Thomas DEVITT


Maria ORLAND married 1840 to Cornelius MAUVE


Anne ORTEGA married 1866 to Jacob BLATTNER


Teresa OTTAVIANI married 1849 to Frederick Theodore RABE


Maria OVEREND married to Alfred MAGRI


Angelica PACE married to William REDDING


Jane PACE married 1917 to Albert V. BIGGS


Josepha PACE married 1864/1866 to James O’NEILL


Lillian PACE married 1949 to Thomas Owen BRIGSTOCKE


Lucrezia PACE married 1913 to John H. MORAN


Maria PACE married to Michael DARECAY


Maria PACE married 1925 to Walter J. STEEL


Maria Anna PACE married to Edward WILLOUGHBY


Maria D. PACE married 1917 to Oswald S. ALVEY


Philomela PACE married 1856 to Thomas LOMAX


Rosina PACE married 1866 to William James SECTLY


Stella PACE married 1919 to A.W. La VIERGE


Amelia PADOVAN married 1868 to William GRAHAM


Alice PAGE nee JONES married 1872 to Alfred Charles GOREY


Vittoria PALMERI married 1839 to Raphael BARRIET


Carmela PAPAGIORCOPULO married 1874 to Caralambo ZAPANDE


Maria PARISI married 1823 to Charles GREGORY


Giovanna PARKINS married 1809 to Antonio DUCCI


Margarita PARNIS married 1826 to Michael MIFSUD


Paolina PARNIS married 1867 to Joseph GRANT


Antonia PAVIA married 1891 to Thomas MILLS


Virginia PAVIA married 1868 to John DUNKERLEY


Amilia PELLEGRINI married to Hector Huntley McKENZIE


Anna PENDLEBURY married 1878 to Thomas ROLLAND


Mary Carmela PENTECOST married 1874 to James CLINTON


Caterina PERRY married 1865 to John ELLIS


Lorenza PERSICO married 1875 to James WEBSTER


Concetta PETIT married 1840 to Benjamin P. ROBERTS


Anna PHARAAH married 1853 to Publio CALAMATTA


Lydia Mary PHILLIPS married 1942 to P.F. JENRICK


Maria PIACENTINI married 1866 to James CHURCH


Maria Carmela PISANI married 1877 to James YOUNG


Victoria MASTERS nee PISCOPO married 1882 to Josiah PACKMAN


Sarah PORDER married 1844 to Patrick CONNOR


Margaretta PORTELLI married 1815 to John NURG


Maud PRECIOUS married 1909 to David BLAIR


Emilia PREZIOSI married to James TURNBULL


Eleanora PROCTOR married 1882 to Henry A. HIGGINS


Antonia PSAILA married 1925 to George LAMONT


Concetta PSAILA married 1916 to James Austin CHILDS


Giuseppa PSAILA married 1928 to Frederick A. SAUNDERS


Paola PSAILA married 1891 to Benjamin EVANS


Elizabeth PUCKEY married 1867 to Joseph FRENCH


Mary JACOBS nee PUGLIESE married 1883 to Henry HOWARD


Carol PUGLIESEVICH married 1948 to Peter MILEHAM


Emmanuela PULLICINO married 1925 to Eli O. TRINDER


Giorgina PULLICINO married 1929 to Ambrose GREGORY


Rosa M. PULLICINO married 1876 to Peter WILSON


Angela QUATTROMANI married 1845 to William STEVENS


Carmela QUINTANO married 1842 to Richard William MATTOCKS


Elizabeth QUINTANO married 1858 to Augustus ROSENBUSH


Mary Ann RAGAZZO married 1827 to Samuel PROCTOR


Laurentia RAPA married to John NICHOLAS


Laurentia RAPA married to Patrick CAVANAGH


Catherine REARDON married to Francis James LINTIC (?)


Carmela REYNAUD married 1869 to Cost. PAPPAZOGLO


Blanche A. RICHARDSON married 1890 to John STOKER


Lucretia RIZZI married 1820 to John SEAMAN


Amelia Maria Concetta RIZZO married 1893 to Frank Purchase URRY


Carmela RIZZO married 1876 to Noah SCOTT


Lucy RIZZO married 1919 to Charles W.H. BUTCHER


Elizabeth ROBERTS married 1884 to James BALLEIDEN


Gioacchina ROIZ married 1848 to Marcelin ERBEAU (? HERBAN)


Frances ROWAN married 1867 to Thomas O’CONNOR


Elisa RYAN married 1849 to Thomas ABBOT


Giovanna SACCASAN married 1855 to Thomas WILLIAMS


Giorgia SAID married 1918 to George ADEY


Maria Antonia SAID married 1833 to William HOSKINS


Doris SAKELLAIDIS married 1948 to Patrick KEOPANE


Carmela SALIBA married 1874 to George SEYMOND


Lucia SALIBA married 1920 to George LAYTON


Mary Ann SALSARO nee VALENTI married 1866 to Charles RODGERS


Louisa SAMESON married 1888 to Valentine F. VAUGHAN


Ada Constance SAMMUT married 1891 to John Bremridge MELHUISH


Agnes Henrietta Susan SAMMUT married 1880 to George Clerk IRVING


Agnes Henrietta Susan IRVING nee SAMMUT, married 1894 to Thomas Carlyle SKINNER


Angelica SAMMUT married 1887 to George WIKTONE


Annie SAMMUT married 1919 to Alfred E. SMITH


Carmela SAMMUT married 1888 to Augustin J. DALBY


Carmela SAMMUT married 1928 to Lawrence E. BIRKETT


Elizabeth SAMMUT married 1849 to Francis A. PORTELLY


Francesca SAMMUT married 1876 to George NEEDHAM


Gesualda SAMMUT married 1887 to Henry AUSTIN


Jessie Geraldine SAMMUT married 1887 to Algernon Winn CHALDECOTT


Julia SAMMUT married 1916 to Edward Ellis SMITH


Maria Carmela SAMMUT married 1878 to William HEMMINGS


Paolina M. SAMMUT married 1919 to William J. BIGNELL


Rosa SAMMUT married 1917 to Alfred E. SMITH


Annetta SAMUELE married 1881 to Henry SMART


Adelaide SANCASAN married 1845 to George BOSWARD


Giovanna SANCASAN married 1841 to William DAY


Salvina SANT married 1921 to Cyril S. REYNOLDS


Giovanna SANT CASSIA married 1841 to William DAY


Giovanna DAY, nee SANT CASSIA, married 1855 to Thomas WILLIAMS


Maria Carmela SAPIANO married 1832 to Thomas COLLINGS


Maria Dolores SARACINO married 1876 to John WADRELL


Annie SCARGALL married 1871 to Thomas WRIGHT


Virginia SCEBERRAS married 1856 to Henry Charles HARVEY


Lucy TYLER nee SCERRI married 1888 to Walter HIGBY


Rosina SCERRI married 1926 to Thomas J. WEST


Anna SCHEMBRI married to Alfred STIVENS


Antonia SCHEMBRI married 1862 to Charles J. SCARGALL


Carmela SCHEMBRI, married 1879 to James Charles CUNNINGTON


Concetta SCHEMBRI married 1875 to Robert GEDDES


Louisa SCHEMBRI married 1839 to Frederick William FRANZ


Maria SCHEMBRI married 1871 to Donald McINTOSH


Maria Rosaria SCHEMBRI married 1888 to William LAMACROFT


Marianna SCHEMBRI married 1868 to Arden Edward William FAUQUIER


Riccarda SCHEMBRI married 1889 to Edmund WILSON


Susanna Antonietta CAMILLERI nee SCHEMBRI married 1856 to Charles John SCARGALL


Vittoria SCHEMBRI married 1886 to Joseph SHEA


Elisabeth SCHRANZ married 1838/1839 to Anthony FORBES


Filomena SCIBERRAS married 1868 to William RECCHETS


Jessie SCIBERRAS married 1930 to William A. WEST


Josephine SCIBERRAS married 1916 to Alfred J. HUNT


Mary D. SCIBERRAS married 1924 to Daniel P. HART


Anne SCICLUNA married 1945 to Keith BAAL


Antonia SCICLUNA married 1857 to Henry HALFORD


Concetta SCICLUNA married 1887 to Benjamin HOADLEY


Emmanuela SCICLUNA married 1919 to Thomas MARTIN


Giovanna SCICLUNA married 1879 to Frederick G. DALEY


Maria SCICLUNA married 1838/1839 to Anthony BURN


Maria Anna SCIFO married 1874 to William RIDDELL


Marta SCIFO married 1915 to George W. PORTER


Giovanna SCIORTINO married 1921 to Walter BLABER


Maria SCOLARO married 1895 to Edwin Henry FERGUSON


Maria Antonia SCUDERO married 1842 to Matteo LEOPIMICH


Mary SEDLEY married 1840 to Timothy DALY


Tommasina Antonia SEDLEY married 1852 to Richard Cornwall LEGH


Margaret SEMINI married 1829 to George DALZEL


Concetta SERACINI married 1888 to William NEALE


Salvina SERADA married 1922 to James A. HERSEY


Jane SHILLINGLAW married 1884 to Salvatore GRECH


Henrietta H. SHOOT married 1877 to George BROOKMAN


Marianna SIENE married 1885 to William PHILIPS


Filippa SILLATO married 1929 to George A. SMITH


Jessie SILLATO married 1914 to Arthur READ


Salvina SILLATO married 1916 to Francis J. HALLETT


Elena SIMIANA married 1864 to James SOUTHWOOD


Carmela SINGERS married 1863 to Henry GRINTER


Antonia SISNER married 1855/1856 to Frederick Henry NELSON


Carmela SMITH married 1889 to James HARCKINS


Ellen Mary SMITH married 1885 to Cecil Godfrey WOOD


Margaret SMITH married 1864 to William RODGERS


Mary SOFIA married 1876 to Mark PORTMAN


Constance Adelaide SOLER married 1889 to George Thomas WELLS


Eliza SPATTARO married 1816 to William ELLSWORTH


Amelia SPEZIALI married 1888 to Walter Reid LYNE


Maria Emilia SPINELLI married 1869 to George CHRISTIE


Giovanna SPITERI married 1916 to James FORD


Giovanna SPITERI married 1916 to Ernest C. SMITH


Giuseppa SPITERI married 1869 to Abraham JARVIS


Giuseppa SPITERI married 1885 to James SCOTTMER


Josephine SPITERI married 1925 to Joseph SMITH


Margherita SPITERI married 1838 to Thomas RODGERS


Maria C. SPITERI married 1916 to Maximillian V. DORNEY


Maria Victoria SPITERI married 1879 to William James DARBY


Teresa SPITERI married 1879 to William Alfred SIMPSON


Antoinette Clarisse SPRAGUE married 1889 to Robert GRECY


Jemima SPROUL nee FILLERI married 1851 to Henry CALVERT


Mary Concetta STAGNO NAVARRA married 1941 to Douglas Colson Brown ROBERTSON


Eleonora Cecilia STAINES married 1865 to John Robert Rowlands WHITMARSH


Emilia STEELAY married 1863 to Edourado BLUNDELL


Josephine Covey STEVENS married 1849 to Giovanni CERIONE


Gratia Anna Maria STEVENSON nee MICALLEF married 1882 to Henry KING


Catherine Colonna STILON married 1840 to Edward Frederick GREEN


Maria STIVALA married to William Joseph ELLIS


Carmela STORACE married 1916 to Thomas W. BLAIR


Maria Concepta STORACE married to Thomas LYNCH


Mary LINCH nee STORACE married 1866 to John DACK


Mary BURKE nee STORACE married 1866 to William GUY


Vincentia STORACE married to John BURKE


Stella Maria SWIFT married 1880 to Achille POITET


Ann Jane SWINHOE married 1870 to George COUSIN


Maria TABONE married Ambrosius BAILEY


Maria C. TABONE married to Charles A. BYRANT


Maria R. TABONE married 1917 to Thomas E. CALES


Victoria TABONE married 1877 to John DRYLAND


Rosina TAGLIAFERRO married 1852 to Leonardo B. DILBERAGHU


Maria TAGLIATI married 1889 to Edward WIMBLE


Carmela TANTI married 1875 to Spiridione CIRIGOTTI


Giannina TANTI married 1864 to William HARDING


Maria Dolores TANTI married to Hender Eugenius FOSTER


Maria V. TANTI married 1916 to John J. DICKSON


Julia TAYLOR nee GAUCI married 1889 to John PICKUP


Maria Carmela TAYLOR married 1877 to Henry WILLIAMS


Maria Caterina TESTAFERRATA married 1839 to William Calamady NOWELL


Olympia TESTAFERRATA-ABELA married 1890 to Philip Francis KIRTON


Giuseppa TEUMA married 1916 to Henry COOPER


Mary TEUMA married 1916 to Charles PEARCE


Mariasena THEUMA married John COUSIN


Emilia THOMPSON married 1874 to John MAIR


Maria Carmela TOLEDO married 1872 to Frederick C. MUNRO


Rose Cecilia TOMLIN married 1945 to Hubert Steed SALISBURY


Giuseppa TONNA married 1882 to Alfred BAYLEY


Concetta S.P. TORNELLO married 1927 to Robert J.E. WIGLEY


Rosalia TRAMBLETT married 1856/1859 to Francesco X. PACE


Theodora TRIGANCE married to Stephen HAKEFIELD


Maria Anna TRIOLO married 1840/1842 to William HARRIS


Maria Carmela Michaelina Antonia Emmanuela Paula TROISI married 1880 to Henry WHITE


Francesca TURCIS married 1838 to Stephen Smith STAINES


Lucy TYLER nee SCERRI married 1888 to Walter HIGBY


Mary Ann SALSARO nee VALENTI married 1866 to Charles RODGERS


Martha Maria Ignacia VAN KEMPEN married 1816 to Henry DU VERNET


Teresa VARIOUS married 1819 to John LEVICK


Caroline VASSALLO married 1938 to Reginald Abel Pearce WHITE


Giuseppa VASSALLO married 1928 to Thomas W. TURNER


Giuditta VASSALLO married 1845 to Henry MORRIS


Maria D. VASSALLO married 1928 to Harold C. LEMAIRE


Paola VASSALLO married 1929 to Alfred G. PHIPPS


Paula VASSALLO married to Alfred Raphaele GILSON


Amelia Rosa VELLA married 1889 to Charles CHANDLER


Angiolina VELLA married 1862 to Henry NAUDI


Carmela VELLA married 1888 to Frederick HENDERSON


Carmela VELLA married 1915 to Robert J. WILKINSON


Concetta VELLA married 1877 to Henry BROWNRIGG


Emilia VELLA married to Carmelo DERBY


Francesca VELLA married 1874 to Robert BOWELL


Francesca VELLA married 1836 to Francois Louis Henri MARTINET


Giuseppina VELLA married 1854 to Charles BLENKINSOP


Margaret VELLA married 1903 to George Robert COOPER


Maria VELLA married 1848 to Frederick Henry BESSON


Maria VELLA married to John JOHNS


Maria Carmela VELLA married to John ENNESSEY


Maria Carmela VELLA married 1873 to John LYLE


Marianna VELLA married 1849 to Filippo REICHMAN


Marianna VELLA married 1886 to George CHAMPION


Marianna VELLA married 1925 to Charles A. BACON


Rosina VELLA married 1867 to George GARDNER


Sylvia VELLA married 1930 to William E. BURD


Catherine VIDAL married 1920 to James THOMPSON


Erminia VIOLLIER married 1855 to Salvatore PISANI


Benedicta VIRTU married to John Baptist NICOLAS


Elizabeth WALDROPE married 1853 to Carlo CARLIN


Margarita WALKER married 1858 to Vincenzo ATTARD


Annette Diana WARRINGTON married 1875 to Alfonso PREZIOSI


Elizabeth Mary WATSON married 1847 to Ignazio POMPEIANO


Catherine WEIN married 1880 to William COPELAND


Mary WILLIAMS married 1857 to Thomas MOORE


Giuseppa WILLIS nee BUSUTTIL married 1887 to Frederick KEITCH


Emily WILSON nee COLEIRO married 1872 to Samuel COOPER


Concetta XERRI married 1927 to William H. PERRY


Lucardia XERRI married 1883 to Arthur TAYLOR


Mary XERRI married 1918 to William BRADLEY


Gratia XIBERRAS married to John MONTIFORT


Emmanuela XUEREB married 1924 to Robert R. RENNEY


Giuseppa XUEREB married 1916 to Arthur S.J. SIMMONDS


Maria XUEREB married 1912 to William H. LOCK


Michelina XUEREB married 1880 to William BARBER


Orade XUEREB married 1875 to William SHERMOND


Rosa XUEREB married to John BELL


Stella XUEREB, married 1941 to Edmund DEAR


Victoria XUEREB married to George COOPER


Alessi ZAHRA married 1875 to James EVITWEEKS


Annunziata ZAHRA married 1916 to Percy JOHNSTON


Antonia ZAHRA married 1875 to James WOODWARD


Carmela ZAHRA married 1878 to John MILLS


Carmela ZAHRA married 1867 to Charles W. CHAPMAN


Concetta ZAHRA married 1870 to Richard HAMMETT


Giuseppa ZAHRA married 1890 to Stephen BREMCOMBE


Marianna ZAHRA married 1879 to Charles HINTINGFORD


Michelina ZAHRA married 1879 to Robert BISHOP


Rosaria ZAHRA married 1840/1842 to Edward HUNTER


Veronica ZAHRA married 1872 to Stephen BRIMACOMBE


Vincenza ZAHRA married 1850 to Samuel LOUGHRY


Vincenza LONGLEY nee ZAHRA married 1873 to George CLARK


Aloysia ZAMMIT married to James MOORE


Amalia ZAMMIT married 1925 to Gordon F. TILLYEN


Anna ZAMMIT married to Carolo BETTS


Anna ZAMMIT married 1928 to Lyndhurst STUDLEY


Anne LANGDON nee ZAMMIT married 1872 to Edward WORSLEY


Annetta ZAMMIT married 1917 to Henry A. BROOKSHAW


Annie ZAMMIT married 1921 to Frederick W. UNDERWOOD


Benedetta ZAMMIT married 1888 to John SMITH


Bibiana ZAMMIT married 1878 to Edward John COSHAN


Carmela ZAMMIT married to Francis McMAHON


Carmela ZAMMIT married 1852 to William GILLETT


Carmela ZAMMIT married 1861 to George PENTECOST


Carmela ZAMMIT married 1874 to James SIMONS


Carmela BORG nee ZAMMIT married 1897 to David MORRIS


Carmela ZAMMIT married 1920 to John E.C. CANN


Filomena ZAMMIT married 1872 to William ISMER


Felicita ZAMMIT married 1865 to Charles Alfred REY


Filomena ZAMMIT married 1880 to Thomas EASTOP


Giovanna ZAMMIT married 1845 to Richard SLYTHE


Giovanna ZAMMIT married 1882 to David HAWKINS


Lorenza STOKES nee ZAMMIT married 1894 to Thomas Burgess CHINERY


Maria ZAMMIT married to Robert Nicholas BECK


Maria ZAMMIT married 1843 to John NORRISH


Mary Ann ZAMMIT married 1865 to Alfred Thomas WHITE


Michelina ZAMMIT married 1876 to Robert WILLSHAM


Rosa ZAMMIT married 1835 John Andrew Caspar STRAUSS


Rosa ZAMMIT married to Charles DOHERTY


Rose BEVAN nee ZAMMIT married 1864 to Robert McCARTNEY


Rosina ZAMMIT married 1889 to George METCALFE


Teresa ZAMMIT married 1862 to William SLOPER


Ursola ZAMMIT married 1917 to Matthew WHITAKER


Vincenza ZAMMIT married 1883 to James Thomas BARNES


Carolina ZARB married 1878 to Giovanni BLESSA


Connie ZARB MIZZI married 1943 to Lieutenant LAIVIERA


Louisa ZERAFA married 1924 to George W. MAGUIRE


Teresa ZERAFA married 1929 to Herbert H. SANDLE


Victoria ZERAFA married 1929 to Edmund H.J. JONES


Giovanna ZIMELLI married 1842 to Simon ROSE


Teresa Josephina ZIMELLI married 1829 to John WARDLE


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