Maltese Seamen in the Royal Navy




Maltese seaman have served on board ships of the Royal Navy since at least the 1700ís. For the British Census years 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1901 the total number of men in the Royal Navy were 39,918 (327), 17,442 (256), 29,552 (463) and 27,965 (439) respectively. The numbers in brackets show the number of men who gave Malta as their place of birth.

Whilst the vast majority of men were of Maltese ancestry a small number were descendants of British servicemen or residents, as their surnames clearly show. 


Abaia - Azzopardi

Bailey - Borda

Borg - Buttigieg

Cabisco - Coleiro

Colejio - Every

Fabri - Goti






Gouder - Lynch

Mackay - Micallif

Mically - Nowell

O'Brien - Rubinich

Sacca - Szliendo

Tabona - Uings

Valencia - Zicluna

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