The Muslim Cemetery at Paola

The cornerstone of the Islamic Centre in Paola was laid on 2nd July 1978 by Colonel Muammar Al-Qadhafi, of Libya, when he was on a State Visit to Malta. The buildings were completed in 1982. The Centre comprises a Mosque capable of holding around 500 worshippers, and the Mariam Albatool Primary and Secondary Schools. They were officially opened 19th November 1984 by Colonel Muammar Al-Qadhafi.




In July 2006 a cemetery was opened adjacent to the Centre, and to date there are two burials:

Suleiman Ismail ABUBAKER, from the Sudan. Died 10th June 2009 in Mater Dei Hospital, aged 28 years. He was involved in a dispute in Paceville and received injuries from which he died. His funeral was held on 16th June.

Abdulrah Abdalla GEDI, a Somali, was drowned and his body was recovered from the sea and brought back to Malta for burial. His funeral was held on 1st August 2008. He was working on board the fishing vessel Simshar which left Marsaxlokk to go to sea on Monday 7th July 2008. Due to a catastrophe the boat sank. The Captain was rescued after having spent several days in the water. Two Maltese crewmen and the Captain's 11 year old son were drowned. The men's bodies were recovered and brought back to Malta for burial, but the boy's body was never found.

Carkbaly OUSMAN, born in Mali, died 1st January 2010 in Mater Dei Hospital, aged 29 years

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