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About me: I have spent over thirty years in engineering and the events of the last nine years came as quite a contrast. On top of my technical and scientific background I have regained (from other times) many of my non-physical abilities. I now posses a degree of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience and am able to see, feel and hear non-physical energies. Occasionally I have seen peoples other lives and had access to the Akasha, the Akashic Records. These events are recorded in a diary of well over half a millions wordsso far and still running. "Remembering Lorelei" (a mere 130,000 words) is just the beginning of that; up to the summer of 1994.

The only near equivalent book is "The Bridge Across Forever" the autobiography of Richard Bach (of "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" fame), about him meeting his Soulmate, Leslie Parrish, until recently, Leslie Parrish Bach, his wife. It is a very rare book, truly about Soulmates, like mine. Even then I have the Legend connection on top of that. It also fits with a type of film that Shirley MacLaine wrote, in "Dancing in the Light", had never been made, at least not properly.

Several years ago Spirit (those on the Upper Plane) prompted me to write a Spiritual or Psychic "C.V.", which is reproduced on this Web Site, as is a collection of Anecdotes of Experiences.

More recently there have been interesting developments. One was related to the Legend and Tourism in that I came across Echo Germanica, a Canadian Web Site. In an article headed "Castles and Legends and the Lure of the Lorelei", the Site has a complete version of the lyrics of Heinrich Heine's 1823 poem, as translated in 1820 by American novelist and traveller Mark Twain as well as pointing out that this year, 2002, Germany celebrates 200 years of tourism on the Rhine. The second was help, partly, largely, unexpected, from both the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Nationwide Building Society; details later but certainly both were encouraging in their own way.

St Faith Church, Havant, has played a significant part in our story. The Church is currently appealing for funds for restoration work, though the beginning of that work is imminent, more financial support is needed. I would like to offer my support for that work. For more information about the Church and our connection with it please see the St Faith Church Page on this Site.

At the end of May 2002, I met a group of people endeavouring to raise funds for Wayne Howard of Southampton to have an operation in Germany. In view of my usual and unique connections with Germany (Marie Rheinhart and Lorelei), I thought it would be appropriate to include a Page on this Site for Wayne Howard as my way of, hopefully, contributing to that fund raising. Please read Wayne's story while you are here by clicking the Link in this paragraph, or at the bottom of the Site Index to the left.

I now have the beginnings of a professional Web Site as well, with a temporary page attached to this Site.

Jo: My wife in this life is Jo. In this life we have been together over thirty years. We met in Clacton-on-sea, Essex, later moving to Surrey. For almost twenty of those years together we have lived in Havant, Hampshire.

Jo and I have been together before though I have, as yet, not recalled the details, other than from a glimpse of one other life a few centuries ago, though am not entirely sure about the connections, yet. Jo has been enormously supportive in the very difficult circumstances imposed on us - see below and elsewhere.

Lorelei: My Soulmate of at least forty millennia, Lorelei, arrived on the scene in 1992, though remains discarnate during this life of mine. That does not prevent her working with me, as my fellow Healer, plus Cathy, my Guardian Angel, in and around Havant, as well as other parts of Hampshire.

If I accept the events and memories of the last ten years, my Lorelei is the person behind the German Legend, the Rhine Legend. During that lifetime, I was Kurt Langerhan, a huntsman. However, Lorelei is nothing like the Legend, at least as it is perceived outside Germany, other than being a tall, slim soprano with long dark hair and a wicked (though in no way malicious) sense of humour. Some of my healer colleagues (particularly Judy Diaper, of Purbrook, Hampshire), and others, have met her. In addition, Craig Hamilton-Parker, well known Medium and Psychic, has no problems with who Lorelei is and even included us in one of his recent books, "The Psychic Casebook".

Cathy: My Guardian Angel is Cathy. I had been aware of her presence, and seen her, but did not realise who she was until three years, or so, ago. A stronger connection was made with the assistance of Liz Merritt, one of my Healer friends. Since then, I have seen Cathy on numerous occasions, quite apart from knowing she is around.

For other matters on Angels see the reference to Liz Merritt on Cathy's Web Page.

"Remembering Lorelei" - The Book: This is the story of how Lorelei came into this life of mine (though parts of other lives entered into this one) and covers the period up to the summer of 1994. It also includes, other events in my life, the spectacular ones and the more mundane, plus the beginnings of the Technology Diversification Centre project and some of my other engineering involvements.

Lives Remembered: So far, I have remembered, or been shown, about fifteen of my other lives and a similar number of Lorelei's with a dozen of those being when we were together. My "roles" have varied from a relatively high ranking Roman Civil Servant with responsibilities for the Army, to a Roman Soldier, an Apothecary in Arthurian England and a Nineteenth Century Naval Officer. Apart from the Arthurian life the most detail I have seen was of us as Frank and Marjorie Lomas, Royalist Farmers during the English Civil War.

Healing: Over the last nine years I have regained (from other times) my healing abilities as well as a range of associated non-physical and psychic abilities. I now practice healing at Centres and Groups in Emsworth and Havant. Invariably, this is now a three-handed affair as both Lorelei and Cathy work with me.

Jeanne D'Arc: In June 1994, I had what might best be described as an unforgettable meeting, when I saw someone while sitting in St Faith's Church, Havant. At the time I had no idea who the person was, even though the detail was immense. (My description of her amounted to two A4 pages of typescript when I wrote it up later.) Long before she sat next to me, in St Faith's a few weeks later, I had seen her standing behind Leigh who I had been told, very definitely, who she was.

Diana, Princess of Wales: Most people are aware of the events of August and September 1997. Few know who I saw in the Lady Chapel of Chichester Cathedral on the afternoon of 6th September 1997. I was not expecting to see her and it was Lorelei who pointed her out to me. There were also connections with one of Liz Merritt's Meditation Evenings and another Group I attended at the time. That was quite apart from the link between Mary, Diana and Mother Theresa.

Marie Rheinhart: In the early 1990s, a mutual friend, Trevor, introduced me to Marie Rheinhart (a pseudonym). Although Marie visited Portsmouth, not long afterwards, it was something of a flying visit and circumstances were such that I missed her. However, I know something about Marie, her home and family, her hobbies and interests as well as the countryside near her house. Marie is a telepath. I have yet to meet Marie, physically, or visit her Country, in this lifetime. (We seem to have met in other times. "Upstairs" once told me, "She is a blast from the past", the past being a few hundred years, at least.)

Coincidences: There is no such thing as a coincidence. Some that have happened to me, the most significant, are in this Web Site. They include a run of seven involving "Unchained Melody", Lorelei and myself, one giving me the title of the Book, plus a fascinating encounter with a special employee of the Bank that claimed to offer "Legendary Services", but went back on agreements and pressurised Jo during major surgery.

My Family: Understandably, my family does not find the spiritual and non-physical events described in this Web Site, quite apart from the vast number of others, particularly easy to understand, or to cope with. There have been times when I found it hard to take in, even though I was the one actually experiencing the events. There are compensations. Last May my Father was in Hospital after his final stroke. I saw my maternal Grandparents, late Uncle Ted, late Uncle Bill and my Father's Guardian Angel at the head of the bed, plus Lorelei and Cathy at the foot of it. He passed over hours later. I spoke to him the next morning in his bathroom and have done so since then, in St Faith's Church, Havant.

Directory of Related Links: A few useful and related Web Sites, Webrings, etc. These range from Spiritual and Psychic to Soulmates, Angels, the Legend and Related Poems, and The Rhine, to Havant and its Twin Towns, as well as Hampshire generally plus Chichester which ahs been the location of several significant events over the years.

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Talks, Healing and Consultations

Lorelei and I are available for Talks, Healing and Consultations. Please contact us at the address below.


 Past Events

Lorelei, Cathy and were present at a Psychic Fair, organised by New Horizons Promotions at the Bear Hotel Havant, on Saturday and Sunday the 20th and 21st January 2001.

In April, Liz Merritt and I went to a meeting of the Open Mind Group in Bognor Regis. It was a talk by Tonika Rinar on various matters to do with other lives "time travel" and connected subjects. As Liz said, "She is a character".

More importantly for me, in a sense, was a conversation with Melanie and Tony Gambrill of Sussex Alternative Connections and their Web Site.

Details of and connections to Sussex Alternative Connections and Tonika Rinar's Site are on the Directory of Related Links Page

Last April I met Melanie Gambrill again at an Event organised by Sussex Alternative Connections, at Portslade Town Hall, near Brighton in Sussex. An outcome of our conversation was to firm up an idea I had been considering for some time, a complementary Web Site to Sussex Alternative Connections for my own geographical area. Melanie was extremely supportive and tat project is now underway. Details should appear here during August or soon afterwards.


Developments on the Healing Front

A few months ago we established a Healing Group at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. This takes place in the Social Club on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Details are on the Healing and Healing Groups Page.

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Germany, Tourism and Business

The Portsmouth and Southeast Hampshire Chamber of Commerce were kind enough to arrange for me to meeting Dr Jur. Bernd Atenstaedt, Deputy Director General of the German-British Chamber, at the local Chamber's Offices.

He was very taken aback, as everyone else is, by the way a major engineering project I had spent several years setting up for the region had been wrecked. However, apart from discussing the possibility of seeking "White Knights" to help me resurrect the Project, that was not the main point of the meeting.

After asking him if he thought I was sane, from an entirely humorous point of view, of course, I told him about my other aspect. He had no trouble accepting the healing involvement as his son is a medical Doctor, and a broad minded one at that. He also has family connections with Brunel University, which he knows very well and respects, and whose staff supported my project so magnificently.

I was told that Lorelei is not just a Legend in Germany but part of the Country's history, something she neglected to remind me of herself. Within minutes we were talking about Lorelei as if she was a mutual acquaintance rather than my Soulmate and an important figure in my new German colleague's history and culture. He said that every German knew about her. That made our conversation even more enjoyable, as well as being extremely useful.

Dr Atenstaedt brought up the connections with Richard Wagner, the Ring Cycle and Legends connected with the River Rhine in general.

The most obvious combination of English/British Legend and history, which struck me as being comparable, was Robin Hood. I knew Lorelei was "big" in Germany but, obviously, not how big.

Along with my healer colleagues, I see Lorelei as being tall and slim with blue eyes and long dark hair. To the German Nation she is the same but with blond hair. Lorelei's reaction was simply that you get bored with the same colour hair after a few hundred years.

Germany wishes to increase tourism from Britain, so there is interest from that point of view alone. As I pointed out (probably unnecessarily) I am currently English/British and Lorelei is/was German so there are distinct publicity possibilities which certainly cannot do trade and tourism any harm, quite the reverse I would have thought.

Since eighty percent of the events in my diary and the book manuscript happened in the Portsmouth, Havant, Hayling Island and Chichester area, that should be of interest to the tourism organisations of the South of England. That is quite part from Lorelei, Cathy and myself being active in the region at the present time.

Overall, it was an extremely helpful meeting that was arranged and hosted by the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry whose staff have remained consistently helpful.

Moreover, since then I have discovered that this year, 2002, is the 200th Anniversary of the beginning of the promotion of tourism on the Rhine. Soon afterwards the Rhine was to become a "de rigueur" part of the Grand Tour of Europe as conducted by Lord Byron, Mark Twain and others.

In fact Mark Twain wrote about Lorelei, though only from the Legend point of view, of course, and only from the non-German view of the Legend.

The classic connection between the Legend and literature is Heinrich Heine's poem "Die Lorelei", which has been set to music and is widely known in Germany.

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Richard Bach

In the manuscript of "Remembering Lorelei" there are references to Richard Bach and his books. Each Chapter has a couple of what it is hoped are relevant quotations which I have found memorable, inspiring, or caught my attention in some other way. Several of those are from Richard Bach's works. Some such quotations are included in this Site, which is still growing.

Richard Bach and I have a few things in common. We have the same first name; we both have Soulmates (in the real sense of the term) his being incarnate, mine discarnate; we both have a technical background (he is an ex-USAF pilot, I am a Chartered Engineer); we share an appreciation of the limitations of physical science and the nature of Real Reality.

We have also both been through difficult times, he as the result of actions by his financial advisers he trusted (see his autobiography, "The Bridge Across Forever"), me by people I trusted.

As Richard Bach had made a great deal of money from the success of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", he lost a fortune. Although I did not have a fortune to lose, I still sustained great financial loss and the cost has been immense in several other ways as well.

Where we differ is that my Soulmate is a Legend. That has taken me a long while to which to acclimatise, or try to do so. I would be fascinated to know what the other Richard makes of it.

Our story also fits with a particular type of film that Shirley MacLaine wrote had never been made, certainly not satisfactorily - see Chapter 11 of Shirley MacLaine's book, "Dancing in the Light".

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Tim King and the Broken Arm

On Friday 2nd February we received a 'phone call from Tim. He was at Gatwick Airport, having returned from his snowboarding holiday in Bulgaria with a Broken arm. The coincidences surrounding Tim's "adventures" are also recorded on the Coincidences Web Page.

Tim was in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, by that evening and had an operation about mid-morning on the next day.

I asked Lorelei and Cathy to be with Tim and received the slightly exasperated and ripe response from Lorelei, "I'm already on the case!"

While Jo, Josephine Jehu and I were visiting Tim late on the Saturday, I relaxed, closed my eyes and began giving Tim healing, while sitting at the foot of the bed. Cathy was standing on his left, massaging his right hand. Lorelei was behind my left shoulder, her hands held high and pouring energy into Tim's arm from about eight feet away.)

(Healers have to be careful in Hospitals and ask permission; at least you do if you are doing anything visible. Obviously, no-one saw Lorelei and Cathy. Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has yet to invest in Angel detectors.)

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