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For several reasons I have compiled a few brief descriptions of experiences from the manuscript of "Remembering Lorelei and direct from my diaries. Every one of these actually happened. Every person is entirely real, though for reasons of confidentiality I have used pseudonyms for some of those people to whom we gave healing. (The pseudonyms are given in parenthesis in the headings; the other names are those persons real names.)


The following is a small selection of the many incidents that have taken place over the last few years. Most of those, including the ones related here, have taken place in Havant, Emsworth, the surrounding area and Hampshire generally.


In the manuscript for my book "Remembering Lorelei" I have used the convention "" for vocalised speech and «» for non-vocalised speech and thoughts. The same convention has been applied to these notes.




Judy and Lorelei

From the point of view of seeing Lorelei, the clearest was Judy Diaper, a fellow healer, though others have certainly sensed Lorelei's presence.

Lorelei is often with me and always joins me when I attended the Healing Groups in Havant and Emsworth.

Several months ago, Judy was one of those giving me healing, at the Havant NFSH Centre, to help cope with the stresses of the loss of the project on which I had worked for five years and related matters.

Afterwards Judy and I were having our usual post-healing conversation when she asked,

"When did you notice your friend turn up?"

Lorelei was standing on my left as I replied,

"She was there when were talking before you started giving me healing."

Then I asked, mostly out of curiosity,

"Judy, as a matter of interest, how do you see her?"

"Oh, tall, slim with a blue dress and dark hair," replied Judy.

Then Judy added,

"I thought her hair was short but she must have had it tied up last week."

Judy's description of Lorelei was as I see her, even to the extent of mentioning that Lorelei had her long hair tied up behind when she had been with me and Judy had seen her the previous week. Judy had also noticed Lorelei's presence on both occasions without me saying anything about her being there.

In view of the Legend connection, as well as for other reasons, I asked,

"What do you think of Lorelei? What are you sensing?"

"I have the impression of a beautiful and extremely powerful person," replied Judy, adding, "And a very strong sense of humour."

Judy said that what also struck her was what she variously described, afterwards, as giggling and laughter, an infectious sense of humour, nothing condescending but pleasant and warm. It was a feeling with which Lorelei had left Judy could recall, and still feel, with ease, even many weeks later.

Recently, we ended one of our Healing Group evenings, as usual, by sending absent healing to a number of people. We do this by forming a circle round a candle. On that evening, Judy was immediately to my left.

As we finished Judy asked,

"Did you feel that, the energies between us. They are changing. The tide is turning."

(The latter comment was in relation to what had been done to me by Havant, the wrecking of my project.)

The energies were certainly very strong and I had noticed something but was uncertain what the difference was.

As we left the building Judy said (referring to Lorelei),

"Oh, she's wearing pink tonight."

Judy was right and, afterwards, Lorelei came home with me in my car, the bright pink of her dress a clear image in the passenger seat beside me.


Judy has also noticed Lorelei's presence at other times when I have not been with her; for example at Judy's house, which I have never visited. Judy does not wish to go into detail about those more "private" occasions, at least not for the time being, though they have all been pleasant.


That Judy is a member of with the Liberal Catholic Church, as well as being psychically gifted, particularly in the visual sense, explains why she saw Lorelei so clearly.

Note that the Liberal Catholic Church has no connection with the Roman Catholic Church, other than a similar name and a Christian basis. The Liberal Catholics are, however, very much closer to true understanding. They accept the non-physical and see it in much the same way that my healer colleagues and I do, including persons in the non-physical worlds and healing energies. A Bishop I have met once mentioned witnessing a person leave their body at the physical death of that body.

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Lene and Lorelei


At the Havant NFSH Centre, one evening, Lene Foot, a healer colleague, was feeling a little unwell. During a conversation she asked if I could sense anything about what was wrong. I did pick up a few things and told her.

Later, while Lene was receiving healing, Lorelei asked me to make some notes for her. It amounted to a few points and suggestions for Lene that she might find useful. Lene was experiencing further significant developments with her healing and psychic abilities. She also had a physical life to lead, obviously, and the initial suggestions were connected with how to cope with the two.

I wrote the notes as Lorelei dictated them, starting each on a new line. She asked it to end, "Gentle does it. Love, Lorelei".

I pointed out that the term was, "Gently does it", but Lorelei insisted on the phrase being written her way, so I complied.

When I showed Lene, afterwards, it transpired that Lene originates from a village in Dorset where they always say, "Gentle does it". I had never encountered the phrase being put that way before.

Even I still doubt some of these events at times. That is often the sort of thing that happens when I do.

The next evening, when I saw Lene again, at the Probationer Healers' Group, she said she had dowsed the note I had given her on the basis of going over each of the points in turn.

"After the, 'Gently does it', quotation I believe what happened," I said.

Lene said that, in her dowsing, she had asked,

"Is this right for me?"

Each time the answer had been, "Yes".

Lene said she also asked,

"Did Richard write this?", to which the response was, "No";

"Did little Lorelei write this?", "Yes".

My own response, as Lene finished telling me this, was a wry,

"She's not so little, she's five foot ten!"

It was a fascinating confirmation, though the "Gentle does it" phraseology of the previous evening had already convinced me.

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Valerie "shakes hands" with Lorelei


While in Havant I often visited the ASBAH Charity Shop where Jo, my wife, helped. On one such occasion, Valerie Johnston was looking after the shop, together with Lorna.

During the ensuing conversation it became very apparent that Valerie was feeling extremely depressed.

My left side was tingling as it invariably did when I had a strong non-physical connection. On that occasion, I felt Lorelei's presence.

I was prompted me to make a suggestion that I felt would help Valerie.

"Valerie," I said, "Hold out your hand as if you are gong to shake hands with someone."

Somewhat sceptical as ever even I wondered if what I was doing would result in anything happening, other than mild embarrassment for me.

However, Valerie, slightly nervously, I believe, did as I suggested.

I was sceptical, as ever, wondering if I had done the right thing. I need not have been concerned about that.

Valerie's reaction was fascinating.

It was somewhere between a pleasant surprise and a shock with her saying little more than,


She smiled, broadly, and certainly looked a great deal happier than she had been.

Afterwards, Valerie said,

"I didn't feel anything in my arm, just a beautiful feeling of warmth and calmness from my waist to above my head."

It was the first time I had known anyone "shake hands" with a discarnate person but the effects were pleasant, tangible and very rewarding. It had certainly helped Valerie.

It seems that Lorelei helped Valerie on other occasions as well, when I was not with her. That included helping Valerie get to sleep when she was having difficulty in doing so. As I recall subsequent conversations, Valerie had specifically asked Lorelei for such help, and me in the absent healing sense, and received it. To some extent at least, Valerie seemed to have linked with me without me noticing, though a large part of what she had received was most likely down to Lorelei.

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Jo and Lorelei


During 1996, Jo, my wife, was having medical problems, which resulted in her being advised to have a hysterectomy. The operation took place in March 1997.

I drove Jo to St Mary's Hospital, in Portsmouth, at about 8.00 a.m. on the day it had been arranged for her to go in for the operation. It was a Wednesday.

By midday, we were still waiting to find out what was happening. We reached the stage where it did not look as if Jo would be having the operation that day and she had not even been assigned a bed. In addition, Jo had a drink that she was offered, because it was so late, and the member of staff who brought it doubted that the operation would take place until the following day, or later.

By about 1.00 p.m. the Hospital staff had informed us that Jo would be operated on that day after all and I left her not long afterwards.

All I knew was that Jo's operation would be near the end of the day's list but not when it would take place. The Hospital staff advised me to telephone about six o'clock when they expected that they might be able to tell me how Jo was getting on.

When I arrived home, I wanted to do what I could to help Jo, so I spent he afternoon laying on our bed and tuning in to Jo to be with her in my own way. Except for a brief interruption when our neighbour, Eileen Young, knocked on the door to ask how Jo was, I stayed upstairs all afternoon.

From slightly after 3.00 p.m. I saw Jo in the operating theatre with Lorelei standing a little above and in front of her. Intense white light was streaming out of Lorelei's hands and straight into Jo. Lorelei maintained this until about a quarter to four.

The light was the white light, spiritual white that I had seen on a few previous occasions. It is the intense white that people often see during near death experiences as well as other spiritual experiences and events. The light is intense to the extent that it should be blinding but is not. Once seen there is no mistaking that light.

An equivalent light in the physical world sense certainly would be. (Lorelei almost always uses pink light. It is her colour, the colour of love. Very occasionally, I have seen Lorelei use other colours. On no more than two other occasions has she ever used white. Jo's operation was the first time and it was by far the most intense.)

From then until about a quarter past four, Lorelei was sitting above and away from Jo. She was leaning back slightly, with her arms folded in front of her and her legs crossed, completely relaxed. Between the two of them was what I can only really describe as a bent pink cloud, a sort of "L" shape of pink haze. They were still very well connected.

By half past four, I was happy. Any great worry about Jo had gone.

When I telephoned the Hospital at six o'clock they said that Jo had her operation during the afternoon and that I could go in to see her after seven o'clock. However, I was told that she would be sleeping, as she would not have had time to recover from the anaesthetic.

When I arrived, Jo was awake, though, obviously, did not feel like saying very much. We spoke but not a great deal under the circumstances, though she did seem to be progressing quite well.

On the way home, I called to see Valerie Johnston, a colleague of Jo's at the local ASBAH Charity Shop. Valerie lives in a flat in Leigh Park, Havant, but does not have a telephone.

I told Valerie that Jo was all right as well as what had happened with Jo and Lorelei that afternoon.

"That's nice," said Valerie, "But I'm not too surprised."

"Nor am I, really," I said, "It's just that most people can't get their minds round me having a Soulmate and a wife. They seem to think there is some sort of clash, even though I m sure that on the non-physical level at least, there is no such thing. Besides, we are all members of the same Soul family."

Then, I added,

"Actually, the way Lorelei helped Jo she seems to regard her as more of a sister than a rival."

«Celestial Sister!» responded Lorelei, immediately correcting me.

"Lorelei just said 'Celestial Sister'," I told Valerie, almost laughing.

"I had not thought of it that way but it seems an appropriate term," I added, "At that level there is definitely no rivalry. Rather than animosity, Lorelei has a great deal of love for Jo."

"That does not surprise me," responded Valerie.

The next day, Thursday, I went to see Jo just after lunchtime. She was wide-awake but still feeling the after effects of the anaesthetic.

On the Friday, I visited Jo a little after lunch, again. As I walked down the Ward I noticed that she was propped up by pillows with a book resting on her pulled up knees.

While I was still several feet from her bed she suddenly looked up and, speaking very brightly, said,

"Hello, you've got a new woman. "

It transpired that, not only was Jo feeling a great deal better, she had been out of bed that morning and showered, entirely by herself.

On the Saturday Jo was feeling even better.

About 10.00 a.m. on the Sunday morning, the telephone rang. It was Jo asking me to collect her from the Hospital and bring her home. At the time, I had a photographer with me from the local newspaper in connection with something I had written. They wanted a photograph of me to publish as well.

I went to the hospital as soon as I could, after the photographer had taken her photographs and left.

Jo had no problems in walking down the stairs, along the corridors and out to the Hospital car park.

It was one o'clock, or thereabouts, by the time we arrived home.

Later that afternoon Jo went upstairs and washed her hair.

On Monday morning, she had a bath, entirely by herself, and everyday thereafter, of that week.

Jo is lightly built but fit. She has only been into hospital to have our son and daughter and for that particular operation. However, I am not in any doubt that Lorelei made a significant contribution to the speed of her recovery.


When we discussed the day of the operation, some time afterwards, Jo said it was about a quarter to three when she had been taken to the operating theatre. It transpired that the timings of what I had seen fitted with what had happened at the Hospital to within minutes.


A few weeks after her operation, Jo and I were watching television one evening when she winced. That was just after the start of a Geoff Hamilton gardening programme and Jo was experiencing considerable pain in her abdomen. She asked if I could do anything to help. It is usually more difficult for a healer to work with someone to whom they are very close.


While I was thinking about how best to approach the matter Lorelei appeared on the other side of the room, some three feet to the right of the television. She held her hands up, a little above shoulder level, and white light streamed from them, straight into Jo. I felt the energy down my left side even though I was not directly in line with it.


I thought it better to just get out of the way, so I sat back, well clear of Jo and watched the rest of the programme. As the credits went up at the end of the programme I asked Jo how she was feeling.

Her reaction was, "What, ...Oh, that, its gone. "


The pain had gone, been taken away, so completely that Jo had long before forgotten about it.



At that time, we were going through a very difficult period. The Bank we were with t the time went back on its word and put us under a great deal of pressure, even though they knew that Jo was going into hospital for a comparatively serious operation.

The Bank in question was Lloyds Bank. It was also when they were advertising their "Legendary Services", though they could not even provide a passable service for the Soulmate of a "Legend" let alone the Legendary Service they claimed.

There is also a fascinating coincidence involving Lloyds bank, the horse in the advertisements, and the daughter of the owner of the horse, though that is too long to include here.

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Healing Brenda's Shoulder


On another occasion, I called in at the ASBAH Shop while on my way to Havant Railway Station. I was due to attend a meeting in London at one of the major Engineering Institutions and had simply gone into the shop to see Jo on the way.

As I walked into the shop Jo said,

"I am glad you called in, I wondered if you could help Brenda with something."

Brenda Shelverton was the Manageress of the shop and I was expecting to be asked to help move boxes of stock or something else relatively heavy.

"Brenda has a painful shoulder and wondered if you could give her some healing," Jo added.

By that time Brenda had appeared from the back of the shop and heard what Jo was saying.

"Hello, Richard," said Brenda, then, indicating her left shoulder, added, "It's this one."

I held my left hand near her shoulder and felt round it, in the non-physicals sense.

"There is a large hot ball shape round it," I said, describing what I was feeling in terms of the disturbance in her aura.

"Can you do anything with it?" she asked.

"I could," I said, "But I have a train to catch in a few minutes. I can't go on a later one, as that would make me late for the meeting. However, what I could do, instead, is to give you some absent healing while I am on my way to London."

"Could you?" asked Brenda.

"Let's try it and see what happens," I suggested.

By that time, I realised that Lorelei had joined me. Her presence was unmistakable.

«I will stay with her,» said Lorelei.

I had no doubt of that. My problem was how to tell Brenda and what she would make of it if I did.

On three occasions, before I left he shop, I nearly said to Brenda, "Someone will being staying with you", but decided against it.

After I had left the shop and started to walk towards the Station I hesitated a couple of times and almost went back to tell her but, in the end, did not do so.

For most of the first hour on the train I was going through some paperwork, so I was well into the journey by the time I settled back in my seat and linked in with Brenda. By then I was between Guildford and London and the time was about eleven thirty.

Very quickly, I felt a strong connection. The flow of energy was considerable and I was aware that Lorelei was with Brenda.

I had regretted not telling Brenda that Lorelei would stay with her so, at one stage I said to Lorelei,

«Tell Brenda you are there. Make your presence felt. »

Lorelei and I spent almost half an hour channelling healing for Brenda, then I returned to the conventional world and continued with my journey and meeting.

That evening I received a telephone call from Brenda, some time after nine o'clock.

"You needn't come into the shop tomorrow," said Brenda, "Most of the pain has gone. It went at about quarter past nine this evening."

"The pain has not gone completely?" I queried.

"No," replied Brenda, "I can still feel it a little but it is much better than it was. Thank you."

Then Brenda added,

"It was odd really, I was upstairs in the stock room this afternoon and had to keep looking over my shoulder. I felt sure there was someone else there with me."

"Oh," was about all I could say for a while as I was puzzled by the time difference.

Then I said,

"I expect that was Lorelei. She said she would help as well."

After the conversation, I was still puzzled. I had joined Lorelei, from the train, to channel healing to Brenda during the latter part of the morning. Brenda had felt Lorelei's presence during the afternoon. The pain had finally left her, or at least most of it had, well into the evening. I wondered why there were such large differences in time.

At that point Lorelei, well aware of my thoughts, dropped in with the explanation,

"When you do that sort of thing you go out of the physical world, out of time, and you don't necessarily come back in at the same place.

«That makes sense, » I thought, though I wondered what conventional mainstream scientists would think of it. At the quantum physics level it would probably be acceptable but the general run of scientist would probably have a great deal of trouble with such a notion.

I had been involved with healing long enough to know that there were time differences between healing being channelled and the effect but the events of that day seemed to involve a little more than that.

The physical world is an illusion, as is time. At least they are in Real Reality terms. So, when you come out of the illusion, even if only part of you is involved, there can be discrepancies on re-entering the illusion.

On the following evening, at the Healing Group, I told Lene Foot, a fellow healer, what had happened with Brenda, Lorelei and myself, as well as Lorelei's explanation.

"Oh, differences in time are quite common with healing," said Lene, not the least bit surprised, adding, "I thought you knew that."

"I did," I agreed, "It's just that this seemed a little different and in a way more complex. It was the three times, morning, afternoon and evening, plus Lorelei being involved."

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Lorelei joins me for a journey to a Business Meeting


During the summer of 1998, before travelling to an important business and technical event, I needed to go into Havant. While there, I spent a few minutes in St Faith's Church, as I often do, on my own. Initially, that was the case that day, until I realised that Lorelei was sitting on my left, smartly turned out in a bright blue jacket and skirt. In many ways, it looked like quite a formal outfit.

Her response to my surprise was, simply,

«Well, we are going to a meeting, aren't we?»

Before leaving Havant, I called at the ASBAH Charity Shop, which resulted in a conversation with Valerie Johnston and Lorna.

Lorelei was standing next to me as I told them what had happened in St Faith's Church and that she was coming with me to the meeting.

That day I had borrowed my daughter Emma's car, as ours was in for its annual MoT and with Eric Hoffman, who looks after our cars.

When she bought it Emma was partly attracted by the number plate, which includes the letters HEL, effectively, "hell on wheels".

My thoughts on that matter as we drove north, out of Havant and past Rowlands Castle, brought the wry, amusing response from Lorelei,

«Yes, and I'm hell on wings.»

The meeting was at a site where security requirements are such that they need to know of proposed visits in advance. Needless to say, the security staff showed no concern over Lorelei.

When I arrived in the meeting room, my left side felt the usual mild tingling sensation of Lorelei's presence and I continued to feel it for at least three quarters of the duration of the meeting. No one else noticed, of course.

Eric 'phoned that evening, to let us know how our Cavalier had faired in its test. During the conversation, I mentioned that I was getting used to driving Emma's Fiesta.

"Well it is a bit different," said Eric, "Apart from the gear box, it has a longer stick than a Cavalier. Your hand moves further and you can end up feeling your passenger's knees."

That brought an immediate response from me,

"I was! To make sure she was there!"

That was, literally, true. If I doubted my other senses I could always feel Lorelei's aura. The aura of a discarnate person is, in some ways, different from that of an incarnate person. For example, there is a difference of polarity between the etheric fields of the two, which is not just the physical world's positive and negative, there being rather more to it than that. In Lorelei's case it is more a matter of feeling a body shape with the texture of an aura.

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"Vera" and Lorelei


One evening, at Emsworth Haven Relaxation and Healing Group, we helped Vera, a fellow healer. Vera lost her teenage daughter to bowel cancer a few years ago and, that evening, she was feeling the affects of a bad back and had problems with her stomach. In addition, she had accidentally shut her right hand in a car door a couple of days previously and it was still very painful.

I felt that I needed assistance. This was in the early days of Lorelei and Cathy both working with me so I specifically asked for their help.

My usual method of working is to place my hands on the person's shoulders while I tune in. I then go to The Highest and ask that I may be a perfect healing channel and that the person concerned receives what is best for them.

After that I check the primary chakras (energy centres) and then the alignment of energise in the person's back and limbs. This is in accordance with the practice of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. After that, I proceed as Upstairs guides me.

On this occasion, I saw Lorelei standing in front of Vera with pink light streaming out of the palms of her hands as usual. However, this time, she was leaning over slightly so that her hands were one above the other instead of side by side. The energy was going into Vera's spine where it produced a series of very bright white flashes.

While aligning energies in Vera's limbs I came to her right hand and saw two other hands, one underneath Vera's and one above. The latter, also a right hand, had two silver rings, on the third and fourth fingers. Both of the rings were silver. The one on the fourth finger was plain and slim while the other was thicker with a high, pointed dark stone in a carved mounting. The hands holding Vera's were Cathy's, the first time I had seen them so close or in such detail.

After aligning energies and while following Upstairs' guidance, I rarely need to look where I am going or putting my hands to any great extent. I do not need physical contact for healing ands rarely use it. So, my eyes are closed for at least seventy to eighty percent of the time.

At times, I still tend to doubt what I am seeing, as I did on that occasion. I wondered if I really had seen hands holding Vera's. If anything, I was even more sceptical about whether I had really seen the flashes of light and energy up and down Vera's spine, probably, in part, because it was so spectacular. When I do doubt something usually happens to convince me that I should not have done.

After I had finished, Vera asked,

"Did you see me jumping about?"

Vera physically demonstrated how she had been reacting sharply to the intense energy bursts that Lorelei had created in her back.

As for the most part I had not been looking at where I was going I said,

"No, I wasn't really looking."

Vera seemed a little surprised that I had not noticed.

Then she said,

"That didn't half hurt."

After a slight pause she added,

"But don't worry about it, I know it sometimes gets worse after healing before getting better."

When I told Vera about seeing Cathy's hands above and below her right hand she said,

"Oh, yes, I felt someone holding it."


Vera's back did improve, as did her hand. I now question what I see considerably less than I did before.

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"Amanda" and Lorelei


Early this year, at Emsworth Haven, I was asked to give Amanda healing.

Apart from other matters, for which the healing was intended, I learned that Amanda had a strong aversion to water and swimming.

While giving her healing, I saw a little girl who was about twelve years old. The scene was very flat and wet, on a coast. There was low land and sea, with water running into the sea, and undulations of mud between the streams. There was some weathered wooden fencing consisting of a couple of horizontal bars between posts running roughly parallel to the streams. I believed that I caught sight of a windmill or two. In any case I felt hat the place was Holland. Because of the girl's mode of dress, and a general feeling for the time involved, I thought that the scene was in the early 1800s or thereabouts.

In addition, what I felt was that the girl was Amanda in a previous life and that she had drowned at a young age.

After the healing I told Amanda what I had picked up, having first made sure that she was sufficiently comfortable with my discarnate Soulmate, Guardian Angel, reincarnation and similar matters.


Some weeks later Amanda said that she had been to see Liz Merritt, a friend of mine, for a regression session. Liz had confirmed that in the Dutch life Amanda's mother and aunt had drowned her as a young girl. I had picked up the drowning but not the connection with her mother and aunt in that life.


During a later healing session, Lorelei and Cathy were with me, as usual. Cathy was working on Amanda's crown chakra, the primary connection with the spiritual. That was becoming Cathy's speciality, which, for a Guardian Angel, seems quite a logical one.

Lorelei was standing in from of Amanda, pouring energy into her while I followed the usual initial procedure of aligning energies.

When I had finished, Lorelei remained in front and the energy, laser-like beams of pink light streaming from the palms of her hands to mine went through Amanda as they passed between us. The light was emanating from Lorelei and was between her right hand and my right hand, her left hand and my left hand. The point at which they crossed was in Amanda's body. We moved the light up and down, effectively massaging Amanda in the energy sense.

For a while we stopped while the light beams crossed in Amanda's heart chakra. While in that position Lorelei stood there singing, "With a song in your heart", and something similar.

Amanda obviously needed energising and lifting in that area of her body as well as in the emotional sense.

After we had finished, I told Amanda what had happened. She did not seem very surprised. In fact what had happened was very appropriate as she had recently suffered bereavement, something I did not know about until she told me then.

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