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The following is just a little about me. Much more detail about my childhood, background, the arrival of Lorelei in this life, my remembrance of other lives, the development of my clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities, and the spectacular events involved, in parallel with my engineering activities, are detailed in the text of "Remembering Lorelei".

Both of my Degrees are from Brunel University and I have been a Chartered Engineer since the mid-1970s. The majority of my experience has been in the aerospace industry, with the last decade in freelance consulting, though there has been an unintended variation to that.

I had a very good grounding in science and technology long before my introduction to healing, along with the spectacular spiritual and psychic, let alone Lorelei coming on the scene, during my second visit to the Healing Arts Exhibition in London. I certainly never expected healing, spiritual and psychic matters to become such an important part of my life, let alone reincarnation, past life regression and "future" life "progression", developing (in practice regaining) mediumistic and other psychic abilities.


Science and Me:

During my childhood, I was always fascinated by science. I grew to the belief that science and the scientific method could explain everything. It was to be decades before events took place, which showed me how extremely limited the science of the physical world, really is.

Not that I was ever an atheist. On purely logical grounds, to rule out God absolutely you would need to know everything. If you knew everything, require infinite knowledge, then you would be God. So my "worst" position, in that sense, was that I was agnostic.

In my 'teens and early twenties I became interested in Eastern Religions. They made far more sense. That was also when I began to see the similarities between religion and the further reaches of science, such as quantum physics and cosmology. Soon afterwards I saw te limitations of science as well as religion. It is Spirituality and Real Reality which matter, nothing else.

Science tends to start from the basis of the physical world being reality and everything else, if it exists, emanating from that. The truth is precisely the opposite. Physical reality is not Real Reality; it is an illusion created by Real Reality.

From Spirit came Consciousness, from Consciousness came the Physical World, and from the Physical World came Science. That makes it very difficult for physical science to prove or disprove the existence of consciousness, let alone Spirit, from which it is three times removed and shows how limited science is.

Science has achieved a great deal. However, it is of no great help to ignore its limitations.

An organisation that is well aware of this is the Scientific and Medical Network. To be a full Member you need to hold a University Degree. The Network consists of a wide variety of professional people, large numbers being medically qualified, numerous PhDs and many full Professors. The views of Members cover a very wide range. However, it is probably fair to say that the general thrust is that they accept that here is more to what is, what really is, than mainstream science can, currently, explain.

When I was looking into the possibility of joining the Network I told the Director that I was a Chartered Engineer with a couple of Degrees as well as being a healer with a discarnate Soulmate who was a healer and Legend. His reaction was, "You are just the sort of person we are looking for".

An example of the limitations of science is that, contrary to what some claim, there is no such thing as "scientific proof". Science is only capable of indicating that there may be a particular outcome as the result of an action, or to an event. It comes down to probabilities. However many experiments are carried out, predictions can only be made probabilistically, not with absolute certainty. Unfortunately, that does not stop some scientists talking in such terms and many people believing them.

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That I became an engineer, in this life, was purely accidental. At least that is how it has seemed from the physical world point of view but everything is for a reason.

As a teenager, I did not really understand what engineering involved. The problem derives, largely, from the way engineers are regarded in Britain. In this Country, most people think of an engineer as someone with tools and greasy overalls, rather than as a member of an important profession. That is despite Britain having a strong engineering tradition with the likes of Isambard Brunel, George Stevenson, Michael Faraday, Frank Whittle and Barnes Wallis, to name but a few. So, the designation of CEng (Chartered Engineer) does not mean as much to the general populace as it should. By contrast, Ing (Ingineur), in Italy, is regarded as being comparable with a medical Doctor, and similarly in the rest of mainland Europe, Canada, the U.S.A., etc.

It is a fascinating and worthwhile profession. Neither present day society, nor the World's economy, would exist without it. "Paper pushers", such as bankers, lawyers, etc., seem to have higher status and more rewards while lacking the creativity of engineers. Why Britain rates us so low I am not sure. Other than that, engineering is a profession I would thoroughly recommend.

In fact, to be a good engineer requires artistic ability as well as a sound technical and scientific background (Wren, da Vinci, Brunel, et al). So an engineer is more than just a mere scientist. We really are that underrated. However, I believe that being an engineer has put me in a better position to understand spiritual, psychic and non-physical matters and relate them to the physical world.

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Engineering, Science and the Non-Physical:

The contrast between engineering and my non-physical aspect, at first sight, may seem stark. Largely, that is how it appeared to me, initially. However, I rapidly reached the stage where I could "not see the join", so to speak. I am entirely comfortable with both. They are a continuum, one and the same, except that the physical world is totally dependent on the non-physical and could not exist without that from whence it came. The physical world is the tip of an iceberg but, in this case, there is less than one percent above water.

Although in many ways the physical universe makes sense from a physical science point of view, in others it does not. For example, having a nuclear furnace ninety three million miles from an eight thousand mile diameter ball of rock is not the most efficient way of providing heat for that rock. However, add an artistic element and it looks very different. In Sir James Jeans' words, the universe better resembles a great thought than a great machine. It is the Creation of the Greatest Engineer of All.

In the early years, my non-physical development was so fast that I felt I was close to the limits of what I could take. However, I trusted "Upstairs" and was confident they would not over do it. They never did.

Now, I am completely comfortable with non-physical energies and events. I am as at ease conversing with a non-physical person as I am with a physical person.

Even when Trevor introduced me, along with others, to Marie Rheinhart, the telepath, I was far more fascinated and intrigued than I was bothered by the experience. Although Marie is a physical person, her abilities are such that nervousness in such a situation would be understandable. After all, Trevor had related some of his experiences to us, in relation to Marie. One had been when he was walking in Portsmouth taking a natural male interest in some shapely female legs and very short skirts. He was suddenly startled by the comment, "Come off it Trevor, you're too old for that!" It was a humorous intervention by Marie, who was a few hundred miles away, in mainland Europe.

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Mediumistic Abilities:

From about the time of my visit to the Healing Arts Exhibition, in 1991, my non-physical/psychic awareness increased rapidly. That left me with a "fire" on my head for part of every day, until I met the local healers and they helped to balance my energies and ground me.

The "fire" was one of the topics that came up in conversation with an enlightened local Clergyman and one-time fellow School Governor. His immediate reaction was, "That happened at Pentecost". I was well aware of that but had never voiced it, partly because other might take it the wrong way or make unwarranted comparisons. (In reality it amounts to an opening of the crown chakra, which is the main connection with the Spiritual, so it is quite natural in that respect.)

Thereafter, my experience broadened and my abilities expanded of their own accord, as did my involvement with development circles, interest groups and so on. One problem was that I saw so much detail I did not know what to make of it or what to do with it. Describing some things I picked up often took uncomfortably long, even when I missed out a great deal of the detail.

One evening Jock and I were the only two present (in the physical sense) for a development circle evening at his house. Jock was in his usual chair; I sat in my normal place on the settee. At some point, someone (in the non-physical sense) suggested I look up from my meditative position. Instead of Jock, white-haired and sixtyish, with the bookcase, stereo, etc., behind him I saw a man I judged to be (or was told) was twenty-eighty years old, or so, with receding ginger hair and a ginger moustache. Behind him was just a mottled brown and orange background. My reaction was, more or less, "Thanks for showing me that now and not a few weeks ago, I would have run a mile".

On another occasion, when Leigh was also there, Jock took on the appearance of an early Nineteenth Century Schoolmaster. Since we were sitting in a triangle, Leigh in the chair opposite Jock, we saw the same view from different angles, so I could see what was more or less, a ponytail on the back of the man's hair whereas Leigh could not. (That is a little different from seeing non-physical people in the round, as I did with Jeanne.)

When Leigh was going through a difficult period I was not attending her newly established Development Circle, one evening, but meditating at home instead. I was surprised to find that I was connecting with Leigh's Circle and seeing part of what was going on. At some stage in the proceedings I saw something unpleasant in the centre of the circle. As a straightforward healer's reaction I simply surrounded the circle, and everyone present, with white light. (Later, Leigh was to confirm that there was something unpleasant going on and to say, "Oh, it was you rattling things around the house that evening".) I was satisfied that Leigh was, basically, safe as, at one stage, I also saw Leigh, in her usual cross-legged position on the floor with a huge Angel standing next to her.

Those events led me to be at Leigh's house on the following Sunday. I just turned up but she was expecting me anyway; that's how these things work on occasions. During the day I picked up a great deal, some of it very personal for Leigh, to the extent that, afterwards, I could not remember what was said. I told Leigh that I thought I had gone very "high". She said, "You did. If the floor of my lounge was Hell and the peak of the roof was Heaven, you were somewhere near the bedroom ceiling". Then Leigh added, "You are nearly a fully fledged medium". (That was seven years ago.)

These incidents became so numerous they would, virtually, fill a reasonable size book in their own right, even without the many more related events which comprise the diary and the manuscript.

As I am able to see, hear and feel in the non-physical sense, I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. That does no mean that I see ahead, "the future", either for myself or for anyone else. The terms simply mean clear seeing, clear hearing and clear sensing (feeling), respectively and from the French.

Even some famous Mediums define clairvoyance as "seeing the future". That is not the case in my view, or in my experience. I do not mean that it cannot be done, after all time is an illusion and if one can detach from the illusion an awareness of other parts of it is possible. The "arrow of time" is consciousness, awareness, being in different parts of time rather than time itself having movement. We all exist everywhere and everywhen, it is perception that changes.

People with mediumistic abilities very rarely see the future, or other matters, for themselves. It takes a very special person to be able to "see what is around the corner" and still behave, live life, as intended, as appropriate. Such people are extremely rare and I am certainly not one of them. So I was not aware that I was going to be "turned over", "ripped off" by certain other persons in this life. However, since that happened I have become aware that I have "done battle" with them at other times. How, where and when I am, at present, not aware.

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Healing, Technology and Business:

I was actually combining my engineering and non-physical aspects in setting up the Technology Diversification Centre, though I did not think of the project in those terms until I had almost completed it. The South of England has been very badly hit by cuts in defence spending and Hampshire has suffered more than any other County. What I was involved in was an act of healing (albeit a very large one) in terms of employment, business and the local economy. I had virtually completed setting up the project when Havant ended it all by taking the project from me and handing it to someone whose management of it was such that it rapidly ceased to exist, though the project had been changed beyond recognition in the process. That is the only time I have been stopped from completing a healing act. It was by far the largest and the South of England has lost immensely as a result.

As pointed out elsewhere on this Site, the project is entirely resurrectable. It only needs a "White Knight" or two to help. Self evidently, I believe, there are ways in which I could guarantee some companies a commercial return, regardless of developments on the technical side.

When our Havant Healing Group was involved in a Psychic Fair at the Bear Hotel, in Havant, in the spring of 2000, I was discussing non-physical and related matters with Chris, the organiser of the event. With thoughts on commercial possibilities he made the comment, in relation to British Telecommunications, "Well, the way you, Lorelei and Cathy communicate certainly gives an original twist on 'Friends and Family', doesn't it". it is entirely possible that a company could receive more from an arrangement that they put in.

Several people at Brunel University, including Pro-Vice Chancellors and other Professors, know about this aspect of me and it has not bothered them at all.

After one meeting, I spent a few minutes with Professor Mike Bevis in his Office. (Mike was my Head of the Department of Materials when I gained my Masters Degree and has recently retired as Founding Director of the Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing at Brunel.) During the conversation which ensued, I explained to Mike how I had coped, been helped to cope, with the enormous stress of having five years work taken from me, by Havant, and wrecked. I said that, to a large extent, this had been down to the support of the three principal women in my life, Jo, Lorelei and Cathy; my physical wife in this life, my Soulmate of at least forty millennia and my Guardian Angel. That did not faze Mike at all, probably, partly, because he has personal experience of complementary therapies.

The outcome of my experiences is that I can not only advise people on how they might avoid the traps I fell into but also how they can survive immense losses and enormous stress. (For example, do not assume that a public body is publicly accountable, that your elected representatives will be willing or able to do anything, that the rules governing such a body will constrain it to the moral or the ethical, or that its actions will be investigated or published.)

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Regression (past lives/other lives):

My regression experiences varied between spontaneous views of other lives, those shown to me by "Upstairs" and others by Lorelei, plus  those I saw using a regression visualisation technique suggested by Joel Whitton in his book, "Life Between Life". That entails entering a "Celestial Temple", going down to the Archives below the Temple and asking the Keeper of those Archives for the information required.

On one evening at Jock's house, Leigh was absent but Doris was with Jock and I instead. It was an evening when nothing much seemed to happen. On some other evenings I had used the regression visualisation and was tempted to try it again but decided not to do so. Some way into the evening, after I had picked up one or two things, one connected with a Priestess I had known in Egypt a few thousand years ago, Lorelei dropped in. she took me through the visualisation in spectacular fashion, far more vivid and detailed than on previous occasions. At other times the Temple had looked very imposing. This time, as we went through the doors together I was full of light, like the Fifth of November, the Fourth of July and Walt Disney's Fantasia all rolled into one. We were both dressed in white. There was a white glow around Lorelei, particularly her head, and bright light sparkled in her hair. We went along the wall at the back of the Temple wall, through the small door over to the side and down the spiral staircase to the Archives

The result was Lorelei asked the Keeper of the Archives for the Civil War file, put a cassette in a viewer and sat beside me. In the Archives we were sitting on a wooden bench, in the physical world on a settee in the lounge of a house on Hayling Island. We sat, with our arms around each other, watching part of our lives as Marjorie and Frank Lomas, Royalist Farmers during the English Civil War.

After I had finished describing what I was seeing Doris commented, "It was like watching a film". My response was, simply, "I was". That was exactly how it had appeared to me.

A great deal of the emotion was due to the events of that life. We were hanged as Royalists, by Roundhead Cavalry, near Newmarket in October 1642. As I recall, from connections with that life on other occasions, it was a hot summer that year. At times we were clearly caked in dust and sweat during that harvest.

It was also on one of those evenings that I saw (or rather Lorelei showed me) the area on the north west coast of England where we spent most of our "Arthurian England" life. The view was of a cemetery on top of the cliff. Among the graves was a twin grave with two Celtic crosses, side by side, at the head of them. Just above the graves were a couple, lying horizontally, in an embrace. The figures remained in the embrace as they turned around each other and swept up into the sky in a long arc. As they did so, Lorelei said with immense feeling, "That was a good life". The accompanying emotions were almost crippling. Doris picked up on that as I described what I saw, saying, "She has strong emotions"; with which I could only, readily, agree.

Apart from seeing numerous lives of Lorelei's and my own, those we have, occasionally, spent apart in the physical sense (like this one of mine), as well as our lives together, I have seen some other people's lives. Some of the events I have seen, fit with and explain emotions, events and relationships in their present life. That is not something I deliberately set out to see, it just happens, occasionally.

Several years ago, while on one of my visits to St Faith's Church, I picked up something to do with another life. What I saw was a woman wearing a combination of gown, scarf and so on in a lightweight, semi-see through material. The combination of colours was somewhat gaudy in that the predominant ones were a purple-plum colour and bright sky blue. The scarf on her head was held on by a ring of twisted material in the two colours. She was in an Eastern Country on the Mediterranean, I felt. It was hot and dry with scrub and sand. The wind was light to strong and blowing from the land towards the sea. My "vantage point" was between the woman and the sea, which I felt, was behind me. For some reason I felt that the Country was Palestine and what I was seeing was something to do with the Crusades. I had no idea who the woman was, except that I felt, was sure, that it was Lorelei in another lifetime.

Other matters came up afterwards when I told Leigh about that incident which tended to link me with that period but this is not he time or place to go into that too much.

Late in 2000 a female contestant won 1,000,000 on the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", which just happened to be on at the same time as the last ever episode of "One Foot in the Grave". A complete coincidence, as was the fact that the "1,000,000 question was about Eleanor of Aquitaine and the contestant had visited her grave a mater of weeks or months before!?! ( There is no such thing as a coincidence. See the Coincidences Page.)

That mention of Eleanor of Aquitaine did not register with me at all. She is historical figure I had barely heard of and I knew nothing whatever about her.

At the end of January 2001 the Sunday Mail Magazine began a "Historical Newspaper" section reporting on past major events and people. I came across a story headed "The life and loves of Eleanor of Aquitaine". Just reading the title resulted in a huge jolt down my left side that made me jump and almost gasp at the suddenness and strength of the connection, energy, or whatever it was. On reading the article I found that Eleanor had eight children, lived to the considerable age for those times of eighty-two years, married Henry II of England and that two of her sons were Richard the Lionheart and John. At the age of nineteen she rode to Palestine, with rumours that she did so topless. She was Queen of France before becoming Queen of England. In her fifties, she led three of Henry's sons in a rebellion against him, failed and spent fifteen years in prison as a result. According to the article, "She was the most powerful, and the most extraordinary, woman of the entire Middle Ages".

Whether that was the woman I saw, whether there is a connection with Lorelei, I do not know. The character of Eleanor certainly fits with Lorelei but she is not saying anything about it. Knowledge of other lives, like many other things, seems to be on a "need to know" basis and that does not appear to be something I need to know at this time. (Much the same is true of the Akashic Records. I have seen glimpses of pages in "My Book" but usually they are blank or indiscernible.)


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Religion is formalised Spirituality. It imposes dogma on the truth and to a larger or lesser extent (often the former) obscures the truth.

If religion is what you are comfortable with, in this life, that is quite all right. If it is atheism, that is no problem either. Everything is for a reason. After all, in one lifetime I was a Monk, though, admittedly, that was eight hundred years, or so, ago.

In this life I do not need religion or the dogma associated with it. that is simply a matter of personal preference.

If I am asked if I believe in God, the simple answer is, "Yes". However, the truthful answer is, "No", simply because I am beyond the need for belief. Belief, or faith, implies doubt. After the events of the last nine years, I have no doubts at all; I know. Besides, with Cathy often present, Lorelei more frequently still, plus my healing and other experiences, I have a constant reminder of Real Reality and the Spiritual.

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