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In February 1993, during a low period, I felt that I was being stroked through the side of my head. I also felt a touch of the unconditional love I had experienced when my Soulmate reminded me she was around. (Unrestrained unconditional (spiritual) love is an incredibly beautiful experience but almost devastating in its intensity.) I was reminded of the words "I hunger for your touch" in "Unchained Melody" and made the comment, "That should be our song".

A few weeks later, while in Chichester, I saw an encyclopaedia on spiritual and psychic matters in a bookshop. While reading through the definitions of Soulmates I came to a paragraph that amounted to "many lives together, can't bear to be apart". At that point my Soulmate commented, "That's us" and started singing, "Loving me, loving you" to the tune of the song ABBA, "Knowing Me, Knowing You".

On a Sunday evening during the following summer I was laying in bed thinking about how emotional I become sometimes, or used to, when a voice said, "That's to do with a past life, Lorelei's already to you that." It was a male voice, to my right and behind me. I suspected he was referring to my Soulmate but it still came as a surprise and my reaction was, "Who?!".

The following evening (Monday) at our Development Circle I told Leigh. She said she had already had that name for me but I did not remember her mentioning it.

On the Wednesday of that week my wife, Jo, came home with a copy of "Woman's Own". I looked through it quickly as there was a series called "The Unexplained" running at the time. Also in the magazine was a rather soppy story about a bank manager going on holiday and meeting a mermaid, "Encounter with Lorelei", plus an interview with Patrick Swayze. The Patrick Swayze interview did not mention his film "Ghost" but, as someone later pointed out, "Unchained Melody" was specially re-recorded for the film.

The following morning (Thursday) we were going out. Jo, and the children were in the lounge while I went to the back room for something, just before we left. Jo called out, "That song of yours is on the radio". It turned out that Jimmy Young was taking over from Ken Bruce and had, jokingly, made the comment, "My version (of that song) should be the only one allowed".

On the following Monday I met Leigh again at our Circle. Leigh said, "Michael and I were clearing the house last week and we picked up that damn song of yours. We've had it going through our heads for the last few days." I asked when it started and Leigh said, "Thursday morning."

During tea and biscuits, after Circle, Leigh said, "Now I'm getting this Abba song". After a moment's thought I asked if it was "Knowing Me, Knowing You". "Yes," said Leigh.

While in Chichester again, many weeks later, I was talking about book titles with Jo. The conversation began while we were looking in a bookshop window. I wondered about a title for my book. In a way, I felt that it was a little like Richard Bach's "The Bridge Across Forever", finding one's Soulmate, except that mine was (in a sense) already well known. Eventually I realised that I had been remembering her and lives together, among other things. As I walked past the Market Cross into East Street I was wondering whether "Remembering Lorelei" would be a suitable title. I had noticed the busker there but it was several seconds later that I realised he was singing "Unchained Melody".

During the last few weeks of 1995 I, belatedly, decided to buy a copy of Robson Green and Jerome Flynne's version of "Unchained Melody". By that time it was out of the charts and the shop assistant in Menzie's, in Havant, said they would not be able to order it. She said I should still be able to obtain it through Virgin Records in Portsmouth. At that moment a woman behind us apologised for overhearing and interrupting but said she worked at Virgin's Portsmouth shop and confirmed that they would be able to help. A couple of weeks later I was in Portsmouth and went to the counter and asked about the record, expecting to have to order a copy. The assistant I spoke to was not sure, asked his colleague, who was standing next to him, and was told that a new supply had come in that morning.

During November 1998 I was getting behind with the rewrite of the manuscript of "Remembering Lorelei" for my agents. By Wednesday 25th November I had completed revision of all but the last two Chapters, which were partially done, and was determined to finalise those. By the afternoon the files were complete and a letter to Keith Shackleton, at Pinewood, had been typed. While the letter was printing in the back room I took a couple of discs and disc labels into the lounge to mark them up in preparation for copying the manuscript files to them. As I walked back through the kitchen a few minutes later I would have taken little notice of the radio which had been on all day and tuned unto BBC Radio 2, except that the record being played was "Unchained Melody".

Though surprised, I was sufficiently used to such occurrences that the overriding emotion was amusement. Noting the time as, roughly, 3.15 p.m. I amended the letter to Keith Shackleton, adding a P.S. about the event and reprinted it.

My healer friends, such as Liz Merritt, whom I saw that evening, while attending a meditation evening at her house, though also used to such coincidences, were nevertheless quite surprised that "Unchained Melody" had come up yet again in connection with Lorelei and the book.

Towards the end of October 2000 there was a report on BBC South Today about Near Death Experiences. On the Monday of that week I had inadvertently bought a Daily Express instead of a Daily Mail. On the Friday there was a Letters Special" with responses to an article on NDE in the previous Mondays Daily Mail, it had been by Dr Peter Fenwick and Dr Sam Parnia, both fellow Members of the Scientific and Medical Network. Had I seen the article I might have responded which, until I am better known, would almost certainly have been a waste of time. I concluded that I was not meant to involve myself, publicly, with such matters for the time being and Jo agreed.

I left the paper on the lounge table, open at the letters page and went into the back room. When I returned, only a couple of minutes or so later, I started to take another quick look at that page, only to realise that "Unchained Melody" was playing on the radio, the Righteous Brothers/"Ghost" version.

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During 1996, I wrote the script for a pilot episode of a completely original television film series with my co-author, John Whitfield. The idea for the series was inspired by my non-physical experiences and Lorelei wrote her own "equivalent part" in it.

I felt that the series, or the film that could come from it, needed a particular song, a special one, a love song, obviously, sung by a strong soprano (which Lorelei is). Although I began writing some words for the song, I needed a composer to write the music, though I had ideas about that as well.

In the first few months of 1997, a local businessman and entrepreneur, who I had first met the previous November, introduced me to the work of an amateur composer by the name of John Winfield, who had asked him to help publicise his musical and literary work. We were both struck by the similarity in names between him and my co-author, John Whitfield.

John Whitfield has often been taken, mistakenly, for a former soldier. This largely arises from his strong interest in military matters and family connections. However, John Winfield is a former soldier.

A few weeks later, I learned that John Winfield often travelled to Germany and drove past the Lorelei Rock, roughly every three weeks. He also had a daughter living near the Rock.

John Winfield's daughter, and a friend of hers, had an interest in the Lorelei Legend and, particularly, music related to it. At that time, while we were talking about the song, the music for it and John Winfield, her friend was in England searching out copies of songs and music connected with the Lorelei Legend.

On one occasion, while in the businessman's Office, a friend of his, Peter Scott, who I had never met before, arrived, unexpectedly, with a present of several bottles of wine.

Peter was introduced to me and my background, both physical and non-physical, including the Lorelei connection. I learned that Peter owned and let out holiday homes in France (in the Dordogne, I believe), where he now lives.

A few weeks later, Peter Scott contacted my businessman colleague to say that he was expecting a guest from Germany who was coming to stay with him. The German guest was an English Teacher whose school and home were "in the nearest conurbation to the Lorelei Rock" as I was informed. I also understood that the Teacher had been told about me and my connections with his part of Germany.

During the conversation with Peter Scott I was given to understand that he knew Carol Vorderman, on a family friend basis, I believe.

I had been trying to get in touch with Carol in connection with Lorelei and my non-physical experiences, as well as my ability to explain them to some extent in relation to my technical and scientific side, certainly far more so than the limitations of "mainstream scientists".

Of all the many people I knew and had heard of with a scientific background and involved in the non-physical field ("supernatural" and "paranormal" to those with little understanding) I seemed to be unique and regarded as such --- technically and scientifically well qualified with a wide range of psychic abilities and a long run of non-physical experiences over several years, plus a discarnate, very powerful, Legendary Healer for a Soulmate!

Although Peter was unable to make contact with Carol at the time, due to her being away from home and busy, some months later I did so, though by a different route.

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During 1994 I started spending time on my own in St Faith's Church, Havant. This was partly at the suggestion of Kate Lomax, a local clairvoyant and friend, to help me cope with what was happening on my non-material side.

While in the Church, on 16th June 1994, I saw a woman standing next to me, in detail down to the stitches in her dress. She helped me a great deal that day, as well as at other times.

The following evening I was at a Development Circle at Leigh's house when I saw the woman behind Leigh's chair. When I told her Leigh said, "I know." Then Leigh said she was being given a name that was being repeated over and over again, "Jeanne D'Arc, Joan of Arc, Jeanne D'Arc, Joan of Arc." The repetition was incessant until Leigh said, almost in exasperation, "Oh, all right then," and it ceased.

A few weeks later Leigh came to tea. It was Saturday 23rd July. There was an article in the Times Magazine about Imogen Stubbs playing Joan of Arc. It mentioned that Imogen had played Anna Lee in the Television Series. Leigh was amused by the coincidence in names, though of different spelling.

On another occasion in St Faith's I realised Jeanne was sitting in front of me watching others working on me. She peered at me, with her hands folded in her lap, left hand outside the right. When I relax I have my right hand outside my left and I am right handed. Later I mentioned it to Jo, who is basically left handed but almost ambidextrous. A few days later there was an article on left-handedness in the Portsmouth News. Jo asked if I had seen it. I said I had glanced at it. She suggested I look again. When I did so I saw that the article contained a list of famous left handed people, in alphabetical order. Top of the list was Joan of Arc.

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I have found a certain irony in being, it would seem, the Soulmate of a Legend and being a customer of a Bank that claims to offer Legendary Services.

(Not that Lorelei is very much like the Legend, or at least the more lurid versions of it; though she was a Healer then, as she is now, as well as being a strong soprano.)

Although I had, occasionally, asked members of staff who the Bank's advertising agents were, simply out of amused interest, no-one had known.

Because of the way we were treated by our Branch, while going through a very difficult period, I had thought about moving our Accounts.

As we often go to Chichester I had considered the Royal Bank of Scotland as a possibility. However, on the Wednesday and Thursday before Christmas 1995, I began wondering if the Chichester Branch of our Bank would be a viable proposition.

While in Chichester on the Friday (22nd December 1995) I decided to make preliminary enquiries. There were two women, apparently available to take enquiries, but both were busy. One was sitting at a desk, busy with a computer helping a customer, the other standing behind her desk talking to a customer. Soon afterwards the woman who was standing became free and I found her very helpful.

I declined to say too much about the problems we were having with our Branch at the time as we were getting more than enough hassle from them as it was.

I told her about the ironic twist as far as Legends were concerned. After asking how she felt about "mind body and spirit matters", and getting a positive response, I enlightened her a little more. It did not faze her and she sounded quite interested.

As a parting question, with the Legend connection in mind, I asked her if she happened to know who the Bank's advertising agents were. She said she thought she did, it was Lowe Howard-Spink. The reason she knew was because her father owned Cancara, the horse in the other advertisements. Her name was Louise Parker.

(I am getting used to coincidences, or thought I was. That surprised even me, and many other people since.)

On returning to Havant I called in at the Library and asked if they had any books with Lowe Howard-Spink listed. The librarian was none too sure that she could help. While I tried the Kompass Business Directory without any luck we found Lowe Howard-Spink in the first book she picked up.

We now have Accounts elsewhere.


It would seem that Legendary Services are a Myth, even for the Soulmate of a Legend. A Legend is usually regarded as being based on something that has happened ("A popular story handed down from earlier times whose truth has not been ascertained" - Collins Concise English Dictionary) rather than being complete fiction; whereas a Myth is "a fictitious or unproven person or thing" - ibid.

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On Saturday 27th January 2001, Emma, our daughter, travelled to London Gatwick Airport to join Tim, our son, and Josephine Jehu, Tim's girlfriend, to fly to Bulgaria for a snowboarding holiday.

From Monday or Tuesday of the following week I was having problems with my right arm. Whenever I reached out to try to pick up something my arm felt particularly painful. Even if the object only weighed a pound or two it was difficult and painful to lift, if I could manage it at all. Jo, my wife, woke up during at least two nights that week with a painful right arm.

Just after 7.00 p.m. on the Friday evening (2nd February) we had a 'phone call. It was from Tim. He was back at Gatwick Airport, with Jo Jehu, and told us that he had broken his right arm the previous day, in Bulgaria. (His snowboard had slipped from under him on an icy patch before he had started a run.)

Jo Jehu's father collected them from Gatwick, brought them to Havant and we all went to the Accident and Emergency unit of Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth (geographically Cosham) that night. Tim stayed in and had his operation on the Saturday morning.

Tim's arm remained painful but began to slowly ease, thanks to the staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital and the attentions of Lorelei and Cathy.

My right arm seemed to get better over the next few days but had a relapse on a day when I needed to do a great deal of writing. Jo's right am is better but she still ahs "pins and needles" in her fingers at times.

At the time of adding this story to the Web Site (Thursday 8th February 2001) I am still having problems with my arm.

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