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Several years ago I was re-writing my Professional C.V. on a qualifications and experience basis. Spirit prompted me to write a "Spiritual" or "Psychic" C.V. on the same basis. The result is as follows, though it has not been updated for some time as even a selection of experiences over the years would have made it extremely long.





Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient.

Feel auras with ease (i.e. the auras of people, animals, plants and crystals) and sense differences between them; can see auras and chakras a little.

Feel, see and, sometimes, hear subtle energies (e.g. can always feel a healer working on me and sense the energies when being healed; almost always feel, and usually see, energies when channelling healing). Able to cope with energies at least one order, and probably two orders, of magnitude more powerful than the "average" healer or psychic.

Healing - present (i.e. "hands on" though physical contact unnecessary) and distant; by myself and with Lorelei and Cathy. Alan and others are sometimes, often, present as well.

Able to self-regress to other lives. Have also regressed to other lives with assistance of, and accompanied by, Lorelei. Have seen lives of other souls/people and assisted them to understand feelings, events, etc. in their current life as a result. This has included carrying on a dialogue with those persons physically present and answering questions on what was being seen.

Able to enter semi-control. Able to provide facilities for a "questions and answers" session by acting as a link between the physical world and the non-physical world.

Clairvoyant vision usually in full colour and fine detail (e.g. blades of grass, flakes of paint and texture of material, even down to crystal structure of metal, for example); time and space irrelevant.

Able to link, psychically/mentally, with a "like-minded" soul elsewhere in the physical world; seeing detail and colour similar to normal clairvoyant vision; distance irrelevant, time almost irrelevant.


Soulmate: Lorelei, a powerful Healer (The person from whom the Legend derives but largely in name. She is very different from the character often portrayed, though she does sing well - a strong soprano.)


Guardian Angel: Cathy

Angel Guardian: Alan (Cathy's "Supervisor")

Counsellor Angel: Sheila a long standing (aeons she said) colleague of Cathy's

Spiritual Teacher: Jeanne d'Arc

Healing Guide: John (a young Negro with a voice similar to Paul Robeson)


Main Development Guides: Lorelei and Herea, an Egyptian High Priestess and long-standing friend (of at least 2000 years)

Guiding Medium (1993 - 1994): Leigh

Spiritual Protector: Mother Abbess (Also Leigh's protector and with Lorelei)

Lives: Several hundred "previous" lives and others to come (in the linear time sense)




History of experiences



Met Ted Fricker, a well known healer. Given healing for Petit Mal. There was a feeling of huge waves rolling through me during healing that left a tingling sensation around my head which was felt occasionally over the next few years.



Sensation around head changed shape to feel like a "fire" above my head. As a result a local healer told me that I was progressing.



Went to Healing Arts Exhibition, London. Met Philippa Pullar on National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) Stand and was given healing. The "fire" was on top of my head for part of every day from that day onwards.



Met Dottie Hook at one of her "Far Memory" Meetings; she encouraged me to make use of what had developed in me; she was started off by Ted Fricker as well.

Met Liz Merritt, Dee Stocker, et al, of Havant NFSH Healing Centre. Liz said that there was a lot of energy to come out. The healers helped to direct the energies through me instead of them accumulating on top of my head.

Assessed as being psychically very open. Some of the local NFSH people were unable to cope with me. Sent to Lillian Edwards, medium and healer, for advice. Told by Lillian that I had been psychic since my late 'teens (Petit Mal began then), my aura had "beautiful pastel colours", I had an Arab and a Rabbi with me and that my Door-Keeper (Guardian Angel) was very artistic.

Began to attend Havant Spiritualist Church; Healing Sessions; Open Circle.

Went to Healing Arts Exhibition. Took part in Denise Lynne's "Meet Your Healing Guide" Session during which I saw my "friend" on the "other side". She appeared instantly, in full colour and detail as fine as individual hairs and skin texture. I did not recognise her but knew we had been deeply, physically in love more than once and knew that there was a deep spiritual (unconditional) love. I felt that love, it was overwhelming in its quality and depth, almost devastating in its power and I "broke up". Her parting gift was a golden yellow crystal, the size of a house brick, placed in my third chakra.



Met Leigh. Jock Weir invited me to join a Closed Circle with Leigh and himself. Leigh suggested my "friend" on the other side could be my Soulmate.

Experimented with a visualisation to regress to other lives and succeeded. Clairvoyance increased, saw very small detail in full colour, felt emotions at a distance. Regressed to other lives while in Circle.

The name "Lorelei" was given for my friend (directly from "Upstairs") and reinforced by a series of "coincidences", some involving Leigh. Regressed to other lives while in Circle (ancient Greece and Rome). Lorelei took me to see other lives we had spent together (English Civil War period, 16th and 17th

Century England, Arthurian times - mainly on coast of north-west England near a Roman garrison) and sat beside me commenting on them as we watched. Most of this was recorded on audio cassettes; other people present; emotional link intense, at times.

It became apparent that, in linear time terms, Leigh and I had known each other for a very long time (at least many centuries, more likely millennia). (Leigh complained that she was "off the boil" on the grounds that she used to be able to see the "other side" easier than this side, the physical world.)

Visited the Open Circle at the Christian Spiritualist Church, Clacton-on-Sea. Saw, among other things, a woman in a temple in ancient Crete in detail down to the grains of the varying colours of powder, some mixed with wax, that she used for her eye shadow. The Leading Medium, Doris Lyde, said, "Time and space mean nothing to you, do they?". (Intended as a compliment and taken as such.)

Lorelei visited Leigh and I at Leigh's house. The unconditional love was felt again; it was overwhelming. Lorelei apologised, said she had forgotten what it was like to feel that in the physical body and promised not to do it again.

Leigh and I met several times socially, particularly after healing at Portsmouth Temple. During one of these meetings Leigh said that my Lorelei was not just anyone by that name but the one. In due course small parts of that life were seen, though it was not clear where the legend came from.

Leigh channelled, among other things, a "definition" of the term "Soulmate" which showed it to be far beyond the usually accepted meaning. It appeared that there were few relationships higher than that between Soulmates other than a Soul's relationship with God. Leigh said that I was a more advanced being than she was.



Attended Basic Healing Course at Havant NFSH Centre. Began attending NFSH Probationer Healer Support Group Meetings.

Ceased to attend Spiritualist Church meetings as they no longer contributed as much as they had done to my knowledge and development. Concentrated on developing my abilities further, though was aware that they existed, that they had done so for many centuries and it was really a matter of remembering them.

Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and healing abilities increased. Saw chakras for the first time. Began to give Leigh sittings when she felt need of them (one of four and a half hours where "every word meant something"; another of ten hours). Leigh described me as "almost a fully fledged medium".

Visited St Faith's Church, Havant, many times to be on my own (in the physical sense); asked for help in remembering more of my true self and regaining further memories together with more of my spiritual and psychic knowledge and abilities. As a result my knowledge and abilities increased.

Saw a woman in St Faith's Church during one visit (16th June). Saw her again behind Leigh the following evening. The name "Jeanne d'Arc" was repeated incessantly to Leigh until she accepted it.

Jeanne became my Spiritual Teacher. She said that she was teaching me by "suffusion" (direct assimilation). This amounted to her directing a gold light that flooded through me. On one occasion she sat beside me and blended her aura with mine. I also saw the white light with Jeanne.

Friends and colleagues said that Jeanne's occasional presence gradually had induced a quieter confidence in me and, in some ways, a degree of certainty, particularly on non-physical matters.

Lorelei dropped in (literally) while at Jan and Mike's house one evening; sat between Trevor Waterman and myself; Trevor felt her presence.

White light erupted from me to throw a malevolent non-physical person away from me when he appeared behind me in St Faith's Church; a self-defence mechanism that my higher self apparently has. He looked shocked as he flew through the air, as if he did not know what had hit him. It had taken me by surprise as well, though in a different way. Later, Leigh recognised him from the description I gave her as someone she had previously come across.

Leigh said, again, that I was a far more advanced being than she was.

Abilities increased further; acquired new healing guide; became able to enter semi-control and provide a link for a light "questions and answers" session.

Saw someone while at Leigh's house, giving her a sitting. Leigh said she though it was Jesus. As he turned away the white light came across his shoulder and hit me in the chest. The unconditional love I felt was intense, despite it being only a "fingertip touch".

While rewriting my professional C.V. prompted to write a spiritual version by "Upstairs". Note from Dee Stocker after reading original spiritual C.V. "... you have come along in leaps and bounds. Nearly passed us all!"

Attended Gaynor Mooney's Workshop in Havant (20th November). During a blind sensing exercise Lesley was standing with her back to me. White light and energy came down towards me; looked like the exhaust plume of a moon rocket; saw it feathering at the edges and heard it crackling; came through me very strongly. Lesley picked up the high levels of power and seemed to have difficulty coping with it; her heart chakra felt tighter and closed up a little and she felt asthmatic. Gaynor saw that Lesley was picking up something strongly and sensed it herself.

Promised supervised "flying" lessons (in the Jonathan Livingston Seagull sense) by "Upstairs" early in December. During the first lesson it felt as if I was being lifted out of my body, though to a lesser extent in the second.



An impromptu lesson (from "Upstairs") during a Development Circle evening (10th January) with friends appeared to be the beginnings of an out of body experience. The non-physical me seemed displaced a foot or two higher than my physical body and turned almost ninety degrees to the left.

Mike Pendragon met Lorelei (11th January). He had to ask her to "turn the power down"; it was pleasant but very strong. Mike's impression of Lorelei was of someone who was very strong, devoid of malice but with "a wicked sense of humour" (the same as his).

Linked with Trevor Waterman's friend, Marie Rheinhart, at her invitation (19th January); they were conversing mentally. We were in Hampshire, England; she was several hundred miles away in mainland Europe. Other people were present. I had not met Marie. Trevor said she was sensing a block. He asked me to open up and see if I could describe Marie's appearance. There was so much power it was easy to sense her. The description I gave matched Marie as Trevor knew her. Later I saw a log cabin on a stone or brick base and trees with dark green, feathery leaves to the left of it. Trevor said the cabin was twenty-five yards from Marie's house. At one stage it felt as if Marie was standing beside me with her arm round my shoulders. Trevor confirmed that she was. It was the first time I had linked with anyone else in the physical world in that way. In terms of the power I felt from Marie, she was not up to Lorelei's or Jeanne's level but was the most powerful person in the physical world I had encountered.

Spent an evening with Leigh (31st January); saw two more of Leigh's other incarnations; we gave each other a sitting; Jeanne present, we both saw her.

Linked with Marie again (1st February) while with Trevor Waterman and friends, successfully saw images in fine detail "transmitted" by Marie, including her own variations of the actual physical scene; Trevor verified the accuracy of the images and my drawing of the log cabin near Marie's house.

During March I went back to the Havant NFSH Healing Centre. They helped in coping with another stressful period and developments on my spiritual and psychic side.

Joined by Lorelei at end of a relaxation session in April and went almost out of body.

Joined Yvonne Le Mone's Networking Group (Thursday 4th May).

While being given healing by David Clegg at the NFSH Centre, during April, went out of body enough to have experiences that in some ways approximated what was understood to occur in a near death experience; knew I had to come back, was a little reluctant to do so and had to put some effort into the process.

During a healing session early in May, both David and I went "flying". I was almost out of body again. On 23rd May, during a similar session, I "flew" backwards "through" David and would have separated completely from the physical but for his hands on my shoulders providing an extra degree of grounding. It took several minutes and some effort to come completely back into the physical. Upstairs were using the occasion to add their input. I conversed with Upstairs afterwards and told David what was being said.

Attended Gaynor Mooney's Dream Workshop in Havant (28th May). Asked Gaynor for an interpretation of a dream about a swimming pool. At one stage Gaynor mentioned seeing the parting of the Red Sea but did not know why. Seconds later a column of golden yellow light came down through me, slightly jolting me and preventing me from hearing Gaynor for a while. Gaynor saw the light as well. Sheena said the column of fire at the parting of the Red Sea was God's female side. For twenty minutes or so afterwards the room and people in it did not seem entirely real, like a film set, almost cardboard cut-outs, due to me being partly out of the physical world.

During a healing session on May 30th, David was a little concerned that I went too high; he would try to keep me more grounded in future; relayed to him that Upstairs were well pleased with what he was doing and respected him but "they were in charge"; Upstairs told me "You have flown before; you will fly again."

While laying on a bed meditating I felt Lorelei giving me healing. I turned round one hundred and eighty degrees so that she could continue without standing in the wall at the head of the bed.

Saw some of the non-physical side of healing in much more detail at Havant NFSH Centre Open Day (e.g. a non-physical hand on a patients head and two discarnates). Also saw the cause of one patient's illness, an accident in a previous life (a coach crash in 19th Century Norfolk). Lorelei was also there and was quite impressed.

Lorelei joined me while practising healing at a Probationer Healer's evening. Intense pink light streamed from her, through the "patient" I was healing, reflected off of me and went through the patient again.

While watching healing one evening I found myself "drawn" to the patient and sensed Lorelei beside me. It later transpired that the Healer had asked her Life Guide to find Lorelei and bring me in to help with the healing.

Lene Foot, at the NFSH Centre, began hearing Lorelei and having conversations with her.

Attended a meeting with complementary therapy (medical) doctor to discuss working together on research and saw energies around him. Lorelei was behind me and to my left, two people behind to my right, several others around the room later. It was almost a "Board Meeting" with only the doctor and I having physical bodies - a fascinating discussion.

Attended Healing Arts Exhibition in London in October. Met Philippa Pullar again for first time in four years. She recognised me immediately.

During December Lorelei and I gave Emma (my daughter) distant healing; afterwards saw one of Emma's earlier lives.



At Havant ASBAH Charity Shop, Valerie Johnston met Lorelei and "shook hands" with her. Valerie was delighted by the intense, warm sensation she felt.

While receiving healing from David Clegg I enjoyed the intense energy flows as usual. The energy made David feel light headed and he saw migraine type zig-zags. Lorelei said I could stand twenty times that level of energy, or more.

Jo (my wife) was in hospital for a serious operation on March 20th. Spent that afternoon with her in my way and saw Lorelei with her. Lorelei stood over Jo for nearly and hour, intense light streaming from the palms of her hands; then sat high up above her, a pink cloud enveloping both of them, for fifteen minutes. After another fifteen minutes I was happy.

Called to see Valerie Johnstone and told her about Lorelei and Jo; I commented that she was more like a sister to Jo; Lorelei immediately corrected this to "Celestial Sister".

Jo was awake the evening after the operation, sitting up two days later and home two days after that (24th March). Her description of events on 20th March matched, to within minutes, what I had seen and felt.




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