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The following is extracted from my Diary for September 1997, the day of Diana's Funeral and some of the days afterwards:


Saturday 6th September 1997

Chichester - afternoon:

That afternoon we felt that we needed to get out for a while. We decided to go to Chichester with Emma. Apart from anything else we wanted to leave some flowers at the Cathedral for Diana.


Chichester Cathedral:

We looked for the flowers outside the Cathedral, where we had expected them to be collecting, as they had outside St Faith's Church in Havant. There were none. Momentarily, I was slightly surprised, then, more or less assumed that they would be inside the Cathedral, they must be.

We went in through the main doors and made our way down the left-hand (north) side of the Cathedral. As we neared the head of the Cathedral we saw the beginnings of the flowers and several people. As we got closer we saw more and more people and masses of flowers all over the stonework in front of the tapestry, just outside the Lady Chapel.

After a while I told Jo I was going into the Lady Chapel for a few minutes but that I would not be long. As Jo and Emma were/would be waiting outside I did not feel that I could spend more than four or five minutes there but I wanted to spend at least a little time.

There were three people already in the Chapel, all seated. I walked towards the front and took a seat on the left, immediately next to the central aisle, about three rows back from the front. I sat quietly for a while, feeling strong, pleasant energies as I always did in that place. It was a pity that my stay would have to be brief on this occasion.

Virtually all thoughts that day were with Diana and ours/mine were no different.

Very quickly Lorelei was at my side, or rather immediately behind me, on my left. I felt her head next to mine, almost on my left shoulder and saw her long dark hair. Oddly enough, although I had been in the Lady Chapel many times and Lorelei was often with me these days, it was the first time we had been there together.

Lorelei's left arm was outstretched, index finger straight and her other fingers curled in. She was pointing ahead of me and slightly to the left of a line directly ahead of me.

"There she is," said Lorelei.

I was seeing a long high room-cum-corridor. The floor was paved with large square, worn, flaked and slightly uneven flagstones.

The walls were smooth stone as were the arches.

The light was coming, almost entirely, from windows on the right. These were high as were the sills. They were leaded in diamond shapes and of Gothic style. The left wall was blank, just stone, close fitted, smooth, large rectangular blocks; certainly no windows.

The arches were rectangular abutments to the walls, curving inwards from well above head height, arcing to a slightly tighter radius as they rose high above.

There were many people there, mostly towards the wall, that with the window, on my right. They were sitting, laying or have laying on the stone floor. Some were on blankets, all were quite roughly dressed. Most or all of the clothing of the people I could see looked to be of Eastern, "peasant" type. Much of the cloth from which the clothing and blankets were made was of coarse material and striped patterns.

The room was cloister-like but nothing like the cloisters at the Cathedral. The walls were smoother, of a warmer grey stone with a beige tinge. The room was wider than the cloisters and the arches much higher. In any case, these arches were not pointed, they were plainer and there was a ceiling, of sorts, between the arches, although I did not see much of it.

My point of sight (where I was seeing from) appeared to be under one arch as I saw one about as far in front of me and another arch from that one further in the distance.

The left abutment of the far arch hid a figure to whom a woman, standing only just beyond it, was talking. She was looking slightly down so I assumed the other person was seated.

The woman was tall and slim, standing straight with her hands clasped, loosely, in front of her just below waist level. She was wearing a white suit, long straight jacket with long lapels, worn unbuttoned, and knee length straight skirt. Her hair was short and blond, and she wore white (pearl?) centred gold earrings, the gold being in a "twisted rope" or petalled shape around the white centre.

She glanced, briefly, in the direction from which I was looking, a smile on her face. The hair on her forehead flicked slightly as she turned her head. Then she quickly returned her attention to the person to whom she was speaking.

"Oh," I thought, "What do I make of that."

I was back to the usual problem. I see it but do I believe it?

Little did I know it but my question was to be answered the next day.

On a television programme, "Steven Hawking's Universe", was the caption and narrator's exhortation, "Seeing is believing", at both the beginning and end. I saw so, I suppose, I believe.


Wednesday 10th September 1997

Evening: Energies and Development Group Meeting at Vera's house:

Vera said that she deliberately did not watch television last Saturday, the day of Diana's Funeral.

She said that, at 11.30 a.m. on Saturday, she went outside. It was completely silent. There were no birds, no bees; not a whisper, not a buzz, not a rustle, no wind.

At 11.45 a.m. a rustle of wind went through.

Vera sensed a difference.

"The World's changed", she said she thought and added questioningly,

"The gift of Diana."

After twenty minutes silence Vera heard a bell ring.

Vera tuned in around the world. She had drawn the areas and locations of the European energies over the weekend but they had all changed. Others had carried out a similar exercise.

However, the shape and location of Healing Earth Energies all over the world had changed.

At noon on Saturday all changed.

The Hampshire energy has moved. It now includes Havant and Hayling Island.


Monday 22nd September 1997

Evening: Energies and Development Group, Sub-Group Meeting

Sophie said that on the day of Diana's Funeral, 6th September, she had felt a difference.

She had watched it on television and at twelve o'clock had said to her husband, Steven, "Did you feel that?"

He had asked, "What."

Sophie had replied, "The Earth Energies have changed."


Wednesday 24th September 1997

NFSH Probationer Healers Support Group, Homewell:

Liz Merritt (one of the two Group Organisers) reported on the NFSH Healers' Conference in Yorkshire.

The Conference had been held on the weekend of 6th and 7th September. Liz said much of the weekend had been dominated by Diana's Funeral. She also said that the Conference had always been held on another weekend in September but that was the only one they could book it for this year. she and the other Conference Delegates were quite taken aback by that and that there was a gathering of a hundred Healers "in the centre of England" as Liz put it, on that weekend.


Thursday 25th September 1997


During the morning I was thinking about what Liz had said the previous evening, about the NFSH Conference in Yorkshire and her talking about it being "in the middle of England" on that particular weekend. I thought that Yorkshire was hardly the middle of England but then remembered that Yorkshire was the County of the White Rose which fitted with the symbolism attached to Diana, the rose named after her and the new version of "Candle in the Wind".


Holy Mary Meditation Evening:

At that time Liz was holding Mediation Evenings at her house, centred on Mary. What came up on one of those evenings was that Diana was the younger personification of Mary and Mother Theresa the older personification. Partly because Mother Theresa had passed over at about the same time as Diana, though for other reason as well, many of us, most of us, found that intriguing and not something we would dismiss lightly.

Many will be of similar mind to us. Many will be somewhat taken aback and other extremely dismissive. That is their choice.

Reflecting on what I saw in Chichester Cathedral, in view of the apparent connection between Diana, Mother Theresa and Mary, Mother of Jesus, it seems appropriate that occurred in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral; the Lady Chapel being named after Mary.




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