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Spiritual, Psychic and Non-Physical; Healing; Science and the Spiritual, Psychic and Non-Physical; Soulmates; Angels; The Legend and Poems; The Rhine; Havant and Twin Towns; Hampshire and the South of England; Chichester

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Directory of Related Links 

Spiritual, Psychic and Non-Physical


SpiritWeb is a large, immensely useful database and link for a very wide range of subjects on non-physical matters and has its own search engine. I understand that it amounts to some three thousand pages.


Beliefnet bills itself as "The Source for Spirituality, Religion and Morality". It is certainly a useful Site in that respect and even offers a Web Start Kit.

A useful Site on Faiths, complete with Chat Rooms. It appears to lean more towards religion than spirituality though, since it includes Baha'I, it is not all dogma biased religion.

UK Psychics

A very useful Webring with UK and International links plus a voice Chat Room and Press/Research Room. They claim to have a complete index of UK Psychics and Mystics online. It is certainly comprehensive.

Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig included Jo, Lorelei and myself in his book, "The Psychic Casebook", (pages 143-144) and seems to have little problem in accepting that my Lorelei is the Lorelei. Craig's books and Website are an excellent route to further knowledge of matters spiritual and non-physical in general. Having met Craig, corresponded with him ad attended a talk by him, apart from seeing him on television, I am not in any doubt about his genuiness.

Paranormal Network - for Spiritual Development

An interesting Site, though there is no such thing as paranormal. Everything in God's Creation is perfectly normal.

Stephen O'Brien

Stephen O'Brien is a well known Medium. I have no personal experience of him but he has an impressive Web Site.

The Near Death and Other Worlds Association

This is a new organisation and a new Site. In fact it is too new for me to make a sensible comment other than it looks very promising. Personally, I am not keen on the title, primarily because there is no such thing as death, only life, different states and transitions.

Sussex Alternative Connections

Sussex alternative Connections is a very useful Site for information relating to spiritual and non-physical matters, particularly in Sussex and nearby areas. Subjects covered include: Alternative Healing, Meditation, Self Development, Dolphins, Crop Circles, Mayan Calendar, Esoteric Studies, New Age, Egyptology, Earth Energies, Channelling, and Sacred Sites.

The Site is clearly laid out and easy to navigate.



Tonika Rinar

This is a well built Site covering a wide range of non-physical matters. Despite the Web Site address it is about rather more than Angels so is probably more appropriately referred to here than in the Angels Section of this Page.

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National Federation of Spiritual Healers

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers is the principal organisation for spiritual healing in the United Kingdom


 Science and the Spiritual, Psychic and Non-Physical

Scientific and Medical Network

The Scientific and Medical Network (SMN) is an organisation embracing those who are not confined by the limitations of mainstream science. Most of its Members are eminently scientifically and technically qualified. The SMN is an excellent source for information and potential contacts.

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Soul Mates and Twin Flames - Soul Mates

We would go along with the comment, "A soul mate is like the echo of oneself in Matter working at the same task to fulfil a blueprint for God", except that it is irrelevant whether one is "in Matter" or not. The Soulmate relationship completely transcends space and time, let alone mere physical state, or lack of it. Similarly, I/we suppose, "So soul mates have an attraction that is based on the sacred labor and the path of self mastery", is probably about right.

The Soulmates Webring

Though I have yet to explore this properly I suspect that the confusion between Soulmates and Kindred Spirits reigns here. I was also puzzled by the pictures of Xena and Hercules. I/we do not see the connection with Soulmates, though both series, along with the rest of Channel 5, is not available in this Region, so I am unaware how they are supposed to relate.

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Angel Ring

This is a useful looking Webring, which I have yet to explore properly.

Yahoo! Webring - Angel Ring

Another Webring, a large one, which it will take time to explore.

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This is an easy route to more information and considerable links.

Denise Linn

Denise's Web Site should probably be in the general section but she does a lot of work in this field. Besides, it was at one of Denise's Seminars, in 1992, that Lorelei suddenly appeared (literally) in this life.

Guinevere by Laurel Phelan ---

I have yet to read Laurel Phelan's book about the life she remembers as Guinevere, only the comments on it at Amazon's Website. I would like to see the person who asserted that, "Guinevere, Arthur and the rest never existed as real people", to prove it. I do remember a life that Lorelei and I spent together around the 4th and 5th Centuries, A.D. I have also seen a person connected with that time to which colleagues, completely independently, reacted with "Merlin!" when I described the events concerned --- see the text of "Remembering Lorelei".

Roger Woolger, PhD

Roger is a fellow member of the Scientific and Medical Network and heavily inot the field of regression therapy. (Fortunately I do not need any therapy. I have been "back" (time is an illusion) to several lives and "forwards" twice using a visualisation, being shown by Lorelei, or "Upstairs", or just seeing parts of other lives without any intention to do so, or any particular warning.

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The Legend and Poems

The Legend

Lorelei -

The Legend stories vary in length and detail. I have come across very few and none relate to what I have seen, other than location and the Abbey.

The Poems, etc.

The encyclopaedia reference relies on what the researchers know of the Legend. The poets have not even got the colour of her hair right, let alone anything else.

Lorelei - Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)

Mark Twain: An ancient legend of the Rhine (1880)


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The Rhine

You could always see where we were if you are in the Rhine region. I/we have yet to visit the Rhine in this lifetime. My only connection with Germany, so far in this life, has been with Marie Rheinhart, the telepath. Perhaps in the not too distant future I will be able to meet her, physically, and see, also physically, some of the sights I saw "through her eyes". (knowing that a physical meeting increases the strength of the link, I am a little apprehensive about the possible loss of some privacy.)

Back in 1993, I saw (non-physically) Lorelei, Kurt Langerhan and the Mother Abbess on and by a large river, plus an Abbey, several hundred years ago. In the spring of 2000 I met someone who has visited the region and confirmed that there is indeed an Abbey in the Lorelei region of the Rhine. At some stage, in this lifetime, I also hope to visit that part of Germany.

Rhine cruises, castles, etc.

German Middle Rhine River Valley Online, The Valley of the Lorelei in Germany

Hotel Restaurant Zur Loreley, St Goar on Rhine in the Lorelei Valley, Germany


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Havant and Twin Towns


There are a number of Towns twinned with the Borough of Havant. What the Councils of those Towns will make of Havant Borough Council's antics, behaviour and morals I do not yet know. Hopefully, they take a much more constructive approach to entrepreneurs and risk takers than Havant's destructive approach.

Wesermarsch (twinned with Havant)

Wesermarsch is on the North Sea coast of Germany at the end of the River Weser. Had the associated river been the Rhine, it would have been even more interesting.

Saint Romain de Colbosc (twinned with Havant);

Saint Romain de Colbosc is Havant's French Twin Town in Normandy.

Saint Aubin (twinned with Emsworth, Havant Borough)

I know little about Saint Aubin as Havant Borough Council is still ignoring requests for information, despite advising me, via the Hampshire information Service, that I should contact them again, which I did. Although I have located the Web Sites, my French is not very good and I have yet to acquire a translation.

Maurepas (twinned with Waterlooville, Havant Borough)

Neither do I know much about Maurepas, for similar reasons.

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Hampshire and the South of England


The region has many attractions for business, as long as the organisations with which I dealt are avoided and can continue to be avoided once you are in this area of the Country.

Apart from the South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Hampshire Economic Partnership, I am not able to recommend the organisations in the region, at present.

Regrettably, behaviour of the type I experienced from Havant Borough Council very seriously mars an otherwise attractive region. I have found that the attractions do not outweigh the dangers.

Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council supports business in the County and can, at times, be helpful, I believe. On the basis of personal experience, I have yet to find that to be the case. In the wake of Havant wrecking my project I have asked the County Council if they can assist in making connections to promote my alternative career, via links to this Web Site, my Business Web Site and Media connections. We will see if anything comes of that.

Hantsweb is a useful Web Site for the County. It comes with seven language options, including English and American! Overall it is a clearly laid out Web Site with a slightly simplistic appearance which aids readability and is to the Sites advantage.

For business Parks in the Havant area, Hantsweb gives Havant Borough Council as the Contact. If, after my experiences with the Council, you are determined to bring your business to Havant, you might consider contacting the South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, or go direct to Basepoint Plc who have developed some of the local Business Parks (as well as similar Parks elsewhere in Hampshire) and operate them. (Though I have no great experience of Basepoint, I have met the Company's Chairman, some time ago. I recently met one of their Managers, who I have spoken to at a fairly personal level, and he certainly rates them as an employer.)

Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry

I have invariably found the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry helpful and easy to deal with. As yet I am unable to make a similar recommendation for any other comparable organisations in the region. The Chamber continues to try to be helpful towards me despite the events in Havant.

If you need a friend in the region and, believe me, you are likely to need one, the local Chamber of Commerce is your best bet. At present they do not have a serious competitor. There are other organisations who may have more resources in some situations. In which case, the Chamber will guide you there.

Hampshire Economic Partnership

Hampshire Economic Partnership is a useful organisation with a positive outlook. If only they had the economic "clout" to go with the organisations relatively positive approach, HEP would be even more useful.

Business Link Hampshire

Business Link Hampshire were helpful and supportive in the early days of setting up the Technology Diversification Centre Project. Their Seminars, many of which are free, are often useful.

In November 2000, David Bartlett, of Business Link Hampshire, put me in touch with an Internet and Web Site development related venture, Network City. I could not wait to learn how to build a Web Site by that route but it should help me to improve this Site, though I hope to anyway. That is quite apart from building a Business Site for my engineering and business development consultancy interests, and a Site for Lorelei. (She often has plenty to say, as when we answered a few questions from someone who wrote to me after a talk I gave in London, but I have to do the typing.)

Even more recently, December 2000, David Bartlett agreed to see if he could help promote my alternative career, or, help me find further suitable contacts to do so. No promises, obviously, but Business Link Hampshire is at least willing to look to the positive. Since my/our story will, as already indicated, help promote and publicise the region, including from the tourism point of view, such an approach is entirely justified.

Havant Borough Council

Like a shop window, you can look but do not have to buy or become involved. Hopefully, there will be changes for the better. At present, there is no way I could recommend Havant from a business viewpoint.

The Borough Council's behaviour has excluded me, for most practical purposes, from involvement in business in the Borough. Despite being provided with considerable funds to assist the Borough in terms of business and tourism, the Council has refused to provide me with any assistance to bring business to the Borough, or the surrounding region. I am not aware of any specific or coherent explanation for the Council's actions. They have not provided any such explanation.

The Council continues to ignore requests for information that should be publicly available.

That seems to be my reward for trying to do something for the Region, and still could if I were to be helped rather than impeded.

Portsmouth City Council

Portsmouth City Council has not offered me any help with bringing business to this region. However, when I was up against what I (and others) considered vested interests in securing the Konver Funding for the Technology Diversification Centre, Paul Spooner, then Head of Economic Development with Portsmouth City Council, gave me his support as he seemed to think (correctly) that I was being treated unfairly. 


Tourism is an important part of the economy of the South of England. I reasoned that, since there is considerable interest developing in the events described in my Diary and "Remembering Lorelei" then, as those events became more widely known it would publicise and advertise the region.

Hampshire County Council

Hantsweb is as useful for tourism as it is for business. There is a great deal in the region to interest tourists who need have none of the concerns that businessmen may need to take into account, at least in parts of the region.

Portsmouth City Council

Portsmouth City Council Web Site provides considerable information about the region and includes links to local Media.

Havant Borough Council

There are some pleasant areas in and around Havant for the tourist. Perhaps Lorelei, Cathy and I will become part of the tourist industry. Not that the Borough Council has shown any interest in that aspect of me either.

We will see if they do anything about a tourism involvement for us. Though that involves publicity and, naturally, what lead to me having to go this route rather than my chosen engineering route.

So far, the Council has declined to help, by ignoring requests for assistance rather than specifically saying no.

Remember that all trains stop at Havant. You do not have to get off but, as I have said elsewhere, visiting is safe.

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Chichester is of considerable significance to me as so many of the events took place there. Those ranged from my first Spiritualist Meeting, several Meetings of the COMPAS Group at he Newell Hall, pleasant and fascinating experiences in the Cathedral (especially the Lady Chapel) and numerous coincidences, particularly the ones that gave me the title of the Book, "Remembering Lorelei", and the Legends, The Bank and The Horse coincidence, which surprised even me.

Chichester Council

This is the Chichester Council Web Site. The private Chichester Web is (independently) recommended as being better, though that was before this Site was rebuilt in early December 2000.

Chichester Web

This is a good quality private Web Site. It was recommended to me as being over and above the old official Chichester Web Site. I agree, it is a good Site.

Chichester Cathedral

The Chichester Cathedral Web Site provides a colourful introduction to the Cathedral with numerous photographs. However, to experience the energies and sensations that I did you, obviously, have to be in the building itself.

Personally I have found the Lady Chapel the most potent part of the Cathedral. The energies are very strong but also extremely gentle. It is a very pleasant place to meditate, be in touch with Reality (Real Reality) and all that really matters.

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