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Healing Groups:

Most of the healing in which I have been involved took place at the Emsworth Haven Group and the Hands of Oak Group in Havant. The former met at the Emsworth Centre in South Street, Emsworth, on the first Monday of each month. The latter still meets at the Bear Hotel, East Street, Havant on two Tuesday evenings each month (usually the first and third Tuesday), at 7.15 p.m.

During March 2001 the Healing Group began on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the Social Club of Queen Alexandra Hospital, located at Cosham. Due to a double booking the next time the Group will be there is the evening of 12th June 2001.


Personal Healing Experiences:

During the last few months there have been a couple of interesting developments with my healing experiences.

One has been that Cathy has taken to specialising in looking after the crown chakra of the person we are healing. As the crown chakra so the primary connection to the higher spiritual realms, it seems appropriates that an Angel should look after such matters.

The other development is that I have become more able to sense effects in the aura and the chakras.

For instance, when I was giving healing to Bob (a pseudonym) during a Psychic Fair at the Bear Hotel, a few months ago, it felt as if his base chakra was on fire. Afterwards, I asked if he had any problems with his lower abdomen. He said that a heavy steel plate had fallen on him a few years previously, and smashed his pelvis. In addition, he had suffered a gastric infection for the previous ten years.

One evening, at Emsworth, I was giving Amanda healing, with Lorelei and Cathy. At one stage the streams of energy between Lorelei's hands and mine was passing through her heart chakra and Lorelei was singing, "With a Song in Your Heart". When I mentioned this to Amanda, afterwards, it transpired that she needed lifting, emotionally, as she had just suffered bereavement.

On Saturday 28th October, we had a Healing Open Day at the Emsworth Haven Group. While we were giving one lady healing I saw Lorelei sending considerable amounts of energy into the woman's lower abdomen, producing a great deal of internal side to side movement. During our conversation, afterwards, I discovered that the woman was well able to accept the existence of non-physical people so I told her what had happened. She immediately confirmed that she had felt a great deal of movement as I had described it, except that the effect had gone on for considerably longer than I had actually seen it. (Lorelei explained that it was to counteract a minor infection.)

Should you be in the area you might like to visit one of our Healing Groups. My colleagues will certainly make you welcome, as will Lorelei and Cathy.

There was a Psychic Fair, organised by New Horizons Promotions, at the Bear Hotel, Havant, on Saturday and Sunday the 20th and 21st January 2001. Lorelei, Cathy and I were there, as were the Havant Healers Group.

More recently I was giving Sian healing and because of her needs Lorelei was sending a great deal of energy into her. This continued when I moved behind Sian. The unusual aspect of this experience was when Sian suddenly exclaimed, "Ouch!" this turned out to be a result of the amount of energy going into her, particularly her head. At the time I was three to four feet behind her and Lorelei at least six feet in front of her. No-one was any closer and there was no physical contact whatever.


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Healing - what it is and what it is not:

Healing, in this sense, involves more than the physical. A healer links with higher realms and channels energy for the benefit of the recipient. A healer facilitates rather than imposes and much, most, of the healing is often down to self healing on the part of the person being healed.

Although healing is always beneficial and often leads to the cure of a physical ailment, a physical cure is not always the outcome, or not the immediate outcome. Healing benefits the whole person, which is not just the physical body. When we come into this world we take on physical form, at least in part. We therefore have to deal with the physical world and that includes physical world ailments and medicine. Healing is over and above physical medicine but, in this world, is not necessarily a substitute for it.

Some healers will be helped by Guides, or other discarnate persons. Other healers seek a direct connection with the Highest.

My approach is that I place my hands on the person's shoulders to tune in, then go to Highest Authority there is and ask for what is best for the person I am seeking to help. Thereafter, if Guides, Angels, or anyone else becomes involved it is the will of the Creator and I do not consider myself to be in the best position to argue.

A healer will also make sure that he, or she, is protected. I neglected to mention that once, during a demonstration, and one of my more experienced colleagues (at least she is in this lifetime) pointed that out. I acknowledge the omission but explained that since my Guardian Angel was always with me I did not feel I needed to bother. My friend then, rightly, pointed out that, "Not everyone has Cathy". That was true, though everyone has a Guardian Angel, but they can only act for you when you acknowledge their presence and ask them to do so.

(Besides, several years ago I found out (remembered, was reminded) that I have a very potent self defence mechanism. An unpleasant non-physical presence came up behind me when I was in a local Church. The light and energy that erupted from within me surprised me. By the look of shock on the other person's face as he flew backwards, across and through many rows of pews to the far corner of the Church he was even more surprised ....... But that is another (long) story.)

On one occasion I was giving healing to Sue and picking up a great deal to do with another life, in the Nineteenth Century. My conversation with Sue was such that I had found out she was a Reiki Healer and could understand and accept a more detailed non-physical explanation than most people. Some of her problems and experiences in this life were directly related to events and relationships in that life. At one stage I commented, "This isn't really healing" as I felt I was straying too far into clairvoyance. "Upstairs" immediately corrected me with the rejoinder, "Oh, yes it is". They were right. It was entirely appropriate for Sue. She agreed and did understand the connections with events in this life of hers and felt that what I was picking up was of help to her, at least from the understanding point of view.

Healing is not always as obvious as it might seem, even to a healer.

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There are energies beyond those that present day scientific instruments can sense, as there are sense beyond the conventionally accepted five physical senses. I see, feel and hear them and have sensed them at sufficient strength that they have produced a strong physical reaction, though I am far from alone in that.

Where I do appear to be different is that I can comfortably cope with and handle energies at least one or two orders of magnitude stronger than the "average" healer.

During one of the stressful periods, David, a healer colleague, was giving me healing to help. Lorelei was with me and that is probably partly why the energies were so strong. Some very strong energies were pouring down and I was thoroughly enjoying it. in a way it was like the celestial equivalent of an invigorating shower. It was only afterwards that David said it had felt as if his head was lifting off and I realised he was still feeling a little dazed.

Unfortunately, some healers and others in the psychic field tend to refer to auras and non-physical energies in terms of magnetic fields and electrical types of energy. They are not equivalent with physical fields or energies. They are much subtly and finer, more fundamental and more important. Those, and all other fields and energies, come together but understanding how is in the further reaches of cosmology and quantum physics where mainstream science is barely reaching, at present.

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