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It was Thursday 16th June 1994. I went to St Faith's Church for what had become a regular quiet time, on my own. At least I would be on my own as far as the physical world was concerned. Sometimes, I would feel His presence, or the presence of others. Usually I felt something, even if only energy flows.

There was no-one else in the Church. I sat in my usual place and began with absent healing for someone else I was helping at the time. After a while I turned my attention to myself and just tried to open up to see what might happen.

After I had been in the Church for some time, I saw a woman to my right and two or three feet in front of me.

She was of average height and build with a full but slightly slim young face. Her hair was short with a neatly cut fringe. It curled up slightly at the back of her neck. The hairstyle was like a pageboy but it was not modern, more medieval. The colour of her hair was very light brown rather than blond but had a definite ginger tinge to it. her eyes were light blue.

She wore a long dress, gathered at the waist and tied with a gold cord. The top of her dress was in loose, rounded, vertical folds and hung in similar folds from her waist. The sleeves were also loose, without being voluminous, and ended in small, neat cuffs.

The material was quite substantial without being coarse. The surface texture appeared quite smooth. It was very dark in colour and of the type that is almost black but not quite.

Around her neck was a large collar that almost covered her shoulders and was edged with gold and tied with a small gold cord at the front. It was quilted in twelve panels with alternate panels were decorated with embroidered flowers

I saw her "in the round" even though I was sitting behind her. That was in the days when I was still learning that non-physical sight is not restricted by physical line-of-sight limitations.

Momentarily, I wondered if it was Lorelei presenting herself in a different guise for some reasons.

Then the woman turned her head towards me and said, «No, she is over there.»

She had heard my thoughts and indicated Lorelei, sitting well to my left, several feet away among the pews on the other side of the central aisle.

Then the woman on my right was facing the front of the Church again. The Church I saw was similar to the one I was in, but the former had a large wooden cross in front of us and the latter did not.

My curiosity continued. She was obviously there to help but I had no idea who she was. I felt no need for concern, or any threat from her, quite the reverse. Her demeanour was pleasant and gentle.

She remained facing forward as she knelt with the skirt of her dress wrapped tightly around her knees. She placed her hands together gently in her lap. Kneeling, with her back straight and her head up, her gaze was straight ahead in the direction of the cross.

Then she said, simply, «Relax, Richard, and leave this to me.»

I did so, experiencing feelings and energy flows similar to those I had felt many times before but these were different. I also had company and that was different.

The following day I was expected at Leigh's house for one of the regular meetings of discussion and meditation she hosted.

Not long after I arrived, I told Leigh and Neil about the woman in St Faith's and showed them a sketch I had attempted of her. Neil said he thought she was a Teacher, rather than a Guide. Leigh seemed to be of the same opinion.

Later tat evening I saw the woman behind Leigh. She was standing behind Leigh's chair, near the door. On that occasion I saw her as more of a haze, in a similar way to seeing an aura. I had no doubt that it was the same person. The shape of her head, the cut of her hair and the line of her dress were unmistakable. The quiet confidence of her bearing was also the same.

Leigh was bent forward with her head, almost, in her lap.

Leigh said she was being given a name and said that it was being repeated over and over again,

" Jeanne D'Arc, Joan of Arc, Jeanne D'Arc, Joan of Arc, Jeanne D'Arc, Joan of Arc."

The name had been repeated until Leigh, close to exasperation, had said, "Oh, all right then." The repetition then ceased.

I saw her in St Faith's when I visited the Church at the end of that week and again in July of that year. At the beginning of the July visit I immediately felt something happening. It was well into the proceedings that Jeanne arrived. So much happened that it is too much to include in this Site, at least in its present form.

I was there so long that I heard movement in the Church and the Verger, Mr Edwards, said, softly, "Excuse me we will be closing soon." He explained that it was nearly five o'clock and he had to close the Church for security reasons and because of problems with vandals.

«We are nearly finished,» said Jeanne.

I told Mr Edwards that I would not be long.

Some days afterwards, I was thinking about the way that Jeanne had folded her hands in her lap at some stage, left hand outside the right. I had asked Jo about it because I am right handed and place my hands the other way round. Jo is left-handed but has become largely relatively ambidextrous over the years so she was not sure.

A few days after that, Jo said she had seen something in the Portsmouth News I should read. There was an article about left-handedness. It contained a list of famous left-handers. They were in alphabetical order and at the top of the list ....... See the page on coincidences.




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