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Jo is my wife in this lifetime and we have been together for twenty-nine years. We have a son and daughter, Tim and Emma.

Jo and I met in Clacton-on-sea, Essex, where I lived for many years. My parents moved to Clacton in the late 1950s. Jo had lived in Clacton all of her life, until we married and moved away.

We moved to Havant, Hampshire, in 1983 and have lived here ever since then. Over the years, Jo and I have made many friends in the Havant area, as well as Hampshire generally, as well as my Healer friends and colleagues.

I am certain that Jo and I have been together in other lifetimes (and will be again) though, at present, I do not remember which ones.

Contrary to what some people may think, there is not a clash between Lorelei and Jo, or any other member of our Soul Family. On the human level there can be conflicts and jealousy. At the spiritual level, these do not exist.

For both of them:

"You need her power. She needs your wings. Together, you fly!"

"One", Richard Bach

Jo and I have been through very difficult times during our years together. The latest turn of events, having the work of five years wrecked, has been the most stressful. However, as a result of these difficulties, we have grown closer together. Both of us have realised that the bond between us amounts to more than just physical love.

Jo is a keen gardener and her spiritual nature is imbued in the garden. My favourite way of relaxing is to lay back in a reclining chair in Jo's garden and close my eyes. The peace and tranquillity is easy to feel.

The relationship between Jo and Lorelei once came up in a conversation with fellow healer, Sheila Gillan, based in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Lorelei joined in to say that, while she was much stronger than Jo, Jo was considerably more spiritually advanced than she was. That fitted with something Sheila had sensed during a Spiritual Regression Therapy (SRT) session, which resulted in a description of Jo as "an Angel wounded by a Nun" at some time in the past. (During and other SRT session, several years alter, Sheila came up with an indication that my spiritual level, and Lorelei's, was considerably higher than that, much to the surprise of the two of us. We both decided to put that on one side until we were in a better position to understand.

A few years ago, Jo went into St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth, for a hysterectomy. On the afternoon of the operation, I tuned in, from home, to be with Jo in my own way, and saw Lorelei with her in the Hospital. Throughout the operation, white light was streaming from Lorelei's hands into Jo. Afterwards, there was a pink cloud enveloping both of them, with Lorelei looking relaxed and very satisfied. Ninety-two hours after the operation, Jo was home, walking upstairs and washing her hair. The next day she was bathing completely unaided. That was love and caring on Lorelei's part without a hint of jealousy, quite the reverse.

On the way home from the Hospital, after I had been to see Jo that evening, I called to see Valerie, a friend of ours, to let her how Jo was getting on. I told Valerie what I had seen that afternoon, commenting that although some people thought there would be a conflict between Jo and Lorelei the situation was quite the reverse. I said that Lorelei's attitude to Jo was more that of a sister. At that point Lorelei interjected with the term, "Celestial Sister". There was obviously more to the relationship then even I had supposed.

What was even more remarkable was that Lloyds Bank was being extremely unpleasant towards us at the time and causing considerable stress. The Bank that claimed, in its advertisements, to provide a "Legendary Service" could not even provide a passable service for the Soulmate of a Legend. (Yes, the local Branch, in Havant, did know about Lorelei but, like others, chose not to believe it, or that the story would go into the public domain. The Chief Executive ignored letters as well.)

The Bank's service was, in reality, more like what the horse left behind on the beach in its television advertisements ....... hoof marks --- we were comprehensively trodden on.

The unusual assistance that Jo received from Lorelei was what you might call real "Legendary Service".

So, if you want to be pressurised and have your home under threat while in hospital for a serious operation (such as a hysterectomy), you know where to go. Call in at your local branch, see, or E-mail However, in practice most banks will probably take that approach.

There was a fascinating coincidence when I went to the Lloyds Bank Branch in Chichester on one particular occasion.

A few weeks after her operation, Jo and I were watching television one evening when she winced. That was just after the start of a Geoff Hamilton gardening programme and Jo was experiencing considerable pain in her abdomen. She asked if I could do anything to help. It is usually more difficult for a healer to work with someone to whom they are very close.

While I was thinking about how best to approach the matter Lorelei appeared on the other side of the room, some three feet to the right of the television. She held her hands up, a little above shoulder level, and white light streamed from them, straight into Jo. I felt the energy down my left side even though I was not directly in line with it.

I thought it better to just get out of the way, so I sat back, well clear of Jo and watched the rest of the programme. As the credits went up at the end of the programme I asked Jo how she was feeling.

Her reaction was, "What, ...Oh, that, its gone."

The pain had gone, been taken away, so completely that Jo had long before forgotten about it.

So, for real "Legendary Service" don't bother with a Bank, call Lorelei.







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