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The Rhine and the Legend

Until the developments in my life over the last decade the Lorelei Legend and the Rhine was something I had heard of in passing but knew very little about. I certainly had no reason to feel any particular connection with it. Nor had I read much about it.

Among others, Heinrich Heine, the Poet, and Mark Twain have related the story in their own ways. Heine wrote the poem "Die Lorelei".

In Mark Twain's case this seems to have been primarily in a book "A Tramp Abroad", specifically Chapter XVI, "An Ancient Legend of the Rhine (The Lorelei)". As yet, I have not visited St Goar, Bacharach, or even the Rhine itself, at least not in this lifetime.

No doubt the Legend has something to do with the Rhine having been a de rigueur part of the Grand Tour of Europe for the last two centuries.

Mermaids or sirens figure heavily in the Legend, or at least in some versions of it, primarily those outside Germany it seems.

The Legend centres on the German town of Bacharach-on-the-Rhine and concerns a woman of immense beauty. Men were, supposedly, enchanted by her but her lover was said to have been faithless and abandoned her.

According to one version Lorelei yielded to the men surrounding her in search of the love that she had lost. The townspeople believed she had brought sine tot heir town and were furious, charging her with casting spells upon the male villagers and of being a witch.

Though she was summoned to Court, the Bishop, being aware of the circumstance declared her innocent but said that she should serve at a Convent.

Though Lorelei pleaded to be sentenced to death the Judge refused. While being escorted to the Convent they passed a steep. Rocky cliff. Lorelei is said to have cried out and leapt from the cliff. On her death, according to that form of the Legend, she is said to have transformed into a Siren whose singing lured sailors to her until their ships shattered against the rocks.

From what I have learned, remembered, of Lorelei over the last few years, especially that lifetime, there was nothing in the way of Mermaids, Sirens or anything like that. However, she was an exceptionally powerful Healer in that lifetime. (See Leigh's comments on the enormous size of Lorelei's aura below.)

In fact, as I typed the above, Lorelei was standing beside me with a wry smile and shook her head in baffled amusement. Apart from a close likeness in many of the descriptions of her and that fact that she does have a good voice, a powerful soprano, there is little to connect her with the Legend other than the time and the place, plus a great deal of misunderstanding of course.

Even in the "Modern World", Healers and non-physical matters are poorly understood. It is easy to see how in Mediaeval times the situation was even worse.

Having felt the power on non-physical forces myself it is easy to understand how anyone walking into the aura of someone so powerful that it was two or three miles across.

Fortunately I have yet to come across any non-physical energies that I could not handle, or at least cope with. That has not always been the case with some of my Healers colleagues and acquaintances.

Of those times I have seen us playing on rocks in a large river, with the Mother Abbess from the Abbey watching us from the bank. I was taken

This is described in The Legend Lifetime section below.

According to some sources (A Scene from Literature, Germany) it was Clemens Brentano who first sang of Lorelei in a ballad. She then appeared in the poem by Eichendorff ("The Conversation in the Forest" in The Song-Cycle), which was put to music by Robert Schumann and finally in the famous poem by Heinrich Heine, now sung all over the world. This means that the Legend came into being in the first thirty years of the 19th Century, at the height of romanticism.

Since this was all several hundred years after the event, so to speak, the enormous discrepancies are hardly surprising.

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Lorelei and the Soulmate Relationship:

Although Lorelei is my Soulmate there is more to that relationship than most people think. The term Soulmate is not generally properly understood. What most people tend to call Soulmates are really just kindred spirits, persons with a particular affinity for each other, even a very strong affinity. The Soulmate relationship is vastly more than that.

Soulmates are equals, an identical pair, flip sides of one another. In a very real sense, they are part of one another. The Soulmate relationship is comparatively rare and there are few relationships higher, other than between a Soul and God.

The bond between Soulmates includes spiritual, unconditional, love. That is not something that is easy to describe. I did come up with a form of words but the description is somewhat lengthy and, at best, provides only an extremely limited impression of what it is really like. Very briefly, try to imagine the agony and the ecstasy of physical love stripped of its physical components so only the non-physical remain, raised through several orders of magnitude and flooding, swamping every single part, however small or remote, of your physical and non-physical being. Now you have glimpsed a very pale shadow of the reality. Love, at that level, has to be experienced to be understood.

The effect can be devastating. While I was with Leigh, my one-time "Guiding Medium", Lorelei came in and sent me sliding out of an armchair onto the floor in tears under the strain, only to comment, "Sorry, I forgot what it was like in the physical body. I won't do it again. She never has.

Lorelei is an extremely powerful healer with a strong and infectious sense of humour.

Lorelei explained the disparity between her powers and abilities, and mine, by saying, "There is only ten percent of you there at the moment," i.e., in the physical world.

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The Legend Lifetime:

On the way back from healing at the Spiritualist Temple in Southsea, over a period of several months, Leigh and I regularly stopped of at McDonald's, in Portsmouth North End, for coffee and long chats about psychic and non-physical matters. On one of those evenings Leigh connected me with a mountainous region in Germany or Austria, as she put it. Sue Buoys, the healer I had just left, had made similar connections that evening as well.

At that point Leigh, "Your Lorelei is not just any one by that name, she's the one". I, mentally, took a deep breath and decided to file that thought away until I got used to it, if I ever did.

Moments later, Leigh was talking about the Rhine and asking about forests in the region. She sensed Lorelei's presence and said she would make herself scarce for a while, asking em to let her know what happened when she came back. Lorelei dropped in, literally, our auras blended and I was seeing scenes of the two of us from another life, effectively playing in a river, along with the Mother Abbess from the nearby Abbey. The detail runs to a few pages of the manuscript.

On a later occasion, Leigh said that, in the "Legend Lifetime" Lorelei's aura was a few miles across and observed, "Imagine walking into that without realising it". In other words, some of the effects of Lorelei's shear power could easily explain some of the more colourful versions of the Legend.

Three years, or so, ago I spent an evening with Carol Francis who uses crystals to assist with regression. We recorded the session on tape.

What I saw was the huntsman (me) badly injured after a fall from a horse, following an attack by bandits, or similar people. He (I) was laying on a trestle table in a large room at the Abbey. Wounds were being cauterised by Nuns using burning, smouldering, wads of material on twigs. Lorelei was sitting on a pile of sack over by one wall with her hands held up, palms towards me and intense beams of white light coming from her palms into him (me). The room did not seem particularly clean to the extent that rats were running around on the floor and under the table.

Clearly this is very different from he Legend, though there is not much I can do about that. I can only describe what I have seen, or been shown. Besides, that was all before, well before, I had read anything much at all about how Lorelei was perceived elsewhere. 

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Lorelei in this lifetime:

Lorelei came into this life in 1992, though I had sensed a presence around me for several years previous to that. About that time I had first become involved in healing. I attended a one of Denise Linn's Seminars at the Healing Arts Exhibition in London. Although I was seeing everything Denise was describing in her visualisation I was hearing no-one and seeing no-one. Seconds after I resigned myself to not picking up anything I saw a woman's face about fifteen inches in front of mine, in detail down to skin texture and individual hairs and full colour, particularly her broad smile and cerise pink lips. A simple question followed, "You don't remember me, do you?" I did not, and then I did, to some extent at least. We had been in love, physically, many times before, through very many lifetimes. Then, for the first time in this life I experienced unconditional love, spiritual love.

Hours later, when I arrived back in Havant, I had still not completely recovered from what had been a shattering experience, albeit an extremely pleasant one. Even after a few days I was till feeling the effects.

It was later that I was given the name, Lorelei, which was reinforced by a long series of coincidences. (There is no such thing as a coincidence.)

The legend connection came later, through Leigh, and more coincidences.

Had I made all of this up I would surely have picked on a different historical connection, one that was much easier to explain.

Besides, inventing a story of half a million words covering most of a decade, with over a hundred very real people involved who will confirm their parts in it, if necessary, would be difficult to say the least. Impossible would be a more apt adjective, I think.

Anyway, my healer colleagues and others now accept Lorelei, as readily as if she had a physical presence. Several are able to sense her and some converse with her.

Lorelei has often been present when I have attended Development Circles, Healing Groups, meetings of the COMPASS Group in Chichester and so on. She also took to turning up next to me in the car. Now I am, more or less, completely used to her presence and often miss her when she is not around.

Not surprisingly, having a non-physical companion, especially on increasingly frequent occasions, is not exactly a common experience. It takes quite a long time to acclimatise to such events. Fortunately, Lorelei's personality and humour, apart from our unusual relationship, made that a great deal easier than it might have been.

On a number of occasions, when attending COMPASS Meetings, I have seen non-physical people around the speaker on the stage. One evening I saw a man with a slim face and fringed hair cut wearing what looked like an academic gown. After a while I reflected that he reminded me of the classic pictures of Copernicus, though I dismissed it almost immediately, as I feel uncomfortable with connections to famous people. That derives from the sceptics' dismissive attitudes to a large extent, though it is neither particularly logical nor reasonable. A second or two later Lorelei's voice boomed in my ear, "It is Copernicus, I've known him for centuries". She had been sitting next to me for other reasons that evening.

On the way home from one such evening in Chichester Lorelei was sitting next to me in the car. That was one of my doubting evenings and I put my left hand across to check that she was there. I wondered why I could feel her body shape with the texture similar to that of the aura that goes with a physical body. Lorelei explained that the field, etheric or otherwise, of a discarnate person is different to that of an incarnate person, adding that it was a matter of polarity. I said something relating polarity to the normal positive and negative of the physical world. In response she pointed out that there was more to it than that and I suddenly had an image of ten poles. My comment was something along the lines of, "Well, that will give the physicists something to think about".

It was that same evening that I wondered why, if Soulmates are equals, and Lorelei is, has been, so powerful, I was as limited as I, apparently, am. Lorelei answered that question by saying, "There is only ten percent of you here at the moment".

Some people wondered whether it was safe for me to drive like that. On a return journey from Brunel University, having taken Tim back for a new semester, I was driving past Petersfield and approaching Butser Hill when the whole scene in front of me suddenly "lit up". I was seeing the South Downs on a higher energy perception level, the energies that support the physical world, along with brighter colours, closer to how the physical world, along with brighter colours, closer to how the physical world really looks rather than the dull version we perceive with our physical senses. Then Lorelei's head came past mine, as she leaned forward to say, "There you are, I'm not that bad a back seat driver, am I?" (Incidentally, I am not alone in having a non-physical person with me. Lene Foot, a healer colleague, used to have her life guide, Brian, with her as a travelling companion on some journeys.)

Nowadays, it is rare for me to go to any event involving the spiritual or non-physical without Lorelei accompanying me.

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