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The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.

Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.

"Illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah", Richard Bach 


"Look at Fletcher! Lowell! Charles-Roland! Are they also special and gifted and divine? No more than you are, no more than I am. The only difference, the very only one, is that they have begun to understand what they really are and have begun to practise it."

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull", Richard Bach




You are creatures of light, we read. From light you have come and to light shall you go, and surrounding you through every step is the light of your infinite being.


You are life, inventing form. No more can you die on sword or years than you can die on doorways through which you walk, one room into another. Every room gives its word for you to speak, every passage its song for you to sing.

"One", Richard Bach

My Families --- Physical Family and Soul Family:

By "My Family" I mean my Earthly, physical family.

I am well aware that Jo, Lorelei and I are also members of the same Soul Family as, more than likely, are members of my current physical family, plus others I know in the physical world. At present, my knowledge does not extend to defining who is related to who in that sense, or how. Besides, there are no real equivalences between Soul Family relationships and Physical Family relationships.

As near as I am able to define them in physical world terms, on a Soul Family basis I believe that Jo and I are "Niece" and "Uncle". Apart from anything else that takes no account of the androgynous nature of the Soul. However, on the same basis, I have met Jo's Soul Family "Grandfather", currently discarnate, of course.

My mother and late father met while both in the Air Force, though for most of their working lives they were hoteliers in Clacton, Essex.

It was in Clacton that I met my wife, Jo. Our children, Tim and Emma are both adults. Tim works in London as a computer consultant with a Merchant bank, after graduating from Brunel University. Emma works, locally, for a Bank.

Martin, my brother, lives in Oxfordshire with his wife, Alison. Their two sons are at University.

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Psychic Experiences and My Family:

As explained, briefly, on the Home Page, I have not found the events of the past few years easy to come to terms with, or fully understand, let alone my family who have only been able to stand by and watch. The term "watch" is not the best one to use, especially with these types of events, but that will do for now.

During my parent's Golden Wedding Anniversary party at Martin and Alison's house, in 1995, my non-physical aspect came up in conversation with a relative. As she seemed interested, I gave her, among other things, a copy of my alternative "C.V.", which is, in part, a brief history of what has happened over the previous few years. A few weeks later, Martin said he had received a 'phone call from her husband during which he had asked Martin if I was ill.

No-one else in the family has said they thought I was ill, mentally or otherwise, the Scientific and Medical Network were broad minded enough to welcome me with open arms.

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My Parents:

In April 2000 Emma and I went to Clacton to see my parents. My father was in Clacton Hospital after a fall, though did not seem too badly injured as a result of that. The strokes he had suffered were, obviously, taking even more of a toll.

While Emma, my mother and I were with my father, I saw Lorelei and Cathy standing on either side of him. They said they would stay with him after we left.

A few days later, I mentioned it to Lene Foot, while in conversation with her at the Emsworth Haven Healers' Group, saying, "The Girls" said that would stay with him". Lene can accept such matters so easily that she simply commented along the lines of, "Oh, they can flit backwards and forwards whenever they like".

I have grown so used to such matters and having Lorelei and Cathy with me so often that referring to the pair of them as "The Girls" came as naturally to me as if they had a physical presence.

At the beginning of May we had a 'phone call from my mother to say that my father had suffered a massive heart attack and that he was in Colchester Hospital. A friend was taking her to the Hospital, Martin and Alison were going and I set off for Colchester that morning. While driving up the A3, just north of Guildford, I had an image to my right, of an Airman. I hoped I would not be too late. I was not.

I met the others at the Hospital and joined them in my father's room. When we went back to my parent's house in Clacton for the night, my mother came with me in my car. On the way she said that, the previous weekend, my father had told her he had been talking to her parents during the previous two weeks, and to Bill, his late brother. My reaction was to think, «Oh, the decision has already been made». As the conversation progressed, it rapidly became clear that my mother thought much the same, if in a slightly different way.

My father had suffered a massive, final stroke, rather than a heart attack. We visited him in hospital each day until the Friday. It was a very difficult time for everyone involved. All of our emotions and actions had to run their course according to what was best for each person concerned. My mother, Martin and Allison, derived some comfort from holding my father's hand. I did as well but was happiest, or as close as one can be in such circumstances, sitting a little away from the bed, closing my eyes and being with him in a non-physical way. Those experiences were pleasant, very pleasant considering the circumstances.

Quite late on the Friday afternoon, Martin asked if I wanted to take his place next to our father. I assured him that I was all right as I was. I placed my hands on my father's shoulder and closed my eyes. That was when I saw, at the head of the bed, my maternal grandmother, my father's Guardian Angel, my grandfather, late Uncle Ted and Uncle Bill. At the foot of the bed, just in front of Alison, were Lorelei and Cathy. In that moment I heard, very distinctly, «Our young Airman will soon be free».

I was far from surprised. From what my mother had told me on the first day, and feeling my father's aura gradually lessen over the days; it was simply when. Besides, a couple of days previously, while I was holding my father's hand, I had been told, «The spirit is being aligned», i.e. in preparation for departure.

My father passed just before midnight and, if I accept my sense, he was sitting on the bath chair lift was I was using the bathroom the following morning.

Some time later, when I was back in Havant, I went to St Faith's Church on one of my frequent visits. I had only been sitting in my usual place for a few seconds when I felt strong energies and someone immediately to my left. He had black hair and was wearing a white shirt with a black tie and a grey striped suit with a double vented jacket. It was my father as he would have appeared in his thirties. Naturally, I was pleased to see him again.

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Life and (perceived) lack of Life:

When Jo's mother passed over, a few years ago, I knew their was something going on but could not sense what, more than likely I was not meant to, quite apart from me not being as developed in those days.

I am not in any doubt that my father still is. How can I be when I have Lorelei with me so much of the time, as well as an Angel, quite apart from the numerous non-physical people I have seen, met and spoken to.

There is only life and different states of it. Lorelei is rather pleased that she is not encumbered by a physical body, at the moment, which she tends to liken to a very heavy ball and chain; it is so restricting in her view.

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