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(A pseudonym for a Telepath I have met --- non-physically, so far, in this lifetime, but physically in other lifetimes)


Introductions; My first telepathic experience; The Log Cabin; An unusual view of some German countryside; Other times, other lives; Time, space and telepathy; Horst, Marie's husband

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In the early 1990s I was involved with a few interest groups connected with spiritual and non-physical matters, as well as local healers. One of those groups was run by Jan and Mike. It was at a meeting they had organised that I first came across Trevor. He had a military and engineering background.

During an evening at Jan and Mike's house, Trevor told us about Marie. He had first met her while serving, with the Air Force, in the Middle East several years previously. When he had been in mainland Europe, on business, a few months before that evening together, he had thought about Marie and decided that he was probably not many miles from where she lived, though he had not visited her since they had returned to Europe. A few minutes later he found himself driving down one road, turning into another, and so on. About half an hour later he pulled up outside a house, to find Marie waiting at the gate.

Trevor's telling of the story had begun with the original meeting in the Gulf region. He spent a great deal of time with Dave, a friend in the Army. While showing off their smattering of German in a Bar, Marie had approached them and introduced herself, German being her native language. Somewhere in the conversation Marie mentioned that she could read minds. Trevor and Dave were, naturally sceptical, especially Dave.

Marie suggested that Dave think of something and she would tell him what it was. As Marie was very attractive, Dave's thoughts were more on her than anything else. Marie's response was, "No, not me. Think of something else."

Dave had been repairing the gun-sight of a Centurion Tank the previous day so he turned his thoughts to that. Marie promptly described a British Tank gun-sight in detail.


My first telepathic experience:

That evening, Trevor suggested that I try to link with Marie and tell him what she looked like. I tried to do so and picked up occasional fleeting images of women but something did not seem right. "She said keep the blocks out of the way," said Trevor. For want of any better response I simply thought, "Blocks away". A minute or so later I was seeing woman with a slim face, long slim neck curving smoothly onto her chest, and a curly head of hair. The line of her hair was quite straight, from her forehead to low at the back of her neck. The curls were numerous and quite tight. The colour was light but not blonde.

I told Trevor. "That's right," he said, "It is a sort of Afro hairstyle, not Afro, but curly and, yes, her hair is light but she is not a blonde."

By that time I was feeling a strong presence on my left. The energy was quite intense and felt as if it was penetrating about two thirds of the way through my body. It was particularly strong in my head. The overall feeling was that Marie was standing on my left. I said as much to Trevor.

"There's more to it than that," said Trevor. I though about it before responding, "She is standing on my left with her right arm around my shoulders". "That's right," responded Trevor.

At that point, Mike came back into the room and sat down opposite us. My immediate reaction was to point to my left and say, "Mike, meet Marie."

We were all in the lounge of a house in the Nutwick area of Havant. Marie was sitting by a swimming pool at a hotel in Germany.


The Log Cabin:

At some stage I saw what appeared to be a log cabin type of structure. It was on a brick base which raised it above the ground sufficiently for there to be steps up to it. the roof was gabled, there was a door in the right hand end, as I was seeing it, with steps down to the grass. The wall facing me was blank.

I told Trevor what I was seeing and asked, does that mean anything to you. "Yes, its about thirty yards from Marie's house, was the reply.


An unusual view of some German countryside:

At the start of our next meeting, I decided to sketch the log cabin while Trevor was talking to Philip. When I had finished I simply held it over the coffee table between them. Trevor looked down at the sketch and said, "That's right. The door is at that end and this wall is blank, the windows are on the other side."

During another link I saw Marie in a field. She was wearing a green dress and straw hat, standing in a hillside field while on one of her country walks. Trevor recognised my description of the dress.

"What can you see to her left?" asked Trevor, to which I replied, "A forest."

"No, that's the other side of the field. What can you see right down to her left."

I was seeing a brook, a stream with the water flowing quite fast. There was a large grey rock in a slightly wider part of the stream with the water, babbling and eddying around it. I described this to Trevor.

"No," said Trevor, "There is a railway cutting on that side of the field and a tunnel further on in the distance. What you are seeing is somewhere else." Then he added, "But what you are seeing is right, she is deliberately mixing them up."


Other times, other lives:

While I was out walking a few weeks later I was also thinking about Marie. I felt that I had known her before, at some other time in some other life. That was when "Upstairs" suddenly made the unequivocal comment, "She's a blast from the past". I had known Marie before, on several occasions I felt but it was a few hundred years since the last time.

During one of our meetings, Trevor mentioned Marie and himself having been together in a previous lifetime. It was actually several but he mentioned one in particular. It was in the middle East, an Arab country or something similar. I saw something of that life and described it to him. Trevor agreed with the description but when he asked when it was I missed what he had been told by several hundred years.


Time, space and telepathy:

On another occasion, when we were linked to Marie, someone said something about time. I thought they meant time in the physical, "arrow of time" sense, rather than time zones which is what, it turned out, they meant. That lead to a very rapid series of thoughts, on my part, and straightforward simply knowing, along with input from "Elsewhere". If Marie had been at the edge of the physical universe, instead of a few hundred miles away, it would not have made the slightest difference. Time would have made little difference either. The certainty that came to me was that, when you are operating at that level, space is irrelevant and Time fairs almost as badly.

Some people, particularly mainstreams scientists, tend to think of telepathy as transmitting and receiving. To be successful it is better to go the other way. You do not concentrate on something and think it at someone, it is more a matter of going into an "altered state" while bearing something in mind rather than concentrating on it. in a sense it is a little like doing a back-somersault out of the physical to go "forward" in the non-physical.


Horst, Marie's husband:

I believe it was that same evening that I saw a man with a large, slightly flattened nose, as I recall. He was not exactly wrinkled and he was not old but he was certainly not a young man. Was puzzled me was the shape of his hair. It was dark and swept back but had a strange shape at the back of his neck. It was flattened with a sort of "V" shape in it. for some reason I thought of a duck's tail but without being sure that is what one looked like.

"Who do you think he is?" asked Trevor, meaning in relation to Marie. I thought he was too old to be her son and not old enough to be her father so, apart from a brother I assumed it must be her husband.

"Her husband," I said, at last. "That's right," said Trevor, "You've just described Horst. He used to have a ponytail but Marie hated it. so, while he was sitting in an armchair, she crept up behind him with a pair of scissors and cut it off."

That I got spot on. A deliberately set exercise, on another occasion, did not go quite as well. Trevor had asked me to describe something in Marie's house that she was thinking of at the time. The closest I could get was a radiator and a standard lamp. In the end Trevor had said, "That will do", or something equivalent. It was actually a sunlamp. I had got the heat and light right but not in the correct way.




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