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History of St Faith Church: The Church of St Faith is, arguably, the most prominent Church in Havant. It is situated next to Homewell, which is also a notable local historical site.

 The Church is dedicated to St Faith, the girl martyr of Aquitaine. The dedication dates from the 11th Century and there has been a Church of St Faith on this site for nine centuries.

Parts of the Church appear to date from Roman times and it stands on the line of a Roman road. A Saxon Church followed which itself was replaced in the 12th Century.

The Chancel is the oldest undisturbed part of the building. This was constructed in the early 13th Century.

In 1870 the tower was found to in need of strengthening.

Today the Church is also in need of repair. Hence the Appeal Fund.

 More information on St Faith Church can be found on the St Faith Church Web Site (in process of building), on the relevant pages of and the Anglo Catholicism Web Site.

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My connection with St Faith Church: My principal involvement with that particular part of Havant was with Homewell House, behind the Church, where the Healers' Group used to meet, along with other organisations. However, over the years, I began to visit the Church, the frequency of such visits increasing over the years.

My connection with the Church is purely personal in that, for a number of reasons, I often spend time in the Church. For the most part that goes back to the early 1990s when so much was happening on my non-physical aspect. I had been keeping a Diary and was in the early stages of writing The Book, i.e., "Remembering Lorelei". For reasons best know to themselves, at the time, a particular person advised me to destroy the manuscript, sever my links with Lorelei.

Although I had visited the Church on a relatively small number of occasions those visits greatly increased following a suggestion from Kate Lomax, as well as a result of numerous events and stresses in my life at about the same time.

Kate is a local clairvoyant who used to have a stall in the Meridian Centre, just over the road from St Faith's.

As far as the suggested destruction of the manuscript was concerned, Kate recommended that I go to the Top, the Highest Authority, and ask, and to do so in St Faith's. I followed her suggestion. The answer was a resounding "No", I was to keep going on my chosen, designated, Path including continuing with the writing.

Because of that, many other questions with which I needed assistance and help with stressful time is was going trough. Those visits were often quite frequent, often tree or more times a week.

The visits were so numerous that I became quite well known to Mr Edwards who was always cheerful, pleasant and welcoming.

All of my visits to St Faith Church were simply to be alone, in the physical sense, though not otherwise, for comfort, learning, guidance and so on. With just one exception it was always a pleasant experience. The energies were invariably there, if not as strong as in the Mother Chapel at Chichester Cathedral where they are easily felt and almost tangible. It is the nature of such buildings and that with which they are imbued over the centuries.

Most of my visits have been calm gentle affairs, though o a few occasions Lorelei has accompanied me and that is where I saw, met, the person who turned out to be Jeanne. When you see someone "in the round" (non-physical sight is not confined to straight line vision) in such detail that the whole scenario take two pages of typescript to describe, that alone has a considerable impact, let alone the other things seen and otherwise sensed.

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Church Restoration Appeal Fund: Having recently learned of the need for repairs and the restoration fund I felt I would like to help as much as possible.

Though I am not a formal Christian, at least not in this lifetime, Christianity is an entirely valid way to God and greater understand, as are other Religions and Paths.

Whichever way you decide to climb a mountain there is only one summit.

If you are in the area I would encourage you to visit the Church as one of its very pleasant locations. Also, if you feel minded to contribute to its restoration, I am sure those responsible for the Church would not object.


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