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While walking through the Saturday Market in Havant, with my wife Jo, in May, I came across a group of people endeavouring to raise funds for an operation in Germany for a Southampton man, Wayne Howard.

That was the first I had heard of Wayne. I was provided with a couple of photocopies of letters from Wayne's Children and an article by Gareth Lewis of the Daily Echo, Southampton.

Although I made a monetary contribution at the time, I thought I might be able to contribute in another way by using my Web Site (with a few more on the way) to make Wayne's situation known and, hopefully, encourage more contributions to his Appeal Fund.

In view of the wish of Tracy, Wayne's partner, for him to receive help from a German Clinic and my German connections, one extremely unusual and one unique, I felt the addition of this page to be appropriate. I hope it helps.

Perhaps the best way of explaining Wayne's situation is to quote from Gareth Lewis' article in the Daily Echo:


"Wayne Howard, 34, was a super-fit martial arts expert and top class amateur motorcyclist who raced in the Isle of Man Manx GP before a horrific biking accident robbed him of his health."

"Wayne hit the windscreen of a car in the smash, severely damaging his brain. He also had to have his right leg amputated and has no sensation in his right arm following the tragedy."

"Wayne, who is now wheelchair bound, has difficulty speaking, has lost much of his memory and is often unable to recognise his children."

"Partner Tracy Goodwin, 35, of Milbrook, Southampton, who is the mother of their three children - Jayd, 10, Jordan, 8 and Connor, 4, said, 'He was the most sociable guy before - the sort who would go out on his own and come back with lots of new friends. He had a zest for life'."

"It is hard knowing what he was like and the life he has now. The kids are pretty good with it. they know he has memory problems. Even the four-year-old has gone to him and said, 'Hello Dad, I am Connor, I am your youngest son'."

"They have coped with it brilliantly. First of all we had, 'When is Dad's leg going to grow back?', but now they have accepted the reality."

"Now Wayne, a former painter and decorator, needs 25,000 worth of treatment at Germany's renowned Schmeider Clinic, which specialise in brain damage and the Daily Echo is backing the campaign to help him get there."

"Tracy, who cares for Wayne and the family full-time, said, 'we decided that Wayne couldn't have that sort of life. Then we saw a programme on TV about the Schmeider Clinic. They showed a lady who had been in a coach crash and was in a vegetative state - worse than Wayne. Her partner sent her to the Clinic. First thing they did was to get her on her feet. Then they wire you up to a machine to read your brain patterns.'"

"'We are hoping that there will be a positive impact - anything to get his brain to react. There is no miracle cure, it is just to get more of a life for him. I am hoping it will improve his quality of life - we don't have a lot of life at the moment. Anything the Clinic finds he reacts to positively is something we can continue with at home.'"


I vaguely remember seeing a programme about the Clinic as well, though cannot remember much of the details. However, from what I do recall, I thought their approach did seem to make a lot of sense.

More recently I received an E-mail from Gareth Lewis of the Daily Echo, informing me that Dr Paul Schoenle, who will supervise Wayne's treatment, has moved to another, similar Clinic in Germany.

If you would like to contribute to Wayne's recovery donations can be sent to:

The Wayne Howard Appeal Fund, 16 Railway Cottages, Tate Road, Old Redbridge, Southampton, SO15 0NI.


Though I am a Healer, this is a matter of complementary therapies. When we take on physical bodies we also, at times, need physical medicine, as well as the assistance of our more esoteric techniques. Along with my fellow Healers, I use physical medicine and non-physical "medicine", depending on the circumstances. So I have no problems with seeking to help Wayne benefit from physical medicine as well.

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