Results for September, 2000


East Cornwall/West Devon Athletics Forum 5K, 02/09/2000

I know absoulutely nothing about this event, other than the one time :
Pos Name Age group Time
72 John Matthews O/50 27:43

Cardiff 10K, 03/09/2000

Brett Rigler travelled across to Wales and came home with a pb of 35:06.

Exterra 10K Trail Run, Minehead, 03/09/2000

Tony Andrews was 7th overall, and 1st in the 40-49 age group in a time of 48:44

B M C Mile Of Miles, Watford, 06/09/2000

Andrew Ingle paid his fourth visit of the summer to Watford to run another "Mile of Miles" race, coming 4th, less than a second outside his recent pb with 4:07.82

New Forest Marathon & Half Marathon, 10/09/2000

Four of our runners took in this event, two in the full marathon and two in the half :


Pos Name Age group Time
  Paul Sturtridge 3rd O/45 3:05:36
125 Paul Jennings   3:51:56

Half Marathon

Pos Name Age group Time
  Keith Bowden   1:47:12
  Hazel Bowden   2:14:45

Seaton Half Marathon, 10/09/2000

Mike Feighan triumphed in this race, with Jennifer Mills coming second lady
Pos Name Age group Time
1 Mike Feighan   1:11:09
2nd lady Jennifer Mills   1:31:21
  Frank Dunlop   2:09:13

Bere Alston 10K, 10/09/2000

Pos Name Age group Time
11 Steve Ashmore   44:47
15 Alan Heard   48:00

B M C Mile Of Miles, Bath, 16/09/2000

The final "Mile Of Miles", this time the race was more tactical as Andrew Ingle finished in 5th, but considerably slower than the previous rounds - 4:21.2 (still way faster than most of us could run it !). This enabled him to claim 4th overall in the series.

Doone Run, Lynton, 17/09/2000

Three in the top five at this event saw us claim the team title with some ease from Minehead, with Simon Edney and Jenny Mills claiming age group titles. In the junior event, held over 3.8 miles, Cheryl Phillips came in as first girl (32:07), with Kim Ward (34:40) and Kirsty Hamilton (35:39) second and third respectively.
Pos Name Age group Time
2 Simon Edney 1st O/35 1:16:55
3 Martin Owen 2nd O/35 1:17:14
5 Peter Rigler   1:19:16
12 Ricky Butler   1:25:09
46 Jenny Mills 1st O/50 1:38:42
47 Andy Jewell   1:38:49
64 Steve Ashmore   1:42:50
72 Neil Marke   1:44:45
75 Dave Bowden   1:45:28
78 Roger Phillips   1:45:46
161 Frank Dunlop   2:17:41
165 Glen Martin   2:21:40

Ladies 10K, Newton Abbot, 17/09/2000

Pos Name Age group Time
8 Lorraine Kenneally   44:28
25 Lorrie Woolgar   49:33
38 Catherine Gardner   51:14
97 Stephanie Jenkins   57:33
104 Liz Oke   58:30

Truro Half Marathon, Truro, 24/09/2000

Only Mark Gilbert took the challenge of this very hilly course this year, and he performed well up to expectations
Pos Name Age group Time
42 Mark Gilbert   1:34:21

Woodbury Wobbler, 24/09/2000

Another multi-terrain event, and we find the "usual suspects" in the results! Another second lady overall and 1st age group for Jenny Mills
Pos Name Age group Time
26 Norman Bolton 10th O/40 1:17:08
34 Paul Jennings   1:20:20
43 Jenny Mills 2nd Lady, 1st O/45 1:21:58
88 Keith Bowden 11th O/50 1:32:48

Deane DLO 10K, Taunton, 24/09/2000

Fourteen Blues ran the Taunton 10K this year, with Pete Rigler leading them home in sixth place, but the most pleasing sight of all was Charles, running his first race for two years after a string of injuries, and getting around in a pretty respectable time.
Pos Name Age group Time
6 Peter Rigler   34:19
23 Alec McLaren   37:05
29 Maurice Cockwill   38:11
41 Tony Andrews   39:27
82 Steve Ashmore   42:35
86 Alan Heard   42:50
102 Tony Merrett   43:31
105 Lorraine Kenneally   43:39
162 Frank Dunlop   48:28
170 Charles Davis   49:18
175 Anna Squire   49:50
177 Kaye Allen   50:02
233 Gordie Harris   53:32
288 Angela Ashmore   1:06:17

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