Results for March, 2001


Spidernet Pafos Half Marathon/10K, Pafos, Cyprus, 04/03/2001

What lengths some people will go to to get a race! With the Bideford Half Marathon cancelled, the only Blues in action were many miles away, in Cyprus. Peter Hockin led our group home with a superb win in the 10K, ahead of Brett who was "guesting" for our team. Further back, Alan Cox took 1st O/45, while Charles continued his renaissance with 2nd O/65. Tony Andrews was our only runner to brave the half marathon

10 Kilometres

Pos Name Age Group Pos Time
1 Peter Hockin   34:55
2 Brett Rigler   35:25
5 Peter Rigler   37:01
7 Alan Cox 1st O/45 37:29
27 Steve Sanders   44:27
42 Charles Davis 2nd O/65 49:34
85 Frank Dunlop   56:34

Half Marathon

Pos Name Age Group Pos Time
35 Tony Andrews   1:34:17

Tsada Village Run, Tsada, Cyprus, 06/03/2001

As last year, two days after the Pafos races, our crew travelled up to the mountains to a 7.5KM village race. The best from the marathon and half, some very strong Germans and Russians took the race apart, the winning time being 25:27. No surprise that Peter led our contingent home, with Coxy having another excellent race only 76 seconds back.

Pos Name Age Group Pos Time
6 Peter Hockin   27:29
9 Alan Cox 2nd O/45 28:45
30 Tony Andrews 7th O/45 32:32
87 Charles Davis 3rd O/65 38:53
150 Frank Dunlop   46:38

Devon Sportshall League Fixture 5, Dawlish, 11/03/2001

The final fixture of the season, with overall trophies also at stake. First things first though, so, on the day we picked up five first places. Dwayne Bowden maintained his 100% record over 4 & 6 laps, while the other winners were Hayley Wilson, who collected her first ever victory thanks to an excellent sitting throw, Misha Sweeney who had got the meeting off to a superb start by also winning the sitting throw in the Under 10s, and Luke Carroll (back to top form over 2 laps).
Overall, we returned home with thirteen medals. To no-one's surprise but his own (!) Dwayne took two overall first places, while most of other successes also came in pairs. Misha took a pair of thirds (Sitting Throw and Vertical Jump), as did Chloë Bright (Speed Bounce & 4 laps). Three athletes picked up a second and a third - Reece Woolgar (2nd high jump, 3rd Standing Triple Jump), Luke Carroll (2nd 2 laps and 3rd 2 lap hurdles), and Michael Bayliss (2nd Javelin, 3rd Sitting throw). The final individual trophy winner was Matthew Cawsey who was rewarded for consistent performances all winter with third in the standing long jump.

Under 10 Girls
Name Event 1 Event 2 Event 3
Katie Owens 1 Lap, 22nd, 15.0 1 Lap Hurdles, 16th, 17.0 Javelin, 12th, 6.50
Misha Sweeney Javelin, 6th, 9.75 Vertical Jump 3rd, 0.39 Sitting Throw, 1st, 7.00
Erica Woolgar Javelin, 10th, 8.50 Standing Long Jump 8th, 1.47 Speed Bounce, 11th, 34

Under 11 Boys
Matthew Andrews 2 Laps, 17th, 26.4 2 Lap Hurdles, 13th, 28.0 Javelin, 7th, 13.00
Michael Bayliss 2 Laps, 15th, 26.1 Javelin, 2nd, 17.25 Sitting Throw, 4th, 7.00
Luke Carroll 2 Laps, 1st, 22.9 2 Lap Hurdles, 3rd, 25.1 Standing LJ, 7th, 1.76
Matthew Cawsey 2 Laps, 9th, 24.7 Standing Long Jump, 6th, 1.83 Javelin, 11th, 12.00
James Green 2 Laps, 14th, 27.5 2 Lap Hurdles, 14th, 30.3 Javelin, 6th, 13.25
Darren James 2 Laps, 20th, 27.7 Javelin, 8th, 13.00 Sitting Throw, 8th, 5.75
Michael Martin 2 Laps, 13th, 25.8 2 Lap Hurdles, 11th, 28.0 Javelin, 5th, 14.25

Under 11 Girls
Jayne Beresford 2 Laps, 9th, 28.2 4 Laps, 4th, 60.4 2 Lap Hurdles, 8th, 29.2
Chloë Bright 4 Laps, 2nd, 54.8 Standing LJ, 6th, 1.81 Speed Bounce, 2nd, 56
Leanne Glover 2 Lap Hurdles, 3rd, 26.1 Standing LJ, 5th, 1.87 Speed Bounce, 9th, 46
Hayley Wilson Javelin, 5th, 10.00 Speed Bounce, 8th, 46 Sitting Throw, 1st, 6.00

Under 13 Boys
Dwayne Bowden 2 Laps, 4th, 23.6 4 Laps, 1st, 50.4 6 Laps, 1st, 79.4
Reece Woolgar 2 Laps, 6th, 24.3 Standing Triple Jump, 3rd, 6.15 High Jump, 2nd, 1.15

Westward Cross Country League Overall Positions

With the final league fixture cancelled due to restrictions imposed as a result of the outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease, the overall positions were calculated on the best 4 out of 5 results. Pride of place to Andrew Ingle (1st senior man) and Lorraine Clements (1st O/35 lady). Several other medals, mainly in the team awards.

Team results - U/13 Girls ?

Under 13 Girls
Pos Name
5 Kirsty Hamilton
12 Fern Dymond
15 Chloë Bright
16 Katie Wickman
18 Rachel Bright
19 Hayley Wilson

Under 13 Boys
Pos Name
15 Michael Bayliss
18 Luke Carroll
23 Reece Woolgar
26 Cody Marchant

Under 15 Girls
Pos Name
11 Kim Ward
12 Roxanne Guttridge
14 Emma Griffin

Under 15 Boys
Pos Name
5 Andrew Wilson
7 Mark Davies
15 Jamie McLaren
17 Adam Bright
22 Douglas Hamilton

Under 17 Girls
Pos Name
3 Cassie Southcombe

Under 17 Boys
Pos Name
6 Luke Evans
7 Arron Kearney

Senior Ladies
Pos Name Age Group Pos
3 Lorraine Clements 1st O/35
16 Helen Parkinson  
21 Sharon White  
22 Tracey Wilson  
26 Catherine Gardner  
30 Kirsteen Bright 5th O/35
39 Lorrie Woolgar 7th O/35

Senior Men
Pos Name Age Group Pos
1 Andrew Ingle  
10 Alec McLaren 4th O/40
17 Bill Siviter 6th O/40
21 Robin Southcombe  
27 Alan Cox 4th O/45
31 Tony Andrews 5th O/45
41 Bill O'Donnell  
46 Alan Heard 7th O/45
64 Stuart Wilson  
74 Bruce Gardner 12th O/45
76 Clive Bright  
79 Maurice Cockwill 10th O/50

Devon 3K Series, Exeter, 14/03/2001

Mike Feighan ran in the "A" race at Exeter Arena, coming 3rd in 8:59

Safeways Bath Half Marathon, Bath, 18/03/2001

We had three representatives in this huge race, Glen later reporting large organisational problems. Welcome to Vicky who has been cleared to run first claim for us from the 1st March.
Pos Name Age Group Pos Time
51 Vicky Pincombe 4th lady 1:16:13
421 Toby Wright   1:32:05
1982 Glen Martin   1:57:38

Druck 5K, Bath, 25/03/2001

Bath is obviously the place to be for races at the moment, seeing as the area is free from the problems associated with foot & mouth disease. This race was run along roads around Bath University campus, finishing on the track.
Pos Name Age Group Pos Time
15 Andrew Ingle   15:02
11th O/40 Mike Spencer   16:30

Exeter Open Meeting, Exeter, 27/03/2001

After his 5K at Bath at the weekend, Andrew Ingle tried his first outdoor track race of the season at Exeter, just being out-kicked by Nic Andrews, crossing the line in 1:57.1

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