Results for January, 2004


New Years Day Two Bridges, Bideford, 01/01/2004

2004 dawned with a rather windy but thankfully dry morning for the first race of the year. Andrew Ingle got away from the rest of the field early and the further he ran, the further he won by with an eventual margin of 37 seconds to the second place Peter Hockin. Kirsty Hamilton clocked the fastest ladies time, marginally quicker than Elizabeth Higgins, and amongst the juniors running the two mile course, Dan Mapp led from the off and held off the challenges of Craig Bellew and Adam Glover. When the team prizes had been worked out, team E emerged victorious, so congratulations go the three Okes - Ben, Jessica and Andy together with Simon Lacey
Short Course
Dan Mapp 13:03 Leanne Glover 17:30 Jamie Bellew 19:24
Craig Bellew 13:27 Hayley Wilson 18:23 Danielle Sussex 19:26
Adam Glover 13:44 Hazel Earl 18:46 Silas Earl 19:27
Ryan Lark 16:25 Nicolle Hockin 19:07 Joshua Sussex 20:20
Jessica Oke 16:43 Sophie Howe 19:19 Zo Gardner 31:59
Gracie Dack 16:48        
Long Course
Andrew Ingle 20:28 Tony Andrews 26:30 Annette Murray 30:08
Peter Hockin 21:05 Andy Jewell 26:36 Steve Loftus 30:54
Bill O'Donnell 21:33 Steve Sanders 26:42 Eric Hubber 31:12
Stuart Philps 23:01 Larry Rees 26:45 Jo Wilson 31:15
Ben Oke 23:45 Kirsty Hamilton 26:51 Kaye Allen 31:45
Steve Davies 23:48 Simon Lacey 26:52 Charlie Davis Snr 32:50
Charlie Davis Jnr 24:04 Rob Floyd 26:56 Tara Horrell 32:56
Alec McLaren 24:11 Elizabeth Higgins 27:09 Doug Jenkin 34:07
Clive Bright 24:23 Ian Mansford 27:17 Hazel Bowden 34:22
Simon Ingle 24:24 Neil Paddon 27:19 Tracy Lark 34:44
Neil Marke 24:26 Alan Heard 27:45 Kirsty Rigler 34:59
Peter J Rigler 24:29 David Higgins 27:55 Kay Eastwood 35:09
Steve Turner 24:34 Laura Fisher 28:07 Tim Joint 35:24
Andrew Wilson 24:37 Anthony Merrett 28:36 Debbie Hunt 35:25
Mark Davies 24:56 Andy Walter 28:44 Alison Sussex 35:37
Jamie McLaren 25:12 Carol Davies 29:15 Maria Gray 36:20
Dave Braunton 25:19 Neil Pennington 29:24 Lee Gray 36:20
Jim Murray 25:19 Alan Bellew 29:27 Liz Oke 37:00
Mark Sussex 25:23 Tracey Wilson 29:30 Adele Owens 38:47
Alan Cox 25:26 Paul Johnson 29:32 Marion Lawrence 38:47
Lee Glover 25:39 Tim Oke 29:42 Glenda Pratt 43:40
Andy Glover 25:45 Andy Oke 29:49 Ann Colling 50:16
Rob Horrell 26:13 Barry Withecombe 30:02 Shaun Wilson DNF
Paul Wilson 26:24 Steve Ashmore 30:05    

1. Team 'E' : J Oke, B Oke, S Lacey, A Oke
2. Team 'G' : L Glover, S Philps, I Mansford, H Bowden
3. Team 'B' : C Bellew, P Rigler, L Rees, D Jenkin
4. Team ' D' : R Lark, A McLaren, T Andrews, K Allen
5. Team 'F' : G Dack, C Davis Jr, A Merrett, T Oke
6. Team 'Q' : S Wilson, J Murray, K Hamilton, S Ashmore
7. Team 'V' : A Ingle, A Jewell, T Joint
8. Team 'K' : S Howe, S Davies, L Fisher, A Murray
9. Team 'A' : D Mapp, M Sussex, N Pennington, T Horrell
10. Team 'C' : Adam Glover, S Turner, A Walter, K Eastwood
11. Team 'J' : N Hockin, M Davies, N Paddon, S Loftus
12. Team 'O' : J Sussex, P Hockin, R Horrell, K Rigler
13. Team 'S' : G Pratt, S Ingle, R Floyd, E Hubber
14. Team 'T' : M Lawrence, Andy Glover, P Wilson, C Davis Sr
15. Team 'M' : D Sussex, B O’Donnell, P Johnson, D Hunt
16. Team 'N' : S Earl, D Braunton, A Heard, T Lark
17. Team 'H' : H Wilson, C Bright, A Bellew, A Sussex
18. Team 'L' : J Bellew, N Marke, E Higgins, L Oke
19. Team 'R' : A Colling, J McLaren, D Higgins, B Withecombe
20. Team 'I' : H Earl, A Cox, C Davies, L Gray
21. Team 'U' : A Owens, A Wilson, T Wilson, M Gray
22. Team 'P' : Z Gardner, L Glover, S Sanders, J Wilson
(87 entrants did not divide neatly into teams. To make the teams as equal as possible, some teams had a senior time halved to make up a the rough equivalent of a junior time, while team V had the average of all junior times added to make the fourth element)

Devon Cross Country Championships, Exeter, 04/01/2004

The "Bronze runner" is back home! For the ninth time in the last ten runnings, our senior men’s squad emerged victorious from the Devon Cross Country Championships. To go with their overall win, we picked up three more gold medals, the veteran men’s team, the under 13 Girls team, and individually Kay Eastwood in the ladies O/55 category. Jon Ward ran an excellent race to finish second and head the senior men’s team to their triumph, while also in that race Peter Hockin took 2nd O/40, Bill O’Donnell 3rd O/40 and Andy Jewell 3rd O/45. Helen Parkinson had earlier finished third senior lady (and led our three lady squad to second team), and the U/17 boys team were a close second to a strong North Devon AC team.
Team results - U/13 Girls - 1st, U/13 Boys - 4th, U/15 Boys - 4th, Sen. Men - 1st, Sen. Ladies - 2nd, Vet Men 1st,.Other age group teams were incomplete.

Under 13 Girls
Pos Name Time
6 Anna Ford 10:49
7 Vicki Bowers 10:58
14 Erica Woolgar 11:42
19 Nicolle Hockin 13:11

Under 13 Boys
Pos Name Time
10 Ben Pomeroy 9:57
11 Nick Lapham 9:58
15 James Bolton 10:33
22 Silas Earl 15:01

Under 15 Girls
Pos Name Time
14 Hollie Wright 16:21
23 Hazel Earl 21:16

Under 15 Boys
Pos Name Time
13 Dan Mapp 14:15
15 Luke Rigler 14:38
18 Craig Bellew 15:03
22 Mitchell Byron 15:38

Under 17 Boys
Pos Name Time
6 Ben Oke 20:57
9 John Spry 21:51
12 Jamie McLaren 22:24
14 Reece Woolgar 23:08

Senior Ladies
Pos Name Age Group Pos Time
3 Helen Parkinson   27:52
14 Lorrie Woolgar 4th O/40 37:01
18 Kay Eastwood 1st O/55 39:46

Senior Men
Pos Name Age Group Pos Time
2 Jon Ward   33:00
6 Andrew Ingle   34:48
9 Peter Hockin 2nd O/40 35:20
10 Bill O'Donnell 3rd O/40 35:38
13 Jon Parkinson   36:47
18 Dave Braunton   37:29
29 Stuart Philps   39:32
35 Chris Stone   40:58
39 Andy Jewell 3rd O/45 41:46
51 Peter J Rigler   45:35

Westward League Cross Country, Bideford, 11/01/2004

A cold, crisp setting for our "home" Westward League event - with times on the whole being quicker than last year. Andrew Ingle led the men's team to another handsome win, matched by the Under 13 Boys, whole the U/17 boys had to settle for second and third this time around, beaten by a strong Cornwall AC trio.

Team Results : U/13 B 1st, U/15 B 4th, U/17 B 2nd and 3rd, SM 1st, 8th and 11th, U/13 G 5th, SL 8th

Under 13 Girls
Pos Name Time
7 Vicki Bowers 10:03
12 Erica Woolgar 10:25
16 Jessica Oke 11:00
22 Poppy Bazell 11:59
23 Nicolle Hockin 12:01
Under 13 Boys
Pos Name Time
3 Ben Pomeroy 9:12
5 Nicholas Lapham 9:23
8 James Bolton 9:51
Under 15 Boys
Pos Name Time
9 Dan Mapp 14:50
11 Craig Bellew 14:59
12 Luke Rigler 15:03
Under 17 Boys
Pos Name Time
8 Ben Oke 22:06
10 Carl Holliman 22:13
11 Reece Woolgar 22:38
12 Jamie McLaren 22:53
14 John Spry 23:05
16 Darren Hatch 26:21
Senior Ladies
Pos Name Age Group Pos Time
28 Carol Davies 5th O/40 28:50
31 Lorrie Woolgar 7th O/40 29:31
36 Kirsty Rigler 5th U/17 31:53
Senior Men
Pos Name Age Group Pos Time
2 Andrew Ingle   28:03
3 Peter Hockin 1st O/40 28:48
5 Bill O'Donnell 2nd O/40 29:08
23 Stuart Philps   31:39
24 Alec McLaren 2nd O/45 31:46
27 Paul Sturtridge 1st O/50 32:24
36 Chris Stone   33:41
46 Mark Sussex   34:31
49 Norman Bolton 7th O/45 34:45
53 Steve Sanders 11th O/40 35:20
56 Alan Cox 5th O/50 35:36
60 Shaun Kenneally   36:11
64 Peter J Rigler 13th O/40 36:52
69 Alan Heard 12th O/45 38:22
84 Steve Ashmore 11th O/50 42:44

Devon Schools Cross Country, Exeter, 17/01/2004

Our juniors will soon be getting bored with this course as this was the third visit in a couple of months (Westward League and Devon Champs being the others), with the SW Schools still to come. Our runners contributed to North Devon taking five of the eight team trophies on offer. Jack, Erica, Carl, Reece, John, Ben and Jamie have been selected to run for Devon in the SW Schools event in February.

Year 7 Girls
6 Erica Woolgar
36 Jessica Oke

Year 7 Boys
4 Jack Langford
11 Adam Glover

Junior Girls
13 Anna Ford
16 Hollie Wright
19 Vicki Bowers
43 Jade Byron

Junior Boys
22 Luke Rigler
30 Ben Pomeroy

Intermediate Girls
37 Louise Smale
40 Fern Dymond

Intermediate Boys
5 Carl Holliman
7 Reece Woolgar
10 John Spry

Senior Boys
5 Ben Oke
10 Jamie McLaren

Reebok Cross Country Series, Cardiff, 18/01/2004

Just like last year Kevin Heywood crossed the Severn to race in Cardiff, and after recovering from an injury was pleased to finish 21st (29:02)

South of England Cross Country Championships, Parliament Hill, 25/01/2004

After a mix-up regarding entry dates, we only had senior men representing the club at Parliament Hill. Jon had a great start, being in the lead pack early on, but as the race went on Kevin closed on him only for time to run out and Jon just held him off to be first Blues home. The men's team closed out in 16th overall, of over 100 teams.

Senior Men
Pos Name Time
18 Jon Ward 49:01
19 Kevin Heywood 49:06
97 Andrew Ingle 53:19
122 Jon Parkinson 54:15
296 Alec McLaren 59:06
412 Chris Stone 1:02:51

Norwich Union S W SportsHall Championships, Torbay, 31/01/2004

Ben Pomeroy was selected to compete for Devon after some excellent performances in the SportsHall league earlier in the winter. He didn't let the side down, with an excellent runner-up spot in the 4 Lap race. He also performed creditable in the Standing Triple Jump and the Relay as Devon finished third overall.

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