This site is dedicated to the language and slang of NYPD Blue.

The main lexicon attempts to translate many of the words and phrases used in the series and puts some of them into context.

Much of it is my own work, but I also borrowed a few things from the following websites:

Alan Sepinwall's site

Slang  Meaning Usage
Bag Uniform "Back in the bag"
Blow Cocaine  
Boost Steal  
Break balls Give a hard time to

"He's a ball breaker."
"Don't break my balls."
"Are you gonna break balls with me?"

Catching Due to be allocatted the next case. "I caught the homicide."
Collar Arrest
Collared up Made arrest
DOA Deceased (literally Dead on Arrival) "She's the wife of the DOA."
Downside Downhill "Their relationship's on the downside."
Full flip Turn state's evidence "He's gonna do the full flip."
Get a load on Get drunk
Heads up Warning "He gave me a heads up on IAB looking at me."
Hump 1.Make love to

1."He was throwing a hump into her."
2."He's gonna bust my hump."
In the wind Free, broken out of jail  
Jackpot Breakthrough in a case "This guy's the jackpot."
Job Employment in the NYPD "He's on the job"
Joint 1.Penis
1."He was thinking with his joint."
Juice Influence "I've got some juice at the 13th"
Looking at Suspect (vb) "Are you looking at him for the robbery?"
MIA Unavailable (literally Missing in Action)
Mope, Mutt Stupid person/criminal
Packing Carrying a gun
Perp Perpetrator
Piece Gun
Rat Squad IAB (Internal Affairs Bureau)
Reach out Contact "I'll reach out to my guy."
Skel Criminal
Snitch Informant
Solid Favour "He did me a solid."
Squeeze Romantic partner "She was the DOA's main squeeze."
Stand up Honest, righteous "He's a stand up guy."
Switch hitter Bi-sexual  
The House Stationhouse
Tune-up Beating "I gave him a minor tune-up."
Up 1.Suspected
2.Due to be assigned the next case
1."You're up for a homicide."
2.See 'catching'. ABC's official NYPD site Alan Sepinwall's site Episode guide My 'other' site. Links to games related web pages

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