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Philosophy and other animals
Welcome to my home page. I am a Technical Author living in the North of England. I have decided to devote this site to my many passions, of which the main one is Philosophy. Plato (perhaps the most famous of all philosophers) asked the question 'What is the good life?' and we can very profitably ask the same question today. Another of my passions is the Game of Go, an oriental board game which I personally feel is superior to Chess. I am also partial to a good walk, preferably with a stop off at a cosy pub serving hearty grub and a pint of real ale!

This site will develop organically over the next few weeks and months (and years?) so it will probably be different every time you visit (always assuming you bother to come back). I hope to keep adding more and more material until it becomes a reference site for my mutlifarious interests. I am particularly keen for people to e-mail me with new relevant sites I can link to.

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I have just added an essay I wrote some years ago about the philosophy of memes - hope you like it!

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