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If you have any strange photos and a few comments to

go with them,send it in to me. Try to keep the file size below 25kb.

When you are ready click on the Email button on the left.

UFO Race By the way,if you are an F1 fan like me,then you might want to sign up for free text messages to your mobile. They cover Pre Qualifying,Qualifying and live race coverage, updated as it happens, handy if you are stuck at work!

The site to go to is www.orangearrows.com Don't worry if you havn't got an orange phone 'cos it doesn't matter! This is a time limited offer so you will have to sign up for it in advance of each race.

If you have a plastic bumper or dashboard or even leather upholstery that has been damaged then click on the card above to request more information.

I have seen the results myself,and you realy can't see any difference between a new bumper etc and the repaired one.A cheap new bumper theese days for an old VW Golf is about 140,why not get it repaired for a fraction of that?