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with an Eagle Owl; 

   Rees Davies

       BVSc., CertZooMed., MRCVS..

·           Veterinary Surgeon

·           RCVS Certified in Zoological Medicine


Ron is a Vet with a special interest
in the husbandry, medicine and surgery of 'Exotic Species',
including pets such as Rabbits, Rodents, Reptiles, Birds, Invertebrates, Amphibians and Fish,
and also Wildlife and Zoo animals.


He currently operates 'ESVetS'

"Exotic Species & Veterinary Services."

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Ron is involved in legal work, including wildlife crime,
and is available as a consultant and advisor to Zoological gardens and other animal related businesses

He is also the author of a number of articles, scientific papers and book chapters, and is currently working alongside Richard Saunders as co-author of Notes on Rabbit Internal Medicine, and a book chapter on the ‘Sick Small Psittacid’, as well as preparing a dissertation [probably] entitled “Zinc and Psittacine Birds, an evaluation of environmental sources, clinical presentations, laboratory analysis and therapeutic options” for the RCVS Diploma in Zoological Medicine.

Ron has lectured widely to students (at 5 of the 6 UK Veterinary schools) and practising veterinarians in both the UK and abroad. He regularly acts a session chair at scientific conferences, and has acted as scientific conference organizer for the British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS). He has in the past acted as a member of the health, welfare and research committees of the British Rabbit Council and the Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales Budgerigar Society, and as an elected council member of the British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS).

Ron is married to Jenny Rees Davies (nee Whybrow) and has two children, Myrddin & Tirion, who were born in 1997. He previously played in many Brass Bands, including the NYBBW and Point of Ayr Colliery Band.


Contact details:
As of January 2005

Exotic Species and Veterinary Services
64a, Essex Gardens,
Fax: (+44) 0870 132 2569

BVSc : Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Ron attended the University of Liverpool Faculty of Veterinary Science between 1988 and 1994, and gained his BVSc degree in July 1994 .

MRCVS : Membership of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons is a self governing body responsible in the UK for the implementation of the veterinary surgeons act. In order to practise veterinary surgery in the UK it is necessary to become a Member of the College (MRCVS). This can be by either obtaining a recognised veterinary degree (EEC veterinary graduates & those of some other universities), or, for overseas veterinary graduates with degrees which are not recognised by the college by sitting the RCVS 's examinations.

Note for those outside the UK: the title "Veterinary Surgeon" is a general one and does NOT imply a surgical specialty: It should be regarded as synonymous with "Veterinarian". As with UK Surgeons dealing with Homo sapiens, UK veterinary surgeons do NOT assume the title "Doctor".

CertZooMed : The RCVS Certificate in Zoological Medicine.
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate in Zoological Medicine is a recognition of work with and study of a wide range of non-domestic animals and wildlife. Ron gained this certificate at the earliest possible time after graduation and was one of the first persons to gain the certificate from private practice. He is hoping to sit the RCVS Diploma in Zoological Medicine (DZooMed) examination in the near future, with avian medicine as his chosen specialty.


Professional Memberships

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS)
Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV)
Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV)
Veterinary Invertebrate Society
Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV)
British Veterinary Association
International Herpetological Society (IHS)
Fish Veterinary Society
UK Register of Expert Witnesses

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IHS logoBVA logoAEMV logo



Published Work


·        Saunders, RA and Rees Davies, R. (in press, expected 2005)
'Notes on Rabbit Internal Medicine'
Blackwell, Oxford.

BSAVA Manual of Dermatology

Ultimate Parrot, Ringpress Books

Book Chapters

·   Rees Davies, R. (2000)
'What makes a parrot a parrot - Anatomy & physiology'
In: The Ultimate Parrot,
Ringpress Books,Glos. 2000.

·   Rees Davies, R. (2003)
'Ornamental Fish'
BSAVA Manual of Dermatology (Foster & Foil, eds.).
Gloucester. 2003.

·   Rees Davies, R. (2004)
'Therapeutics and medication'
BSAVA Manual of Reptiles (Girling & Raiti, eds.).
Gloucester. 2004.

BSAVA Manual of Psittacine Birds

BSAVA Manual of Reptiles

·   Rees Davies, R. (2005) (In press)
'The Sick Small Psittacid'
BSAVA Manual of Psittacine Birds
(Chitty & Harcourt Brown, eds.). Gloucester. 2005.

Scientific Papers and Peer Reviewed Articles

·   Rees Davies, R., (2000)
'Dental overgrowth and trimming in a pufferfish'
Fish Veterinary Journal 5: 1-5

·   Rees Davies, R., (2000)
'Avian Liver Disease: Etiology and Pathogenesis'
Seminars in Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine, 9 (3): 115-125

·   Rees Davies, R., (2001)
'Exotic species factfile: Common (Green) Iguana'
UK Vet Jan 2001. 6 (1): 35-36

·   Rees Davies, R., (2001)
'Exotic Species Factfile: Amazon Parrots'
UK Vet Apr 2001. 6 (2)

·   Rees Davies, R., (2001)
'Polyuria and polydipsia in psittacines'
UK Vet July 2001. 6 (3)

·   Rees Davies, R., (2001)
'Exotic Species Factfile: Degu'
UK Vet Oct 2001. 6 (4)

·   Rees Davies, R., (2002)
'Post Hibernation Management of Tortoises'
UK Vet Jan 2002. 7 (1)

·   Rees Davies, R., (2002)
'Clinical refresher – PPDS in an Amazon Parrot'
UK Vet 7(4):87-88; May 2002.

·   Saunders, R. and Rees Davies, R., (2002)
'Understanding Head-Tilt in the Rabbit'
Veterinary Times / New Horizons 1(1):4-5; Feb 2002.

·   Rees Davies, R. and Rees Davies JAE., (Jan 2003)
'Rabbit Gastrointestinal Physiology'
VCNA: Exotic Animal Practice: 6:139-153

·   Rees Davies, R., (2002)
'Exotic Species Factfile: Raising Insects as Reptile Food'.
UK Vet. Nov 2002; 7(8):83-85.

·   Rees Davies, R., (2002)
Prophylactic treatment of 'exotic pet' endoparasites.
Veterinary Times, 23rd December 2002.

·   Rees Davies, R., (2003)
’Self-Mutilation in rabbits’
Veterinary Times / New Horizons 1(2):13; Jan 2003.

·   Rees Davies, R., (2003)
'Exotic Species Factfile: Leopard Geckos'
UK Vet. 2003.

·   Rees Davies, R., (2003)
'Exotic Species Factfile: Bearded Dragons'
UK Vet June 2003. 8(5):81-83.

·        Rees Davies, R., (2003)
’Respiratory diseases of psittacine birds’
UK Vet. Nov 2003. 8(8):66-71

·        Rees Davies, R., (2004)
'Exotic Species Factfile: The Thai Water Dragon'
UK Vet. April 2004. 9(3):78-80.

·        Rees Davies, R., (2004)
’Respiratory Disease in snakes: Part I’
UK Vet. May 2004. 9(4):75-80.

·        Rees Davies, R., (2004)
Pneumonia in snakes: Part II
UK Vet. June 2004. 9(5):71-75

·        Rees Davies, R., (2004)
'Exotic Species Factfile: Mynah Birds’
UK Vet. July/August 2004. 9(6): 76-79.

·        Rees Davies, R., (In Press)
'Reproductive disease in female tortoises’
UK Vet.

·        Rees Davies, R., (In Press)
'Exotic Species Factfile: Harris’ Hawks’
UK Vet.

Papers presented to scientific meetings

·   Rees Davies, R. and Forbes, N.A. (1999)
'Risk assessment of raptor foods'
BVZS Spring Meeting, Paignton 1999.

·   Forbes, N.A. and Rees Davies, R. (2000)
'Practical Raptor Nutrition'
Proc. Ann. Conf.
Association of Avian Veterinarians 2000

·   Rees Davies, R.
'A practitioners approach to egg binding in birds'
BVZS Autumn Meeting, London, 2000

·   Rees Davies, R.
'Acute toxicities in birds'
BVZS Autumn Meeting, London, 2000

·   Rees Davies, R.
'Nebulisation as a means of both fluid support and antibiosis in birds'
BVZS Autumn Meeting, London, 2000

·   Rees Davies, R., Chitty, J.E. and Saunders, R.
'Cardiovascular monitoring of an Achatina snail using Doppler Ultrasound'
BVZS Autumn Meeting, London, 2000

·   Rees Davies, R.
'Birds: Basic Fluid Therapy'
BVZS Autumn Meeting, Back to Basics Session, Edinburgh, 2002

·   Rees Davies, R.
'Birds: Common Medical Conditions'
BVZS Autumn Meeting, Back to Basics session, Edinburgh, 2002

·   Rees Davies, R.
'Rabbits: Anaesthesia'
BSAVA Congress, Birmingham, 2003

·   Rees Davies, R.
'Rabbits: Anaesthesia'
BSAVA Congress, Birmingham, 2003

·   Rees Davies, R.
'Rabbits: Dental diseases'
BVZS Spring Meeting, Back to Basics Session, Dublin, 2003

·   Rees Davies, R.
'Surgical approaches to the bones of the Lapine Forelimb'
5th International Conference on Exotics, Palm Beach, Florida, USA. June 2003.

·   Rees Davies, R.
'Infectious diseases of squamata'
BVZS Autumn Meeting, Back to Basics session, Edinburgh, 2003

·        Rees Davies, R.
’Nutritional Diseases of Reptiles’ 
BVZS Spring Meeting, Back to Basics session, Marwell, 2004

Lectures to Veterinary Clinical and Pre-Clinical Audiences

·   Essex Veterinary Association (2004)

o       Wet Droppings; Dry Droppings or No Droppings At All.
       A guide to rabbit gastrointestinal disease.


·   Bristol University (2001; 2002; 2003)

o       Introduction to Avian Medicine

o       Introduction to Fish Medicine


·   Royal Veterinary College (2003; 2004) [exotic elective students]

o       Squamate Medicine and Surgery


·   Cambridge University Veterinary Zoological Society (2002)

o       Small Mammal Medicine for the 21st Century


·   Exotic Quest 2000 (Bristol University)

o       Small Mammal: Clinical Examination


·   Glasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society - 3Rs of Exotics 2001

o       Reptiles: Diagnostic imaging

o       Reptiles: Tutorial


·   Liverpool University Veterinary Zoological Society symposium 2003

o       Approach to a small mammal case


·   Cotswold Veterinary Association

o       Rabbit: Dentistry and Nutrition


·   Western Counties Veterinary Association:

o       Exotic Pet: Practice Basics


·   BSAVA Midlands Region

o       Reptiles: Introduction

o       Reptiles: Anaesthesia

o       Reptiles: Biology and Husbandry

o       Reptiles: Surgery

o       Reptiles: Clinical Techniques

o       Reptiles: Medicine

o       Reptiles: Anatomy & Physiology

o       Reptiles: Further Resources


·   BSAVA East Anglia Region

o       Rabbit Anaesthesia

o       Rabbits with sticky eyes and runny noses

o       Rabbits: A General Case Approach


·   Improve CPD: Veterinary (most on multiple dates)

o       Raptors: Husbandry

o       Waterfowl: Husbandry

o       Raptors & Waterfowl: Anatomy & Imaging

o       Reptiles: Clinical Techniques

o       Reptiles: Medicine

o       Reptiles: Anatomy & Physiology

o       Reptiles: Further Resources

o       Raptors & Waterfowl: Respiratory disease

o       Raptors & Waterfowl: Diseases related to diet

o       Raptors: Bumblefoot Surgery

o       Raptors: Orthopaedics

o       Raptors: Soft Tissue Surgery

o       Psittacines: Infectious Diseases

o       Psittacines: Nutritional Diseases

o       Rabbits: Husbandry

o       Rabbits: Nutrition

o       Rabbits: Behaviour

o       Rabbits: Breeding

o       Rabbits: Anatomy and Physiology

o       Rabbits: Clinical Pathology

o       Rabbits: Clinical Examination

o       Rabbits: Radiography

o       Rabbits: Dental Disease

o       Rabbits: Reproductive Disease

o       Rabbits: Gastrointestinal Disease

o       Rabbits: Urinary Disease

o       Rabbits: Neurological Disease

o       Rabbits: Dermatological Disease

o       Rabbits: Therapeutics

o       Rabbits: Anaesthesia

o       Rabbits: Ocular Disease

o       Rabbits: Respiratory Disease

o       Rabbits: Orthopaedics

o       Rabbits: Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease

o       Small Mammals: Advanced Medicine and Surgery

o       Radiography of Birds

o       Radiography of Reptiles

o       Radiography of Rabbits

o       Ultrasonography of Exotic Species

o       Endoscopy of Exotic Species


·   Pearl CPD: Veterinary Nurses

o       Rabbits: Clinical examination and sampling

o       Rabbits: Dentistry

o       Rabbits: Gastrointestinal Diseases

o       Rabbits: Surgical Nursing


·   Various “Round-table discussions” and “Tabletop tutorial sessions” at BVZS and ICE conferences.

Lectures to Lay Audiences


·   Lansdown Veterinary Surgeons: Rabbit Meeting

o       Rabbit Nutrition

o       Rabbit Dentistry

o       Rabbit Neutering

o       Rabbit Miscellaneous Diseases


·   Lansdown Veterinary Surgeons: Aviculture Day

o       Psittacine Nursery Management

o       Psittacine Respiratory Disease

Ron is
on the editorial board of "UK Vet", and has provided editorial comments,and "peer review" for publications including the Veterinary Record, Exotic-DVM, UK Vet, ZooMed, Animal Welfare, Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry and CD-Lapis..

He has also published many papers in non-reviewed journals, fancy and hobby press and newspapers.


Legal Work


Ron is able to act as an 'expert witness' on any matters involving dog, cat, 'exotic pet' or wildlife crime. He is listed in the UK register of Expert Witnesses.

Pet Shop Licensing


Ron is available for both advisory visits and licensing inspections of Petshops and similar premises.

Personal details


Ron was born in Colwyn Bay, North Wales in 1970. He lived in Rhos-on-Sea until leaving for University in 1988. He attended Llandrillo-yn-Rhos Infant and Junior Schools, and Eirias High School, Colwyn Bay. He married Jenny Whybrow in 1996. Ron has kept a variety of animals, including Dogs, Hamsters, Budgerigars (including breeding, exhibiting and judging), Quail, Finches, Parrots, Birds of Prey, Hedgehogs, Coldwater and Tropical Fish, Sea-monkeys and a five-foot Green Iguana.

  Myrddin & Tirion, 
     Skiing in
  Sauze d'oulx 2004    Family - 2003

Jennifer Anne Elizabeth Rees Davies
BVSc., MSc., MRCVS. (retired).


Jenny grew up in Priston, a village south of Bath, and attended Wellsway Comprehensive School and also Gordonstoun School in Scotland. She is a Veterinary Graduate of Bristol University, and also has an MSc from Edinburgh University. She married Ron in 1996.

Myrddin & Tirion


Myrddin and Tirion are twins and were born on 8th April 1997.

Brass Bands

Between 1983 and 1996 Ron played with over 30 Brass Bands, Orchestras and Brass ensembles, including:

·   6 years in Clwyd Youth Orchestra,

·   3 years in N. Wales Youth Orchestra,

·   7 years in Colwyn Borough Band,

·   6 years in Philarmonia of North Wales,

·   6 years in the National Youth Brass Band of Wales

o       2 as Principle Tuba,

o       awarded the 'Tutors award' for outstanding contribution to the band

·   6 years in Liverpool University Symphony Orchestra,

·   6 years with Point of Ayr Colliery Band.

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