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Author Forename Title Date Publisher
Sabrin B F Alliance for Murder: The Nazi-Ukrainian Nationalist Partnership in Genocide 1991 Sarpedon
Salo Sheila Gypsies & Travelers in North America see Lockwood 1994 Gypsy Lore Society
Sampson Anthony Gypsy Scholar, The: The Quest for a Family Secret 1997 John Murray
Sampson John Dialect of the Gypsies of Wales, The 1926 Clarendon Press
Sampson John Gypsy Language and Origin 1907 NK
Sandford Jeremu Rokkering to the Gorjios 2000 University of Hertfordshire
Sandford Jeremy Gypsies 1975 Abacus
Sanecki Kay N Discovering Herbs 1988 Shire Publications
Sarosi Balint Gypsy Music 1978 Corvina Press
Schmid Peter India: Mirage and Reality 1961 George G Harrap & Co
Schrieber Joseph Belsen 1959 Brown, Watson Ltd
Schulman Arlene Prizefighters, The: An Intimate Look at Champions and Contenders 1995 Virgin Books
Seago Edward Caravan 1937 Collins
Seeger Peggy Till Doomsday in the Afternoon: The Folklore of a Family of Scots Travellers, the Stewarts of Blairgowrie: see MacColl 1986 Manchester University Press
Seeger Peggy Travellers' Songs from England and Scotland: see MacColl 1977 Routledge & Kegan Paul
Sell Keith To the Glory of God: A History of North Avenue Methodist Church Letchworth and its Association with the Evangelist Gipsy Smith 1994 North Avenue Methodist Church
Seymor John Pictures from the Past: Rural Life 1994 The Promotional Reprint Co
Sheardown Frank Lurcher, The: Training & Hunting 1996 Swan Hill
Sheer Anita Introduction to the Flamenco Guitar, An 1964 Franco Colombo
Sher Singh Sher Sansis of Punjab, The 1965 Munshiram Manoharlal
Shirer William L Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The: A History of Nazi Germany 1960 Simon & Schuster
Shorter Clement King George Borrow and his Circle 1913 Hodder and Stoughton
Sibley David Outsiders in Urban Society 1981 Basil Blackwell
Simonin Albert Le Petit Simonin Illustré 1957 Inter
Simonson Gillian Married to a Minister 1979 Epworth Press
Simpson Colin Take Me to Spain 1967 Hodder & Stoughton
Simson James Gipsies, The: Discussions on the Gipsies, John Bunyan, and Mrs Carlisle 1895 Edward O Jenkins
Simson James History of the Gipsies, The: With Specimens of the Gipsy Language 1865 Sampson Low, Son, & Marston
Sinclair Olga Gypsies 1970 Basil Blackwell
Singhal D P Gypsies: Indians in Exile 1982 Folklore Institute
Sitwell Sacheverell Spain 1961 B T Batsford
Sitwell Sacheverell Visit of the Gypsy, The 1929 Duckworth
Smart B C Dialect of the English Gypsies, The 1875 Asher & Co
Smith Cornelius Life Story of Gipsy Cornelius Smith 1890 John Heywood
Smith D J Discovering Horse - Drawn Caravans 1981 Shire Publications
Smith D J Discovering Horse - Drawn Caravans 1981 Shire Publications
Smith D J Discovering Horse - Drawn Caravans 1981 Shire Publications
Smith David Gypsies and Government Policy in England : see Adams 1975 Heinemann
Smith Eleanor Life's a Circus 1939 Longmans Green & Co
Smith George Gipsy Life: Being an Account of Our Gipsies and their Children with Suggestions for their Improvement 1880 Haughton & Son
Smith Gipsy Beauty of Jesus, The: Memories and Reflections 1932 The Epworth Press
Smith Gipsy Evangelistic Talks Hodder and Stoughton
Smith Gipsy Gipsy Smith: His Life and Work by Himself 1901 National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches
Smith Hubert Tent Life with English Gipsies in Norway 1873 Henry S King
Smith Jess Jessie's Journey 2002 Mercat Press
Smith Laura Alexandrine Through Romany Songland 1889 David Stott
Smith Rodney Your Boys 1918 Hodder & Stoughton
Solo Romano Yehudi Gypsy Pie 2001 Griffin Press
Sonneman Toby Shared Sorrows 2002 University of Hertfordshire
Soper Irene Romany Way, The 1994 Ex Libris Press
Southwark Traveller Womens Group Moving Stories: Traveller Women Write 1992 Traveller Education Team
Sparing Frank From "Race Science" to the Camps: The Gypsies during the Second World War: see Fings 1997 Gypsy Research Centre UHP
Spencer Siobhan Better Road, A: an information booklet for health care & other professionals 2003 Derbyshire Gypsy Liaison Group
Spraggs Gillian Outlaws & Highwaymen 2001 Pimlico
Stables Gordon Leaves from the Log of a Gentleman Gipsy: In Wayside Camp and Caravan NK Jarrold & Sons
Stanway Penny Healing Food for Common Ailments 1995 Gaia books
Stapleton Marjorie Make things Gypsies Made 1976 Studio Vista
Starkie Walter Don Gypsy: Adventures with a Fiddle in Barbary, Andalucia and La Mancha 1936 John Murray
Starkie Walter Luigi Pirandello 1867 to 1936 1973 John Murray
Starkie Walter Raggle-Taggle: Adventures with a Fiddle in Hungary and Roumania 1933 John Murray
Starkie Walter Raggle-Taggle: Adventures with a Fiddle in Hungary and Roumania 1949 Readers Union John Murray
Starkie Walter Scholars and Gypsies: An Autobiography 1963 John Murray
Starkie Walter Spanish Raggle-Taggle 1961 Penguin
Starkie Walter Waveless Plain, The 1940 The Travel Book Club
Starsmore Ian English Fairs 1975 Thames & Hudson
Stavov Atanas Gypsy-English/English-Gypsy Dictionary 1999 Hippocrene Books
Steggall John H Suffolk Gipsy, The 1856 Ward Lock & Tyler
Stewart Michael Time of the Gypsies, The 1997 Westview Press
Stockin Jimmy On the Cobbles: the life of a bare-knuckle Gypsy warrior 2000 Mainstream Publishing Company
Stokes Louisa Love Story of a Gipsy, The 1950 Arthur H Stockwell
Strange Dorothy Born on the Straw 1968 Hutchinson & Co
Stuart Charles David Blythe, The Gipsy King: A Character Sketch 1883 J & J H Rutherfurd
Supple Carrie From Prejudice to Genocide: Learning about the Holocaust 1993 Trentham Books
Sutherland Anne Gypsies: The Hidden Americans 1975 Tavistock Publications
Sway Marlene Familiar Strangers: Gypsy Life in America 1988 University of Illinois Press
Swift Susan India: Mirage and Reality : see Schmid 1961 George G Harrap & Co
Swinstead J Howard Parish on Wheels, A 1897 Gardner, Darton & Co
Takman John Gypsies in Sweden: A Socio-Medical Study 1976 LiberForlag
Tate Lynne Stevenson Aspects of Leeds 1998 Wharncliffe
Taylor Kate Holocaust Denial 2000 Searchlight Educational Trust
Taylor Lorraine Travellers in North Derbyshire: Report of the Travellers Health Questionaire: see Macredie 1995
Thomas D B Book of Vagabonds and Beggars, The: With a Vocabulary of their Language and a Preface by Martin Luther 1932 Penguin
Thompson John Making Model Gypsy Caravans 1978 John Thompson
Thompson Ruth Gypsies and Nomads 1973 Macdonald Educational
Thorburn Gordon Appleby Rai, The 1996 Fido Publishing
Todd David Good Practice Guidelines for Gypsy Site Provision by Loacal Authorities 1991 HMSO
Todd David Gypsy Site Provision and Policy 1991 HMSO
Tokely A V Kirk Yetholm, The 2002 Borders Family History Society
Tomasevic Nebojsa Bato Gypsies of the World 1988 Henry Holt
Tong Diane Gypsies: A Multidisciplinary Annotated Bibliography 1995 Garland
Tong Diane Gypsies: An Interdisclipinary Reader 1998 Garland Publishing
Toulson Shirley Lost Trade Routes 1983 Shire Publications
Tracy David Holocaust as Interruption, The : see Fiorenza 1986 T & T Clark
Tremlett George Little Legs 1989 Unwin Hyman
Trigg E B Gypsy Demons and Divinity 1975 Sheldon
Tritt Rachel Struggling for Ethnic Identity: Czechoslovakia's Endangered Gypsies 1992 Helsinki Watch
Vaile Michael Health and Healthcare Among Travellers : see Pahl 1986 University of Kent
Various David Blythe, the Gipsy King - Gypsy Sketches: Historical, Traditional, Social and Humorous 1883 J & J H Rutherford
Various Gypsie of Granada, The 1969 Athelnay Books
Various Gypsies & Travellers in Their Own Words 2000 Leeds TES
Various What is the Romani Language? 2000 University of Hertfordshire
Vaux de Foletier Francois Les Tsiganes Dans L' Ancienne France 1961 Connaissance du Monde
Vekerdi Jozsef Gypsy Dialect Tales from Hungary Vol II 1985 Debrecen
Vesey-FitzGerald Brian Gypsies of Britain 1974 Readers Union
Vesey-FitzGerald Brian Gyspsy Borrow 1953 Dennis Dobson
Vesey-FitzGerald Brian It's My Delight 1947 Eyre & Spottiswoode
Vesey-FitzGerald Brian New Forest, The 1969 Robert Hale
Vince John Discovering Carts and Wagons 1987 Shire Publications
Von Hausen Wanja Gypsy Folk Medicine 1992 Sterling Publishing Co.
Waddell Helen Wandering Scholars, The 1990 Constable
Ward-Jackson C H English Gypsy Caravan, The 1973 Country Book Club
Ware Michael E Historic Fairground Scenes 1989 Morland Publishing Co.
Waterson Mary Gypsy Family 1985 Adam & Charles Black
Watts de Peyster J Gypsies: Some Curious Investigations 1887 Aungervyle Society
Webb G E C Gypsies the Secret People 1960 Herbert Jenkins
Webster Montana Traveller's Christmas, A BESST
Wedeck H E Dictionary of Gipsy Life and Lore 1973 Peter Owen
Weisenthal Simon Murderers Among Us, The 1967 Cox & Wyman
West V Sackville Pepita 1937 Hogarth Press
Westlake Jean Gipsy Caravan: A 100-years' story 1982 Sandy Balls Press
Whyte Betsy Yellow on the Broom, The 1991 Futura
Whyte Betsy Yellow on the Broom, The 1991 Futura
Wilkinson A M Reminiscences of Canon D M M Bartlett 1969 William Harrison & Son
Wilkinson George Theodore Newgate Calendar, The 1991 Sphere Books
Williams David World of his Own, A: The Double Life of George Borrow 1982 OUP
Williams Ned Pat Collins: King of Showmen: see Allen 1991 Uralia Press
Williams Nicholas Customs of Travelling People;a guide to working with the travelling community Metropolitan Police Authority
Williamson Duncan Horsieman, The: Memories of a Traveller 1928 to 58 1994 Cannongate
Willock Colin Wild-Goose Man, The 1972 Readers Union
Wilson Mark Directory of Planning Policies for Gypsy Site Provision in England, A 1998 The Policy Press
Wilson Nerissa Gypsies and Gentlemen: The Life and Times of the Leisure Caravan 1986 Columbus Books
Wilson Peter Old Holborn Book of Boxing NK NK
Wilson R MCNair Gipsy Queen of Paris, The 1934 Chapman & Hall
Wolf Sigmund A Grobs Worterbuch der Zigeuner - Sprache 1960 Biblio Graphisches Institut
Wood Manfri Frederick In the Life of a Romany Gypsy 1973 Routledge & Kegan Paul
Woodcock Henry Gipsies, The: Being a Brief Account of their History, Origin, Capabilities, Manners and Customs 1865 William Lister
Woodham-Smith Cecil Great Hunger, The 1989 Old Town Books
Yates Dora E My Gypsy Days: Recollections of a Romani Rawnie 1953 Phoenix House
Yearsley Macleod Folklore of Fairy-Tale, The 1924 Watts & Co
Yoors Jan Crossing: A Journal of Survival and Resistance in World War II 1971 Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Yoors Jan Gypsies, The 1967 George Allen & Unwin
Young Lisa Christening, The 2003 Robert Dawson/DGLG
Zang Theodore Destroying Ethnic Identity: The Gypsies of Bulgaria 1991 Human Rights Watch
Zinkin Taya India 1964 OUP