Romany Routes E-mail List

The Society operates an E-mail List where members can post enquiries about family history or other Traveller topics.
The list is open only to members of the Romany & Traveller Family History Society.
Instructions for Joining the List
If you have not already joined another Google Group, you need to apply for a Google account.
Go to
Once you have a Google account, and have signed in, join the group by visiting
Enter your 
Name and Membership Number, for example Jane Doe 2866.
Membership Number is shown on your RTFHS welcome letter and on the journal address label.
If you have recently submitted a membership application, you may omit the number.
You will receive an e-mail inviting you to confirm your subscription.
The enrolment process is not automatic, and will take a few days to complete.
To send a message to the list, mail it to
Romany-Routes [AT] (Replace [AT] with the @ sign).
To set up or change your options, sign in to the Romany Routes List on Google Groups and select
My Account
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