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By John Pateman (A5, 100 pages, perfect bound)

The story of a Gypsy, Walter Pateman, born on Leg of Mutton Common, Farnborough, Kent, in 1886. He married another Gypsy, Priscilla Arnold. When the Great War broke out, he did not rush to volunteer because he was an older man with a young family but, following the introduction of conscription in 1916, he enlisted in the Middlesex Regiment.

Within days of his arrival on the Western Front he took part in an attack which proved to be one of the final actions of the Battle of the Somme. He also went back into action in the Bouchavsnes sector, and trained for a major attack which was due to take place on 4 March 1917. In preparation for this attack, night patrols and raids were sent out into No Man’s Land to gauge the strength of the enemy. During one of these raids on 27 February 1917, Walter was killed near Leg of Mutton Wood.

Seven Steps to Glory is the story of Walter Pateman’s journey, from his birth on Leg of Mutton Common, to his death near Leg of Mutton Wood.

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