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THE WINCHESTER CONFESSIONS 1615-1616 - Depositions of travellers, Gypsies, fraudsters, and makers of counterfeit documents, including a
vocabulary of the Romany language
Transcribed and Annotated by Alan McGowan (A5, 32 pages)

A series of depositions taken at Winchester House of Correction in 1615 and 1616 paints an interesting picture of the travelling community of the Jacobean period. The final deposition concerns Counterfeit Egyptians, i.e. Gypsies, and includes a list of more than a hundred Romany words and phrases with their English equivalents. With the exception of a few fragments printed in 1547, this list is the earliest known record of the Romany language in Great Britain.

"A fascinating booklet, to be enjoyed by those who like
their history straight from the 'gry's' mouth!"
- Hampshire Archives Trust Newsletter, Spring 1997.

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