The Songs of Ruth

The Songs of Ruth

Suzie's songs, and her interpretation of the book of Ruth, have brought new life and perspectives to this ancient biblical story, bringing again to our attention the timeless relevance of the scriptures to our own daily lives.

May your wages be full from the Lord

Sung by Boaz, who shows great understanding, appreciation and respect for Ruth who has left her home and former securities to seek refuge under the wings of the Lord God of Israel.

Thank you for leading me here.

Sung by Ruth, a prayer of thanks for God's provision and protection, as she is allowed to glean from Boaz' fields, touched by the care and protection she is receiving from him.

This beautiful jewel

Sung by Boaz, an expression of love and caring for Ruth

Marriage Song

A love duet as the relationship between Boaz and Ruth is blessed in Marriage.

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