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Doodle Art 2

Is this a strange creature looking out at you as you look in? A thoughtful profile? What's in your mind's eyes?
Exploding from a tiny seed, something vaguely religious about this one!A touch of Christmas perhaps, but will it fit in a box?
A leaf, a flower, nature liberated or imprisoned?An imperfect elephant and unseeing irises.
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If you like one of these designs Email me! for an A4 version.

(Quite large jpg files) The rules for doodle art are as follows:
  • Start with a never ending loop, 'take a line for a walk'
  • Fill the areas with patterns and shading, use handwriting patterns, geometric patterns, cartoon pictures; whatever comes to mind.
  • Once the areas are filled build the shape out to fill the page.
  • Don't use a rubber! If you make a mistake see how you can use it in the pattern.
  • Only sharpen your pencil if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Only follow the rules if you want to!