Trimble's Boys

An Island Adventure

Chapter 1Mrs Trimble's Lodgers

Here's my attempt at writing
a story. It's not particularly good,
but I found it entertaining to do
and some have enjoyed reading it.

Feel free to print out each chapter
rather than straining your eyes at a
computer monitor! If you want to print
more than one copy I'll be amazed, but let
me know(Email me!) and I'll give permission.

Copyright for any wider publication
is reserved. (We can all dream!)

If you enjoy it then pass on the address to
someone else.


Chapter 2Canoes and Cormorants
Chapter 3Exploration and Encounter
Chapter 4The Hermit from the House
Chapter 5A Trip to the Mainland
Chapter 6Not Alone
Chapter 7Parent Problems
Chapter 8Sunrise and Seamanship
Chapter 9Canoes to the Rescue
Chapter 10Subterranean Secrets
Chapter 11Harry and Gregory
Chapter 12Questions
Chapter 13Repairs
Chapter 14Back to the Mainland
Chapter 15The plot thickens
Chapter 16Showdown at the cottage.