As the bells ring out this Christmas morn
And the angels sing to welcome the dawn
They tell us all of the babe that is born
To be king of our hearts and the saviour of all.

An angel came to Mary to tell her of the birth
That God had chosen her to bear the king of all the earth
‘To me be as it pleases God’ was then her bold reply.
Please God such warmth and bravery should come from you and I

The crowds had come to Bethlehem, there was no place to stay
Until they found a stable there to rest upon the hay
The ox and ass and camel kept them from the cold night air
Please God, like them, may we be pleased our humble homes to share.

As Mary bore her infant son all on that starlit night
The shepherds in the fields they saw the holy choir so bright
They listened to the angel’s voice and what he had to say
Please God may we have open ears to hear his voice today.

Wise men journeyed from the east led by a guiding star
Carrying their precious gifts, Gold frankincense and myrrh.
And when they found the infant king in wonder they bowed down
Please God may we be searchers too for he that bears the crown.