A ship sails up to Bideford

A Ship sails up to Bideford upon a western breeze
Mast by mast, sail over sail she rises from the seas
And sights the hills of Devon and the misty English trees.

She comes from Eastern Islands
The sun is in her hold
She bears the fruits of Jaffa
Dates, oranges and gold.

She brings the silks of China
And bails of Turkish dyes
And birds with sparkling feathers
And snakes with diamond eyes.

She’s gliding in the sunlight
As white as any gull
And the east is gliding with her
In the shadow of he hull.

A ship sails up to Bideford upon a western breeze
With fruits of Eastern Summers she rises from the seas
And sights the hills of Devon and the misty Englsh trees.

Words by Herbert Asquith.
A Ship Sails Up to Bideford theme. (a slightly quirky computer version!)

Faces on the stair

‘Tis a brave face that they wear when their souls are steeped in sorrow,
‘Tis a smile through gritted teeth when there’s no work on the morrow.
‘Tis a strike they have to bear while the bosses’ cups o’erflow’
From the working man’s mean wages and the long dark hours below.

Tis a fight they have to win for the sake of sons to follow,
But the bleeding of their hearts leaves a bitter pain to swallow.
For the cries of hungry children make them wish to be - bar none,
Where the cold and damp feels warmer than the rays of summer sun.

But the dust upon their tongues tasted sweeter than despair.
And the blackness in their lungs breathed easier than cool air.
And the weight upon their backs was a lighter cross to bear
Than the pale and hungry faces on the stair.

‘Tis the empty working hands that lie heavy on the chest.
And reflections in the windows of the soul that bring no rest
For the pride in working men does feel better in the place
Where the coughing choking darkness is fresh breeze upon the face.

Tis a strength that they must show, when tomorrow brings no dawn;
When the grate burns cold with ashes and another soul to mourn.
And the eyes he cannot close, for the dreams he knows are lost,
And the faces on the stair bear witness to the cost.

‘Twas a brave face they did wear, though their souls were hung with shame,
As cap in hand they nodded to the bosses’ waiting game,
The engines once more turning, though their hearts were dragged with lead,

For the sons that come tomorrow and the want of daily bread.

Words by Joyce Moon

Faces on the Stair theme.

The Lyn Song

From rolling moor to rocky shore The living water flows
Cleansing and supporting life Everywhere it goes.
From Brendon’s hills to Lynmouth Bay, By primrose bloom or bluebell glade
This is the land that we call home By water and the spirit made

1. Tumbling through the ragged rocks, Bubbling up in sparkling springs
Foaming torrent or sleepy current Home to a myriad living things
On the fern clad mossy banks We find respite for the soul
Nature’s beauty, tree and flower Makes the wounded spirit whole

2. High above the buzzard soars In woodland red and roe deer graze
Barn owl calls on moonlit nights And dolphins leap on summer days
Boats in the harbour gently rock Cradled by the rising tide
Resting, sheltered for a while Ready to sail the ocean wide

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The Inspiration song


The Wildwood Song

Can I climb the tallest trees in the wild wood?
Can I go and fish for minnows in the stream?
Can I walk on my own
through the park and the town?
Can I go? Can I learn how to dream?

In the woods where you play
You’ll see the magpie and the jay
But behind every tree there is a stranger.
So stay safe and secure
and don’t venture from the door
And we’ll keep you protected from danger.

Where you wade in the stream
There’ll be salmon and bream,
But you’ll see them on the telly or at school
So stay here safe and sound
With your feet upon dry ground
And we’ll spoil you and we’ll help you to look cool.

And I like to go down
to the park and the town
but did you hear what they told us on the news?
So stay safe here at home
Surf the net up in your room
And don’t ask because it hurts me to refuse.

No, you can’t climb the trees in the wild woods.
No, you can’t fish for minnows in the stream
If we let you go loose
You’ll be open to abuse
Please don’t go; please don’t learn how to dream.

The Wild Woods Theme