The New Start

  Last updated: March 13, 1998

Apocalypse (Standard EFS)

Players: Tom Foster (Decados), Jerry Dickers (Hawkwood), Hans Gravander (Li-Halan), Jonas Bergström (Lazarus of the Hazat), Richard Wein (Rafia of Al-Malik). Random map. Universal warehouse off. Finished in 4996.

Apocalypse Star Map

In 4976 Lazarus was elected Regent (we skipped the first election), taking command of Stigmata himself (it is near his home world), and giving the Imperial Eye to Al-Malik and the Imperial Fleet to Li-Halan. Hawkwood was unwilling to suffer the presence of foreign troops on the soil of Delphi, and destroyed the Eye's fort and ATL there, leading to mounting tension between Hawkwood and Al-Malik. This conflict slowly escalated, as both Hawkwood and Al-Malik used spies to attack each other on Byzantium, but a degree of restraint was exercised, avoiding an all-out war. In 4986, Lazarus was re-elected, and made no change in his Imperial appointments.

And so time passed, in largely peaceful economic expansion, until the year 4993.Al-Malik had been expanding at a much higher rate than the other Houses, and, by 4993, was ready to make a bid for power. In that year, Rafia of House Al-Malik declared himself Emperor of the Known Worlds. For this illegal act (he was not even Regent at the time), he was condemned by Hawkwood and Li-Halan. The Imperial Fleet launched a surprise attack on Rafia's forces at Icon, destroying a cruiser and ATL. In 4996, there was a shift in political fortunes, as Li-Halan joined the Hawkwood-Decados coalition and was elected Regent, giving the Stigmata Garrison to Hawkwood and the Imperial Eye to Decados, while leaving the Imperial Fleet in his own hands. However, later that year, the value of that ministry was reduced almost to nothing, as the Imperial Fleet was blown to smithereens by a flotilla of Al-Malik's torpedo bombers.

When Al-Malik revealed that he had fully colonised 4 planets, and was producing about 25 engineers per turn, the other Houses realised the futility of further resistance, and in 4996, Rafia of House Al-Malik was universally recognised as Emperor of the Known Worlds. Final scores: