The New Start

  Last updated: March 13, 1998

EFS Game A (Standard EFS)

Players: Richard Wein (Drusus of Li-Halan), Ryan Montgomery (Ryann of the Hazat), David Steffenson (Hakim of Al-Malik), Rasputin (Rasputin of Hawkwood), Antonio Leal (Toni of Decados). Random map. Universal warehouse on. Finished in 4985 AD

Game A Star Map

An early attack on the League by Drusus netted him a large booty of captured warships plus a scepter. Then, with the support of Ryann, Toni and the Church, Drusus was elected first Regent. In return, Ryann received the Imperial Eye and Toni the Stigmata Garrison, with Drusus appointing himself to command of the Imperial Fleet. Other than some skirmishes between Li-Halan and the Hazat (in the course of which the Hazat temporarily captured nearly ever city on Kish), the following turns passed fairly peacefully. Unknown to the other players, while they were expanding their territories, the Regent was secretly amassing his forces on Byzantium. Just before the second election was due, Drusus declared himself Emperor, and launched his surprise attack, capturing all the players' embassies on Byzantium, and killing the nobles in them. At the same time, a Li-Halan expeditionary force raided Holy Terra, capturing 5 scepters and several ships, while the Imperial Fleet, supported by Li-Halan ships, wiped out the Church's fleet.

On the following turn, a brilliant counter-strike by the Hazat captured Drusus's palace on Kish, taking 6 scepters and killing 4 nobles. The same turn, a vote was taken on the subject of Drusus's claim to the Imperial Throne. With the other Houses having no nobles on Byzantium to cast their votes, Drusus carried the day. With only 10 turns before the final election to confirm Drusus's claim, the battle over Byzantium is on!

The first fleet to arrive at Byzantium was Al-Malik's. In minutes, this formidable fleet of 19 ships was reduced to a handful of damaged hulks by a massive (and somewhat lucky) attack of 20 ships of the Imperial Fleet, for the loss of only 4 of its own. The survivors were finished off by a squadron of Li-Halan's torpedo bombers. At the same time, a small force of Hazat cruisers approaching Kish was ambushed and destoyed by more of Li-Halan's ships. Shortly afterwards, Hawkwood's fleet arrived at Byzantium. This smaller fleet, however, was not in the same league as the other Houses', and was dispatched with minimal losses.

Soon afterwards, two scepters, which the Hazat captured from Li-Halan but was unable to remove from Kish, were recaptured by trackers conducting a search of the Kish desert. Other Li-Halan trackers had been searching for any units still in hiding on Byzantium. Astonishingly, they discovered a Hazat noble, with an ATL, which had presumably been hidden there before Drusus's onslaught, in case of just such an eventuality. A far-sighted move, which came to nought, as, once discovered, they were quickly and mercilessly annihilated.

In the nest few turns, all the players sent fleets to Byzantium, but these were insufficient to overcome the combined forces of Li-Halan and the Imperial Fleet. The Hazat alone managed to land another noble on Byzantium, but this too was discovered and eliminated. In the final election, Li-Halan was the only Noble House represented on Byzantium, and ascended the Imperial Throne without further opposition.