The New Start

Last updated: January 3, 2000

Trials and Tribulations (Nova, Standard Map)

Player 1--Lord Sukayo of House Li-Hilan (Klaus Borek)
Player 2--Lord Reuel of House Hazat (Ryan Montgomery)
Player 3--Lord Yuan Laris of House Decados (Bryan Mills)
Player 4--Lord Oscar of House Hawkwood (Oscar Magnani)
Player 5--Lord Tiberius of House Al-Malik (T. Calvin)

Star Map


Power Graph


From Tiberius of House Al-Malik

It has been announced by all of the Lords that if a rival House sends its ships into that Lords Planetary system without authorization that those ships will be attacked without warning. On turn 3 apparently House Li-Hilan sent some scout ships into the airspace above Cadavus and was attacked by ships from House Decados. The following turn Lord Yuan Laris of House Decados informed all of the Lords of that fact and warned all that He was laying claim to that system and would deal with any who approached that system with the same use of force. The incident has sparked a war between House Decados and House Li-Hilan, and has caused the other houses to be wary of House Decados and all of its surrounding systems. The war has also lead to numerous offers from various Houses for entangling alliances. If the other Lords of Byzantium Secundus are not careful this war could send the entire known universe into all out war.

Decados Chronicles (Lord Yuan Laris of the House Decados)

The Noble Houses of the Empire continue on their quest for power, but the most treacherous of these lords the Decados have struck a bitter blow against their Li Halan brothers. The Decados in an attempt to secure their domain declared their sovereign rights to the planet of Cadavus. However, they had yet to even capture all the cities of that planet or even establish a capital. The Li Halan in defiance of the Decados decree sent an expedition to Cadavus in 4960, and the Decados fearing that they may look weak in the eyes of the other lords if they didn't enforce their decree swiftly and ruthlessly destroyed the Li Halan forces in an unprovoked attack.

Thus, a war ensued between the two noble houses. While the Li Halan focused elsewhere the Decados prepared an invasion of Kish. Although, in 4964 after a brief battle over the planet of Criticorum, the Li Halan successfully destroyed much of the Decados invasion force, as well as, several warships before they fled through the jumpgate back to their homeworld of Kish. However, the Decados Admiral countered swiftly and sent a Assault Lander refitted by the Charioteers of the Merchant League which was now capable of carrying a squadron of torpedo bombers. Once, the Assault Lander exited the jumpgate the swarm of torpedo bombers quickly dispatched the remaining Li Halan forces orbiting Kish.

Yuan Laris of the Decados was quite displeased with the loss of so many resources, and as retribution decided to extort several technological advances from the Li Halan by threatening to land his forces on Kish and then incite the rebels in the ruins of the planet to attack the Noble House of the Li Halan. This form of blackmail was quite effective since the Li Halan had to way to retaliate against the their Decados enemies. Once, the Decados victors obtained what they desired they left the orbit of Kish, and left the Li Halan to bitterly rebuild what they had lost. A peace treaty was signed between the houses in 4965. But for how long would it last?

The Hazat side of the story...

By using his build up of units and technological superiority, Reuel of the Hazat has made himself at home. Since he detests the Universal Warehouse being OFF.....he has restrained himself, as yet, of expanding to other worlds. His campaign of massive build up of Aragon has worked. He now controls every inch of it...as well as the space above it.

Reuel just laughs at the minor squabbling of the other houses and uses it to become even stronger. No wonder he is in the lead by 100 points or so....score wise.

Needless to say, the other houses have seemingly shunned him by rejecting much of his tech trades...they seem to have banded in a tech alliance where none of them will trade tech with Hazat......too bad....they lose. It would be beneficial for them if they would trade with House Hazat.

The year is now 4967......

PS ...don't forget to mention that we all abstained from the first election......so now there is a huge flurry of activity to get votes from each other....

Assault on Aragon (Archbishop Mills of Criticorum)

While the Suns continue to fade the children of the Noble Houses selfishly continue to squabble over the vast holdings of the Known Worlds. However, there is no other noble more vainly arrogant in his pride for life than the Lord Reuel of the House Hazat. Oh, how does the Pancreator work in such mysterious ways, for this ruler has achieved something that has happened only a few times in the lengthy history of the Emperor Wars. He has solely managed to unify the other noble houses in a war against himself, which in turn, led to a coalition of noble houses storming the very gates of Aragon. As I recall, when Brother Leonard conveyed the story to me that it was the Sheik Tiberius Al-Malik that orchestrated the creation of this alliance of houses, and led that assault against the Hazat Homeworld aided by the forces of Lord Oscar Hawkwood and the dubious Duke Yuan Laris Decados.

In 4971, the magnificent warships of the Houses Hawkwood and Al-Malik began their attack on the world of Aragon, yet among the ranks of the coalition the plan of attack was somewhat divided. The Decados, the weaker force among the allies, suggested that the Al-Malik and Hawkwoods both destroy the space forces of the Hazat before bombarding the planet. Although, to no avail the houses of the Hawkwood and Al-Malik began their attack on the targets below. Duke Yuan Laris Decados fearing the outcome of the first interdiction held back his forces until the victor was decided. The allies in their folly allowed the Hazat an opportunity to react, and in the following engagement the protectors of Aragon destroyed the bulk of the Al-Malik forces. Now, with the coalition in disarray the leader of the Decados urged the remaining warships of the House Hawkwood to retreat to Byzantium Secundus so that they may regroup and evaluate their future plan of attack. The assault on Aragon may have ended in failure, but the coalition was now more determined than ever to see the downfall of the House Hazat. And, so to this day the Emperor Wars still continue with no clear heir to the throne.

Decados Rising

4975 A.D. Today, on the planet of Byzantium Secundus was indeed a dark day for the citizens of the Known Worlds. The Royal Noble Sheik Tiberius Al-Malik sits as the first Regent of the Known Worlds, but at what horrible price did he have to pay for such a privilege. For the foulest of those that would call themselves noble have wrenched from the Al-Malik an even greater prize. The cunning Duke Yuan Laris Decados knowing that the Al-Malik feared retribution by the Hazat if they gained the regency swore only to vote in favor of Sheik Tiberius Al-Malik in return for the Imperial Fleet. Although, Tiberius won over to his side the Li Halan and Hawkwoods with lesser prizes of the Stigmata Garrison and Imperial Eye the Decados would prove that could not be bought cheaply.

The Decados would not settle for anything less than the ultimate prize, and since the Hazat had already gained the votes of the Church and Merchant League the decision seemed even more clear for Sheik Tiberius Al-Malik. For he could not allow the Decados to be swayed by the Hazat, for if the Lady Reuel Hazat became Regent she would release a rain of hellfire upon the worlds of Ishktar and Delphi. So, with his lack of options Tiberius Al-Malik chose the lesser of two evils and the Decados became the most powerful force in the galaxy.

Although, the people of the Known Worlds would only begin to suffer as Duke Yuan Laris Decados began his campaign of savage subjugation as the Imperial Fleet now scours the galaxy forcing the minor lords to pledge fealty before their new Decados overlords . First Criticorum, then Malignatius, who shall be next? Now, who is the true menace? The Hazat or the Decados? Many a poor soul would tell you the Decados are the true "Darkness between the Stars".

Anarchy Over Stigmata

Darkness has Truly come to the Lords of Byzantium Secundus in this year of our Pancreator 4983. I relate our situation to you, brother Licaneus, with more than a slightly troubled brow. I had sent out some of my best information gatherers in order to gain a critical insight into the higharchy of our Universal order. My advisors have passed on, to my fear of fears, that Lady Reuel of House Hazat has indeed secured a majority of Votes in our upcoming elections. It is true that we had anticipated the likelihood of this situation. Our quiet friends from House Hawkwood have informed us that Lord Yuan Laris of House Decados did indeed sacrifice the Imperial Fleet to Halt the advance of the Symbiot Hoards. However the plan was ill orchestrated and left much of the Symbiot forces intact. Archen, my most wise advisor, had just returned from the Stigmata garrison with information that the Symbiots had landed forces on the main continent housing the Garrison forces when the News arrived that the last of the Imperial Fleet was destroyed by House Hazat because of an incursion by that portion of the fleet into Lady Reuel's Airspace. Now the situation is on the verge of desperation. I am well aware that our house does not have the power to hold off a Symbiotic Invasion. So it appears that the gates are open to the Symbiot forces. Only now have the Hazat and the other Houses realized how perilous our situation is. I can only hope that all of our Houses can put aside our Political, Racial and Religious differences in order to turn back the Symbiotic Hoards. Otherwise my next communique could be one which attempts to convert you over to the Hive mind. May the pancreator forbid. I only ask that you would use whatever leverage you may have with the other brothers to convince my Fellow Lords that the Symbiot threat is not an idle or static situation. From my studies of past incursions into our system I have obtained a fearful respect for the dangers that the Symbiots bring with them. I leave you now with my faith and admiration intact, Take care brother, I have no illusions but that you will make use of this communique in the proper manner. Respectfully Lord Tiberius of House Al-Malik.

Assassination! (from Lord Reuel)

Admist all the the symbiot troubles, an elite Hazat force of 6 SEAL teams on B2 have rid the world of a noble from both of the Hazat's mortal enemies-- House Al-malik and House Hawkwood! This bold move was a valiant act of revenge against their cowardly attack on Aragon earlier in the game. The proud SEALs have much to be thankful for..because this all happened without one loss on the Hazat side. 2 Less ignoble units from both of these houses. I would also advise that you DON'T send any more ships to B2....as Hazat has an advance fleet of Stealth ships in orbit ready to dispatch any mortal enemy! =P

Also, as a side note, Hazat has taken the Regent's place, but unfortuantely due to a bug, the Ministries stay t he same except for the fact that Oscar of House Hawkwood 2 ministries. (and I didn't even want him to have even ONE!)

We now look to the future as billions of symbiots come spewing out of the now broken Garrison on Stigmata. The future looks dark, even for the would-be Emperor!

House Li-Halan - Stigmata garrison

The Suns are darkening, and the world around us is not lightening. Knowing the endless fights between the houses capable to fight in space and the treat, that all of the the power of the imperial fleet will be damaged in senseless fights between houses, we tried to secure Stigmata against the symbiots. Proudly we can declare today, that all jobs was done properly (the security of other houses dont must have the right informations), also we cleared of the galaxy of some rebel forces. Joining the Stigmata forces and the not too significant house forces of Li-Halan stopped the symbiot before they overrun STIGMATA. This creates a milestone in the known history.

Stigmata In Crisis (The Reign Of Tiberius Of House Al-Malik)

In this year of our lord 4997 Lord Tiberius of House Al-Malik has assumed the regency of the five Houses, although there were several serious conflicts over the past decade Lord Tiberius was able to rally the support of almost every house in this last election. Unfortunately One Lord in particular took advantage of his position as minister of the Stigmata Garrison. Lord Sukayo of House Li-Hilan began using the garrison forces for his House's own personal goals of expansion. Rather than using the forces to destroy the dreaded Symbiot Hive, Lord Sukayo made claim to a system outside of the sphere of symbiot threat. Lord Tiberius saw the move as a threat against his own House due to the proximity of the Shapprut system to His own homeworld. In retaliation Lord Tiberius attacked and destroyed several Li-Hilan vessels above Stigmata. Lord Tiberius has vowed that he will not relent until all ministry forces have been removed from the Shapprut system.

Respectfully Incrunin Master Scribe (House AL-MALIK)


A neutral League merchant ship recieved this message}{}{}{

<sequencing encrypted message....>


A priority message to the Palace on Aragon.....for HAZAT EYES ONLY--------

Sire, our forces have engaged the church garrison near their palace. The fighting is heavy but we will soon have captured the sceptors. Please send reinforcments! We can't take this kind of beating for long!

Officer Long.....over and out

The Surrender of the Li Halan

Let it be known my brothers that our brave nobles from the House Li Halan fought bravely to turn back the vile Decados and the corrupt Republicans among the Al-Malik. However, all of their efforts were in vain and now they suffer as a protectorate under the sword of the House of the Mantis. Why does the Pancreator not shower his mercy upon the vanquished? What sin have the Li Halan committed to fall before the hands of the enemies of the Church? Perhaps, he has not forsaken them, and merely this saga is just another way to test their faith. Although, it is not for me to judge the ways of the almighty, and perhaps someday the House of the Li Halan will rise up and cast off the shackles that have been placed upon them.

Archbishop Mills of Criticorum

Hidden Martyrs

Oh, brothers take up your swords for though we now serve the vile Decados, the Li Halan can once again fight for the glory of Mother Church. Duke Yuan Laris Decados has placed the charge upon our lord Sukayo Li Halan to rend asunder the supplies of the defilers known as the Hazat. And with vengeance we did fall upon the unprepared aggressors of the Church with much swiftness. In there arrogance from past victories they did not prepare for our assault, and did the brave agents of the Hidden Martyrs slay the putred Crimson defenders. Upon sacking there supplies upon Byzantium Secundus did we sell them back to the Merchant League to raise the firebirds to fuel our mission to free Holy Terra from the grip of the Hazat War Machine. As well, did we send the tainted souls of many a Hazat soldier to meet their Pancreator upon the liberation of the captured Hawkwood Embassy at Byzantium Secundus. However, our work is far from over and may the Pancreator bless us in our endeavor.

Commander Hikado Li Halan of the Hidden Martyrs

Business as Usual

Yeah, fellow tradesmen twas an infernal time to do commerce upon Byzantium Secundus . It twas the break of down just after I awoke did my assistant bring me the news that the Duke Yuan Laris Decados had declared himself Emperor, and not a moment later did we feel the earth shake and bits of plaster fall around our heads from the ceiling above. The Decados Fleet in orbit had laid siege to the Hazat Embassy who at the time were considered the most powerful of the nobles on Byzantium Secundus, and for two days straight the infernal thundering from the orbital bombardment could be heard from a hundred miles away. Although when it stopped and all you could hear was the deadening silence like the calm before the storm, and in the distance you could see them approach like an army of ants. Thousands of them, perhaps tens of thousands with their green clad armor glistening in the sun, and among their ranks you could make out the banner of the Mantis. Like a swarm of locust did they descend upon the Hazat Garrison, and although the Crismon defenders fought bravely they could not stop this horde of invaders. They say that by the end of the day not a single Hazat was left alive on the surface of the planet so precise was the Decados in their extermination of the enemy. However, my associates this should not concern us because whether it be Hazat or Decados, Hawkwood or Al-Malik they shall still come to us to acquire the resources they need to fuel their endless feud.

Consul Percival Lystrom of the Reeves Guild assigned to Byzantium Secundus

Twilight In The Imperium

((Incoming deep space message))
Attention: Vlad Cruiser Kinunir SC Al-Malik
Commanders eye's only:
Commander Pearsalles,
Greetings commander Pearsalles,
Your fleet is to rendezvous with the main attack squadron over Tethy's. I'm sure this news is surprising to you considering only two days ago our fleet was stationed over Leminkainen. Our Lord Tiberius had commanded our fleet to strike at the small Hazat fleet that was stationed over Tethy's. To our surprise we found the system completely unguarded and ungarrisoned. Seeing an immediate opportunity we landed ships at all but a few cities on the surface. The locals seemed overjoyed to see us. Present orders list Tethy's as a new holding to be fortified. Your orders are to escort supplies to the main column. Apparently the Hazat left its citizens without proper food and we must immediately resupply the locals. Troops Should arrive before you providing fortification against any further Hazat intrusions. Oh and John see if you can pick up some of that Aylonian Bourbon.

Sincerely Commander Merrick
Flagship Acropolis SC Al-Malik

Jakovian Agency (Eyes of the House Decados)

Your emminence Duke Yuan Laris Decados, I bring you good news concerning the movements of the Hazat. The Stealth Ship Dark Angel while in patrol around the planet Icon detected the presence of a Hazat vessel. We assume that it was a forward scout of a much larger contingent, and I recommend that you activate the Defense Fleet at Cadavus to counter a Hazat incursion into our space, however, I believe that we will not have to worry very much because it would seem that the Hazat and the Church Fleet are heading directly towards each other. I believe that the Holy Warriors of the Pancreator will be more than happy to see the Hazat. What irony it would be if the Church were to eradicate the enemies of the Decados, indeed this universe is truly a mystery.

Jacob Decados the XIV (Director of the Jakovian Agency)

The Mantis Strikes (The Battle Above Sutek)

The Emperor Wars have once again flared to new heights as the Decados through shrewd diplomacy united the other noble houses to move against the Hazat. Although, to instill confidence in their allies the Decados knew they would have to make a gesture to boost their morale since they had been defeated by the Hazat once before. Therefore, on a quiet night in the Year of our Lord 5008 A.D. they struck from the void of space in the orbit above the planet Sutek, and what ensued was a flurry of meson cannons and missiles as the Decados and Hazat fleets struck at each other. However, fortune was not with the Hazat and this battle soon ended with half of their entire fleet destroyed. Now, the Al-Malik and Hawkwoods seeing weakness in the Hazat have made their move upon their enemies holdings. The Decados who had also suffered heavy casualties had to fall back and regroup at Byzantium Secundus, but their reinforcements were en route to meet them. It would only be a matter of time before they rejoined their allies on the front lines.

Winston DeLyons, Military Biographer for Baron Patrick Decados


Today on the Capital Planet all out warfare seems to be the agenda of the Five Noble Houses. Throughout the day and night yesterday bombardments were reported from various sectors of this hemisphere. It seems that Lady Reuel of House Hazat has decided to contest the Crowning of the Newly Self Declared Emperor Yuan Laris of House Decados. Officials from the Crimson cabinet have informed us that Lady Reuel has declared all out war upon the Would be emperor despite the upcoming elections that could thwart the final confirmation of Lord Laris's ascendance. News Sources have reported that in the early hours of the day Hazat military forces struck against the long standing ceremonial fortresses of House Decados and House Hawkwood. Although our agency has yet to confirm these reports it has been speculated that if any nobles made it out alive it would have been a miracle.


IGNS News Flash: Another Turbulent Night in the Capital City

While early reports from the Capital Continent seemed to indicate that Hazat forces were firmly in control of most of the bombed out Ceremonial fortresses for the last week it seems that House Decados has finally struck back at the forces of the Crimson Empire. Throughout the last few days news reports confirmed that House Decados began a daily ritual of bombarding the ceremonial fortresses that had come into Hazat hands. While most reports have been somewhat sketchy our camera crews were able to confirm that two of the five ceremonial fortresses are now no more than fusion beam rubble. While the general populace began their evacuation long ago it appears that the citizens of Houses Li-Hilan and Al-Malik have remained steadfast in their commitment to keep the daily rituals of Capital City life as normal as possible given the Circumstances. In a twighlight interview with Torpedo Bomber Pilot John Lighton our newswoman Beth Newly tried to get the insiders view of the recent conflict.

Beth: "Is there any chance of a peaceful resolve on the Horizon?"

Lighton: "Well, Beth, In my opinion there won't be any quick answers to theseproblems. To be quite honest with you I would have to say ALL HELL IS BREAKINGLOOSE. But we try to keep our cool in these situations."

Beth: "I think that sums it up quite nicely, thank you John"



Some of our readers might remember a news interview our agency ran in last weeks segment of The Inter-Galactic News Service in which Beth Newly interviewed a Torpedo Bomber Pilot From the Fourth Division of AL-Malik fighter forces. We are saddened to report that Pilot John Lighton was killed this week in an apparent attack upon Hazat forces over the System of Aragon. Insiders have informed our agency that forces from House Hawkwood and AL-Malik worked together in a secret raid of Seraphim Fighters and Torpedo Bombers to destroy a convoy of Hazat Bulk Haulers that were transporting the spoils of resources plundered by the legions of House Hazat in it's war against the possibility of a Third Republic. Unconfirmed reports estimate that along with Lightons squadron, three other AL-Malik Torpedo Bomber squadrons were destroyed by Hazat forces. While these reports remain unconfirmed our same sources report that in the battle those four squadrons of Torpedo Bombers took out the two bulkhaulers that were their objective as well as a meson starbase. We of the agency were fond of Mr. Lighton and while we hesitate to Salute his daring in this apparent Kamikaze mission we are at the very least impressed by that kind of resolve.



{(Incoming Deep Space Message)}
Origin: Stigmata Garrison
Re: Symbiot Movements

My Lord, It is true that the Symbiots have once again incurred upon our holdings.Our latest reports place five Symbiot vessels in orbit above our holdings on Daishan.That situation may be somewhat difficult to resolve but we are engaged in a strategic meeting even now in order to find a solution to the problem.

I have the honor of informing your lordship of a most glorious victory over a similar fleet of the dreaded invaders in our own system. Only last night our starbases engaged and destroyed five Symbiot ships in orbit here. Casualties were light and moral is very high. We request that a small portion of the main fleet column be diverted from the front in order to bolster our strength against further incursions by the Symbiots. We understand this may take some time and will endeavor to do what we can to keep our airspace secure. As for our troops on Daishan we can only hope that they will bear up under the difficult circumstances which have fallen upon them. Fear not, my Lord, they are well trained and have the benefit of the company of commander Byron Ulvick. I'm sure you know of his reputation for turning defeat into victory. If any man amongst our ranks can handle the situation surely it is him.
May the Pancreator protect us all. Long Live our High Lord Tiberius

Nathan Williams
AL-Malik Garrison Commander: Stigmata


({Incoming Deep Space Message})


Greetings My Lord,

Good news sire, the Hazat left five bulk haulers in orbit above Byzantium Secundus. Those ships are no more. Our small invasion force was able to liberate all of the old Imperial fleet cities from the Hazat, except for the factory north of the agora. To our great suprise these cities were only garrisoned with anti-tank emplacements. The starport was, however, somewhat fortified with Vau mercenaries, Killer tanks and a few other emplacements.

Our losses were very light and we had the great joy to discover that the Hazat had stockpiled the starport with a veritable treasure of resources. The final count was I believe 730 Ceramsteel, 950 Trace Elements, 345 Electronics, 900 Foodstuffs and somewhere in the neighborhood of 4000 in metal. Our transports were able to make off with all of the Ceramsteel, Trace, Electronics and food. This should bode well for our factories back home.

Alas My Lord, I must inform you that the Hazat have a huge army of SEAL units guarding the factory that we had to leave standing. Estimates place the army at around 17 legions of SEAL units. We left notice with My Lords brother to abandonByzantium Secundus and seek the safety of Leminkainen. We should have word from him soon. We all hope for his safety and pray that the Pancreator will guide his escape. We await your further commands My Lord.

Admiral Merrick
Flagship Acropolis

Line in the Sand (Memoirs of Prince Harold Keddah XVI of Grail)

The people of the Known Worlds have suffered much these last few years as the noble houses of the Coalition struggled to destroy the supremacy of the House Hazat. The Coalition was forced to abandon Byzantium Secundus in the face of a superior Hazat Fleet. Each house decided to return to defend their own territory against any possible Hazat Incursion.

The Hazat realizing that they had the Coalition on the defensive decided to focus the bulk of their capital ships on breaking the strategic planet of Criticorum, currently controlled by the Decados, which could later be used as a staging point to invade the domain of the Decados and Al-Malik. The Hazat launched an Armada of 17 Dreadnaughts to break the defences of the Decados and open the path to the possible collapse of the Coalition. However, for several years the shrewd Decados had been preparing the world against invasion in case their good fortune were to change, and such preparation had now paid off. The Hazat were met by every ship in the Decados Fleet, as well as, nine orbiting starbases. The arrogance of the Hazat had failed them and the largest battle in the history of the Known Worlds was fought above Criticorum. However, this battle was as costly for the Decados as it was for the Hazat, because most of the Decados Fleet had recieved severe damage. Although, the Hazat invasion was thwarted the Decados were removed as a threat to the Hazat for some time to come.

At the same time, the Hazat initiated a massive invasion of Sutek with several Legions of Vau Mercenaries that they had hired due to their shortage of conscripts because of the prolonged war with the Coalition. After, the surrender of the Hawkwood forces on Sutek the Hazat suddenly lost their momentum when a counter invasion by the Hawkwoods conquered all of the Hazat holdings on Holy Terra. The Hawkwoods were successful on Holy Terra and purged the planet of the Hazat and managed to capture five sceptors from the Crimson House.

However, the Hawkwood Victory was a costly one as the Hazat continued to send wave after wave of ships to Holy Terra to break the line the Hawkwoods barely hold. Lord Oscar, continues to send pleas to his allies to open another front although so far his words have fallen on deaf ears. The House Al-Malik signed a temporary armistice with the Hazat, but used the short truce to ambush Hazat tranports above Byzantium Secundus. This gesture did little to deter the Hazat on the Hawkwood front as their forces proceeded to launch an attack on the Hawkwood world of Pentateuch.

I have composed these events because I fear that my house will be drawn into these events due to our hereditary alliance to the Decados. The Mantis Lords have been waiting and rebuilding and now that the Crimson Devils have depleted their strength on the Hawkwood front, I recieved this morning a message from Duke Yuan Laris Decados that the Regent is returning to Byzantium Secundus from exile. The last line of his message read, "Byzantium Secundus shall burn!"

A Historical Perspective

The New Year is almost upon us. Some prophesy that there will be mass chaos in just a few weeks....with the coming on the 5200 Bug. I look back to another time in our history of House Hazat, to a time when the future seemed just as bleak. But, as always, there arises some Ultimate Justice that the Pancreator bestows on us....some miracle as you will. The year was 5027 and Yuan Laris of the Decados was the major threat to Hazat domination. Or ANY House's domination...for that matter. It seems that some rare relics had fallen into their grubby little hands and no one, not even the mighty Hazat, could touch their fleet, such was it's power and strength from the relics. The then-leader of the House, Reuel, tried as she could to destroy those relics, but as long as they had them they seemed damn near invincible!!! Like I said, it was a bleak time in those days. A frontal assault proved fatal for a massive fleet of 20 Hazat Dreadnoughts. Now Reuel was a shrewd tactician and reasoned that if you can't attack the relics while they are being guarded by Starbases, lure them out to you! With this plan in mind she did everything she could to prod and move the Decados into attacking her fleet. She even went as far as to attack the planet of Pentateuch, then held by Lord Oscar of House Hawkwood. This proved to be the trick, as Yuan moved the next turn to Byzantium 2. A fleet of Hazat ships met him there but as usual, they lost to only half of Yuan's fleet with their dreaded relics. But tactics were on the Hazat side as Lady Reuel had hid 10 Dreadnoughts on the ground of B2 in anticipation of Yuan's move. They were then launched and put to use, attacking a weakened Decados fleet. Unfortunately for Yuan, the relics were on a carrier which we all know has limited maneuverability. They were effectively dead in the water as the Hazat fleet fired it's Ranged Meson cannons. The battle was incredible. And in the end, half the Hazat fleet was space junk and none of the Decados survived. But the damage was done. Yuan had lost his ace-in-the-hole....his prime bargaining bit....the relics. No longer would the Hazat be beaten by inferior space ships. No longer would the odds be out of favor with House Hazat. It was a REAL turning point in history as House Hazat reunited the shattered remnants of the Known Universe, by force, and brought a new age upon us.

Zathrim Caulthon
Imperial Historian to the Emperor
House Hazat

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