My stuff for the Topfield TF5x00 PVR

Manual for Jag's EPG TAP (describes Jag’s EPG v2.7c; last updated 1 February 2006). For latest information and discussion of Jag's EPG, see this forum thread. If you find you can't open the PDF file, try updating to the latest version of Adobe Reader.

DGtoJag has now been replaced with DGtoTop, which can export timers to several Toppy TAPs: Jag's EPG, MyStuff and UK Timers.

DGtoTop (v1.2). Utility for exporting timers from DigiGuide to a Topfield PVR. See enclosed ReadMe file for full details. For latest information and discussion of this utility, see this forum thread. Latest version of channel name conversion table (required for Jag's EPG only): Channels.txt (last updated 20 Jun 2008).